Andy Rubin’s Essential has Something to Announce on May 30, Likely Their First Phone

Ready for Andy Rubin’s first phone from his new company, Essential? We’ll likely see it on May 30 at Recode’s Code Conference.

The company Twitter account Tweeted for the first time today, announcing that they are “here to let you know something big is coming May 30th!” Since Rubin is speaking at the Code Conference that day, it only makes sense that he use the opportunity with all of tech watching to show off his new phone.  (more…)

AccuWeather Introduces Android TV App With “Superior Accuracy”

AccuWeather released an Android TV app this morning, an app that aims to provide you with “the most accurate, personalized weather experience available in the world,” according to the company’s president of digital media.

The app is available right now through Google Play and is free to install. You’ll get breaking weather videos on it, along with in-studio reports and minute-by-minute forecasts that include precipitation type and intensity for a couple of hours. You can add multiple locations, adjust all sorts of settings, and even change the theme from dark to light or have it do so automatically depending on time of day.  (more…)

Google Photos Archive Feature Goes Live

Google rolled a new Archive tool out to Google Photos today that helps you clean-up your main photo feed. Going forward, you’ll be able to toss photos aside that you may not want visible at all times without fully deleting them.

The new Archive can be accessed a number of ways. The easiest way to archive photos is to select a bunch, tap the top-right menu, and choose “Archive.” You can also swipe out the app’s side menu, look for the new Archive option, choose it, then tap the little image icon with the “+” sign in the top right, which will let you go through and select items for archiving.  (more…)

DEAL: Amazon Echo Dot is $10 Off Today (Updated)

These days, I think you can find a good deal on one of Amazon’s Echo devices just about every week. This week’s deal is on the Amazon Echo Dot, the smaller, put-me-in-every-room-in-your-house speaker assistant that is powered by Alexa. Normally priced at $50, Amazon has slashed $10 off the little guy today, dropping the price to just $40.

Of course, Prime shipping is there for Prime members, plus you have options of either white or black. Amazon also sells these sweet little Echo Dot cases, should you want to get spicier with your design.

The deal might only be good today, so make a decision quickly.

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