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Nexus 5 Now Available From Sprint, Best Buy, and Amazon Starting at $49.99 On-contract

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When Google first introduced their new flagship phone at the end of last week, they told us to expect retail availability of the Nexus 5 at outlets like Sprint, T-Mobile, Amazon, Best Buy and RadioShack. As of this morning, they can check off three as the phone is now available with Sprint service at Best Buy, Amazon, and Sprint.com. The thing is, unless you are interested in overpaying for the phone or signing a contract, you should probably consider taking your chances with Google Play inventory and ship times. 

Remember, part of the beauty of a Nexus phone is that you have the opportunity to buy a phone without a contract at an insanely low price and choose your own service. If you pick-up the Nexus 5 from any of the retailers listed below, you are going to pay $499 to get it without a contract, with is $150 more than Google is selling it for. If you go the contract route, which defeats the purpose of the phone, you will be anywhere from $49.99 to $149.99 up front. You tell me if that makes any sense.

Nexus 5 Links:  Amazon ($49.99) | Sprint ($49.99) | Best Buy ($149.99)

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  • does anyone know the size of the sprint model on amazon?

  • Lennon Barnes

    Can I go into Best Buy and switch from vzw to att while purchasing a Nexus 5 on contract? It seems these contracts are Sprint and T-Mobile.

  • Alexander Anteneh

    nexus 5 on AIO is the best cheap route. If 2 GB is enough so its 55 a month. Im happy with the service, and the 8mb/s throttle isnt bad at all. Apps load fast, browsers load fast. Streaming has had no hiccups yet. The lte gets consistent 8mb/s download speeds

  • Anonymous

    Caviat Emptor: Amazon version is possibly only 16GB

  • JeffColorado

    Kellex, not everyone has the free cash to drop $300+ on a phone. Thats why contracts are a good thing. Maybe having a nexus 5 is worth the extra cost to some of us. The whole “OMG if you buy this on contract you must be stoopid” implication is annoying and wrong. Different people are in different situations.

    I bought mine with cash, but I know there are LOTS of people who do not have that luxury, and contract phones are good for that reason.

  • Stephen

    I’m really glad for sprint for getting the nexus 5, and happy for those currently with sprint with an upgrade. However, I honestly see no point for any new customer to switch to them. Their prices are good and I guess the saving grace is unlimited data, but if you live around the new jersey area, you would find that their data speeds are absolutely abysmal. I know everyone says it all the time, but I see no point in personally switching to them.

  • Jeff Mowbray

    Likely the same update the moto x received

    • Adrynalyne

      You missed the right blog article by this || much 😉

  • cgalyon

    Best Buy price matches with some online retailers, wonder if they would match Google?

    • Adrynalyne

      I don’t think they will.

    • Detonation

      I saw on reddit someone got a Play Store PM at BB but I’d definitely say it’s hit or miss depending on your store.

      • Francis Lovato

        I’m going to try it today I’ll let you guys know.

        • Adrynalyne

          Good luck. Tell us how it goes.

  • Johnny

    Sprint launched LTE advanced today. I have had horrible service but today my G2 picked up 50MB/s down on this. Im in LA so its a big area but Im happy with that speed lol.

    • Adrynalyne

      You mean launched LTE in your area, right?

      • Johnny

        I see what you did there lol. Ya but atleast its a step in the right direction. Its still not on par with any major carrier but with Softbanks money behind them I see them changing for the better in 2-3 years.

      • LANCE


  • jaymoney

    While we are on the topic of coverage, when might we get treated to your full review, Kellex?

    • Renjamin

      Kellex mentioned on the DroidLIfe this week that it’s probably a week and a half away. They want to really take their time and get the review right. Makes sense.

      • jaymoney

        Thanks for the intel

        • Renjamin

          No worries. I’ve unabashedly abused my refresh button this week.

  • zachos

    As much as I despise 2-yr contracts, signing a new contract to save a few hundred dollars does not “defeat the purpose of the phone,” especially if you like your carrier and are planning to stay with them for years anyway. You can’t use the phone without a wireless provider, and you are basically paying for a prorated amount of subsidy in your monthly payment whether you sign a new contract or not. The ETF is roughly the same as the savings of signing a contract, so why take the hit up front when you may not have to take a hit at all?

