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Download: DROID X Boot Animation

More Droid X goodies!  (Multi-touch keyboard and Wallpapers.)   This time, one of our readers pointed out the new boot animation from the Droid X system dump that’s floating around and gave some quick instructions on how anyone (both rooted and non-rooted) can install it.  Check out the quick video of it in action and then follow up with the instructions.  I love system dumps.

Oh, and yes, this should work on both the Motorola Droid and Droid Incredible.

Video action…

Download: bootanimation.zip (alt link)


*Note 1* – Need to have the Android SDK installed.  Instructions here.

*Note 2* – If you are rooted, you can just follow these instructions.

1.  Open up your Android SDK folder
2.  Download the bootanimation.zip above to your PC and drop it in your SDK\tools folder.
3.  In your SDK tools folder, hold SHIFT and right click in a blank area.
4.  Select “Open command window here.”
5.  Type the following command:

adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local

6.  Once it finishes, reboot your phone and watch the new boot animation in action!

Let me know if you run into issues on any device.

Cheers droiddev!  Via comment.


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  • Fireproof1905

    I installed this but my boot animation just says android n just shines no eye
    n e ideas
    I got a Droid rooted nakedfroyo rom

  • Camaros_Kill

    Not exactly on-topic, but worth sharing none-the-less. i was digging around the droid x dump and decided to try installing its music.apk (and then audioeffectssettings.apk after some trial and error) on my droid. It doesnt work correctly (probably just needs a little port work to be droid worthy because it installs, opens, and will even play a song before it f/c's), but i can confirm that it has an EQUALIZER for the speaker and also for headphones!!!!!

    • Chris Nimon

      Thats awesome

  • Chris Nimon

    video of opening day for iphone 4 in New York. Its almost sad. after a years worth of bragging about the new phone, lines only went around the corner of the block.(it was like 8 blocks for the stock droid and swat/crowd control had to be called out because traffic was stopped) Almost everyone in the line who was asked said they were getting the new phone because theyre old one was broken. There was much complaining about the phone and heads hung low when asked about Flash. Even with Job's marketing this was still a FAIL for apple.

  • Fault

    Love this on my droid!

  • Kswallace87
  • bdizzel1982

    worked on my htc hero and htc evo

  • Jt Royer2009

    Dude! I got it working on a non-rooted Moto Droid (2.1). I gotta say I feel stupid as hell, because I didn't notice there was a space between .zip and /data in the command prompt. Tried like 20 times till I figured that out. Doh!

  • thebourbonnflip

    Hey Kellex,
    i posted before that i did this and it works pretty great on my NON-root droid, but i was just wondering…will this affect any ability for an OTA update?

  • Killimansorrow

    You can add sound? I wanna know how!?

  • Bobby

    i followed the directions for doing it without root and i cant get it to work on my incredible also ive not been able to even get the root that is out there

  • marmar

    Is there a easier way to get this bootanimation to work

  • Jmadrid25

    I still can't get this to work no matter how many different ways I try I still get the same old eye, any help?

    • Chris Nimon

      I used the rooted instructions, got a little hung up when trying to paste the zip file. had to change the little tab at the top from RO to RW. are you rooted (which intall are you using)? where are you hanging up?

      • Jmadrid25

        Sorry should have put that I am not rooted.

        • Chris Nimon

          Sorry man i dont know that process. People keep posting the things they find so keep browsing. Good luck.

  • Chris Nimon

    Kellex, you pull those pics from the part0 and part1 files?

  • Cayqel

    is there a way to do this on a rooted Droid w/o root explorer say with Terminal?

  • Scottyofgeorgia89

    I got's mine on my Incredidroid….fuckin A!

  • adam

    sound please

  • Dub

    I know this really isn't the right thread for it, but does anyone know when i'll be able to buy an Incredible at a VZW store?

