Gamestop Offering PowerUp Members $20 off on New Transformer TF300T

It’s no secret that Gamestop is trying to get in on the tablet gaming scene, they were actually one of the first retail stores to start selling the Nexus 7. The retail gaming giant is looking to throw their PowerUp reward members a deal, albeit a small one, on the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300.

Gamestop is offering $20 off the $399.99 price tag of the 32GB version of the Transformer as long as you are a PowerUp reward member. The tablet comes pre-loaded with 5 games including Shadowgun, Sonic CD and Riptide, three pretty big Android games. The deal only lasts through August 19 so if you are looking to get in on the Android tablet game with this deal, you don’t have long to decide.


LTE-Enabled ASUS Transformer TF300 Coming to Germany, Will the States See it?

A report from Germany has an interesting bit of information regarding a new ASUS model for the Transformer lineup of tablets. The TF300 is said to be getting an LTE-equipped model that will launch sometime within August under the model number the TF300TL. The documents have the tablet priced starting at €529, which would equate to around $650 here in the States.

One interesting question we are left with is why not put this LTE radio in the TF700 Infinity series that ASUS has moved onto? The new Infinity tablet with the beautiful 1920×1200 display would be much more enticing with LTE than the TF300. The other question is whether or not we will ever see the LTE ASUS tablet Stateside? It would be merging one of the favorite tablet manufacturers and the speed of LTE.

Would you be interested?

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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Review

Asus is back this month with another Android tablet entry that looks to build upon their ever-expanding line. This new release is called the Transformer Pad Infinity, a slightly beefed up Transformer Prime-esque device with an incredibly high display resolution of 1920×1200, newer NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, and a revised 8MP camera. It still runs Ice Cream Sandwich with Asus’ minimal tweaks, docks in the same keyboard dock as the Prime, and even lasts about as long on a single charge. Is it a big enough jump from any of their other tablets to stand out though? Let’s talk about that.  (more…)

Asus Rolls Out Transformer Pad 4.3.30 Update, Camera Improvments and Fixes

Asus is on a roll as of late, with constant updates being pushed to their line of Transformer devices. The newest to receive love is the TF300 aka Transformer Pad, which is getting the bump to firmware number With little bug fixes for Chrome, WiFi, and camera improvements, put another notch in Asus’ belt for being one of, if not thee best Android tablet manufacturer to date. If you haven’t already, go grab the update now.  (more…)

Asus Plans to Unveil “Next Transformations” at Computex Next Week, New Transformers Already Ready?

Computex, one of the major tech conventions, kicks off around June 5, but Asus is planning to unveil something before that and it will more than likely be some sort of new Transformer. The teaser video for it – which is the cheesiest thing on the planet – talks about multiple form factors, the changing of the cloud, and their “Next Transformations.” We aren’t exactly sure why we need yet another Transformer tablet/keyboard combo, but why not, right? Are we thinking a 7″ version that is dock-able? Or is this another look at the Transformer TF700, which is Asus’ take on a retina-type display? (more…)

Bootloader Unlock Application Made Available for the Asus Transformer Pad

This only reaffirms that Asus is a true class act. Starting now, owners of the Transformer Pad TF300 can download a simple apk file from the Asus website and use it to unlock their tablet’s bootloader. Of course, they warn you that by doing so, you void your warranty. Hey, that’s the price people will pay to have freedom. Here’s looking at you, “Googorola.”

Download here

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Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Receives Update to, Minor Bug Fixes and Other Tweaks

Owners of the Asus Transformer Pad can start manually pulling the newest firmware update to if their tablets haven’t automatically prompted them to do so. The update contains only a few bug fixes and updates to the camera and WiFi build numbers, so don’t look for anything too special. If you’ve pulled the update and notice anything good, feel free to share it down below.

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Week One Contest: Win an Asus Transformer Pad Prize Bundle to Celebrate TegraZone’s One Year Anniversary (Update: Winner Picked)

To celebrate TegraZone’s first birthday, NVIDIA have partnered with DL to give away a Transformer Pad prize bundle once a week, for three weeks. The bundle includes a brand-spanking new Asus Transformer Pad with matching keyboard dock, a Logitech game controller, and a Jambox Speaker box to get the greatest mobile gaming experience one can get. So, are you ready to win it?  (more…)