    • common sense

      Considering you can buy the phone for $350 and ETF fees are usually $350 for a smart phone, what sense do you make?

      • Luiz7955

        He may be wrong on the ETF fee. But indeed it doesn’t make sense to buy the phone on Google for $300 more when you KNOW you’re going to stay on T-mobile for at least a couple years. Why not save those $300? It definitely does not “defeat the purpose” of buying a Nexus 5.

      • zachos

        ETF = $350. Subsidized price = $50. Total = $400. Price on Google Play = $350. $400 is close to $350, and you will probably only end up paying the $50. Make sense?

        • common sense

          Don’t forget about upgrade fees… If you plan to stay with a carrier for 2 years, it could be worth it… But who like a 2 year commitment? Even the carriers have stated they would rather move away from subsidized pricing, but they don’t believe the public is ready for that. Fact is… You will pay more for subsidized phones unless you complete 24 monthly payments. 23 months and you lost.

          If a desire/need to change comes up in 23 months, you have to look at all costs involved. Like, how much do you pay vs what you should be paying for the quality of service, should you relocate/change to a traveling position that you don’t get a good enough coverage area over another carrier. Let’s say in 18 months Tmobile light up LTE in the area you currently live and would provide just as good or better coverage, how much more are you paying for the remaining contract term vs. ETF vs. new company pricing.

          Subsidized pricing does increase cellular costs because companies do not make that money back for a significant amount of time. Should cellular contracts become outlawed, you would see a decrease in monthly costs across all carriers on average of 27%. Look at your bill and do the math on how much THAT costs you for contract pricing.

          I can go on and on about why subsidized pricing is in fact worse than buying the phone outright.

  • Stewie

    If you know you are going to stay on that service for the two years, getting the N5 on contract is not a bad thing IMO…

  • Charlie

    i have been on VZW for years, and got the GNex the minute stores opened on release day. these last few weeks, a little piece of me died every time i saw a headline about the N5, knowing i could never have one… (i couldn’t leave vzw because the rest of my family is on it).

    BUT, i just found out yesterday that my work is getting a corporate wireless account thru at&t!!!! so, i will be going the on-contract purchase route – i will pay $150 for the N5, and the firm will be paying my wireless bill. win, muthaf’kn win!!!

    i can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic i am! i get a Nexus, and leave behind the vzw/google bs and drama.

    • LANCE


    • John

      Aw boohoo you couldn’t switch from Verizon because daddy was paying your cell phone bill

      • Charlie

        no, dipstick, I’M the dad, and i pay for my wife’s and kids’ phones, which are all on different upgrade cycles. f***stick.

        • James

          lol 🙂

        • AtupeleChakwera

          I know I am late to the party, but wow this is perhaps the most legendary burn/comeback I have ever seen. Good job sir. Resurrected my account to to say this.

    • Can’t Hear Me Cuz ur on AT&T

      You all realize that AT&T customer service sucks but it’s better because you get to now choose your phone right?

      • James


  • Michael Graef

    Not available on Verizon?

    No need to downvote. I’ll just let myself out.


    • JWells

      VZW likes to subsidize a $600+ phone and hook us on 2-yr contracts. They don’t want the N5 to be able to authenticate on their network because customers will buy it from Google for $349, pop in their SIM card and away they go, with no additional contract obligation. If enough customers leave VZW due to not offering the N5, I think they will eventually cave and offer it.

      • Ej McCarty

        I’d gladly pay $600 for this phone if it meant i could use it on Verizon.

        • T4rd

          Yeah, but you’re (we’re) one of the few.

          • Ej McCarty

            Yeah so even if it’s only a few, why not take advantage of it.

          • T4rd

            Probably because Verizon doesn’t want a phone when an unlockable bootloader on their network.