  • Chris Nimon

    I think the X eye makes a cool wallpaper

    • Awe….cute. lol
      And also, battery widget says 30%, note bar says 40. Which one do you follow? 😛

      Ahh, droid eyes. Gotta love em'

      • Chris Nimon

        neither, i just plug in when it gets somewhere in there. jeez, i thought i was on here at all hours. lol

        • Nice lol
          Yea, im bored. Replying to todays earlier comments 😛
          Sort of hungry too….

          Is it Friday yet? I'm wondering what Kellex will post for custom Friday 😛
          Hopefully something good and classy lol

          • Chris Nimon

            im ready to go find some grub myself. i just found out 2 days ago that i could get notifications from disqus. but it apparently takes 9 minutes to get them. weird. ive been searching through rom manager to see what he might pick. right now i only see onix or UD. im just gonna stay where im at till the new builds come since i have everything working

          • Well we know it wont be UD!!! lol
            Kellex don't support them 😀

          • Chris Nimon

            im betting there aren't very many on this site who do. that guy seems like a 8==D

  • NeoCrisis

    has anyone found a way to get boot sound on the Moto Droid or is it only possible on the Incredible

  • Izzy

    Would this Work if i tried to use this on my Motorola Devour?

  • Sjcea

    Cant get this to work no matter what I do with my unrooted Incredible ?? Am I supposed to download SDK to the phone ?? I have it on my laptop but cant do the shit/right click to enter the code he mentioned ? there is no option to do that ?? HELP ???

  • Negrito768

    so it works on my droid non rooted 2.1 but if i want to go back to defualt droid boot animation how do i do that?

    • Negrito768

      nevermind just read the post that airborne posted. How do i back up the file though w/o being rooted?

      • thebourbonnflip

        yea, i dont know how to do the back ups w/out root but with these 2 boot animations…if something goes wrong..ill just push the stock animation back to the Droid.

        • Negrito768

          yup so thanks again SFC airboarne51 for providing the orginal boot animation. Ill keep using this one thanks for post kellex. its sweet and if something goes wrong i assume we just do the same thing but with the stock boot right?

          • thebourbonnflip

            thats what im thinking..cause i just pushed this DroidX one and it worked so im guessing the same process.

  • SFC Airborne51

    If you want the stock bootanimation you can download it here. I have uploaded the stock one. Just replace it the same way you did the previous one. Also always remember from now on to backup or make a copy of any files before you change them so you can revert to a previous version. Download original droid boot animation @ http://rapidshare.com/files/402495720/bootanima….

    • thebourbonnflip

      thank you SFC.
      im kinda new to this installing thing thru SDK, and i did not know how to do backups.
      Thanks again.

  • alnaoumi

    wont work on samsung moment, i keep getting an error when trying to apply it

  • thebourbonnflip

    Confirmed. works on Moto Droid NON root…but just like to know where i can find the stock or how i can revert back to stock boot.

  • Guest

    anyway to make this a LWP?

  • Confirmed, works on Moto Droid, i'm Rooted, running BBv0.2.1.

  • airjordan2012

    KELLEX!!!! Dude, when are you gonna show us the rooted incredible? You said you would but you never did. I want to try it but i wanna see it after it's done first.

    • eric

      yeah i dunno why Kellex hasn't yet. I did mine way back when it 1st came out and the 10 min instructions makes it way easy. The only problem is their are no custom Roms out for it yet but give it time and there will be espcially with 2.2 source code out now.

  • CAn please hurry up withh sound pretty please?????????????
    YOur the best, the best.

  • ghostrigger

    Oh and tomorrow is custom rom friday. Sitting here just dreaming of what you may throw at us tomorrow.:-)

  • Derick

    Awesome! Works on my Incredible! .. installing the SDK was a bit tricky, but got it figured out! Thanks!

    • Scea0512

      Please tell me how you did this ?? Cant get this to work on my incredible at all ??

      • Do you have they htc drivers downloaded on your computer? I had trouble with my wifes DI until I downloaded then from the htc website then it took no time at all

      • Derick

        one thing i did wrong, is i unzipped the bootloader file.. dont do that.. just drag and drop the .zip file into the SDK/Tools folder as is. no need to unzip. After i did that correctly, it worked like a charm.. The SDK was complicated because it wouldnt automatically download the API for me, i had to make it manually do it.

