Contest: We Have 5 Chromecasts to Give Away!

chromecast contest

So, I’m not exactly sure why there are five unopened Chromecast devices sitting on my desk, but I do know that they need to go away.  And that means you have a chance to win one. Well, five of you have a chance to win one since there are that many sitting here.

Even though the price shock and impulse buy-worthiness of the Chromecast has disappeared a bit since launch, it’s still one of our favorite new tech products of 2013. The potential is here, we just need Google to open it all up. This is your chance to get in on that potential without spending a dime.  (more…)

Contest: Win 1 of 11 Nexus 7 (2013) Cruzerlite Cases!

nexus 7 2013 cruzerlite

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at Cruzerlite’s new cases for the Nexus 7 (2013), also mentioning that we had a bunch of them to give away. Today, we’re following up on that promise by launching an easy contest that will land 11 of you with a brand new case from our friend’s at Cruzerlite. We have colors ranging from red to grey to pink, all of which you’ll have a chance to win by tomorrow morning.

To check our Cruzerlite’s ever-growing line of affordable cases for your Android devices, hit up their store

Ready? (more…)

Reminder: 2013 DL NFL Eliminator is Open and Your Chance to Win a Phone of Choice

nfl eliminator

If you have yet to sign-up for this year’s NFL Eliminator, we encourage you to do so before Thursday evening when the Broncos and Ravens kick off the 2013 NFL season. Our prize once again this year, is a phone of choice to the winner at a $650 value. You could pick up the new Moto X, potentially a Galaxy Note 3, or maybe even whatever the next Nexus device is.

It’s free to join as usual, lasts 17 weeks, and again, could win you a phone of choice.

All of the details can be found here.

Droid Life Annual 2013 NFL Eliminator is Now Open – Winner Takes Home a Phone of Choice

nfl eliminator

In less than a week, the 2013 NFL season officially kicks off with a showdown between the Broncos and Ravens. If you have been a part of the Droid Life community over the last couple of years, you also know that the start of the season means that our annual eliminator challenge is in store. And like in years past, we’re rewarding the end-of-year winner with a phone of choice, valued at up to $650. Since many of us lost out early last year with a week 2 upset, I think I can speak for the crowd when I say that I can’t wait for this year’s challenge to start.

If you aren’t familiar with NFL eliminators, we have some basic rules for you below, along with a link to more in-depth instructions. The basics are:  join for free, pick a winner each week, go the entire season without getting a pick wrong, and you win. It sounds simple, but boy is it tough, especially since you can only use each team once.

Ready?  (more…)

Contest: We’re Giving Away $100 in Google Play Gift Cards!

google play gift cards

Since it’s a Thursday (not sure why that means anything), it seems like a great day to continue on with what seems to be a week of giveaways here are Droid Life. We have four $25 Google Play gift cards that are collecting dust here in the office, and thought you might enjoy them. With so many solid apps, games, icon packs, and clock skins floating around in our inbox, we’d love to help you buy them all and alleviate some of that wallet stress with free money.

Who is ready?  (more…)

Contest: Win a Custom Moto X for AT&T, Designed by You

custom moto x

Well, we tried to run this contest last week but failed thanks to a system limitation at AT&T stores. However, MotoMaker is now live and open to full retail/off-contract orders of the Moto X which means we get to give one away to the Droid Life community! That’s right, we’re going to let you customize your own Moto X should you be chosen as our winner. Through, you can customize your prize of a 16GB AT&T-ready Moto X any way you’d like. How awesome is that?  (more…)

Contest: Win a Pair of Motorola S-11 HD Headphones From AT&T

motorola s11 hd

A couple of months ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing Motorola’s new (at the time) S11-FLEX HD bluetooth headphones. Overall, we really enjoyed them, especially for long runs or during rigorous workouts. But what about the version that’s still tailored to HD audio, yet has a more subtle non-workout appearance for other occasions like say, school?  With school right around the corner for many, we’re giving away a pair of their non-FLEX brother, the S-11 HD wireless headphones, thanks to our friends at AT&T.  (more…)

Galaxy S4 Mophie Juice Pack [Contest: Come Win One!]

mophie juice galaxy s4

Even as mobile technology advances year after year, there is one area that continues to be nothing other than a pain point – battery life. We’ve got quad-core processors, X8 Mobile Computing Systems, and 4-PLUS-1 architectures that are all designed to extend the battery life of phones because the actual batteries in them seem to be stuck in 1989. Companies like Mophie are trying to change that in a way. They realize that battery life is essential, but they also understand that many of you use a case to protect your phones. So they’ve created the Juice Pack which is a combination case/battery extender.  (more…)