      • michael arazan

        People are voting with their wallets but Verizon isn’t counting the votes. With a customer base 100 million strong, 1/3 of the US and about half of all cellular users, even losing 100’s of thousands to the n5 isn’t even going to show up on their radar, unfortunately. I haven’t even read much of an outcry on their forums at verizon community website only about 20 complaints of not carrying it.

  • Francis Lovato

    How do you guys that have T mobile like tmoblie. I have Verizon unlimited data with a Gnex but I’m thinking about selling my plan and going to Tmobile. Anyone advice against this? I love my Gnex and I loved my droid before that I want stock.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It always boils down to your coverage with Tmobile in your area

      • Francis Lovato

        That’s the thing everywhere I go it seems to have pretty good 4g or great 3g. And I’ve seen Tmoblie 3g speeds beat my Verizon 4g speeds.

        • maratu

          Don’t listen to the snarky comments about coverage. Go test it.

          They’ll give you a number for two weeks to try out. Just pick the $30 plan, pay for a phone, and see how it goes. If the signal works out for you, then there is no question: you should switch.

          • Caleb Sizemore

            Yeah, I just made the switch from Sprint to T-Mobile in Charleston, SC. I drove around quite a bit yesterday and never lost signal or 4g. Granted, I haven’t left the city, but around town where I spend 95% of my life, it is flawless.

          • Droid Ronin

            I’ve been on T-Mobile for years and it works great. I get LTE all day, everyday, but then again I’m always in metro areas.

        • Geo

          The VZW GNEX was bad with reception and WiFi. I was with my gf on VZW and her droid incredible’s 4g beat mine everytime and would have excellent reception compared to mine. I didn’t know how bad I had it until i bought my Nexus 5 and I’m on AT&T with the prepaid GoPhone. I get awesome coverage in my area. I love my Nexus 5

    • emoney

      if you want to be the guy sticking your phone up in the air searching for signal than TMobile would be right for you. if you are always located in a city environment you would be fine however.

    • ArrowCool

      Just switched this week. Like others have said, it comes down to coverage in your area.
      I did a speed test with my GNex on VZW vs. my N5 on TMo at home last night. The download speed was far and away better on TMo, however uploads were faster on VZW. Both on LTE.

    • slider112

      My situation exactly. I have my 32gb N5 in hand and am trying to decide whether to jump ship to ATT. Here’s a question: can I activate my N5 on ATT with a new account and new number, test drive it for two weeks, then if I’m satisfied and want to make the jump permanently from VZW, can I port my original number over and replace the new test number I just got? Can that be done seamlessly without canceling the 2 week old account and starting another? If so that’s the route I’d most likely take.

      • Francis Lovato

        I need unlimited data…or well I don’t need it but I want it and I figure Tmobile is growing. Make sure you AOL your VZW account though…make some money, just saying.

        • slider112

          Yeah, that’s the other thing… I’d hate to give up my unlimited. However like most GNex launch day adopters, my contract is up next month and then I start with the month to month thing at which point, theoretically, VZW could yank unlimited at any time since I’m out of contract. I’ve resigned myself to this being the reality and happening eventually, so I’m trying to think ahead here…

          • Francis Lovato

            Yeah same boat, I’ve been off contract since last month. I just cracked the screen on my Gnex and need a new phone but I’m afraid of paying full price and then Verizon yanking my Unlimited, I’m heard by the end of 2014 all unlimited plans will be gone no matter what. I don’t even use over 10GB a month anyway but I like having more if I need to teather at a airport or something.

          • slider112

            I’ve heard the same, within 6-12 months. Once June rolls around we’ll be 2 years out from the death of unlimited and everyone will be either locked up in a tiered plan or holding out month to month with unlimited. At that point there is nothing to stop VZW from killing unlimited for everybody starting the following month after an announcement. My data needs aren’t exorbitant, I’ve never topped 8GB in a month and typically average 2-4GB, but it’s been real nice to never have to worry about it, ya know?

          • Francis Lovato

            Exactly, I just like the feeling of unlimited.

          • Mr E

            For what it’s worth, with the subsidized-upgrade extravaganza a few weeks ago, there are a lot of VZW customers who now have new 2-year contracts on unlimited. That’s not to say Verizon couldn’t still take it away, but not everyone will be month-to-month come June.