    • Kpop_kaylion

      hey where am i supposed to place the sdk folder? all i did was install the packages on desktop. it wont work ;[

  • eric

    Def sweet but will be sweetier with sound. Can't wait for it.

  • ever since getting on jrummy's kangerade, my bootanimations have been really choppy. This one starts off really shoppy but it starts running perfectly about half way through. any idea why?

  • Ghostrigger

    Thanks Kellex but i so much prefer the DroidLife boot animation.

  • briderx

    ^ New Avatar!

    • Chris Nimon

      nice, like the personalization

      • briderx

        Thanks – I am actually a CNC Programmer/Operator, but I dabble with Corel in my spare time.. This is one such dabbling. It's all vector, so I can change it to suite my needs..

    • It is a time of change….with new Kellex avatar, we brinf forth new commenter avatars…
      I love this place! lol

      Looks good dude!!!

  • JSans

    On BB 0.2.1 all I did was put this on the root of my sd card and type in terminal:

    as long as the zip is called bootanimation.zip and on the root of the sd card it will work atleast it did for me.

    • Joke? your telling me switchboot is a bash command or script?

  • emanuelC

    just installed the Android sdk, ca i get a step by step walkthrough? non rooted droid using a mac

    • skfridls

      installing boot animation on a mac (both rooted and nonrooted)

      1) on your phone, turn on “USB debugging” under “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development” and connect it to your computer

      2) move your android sdk folder to the “Applications” directory in your user folder (e.g. my username for my mac is Kyle, so I go to /Users/Kyle/Applications).

      NOTE: this is NOT the same “Applications” folder where all your installed applications are at (at least not on mine, anyway)

      3) download the bootanimation.zip and drop it in your sdk/tools folder

      4) open the program “Terminal” (found in “Applications” > “Utilities”)

      5) type “cd Applications” followed by “cd [insert name for your android sdk folder]”

      NOTE: if you named your folder “Android SDK” or a name with more than one word, the format should be like this (otherwise use above format): cd Android SDK

      6) type “cd tools” followed by “./adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local”

      7) once it finishes, reboot your phone and DONE!

      • emanuelC

        im a noob to terminal, can you include a screenshot? plz & thanks

        • skfridls


          mine had an error message though because i didn't have my phone plugged in or anything like that

          • emanuelC

            it worked! thanks alot man

  • thebourbonnflip


    • DroidFan

      Are you rooted or not?

      • thebourbonnflip

        i am not rooted…like before i try this with the SDK i just want to know if i can revert back to the original one.

        • DroidFan

          yes..all you need to do is find the original boot animation, and follow the same steps.

          • thebourbonnflip

            yea, i know i could do A LOT more with rooted, but i just dont want to just yet..until i know im going to get a new phone. i will…….

            and where could i find the original boot animation?

        • DroidFan

          maybe a dumb question, but how come you are not rooted? their is so many advantages.

          • timarnette

            I agree with you 100%

  • DroidFan

    not trying to steal anything here,but Kellex I used your other instructions to get this installed and it worked like a dream.
    just seemed easier to me to do it this way.
    Installation instructions…
    1. You have to be rooted in order to do this. (Rooting info here.)
    2. Download Root Explorer from the market. (It’s a paid app.)
    3. Download the Droid Incredible boot anim: bootanimation.zip
    4. If you downloaded via PC, mount your Droid and drop the .zip file onto your SD card.
    5. Unmount your Droid.
    6. Open Root Explorer, tap on “sdcard” and locate bootanimation.zip.
    7. Long press on bootanimation.zip and choose “Move”.
    8. Hit the back button once and locate the “data” folder.
    9. Tap and open “data” and then “local”.
    *If your /data/local/ folder already has a bootanimation.zip then you can skip to step 11. If it is missing, proceed to step 10. We need to find it!
    10. Since you did not have a bootanimation.zip in your /data/local/ folder we need to find it. There is a search function in Root Explorer which can find it. Or, you can navigate straight to /system/media/ which is where I found mine. Once you find it, return to your to your SD card, long press on the bootanimation.zip that you downloaded and select “move” one more time. Now navigate to the folder which is holding your current bootanimation.zip and proceed to step 11.
    11. Hit “Paste” which should be an option at the bottom of your screen.
    11. If there is already a bootanimation.zip file, let Root Explorer overwrite it.
    12. Back out of Root Explorer, reboot your phone, and BAM!
    13. Enjoy your the first ever Droid Incredible boot animation.
    Comments or questions? Pretty slick right?

