DROIDX2 Gingerbread Update Appears to Be Ready, Newest Version of Blur Included

The soak test for the DROIDX2 and its Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update started at the end of last week, so seeing the official documents for it on Verizon’s site today should mean that it passed.  It’s also looking like the DX2 will receive the same version of Blur that can be found on the DROID3.  This would be the newest version that comes with fancy 3D animations and additional tweaks to make it much more appealing to even Android addicts like myself.  You can click on both the image up top and the one below to see the full changelog.  It’s definitely packing in a ton of bug fixes along with those UI enhancements.

*Note – I just checked my DX2 for an update and nothing was there.  Could be a day or two away still.

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DROIDX2 Receives 2nd-init Support, Full Custom ROMs Potentially on the Way

Remember the breakthrough that allowed the flashing of CM7 onto the DROIDX back in June?  It looks like that same method (2nd-init) could potentially work on the DROIDX2 as well, opening up this device to some pretty fun times.  Everything was pulled from the Atrix’s 2nd-init and is still very beta at this time, so we’re not suggesting that just anyone go out and start playing around with this.  The best thing you can do is start talking about it (a lot), ask your favorite devs to take note of it, and then watch the magic happen.

More info at this XDA thread.

Cheers Adam and Thomas!

First DROIDX2 ROM Available for Download


Big news in the land of the DROIDX2 today; the first ever ROM has been released by c21johnson and it actually looks pretty sharp.  Sporting an all black theme along with a ton of “performance based enhancements,” this should make DX2 users extremely happy for the time being.  The ROM is definitely a “beta,” but that doesn’t mean it can’t be your daily driver.  In fact, the bug list is almost non-existent and doesn’t appear to include anything major.  Go grab it!   (more…)

Benchmarks: DROID3 vs. Galaxy S II vs. DROIDX2

With the dual-core chipsets from Texas Instruments (OMAP), NVIDIA (Tegra) and Samsung (Exynos) all making their way into devices and our hands in the last couple of months, we wanted to see how each compared to each other in a series of Android benchmarks.  We pulled the results for the Galaxy S II and DROIDX2 from this post that we ran a few weeks back and have now included results from the DROID3 to round out the comparison.  The DROIDX2 is running NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 clocked at 1GHz, the Galaxy S II has their Exynos at 1.2GHz, and the DROID3 is running an OMAP clocked at 1GHz.

Here are the results…   (more…)

DROIDX2 July 2011 Soak Test to Begin, We’ll Assume that it’s Gingerbread

The DROIDX2 running Android 2.2, launched the day before the phone it replaced received Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) – something that I find to be one of the more baffling situations I’ve seen in the mobile industry.  Well good news folks, Motorola is ready to starting testing a new software on the DX2 that we’re assuming is Gingerbread.  The project is called “Droid X2 July 2011 update soak” which doesn’t necessarily say “2.3” anywhere, but what else could it be?

>Several thousand Droid X2 owners will receive the update. Only a percentage will be Motorola Feedback Network (MFN) members. If you sign up, your phone will be included.

> This is what we call a “pre-launch soak.” We’ll watch what happens for about two days, just to make sure there is nothing wrong with the update or the update process.

> You will be trialing FINAL software. This is not a beta test. In most cases, this is the software that will be released, unless we find an extremely serious issue. Your feedback will help us identify issues that may require a later fix, and help us prepare others for getting used to the new software. Your feedback will be extremely valuable and we do hope you will take part!

So if you are a DROIDX2 owner, you’ll want to sign up for Moto’s Feedback Network to see if you can get in on the early goodies.  If not though, there is a chance you’ll get the update anyway, but no matter what, this is usually a good sign that we’re just a couple of weeks away from it popping up on everyone’s device.

Cheers R & R!

DROID3 and DROIDX2 Hit Verizon’s New “Back to School” Buy One Get One Free Promo

If you have grown sick of waiting for the DROID Bionic and aren’t interested in the single-core 4G LTE offerings that Verizon has made available all year, then we thought we should point you in the direction of their 3G dual-core options that just joined a pretty hot promo.  Big Red started their “Back to School” sale this morning which is highlighted by BOGO (buy one get one free) offers for both the DROID3 and the DROIDX2.  That’s right, the phone (D3) that is technically just 4 days old, can be purchased in pairs for just $199.  You can see our first look and impressions of the device here.


Cheers QPHALO!

DROIDX2 Bootstrap Released, Clockwork Recovery is Go

Before we get into this, we need to make it clear that this DROIDX2 bootstrap app was found in a random Chinese forum, so we definitely aren’t recommending that you jump all over this.  With that said, we’ve been following the thread for this topic over at XDA throughout the last day to see if anyone has actually had the guts to use it, and apparently they have – and it works.

The file was originally built for the Atrix 4G, but can work on the DX2 with no problems.  Users are claiming to have backed up and restored their stock ROMs, plus some have even flashed a ROM that was discovered along with the bootstrap app.  We have video from a friend below, but again, let’s all be careful with this one.    (more…)

DROIDX2 Sees First Custom Recovery, Now We Wait for ROMs

Yes, the DROIDX2 still has a locked bootloader that will likely never be cracked unless something magical happens, like say a dev build leaks out (just like with the Atrix) or Motorola decides to become customer-friendly.  Until then though, we’ll all be forced to find work-arounds which appear to be well under way as of yesterday.  RootzWiki member ericerk managed to force a custom recovery onto the device, making ROMs seem oh so close.

There are no instructions to get this going on your on DX2, nor do we know if they’ll find a similar loophole (2nd-init) for ROMs like they did on the original DX, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  Now if only we could get some devs to start really cranking away on this thing, the DX2 world might turn out to be grand after all.

Via:  RootzWiki