          • slider112

            Yeah, I think that definitely put a kink in their plans… but I agree, if they want to scuttle unlimited they’ll do it regardless. Probably a very small percentage overall who were able to score on that deal.

          • ToddAwesome

            I have the same battle and need to get rid on my GNex soon. Problem is, I really can’t justify spending hundreds and hundreds more to buy off contract, just to keep unlimited. The math simply doesn’t add up. Maybe if I used 15GB a month, but yeah, I don’t.

          • hushdrops

            Same for me – but i don’t want to be stuck with a low amount of data and VZW’s pricey contract – it would be rough to pay the same $$$ and only have a few GB max available. I guess I’ll switch carriers as I can’t see paying full price for my wife and I to get two new phones at full retail to keep unlimited data …

          • A.Miller

            That is pretty much where I am at, too. I really want unlimited, but I have rarely ever used over 2.5GB/mo.

          • A.Miller

            Where have you heard that? That would actually make my life easier to know its going away no matter what.

      • bnm27

        For $20 you could port your VZW number to Google Voice and just forward it to the new prepaid number, if you ever switch pre-paid you can just forward your Google Voice instead of porting your number every time. Text messages are a bit of hassle, but it’s an option. I still have a month left on my VZW contract and have considered doing this same thing but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

    • Simon Belmont

      I went from Sprint to T-Mobile about 6 months ago. Couldn’t be happier.

      Though, I never had issues with Sprint’s coverage or even their data speeds (though T-Mobile’s are far faster, even on HSPA), I was tired of being dictated to on what device I could have (GSM gives more freedom), and their billing lacked the transparency that T-Mobile’s has. Buy a prepaid T-Mobile SIM card and give it a try and see how you like it (or don’t like it).

    • Francis Lovato

      Thanks for the all the comments guys, I think I’m going to risk it.

    • You could try suspending your VZW account then try out t-mo. Although, I have no idea how that would affect your VZW account. Just another idea.

  • besweeet

    The only good thing, possibly, about Best Buy getting the Nexus 5, is that we can mess with it for a few minutes while we wait for our Google Play orders to ship.

    • BobbyG

      All the Best Buys me have fake dummy phones that dont even turn on

    • dannyWHITE

      They more than likely wont have a live model on display. Your better off speaking to the Google reps that are in store promoting the Nexus 7 and Chromebooks. They may have one in hand.

      • besweeet

        Then maybe a Sprint store would be better for a real demo.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sprint and that DAMN Main In Rebate. Who does that anymore? sheesh. MIR is just to intentionally try to screw over customers

  • Pierito

    500 off contract lol

    • palomosan


  • Droidzilla

    If someone is buying a Nexus 5 on contract (because they like fail), they’d be hard pressed to have anything come close to it for $49 on contract. That said, they really ought to buy it unlocked and outright.

    Kellen, are you using ART instead of Dalvik for your N5? I just switched last night and will be battery/usage testing it over the weekend; I have high hopes from the initial reports.

    • chris

      with my phone on ART, inactive in my pocket, and connected over wifi, my phone lost 3% battery over 4 hours.

      • Droidzilla

        I’m going to keep location services on high accuracy and run it on LTE for most of the day; we’ll see how it goes.

        • James

          I’d be really interested to see some screenshots of your battery usage when you’re done testing.

          • Droidzilla

            I’ll be getting screenies for the G+ Nexus community, so I can assuredly throw some up on here. I already have a few “before” shots (from all day on WiFi and all day on LTE using Dalvik).

        • ArrowCool

          I too am curious how this works out for you.

  • Jeremy Gross

    can someone please explain to me why verizon turned down this phone!!???

    • GTIguy

      I spoke to a VZW rep last week while trying to activate iPads on our corporate account. The rep had a gnex running CM 10 (on T Mobile.) He told me that it wasn’t Verizon that turned it down it was that Google would not allow Verizon to have the device because VZW will not agree to stock Android and wanted to install bloat apps. That is just what the rep told me.

      • Buur

        This is essentially Verizon passing on it since they had to know there was no way Google was going to give up control following the Galaxy Nexus debacle.

