Verizon Swapping Out Faulty Fascinates for DROIDX2, Incredible 2 and DROID Charge? (Updated)


Update:  Our friends at Verizon have reached out to tell us that this is no longer happening.  Since the ED05 update is going out and will fix the issue, there is no need for a swap.

If your Samsung Fascinate is suffering from an inability to accept calls after receiving its latest update, then you may be entitled to a certified like-new replacement from Verizon.  According to reports, Big Red is willing to hand over a DROIDX2, Incredible 2 or DROID Charge if they deem your phone to be worthless.  So, to the Fascinate owners in the building that have been more than frustrated with their devices after receiving ED04 because it broke one its primary functions, head on into a store.

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Gingerbread (Android 2.3) Leaked For Samsung Fascinate

Our buddy P3droid, has leaked Gingerbread for the Samsung Fascinate. Fascinate users can thank the Android dev community once again, for keeping this device respectable in the face of newer Android phones. Samsung has been taking their time releasing GB on the Galaxy S series, so who knows exactly when an official release is to be expected. If you feel like giving this a shot, and want to have some fun with the Odin Recovery, and adb rooting Gingerbread, then check this out for sure.

For download, instructions, and support head on over to the original thread at MyDroidWorld.

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Samsung Fascinate ED04 Update Rolling Out, Improves Call Quality and OTA Updates

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an update that improved the ability of the phone to receive more updates, but we’ll accept it (any chance that means Gingerbread?).  The Samsung Fascinate ED04 build that’s rolling out now apparently does just that and also makes your call experience more tolerable.  Yeah, it’s minor and all, but how happy are you to see Samsung and Verizon continue to pump out updates to a year old device that seemed to be neglected for so long?  Even I’ll admit that it’s becoming less and less painful to think about buying the Galaxy S II when it lands on Big Red.

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Samsung Begins Roll Out of Gingerbread To Galaxy Devices

There are more than a few people who know of Samsung’s track record with keeping their devices updated to the newest and greatest Android OS. Needless to say, it’s not that great, but it looks like they were listening at Google I/O.

Samsung will begin its roll out of Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” to the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Gio, and Galaxy Ace starting mid-May, which essentially means right now.  That’s a pretty great list, but we’ll see if they include the Fascinate which was left out in the cold on Froyo for quite some time.  And as you may have expected, the U.S. is not first in line.

“The Android 2.3 upgrade will start with GALAXY S in the UK and Nordic countries from mid-May, and gradually rolled out to other European markets, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East Asia, Africa and rest of the world according to the regional plan.”

So now all the wonderful Samsung owners have a wintery Gingerbread Summer to look forward to.  Full press release after the break.   (more…)

Samsung Fascinate Froyo Source Released…Wait What?

That’s right folks, the Samsung Fascinate source code of Froyo (Android 2.2) has been released, but that doesn’t mean you can have it on your phone yet.  Well, unless you’ve rooted it and can wait a few hours for developers to pounce on it.  For those of you that are running stock 2.1 though, you are still stuck waiting for Verizon to make it available to your phone.

And if you were wondering, this hasn’t been standard practice in the past by any means.  Normally an update comes out and the source is released weeks if not months later, so this is a great sign coming from Samsung.  Let’s also not forget that they released the DROID Charge source and that phone hasn’t even been made available yet.  +1 Sammie.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a notification from Verizon on an update.

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Fascinate Froyo EB01 Leaks for Rooted Users

The Fascinate Froyo build EB01 that we outed on Twitter last week and with a full gallery earlier this week, has made its way into XDA and is available to those of you that are rooted and antsy.  The package comes with busybox and root, but other than that hasn’t been touched or tweaked.  TouchWiz, bloatware and everything else that the official build has are included.

Instructions and download links here.

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Samsung Fascinate Android 2.2 EB01 Gallery

We received word from one of our Verizon friends late last week suggesting that the official Froyo (Android 2.2) build for the Samsung Fascinate is not version DL30 that was leaked out last week, but will instead be build EB01.  As many of you are aware, DL30 was quite the buggy mess, but that’s not what we’re hearing that with this new version which we’re hoping means it’ll be out fairly soon.  You’ll see in our gallery that all of the bloatware that you love so much is in tact and Bing is definitely still the default search app.  The good news is that you can all finally download the Google Search and Voice Action app to counteract it.

Changelog and a whole bunch of screenshots after the break.    (more…)