    • CCM

      YES!!! DUDE It worked and I like how easy you made this
      Awesome… 5stars ***** to ya!

    • Josef F

      Might want to add to step(s) 11: If you get a “can't write here” error, click the 'Mount R/W button at the top of the screen. It should change to 'Mount R/O'. Hit the paste button again.

  • root4life

    with the droid x dump shouldnt it be pretty easy to get the droid x live wallpaper now

  • Can someone post a mirror…link is broken. =/

  • trumpet444

    hey hey! its working now! just finished downloading. also uploaded it here too just in case not working for everybody else http://www.goaruna.com/cnoh

  • trumpet444

    d'load not available. Eh, i'll try again later. Thank goodness for twitter, the only way i can get updates to this site!

  • Daballa

    All the Droid X stuff is cool and all but sticking wit my rooted Moto Droid until we see a front facing camera on something. I mean whats the point? Overclocking, the sickest ROM's, dev. support is all there for the Moto Droid. R2D2 wasnt the newest Droid in the galaxy but always got the job done at the end of the day.

  • root4life

    device not found

  • Is the download link working for you guys?

    • briderx

      Nope, it's broke.. Just like society. Broke beyond all reason. Seems the government is up to their evil ways again, trying to control us and our right to download boot animations… Destroy the Government!

  • Bitchin!!!!
    Thanks Kell!!!

    p.s. Where's my money? lol jk
    Seriously though, “show off your Droid” post???? Come on…..lol

    • kellex

      Bag of nickels on the way. 😛

      • Yay! Coin-star and dollar meal at McDonalds here I come!!! 😛

        • When you're hanging out at the Coin-Star machine building anticipation for your McDonalds happy meal you can check out the next pack of wallpapers inspired by Lady Gaga's brain matter. There are only 30 wallpapers in this pack. She didn't have enough brain matter to inspire anymore than that.


          • I love her lol
            Thanks! Damn, you keep making me switch it up lol
            Too many options! lol

          • Just wait until I drop my new boot animation tomorrow. It's kinda neat. Has all sorts of crap moving around. No potatoes though.

          • Ooooo, a boot animation?!? Nice! You are good! lol
            But seriously, no potatoes? Do you hate potassium?!?! lol

          • Chris Nimon

            you should make one like that old windows screen saver with a bunch of toasters flying across the screen, except of course with potatoes. so, wheres the tato come from anyway?

          • hahha im glad im not the only person who misses Windows 95 😛

            The tato comes from Mexico I think lol I think they say Timothy like “Timotajo” and it always sounded
            like “Tim-o-tato” lol And I love potatoes. So, there it is 😛
            But I'm not from mexico and I dont speak much Spanish, so who knows lol

      • briderx

        Fix download link homie!

        • kellex

          Added alt link.

          • briderx

            Thanks dude.

  • briderx


  • StephanC


  • EggoEspada

    freaking awesome.
    I cannot wait for the Droid X. I'm probably gonna pick one up for full retail. I'll most likely wait till the end of July, just to hear if it has any issues.
    But I am excited. 🙂

    • timarnette

      Why don't you add a phone and get the X for 199.00?

      • Does he really wanna be paying on two lines, though? Depending on his bill, it'll probably be about the same cost if he just goes for full retail.

        • timarnette

          Verizon said the Droid can on the less expences plan and the Droid X on the regular plan. We will see when the X's gets here.