      • geedee82

        So basically verizon turned it down…if they really wanted the phone then all they had to do was agree not to put bloat on it. It is entirely verizon’s fault that they are not carrying this phone, don’t feel sorry for them.

        • GTIguy

          I don’t feel sorry for Verizon at all and am glad that Google stood up (even though I am a Verizon customer that wants the Nexus 5) and didn’t cave. What I don’t understand is why Verizon will allow iPhone’s free of bloat but not Google devices.

          • geedee82

            Yeah I agree, its total bullsh!t, and that’s exactly why I just left them. I’m lovin my new N5 but what I really love is the freedom!

            Suck it verizon

          • zurginator

            Because Apple can say no (and they have). If Apple says no, even for launch month, Verizon loses an incredible number of subscribers.

            If Google says no, Verizon loses what, like a million absolute tops?

          • Adrynalyne

            If Google’s influence could also speak for OEMs, then they would have just as much pull, if not more than Apple.

          • zurginator

            That complicates things further though – since now Google needs to also have pull with the OEMs.

            Yes, they could pull Play support, but with Amazon existing now it’s much harder for them to leverage that.

            It boils down to each OEM having to stand their own ground – something Samsung is starting to have the capability of with their top-tier devices (GS, Note).

          • Adrynalyne

            Not really, re: GS and Notes.

            Until they stop with the Verizon bloat, I refuse to believe that the logos missing are anything else other than simply Verizon trying different things.

          • zurginator

            It’s much deeper than just the logos:
            GS1: 100% Carrier customized, down to being “Galaxy Captivate, Vibrant, etc” instead of “Galaxy S” devices.
            GS2: Carriers start giving (bar Verizon, they dipped out). All phones carry “Galaxy S2” name – and the line as a whole is more unified.
            GS3: Carriers break due to sales. All phones are the same, all are the S3, and Carrier logos are restricted to the back.

            Effectively the same pattern plays out with the Note line. Also notice that all Samsung devices on Verizon bar the 3 biggest hitters have the Verizon button.

          • Adrynalyne

            Yeah but on the same note, look at the HTC One. Virtually the same between carriers, sans the storage size offered.

            And they don’t have pull with anything, except their own dicks.

          • zurginator

            The One is a pretty large hitter as well.

            Dicks don’t pull well unless you’re big enough to bring purchases with you. If Verizon kicked Samsung, it would hurt Verizon more than it would hurt Samsung. If Verizon kicked LG, it would hurt LG more.

        • Jeremy Gross

          i love how they want to put to put bloatware on all androids that no one uses, but none whatsoever on the iphone

          • SplashMTN

            They very much want to put bloatware on the iPhone, but Apple won’t allow it and Apple has the ability to say no. I really hope android gets to this point soon, but it seems like right now everyone just accepts it (with the exception of Nexus devices, obviously).

          • Jeremy Gross

            i think you have the option to download some of their apps from the ios app store

          • Droid Ronin

            Apple can say no because iOS is only available on the iPhone. The Android OEMs can’t because if one OEM doesn’t want it, Verizon will just go with another Android OEM that will allow bloatware.

      • Adrynalyne

        Sounds typical of what someone working for Verizon would say. You don’t bash your employer if you want to keep your job.

        • GTIguy

          He has a GNEX on T Mobile and works for Verizon. Seems pretty bashy right there.

          • Adrynalyne

            Not really, unless the company has a policy that he must use Verizon. I bet he still has a Verizon company phone.

          • GTIguy

            He didn’t have a Verizon device and was going to upgrade to a Nexus 5 on T mobile instead of switching to Verizon and getting a discount. He could have been lying but it seems we had a pretty good rapport since we were both crack ROM flashers.

          • Adrynalyne

            The company gives him a phone that he uses for Verizon. Unless you two are bed buddies (hey, I am not judging), I don’t think he has told you everything.

            Personal accounts are personal accounts.

            Verizon employees, even reps are not in the know, and never have been,

      • Ryan

        I hate to break it to you buuuuut VZW reps dont know anything other than speculation. