Best Buy Now Selling Nexus 5X, Also has It Discounted to $299

Google’s less expensive new phone, the Nexus 5X, is now available at Best Buy and on sale at the $299 Cyber Weekend price that both Google and Amazon have been selling it at. You can currently buy the phone from Best Buy with 16GB of storage and in black or white, with shipping happening within a day. At this time, no 32GB version is available in any model, nor is the greenish, blueish, mintish, “Ice” color.

According to Best Buy, the Nexus 5X should hit physical stores on December 10, in case you have been wanting to get your hands on it before deciding whether or not to buy.

To catch up on the Nexus 5X, be sure to read our review.

Best Buy Link  (more…)

Google Sent Out Lego Phone Stand Kits to Project Fi Subscribers as a “Thank You”

Just before we took off for the long holiday weekend, readers of ours who subscribe to Project Fi notified us that they were receiving little unexpected gift packages from Google as a “Thank you!” for being a part of their wireless service. The gift packages included these cool little Lego sets that were branded with Project Fi logos.

In the box, the Lego kits included instructions that helped assemble the Legos into phone stands for charging. Some even came with a USB Type-C cable, probably depending on the phone they own.  (more…)

Adobe Releases Premiere Clip for Android, a Free Video Editor

This morning, Adobe released Premiere Clip for Android, a free video editor for all to use, but one that can also be used as a “gateway into the full feature set” of Premiere Pro.

With Premiere Clip, Adobe is allowing all of us to quickly edit and share videos we have taken on our phones. You can choose soundtracks, drag and drop clips or photos, trim everything to only the footage you want seen, and even add lighting adjustments, transitions, and other effects, like slow motion. You can even “edit to the beat of your music like a pro.”  (more…)

HTC Announces Preview Program, Experience and Provide Feedback on HTC Tech Before Release

In an attempt to rally the troops, HTC is calling on all tech fanatics via reddit to join the company’s new Preview Program, allowing a few lucky individuals to test out products before they see widespread release across the globe. The program will be used to collect feedback and usage data from actual consumers, hopefully leading to devices from HTC that people might want to spend their hard earned money on.  (more…)

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 Gets Advanced Messaging and Video Calling in Update

T-Mobile is issuing updates to two of its older Samsung phones this morning, those being the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The update adds T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging and Mobile Video Calling, two features first announced by the wireless carrier back in July.

With Advanced Messaging, you get a more robust, chat-like experience, where you can send bigger photos (up to 10MB), see when a person is responding to you, participate in better group chats, and more. It’s basically the new version of text messaging that most of the carriers will adopt.  (more…)

Straight Talk Deals on Extended Plans Save You Up to $55 Per Year

For a limited time, maybe even just today, Straight Talk, probably leader of all the MVNO prepaid services, is slashing prices on its extended plans by up to $55 depending on the option you choose.

Extended plans are just Straight Talk’s way of branding their plans that have you pre-pay for longer than a month. So the idea here is that you pre-pay for an extended period of time and see a discount.  (more…)

Cyber Monday Deals 2015

It’s Cyber Monday, which you likely already knew because the internet won’t shut up about it. We even posted up a Cyber Monday deal already, because it’s actually a really good deal on a Galaxy S6. With that said, we’re dealed out at this point. Sooooo, if you want to wade through a sea of fresh deals, we won’t exactly have that today unless we see some excellent ones, like that S6 deal – then we’ll go ahead and share.

With that said, our entire massive Black Friday deals list still basically holds through today. Rather than figure out one set of deals for Black Friday and then another for Cyber Monday, most companies now just discount things on Thanksgiving or before and then carry those all the way through today.

If you want to browse through a massive list of deals because you disappeared from the internet over the weekend, you can find it here.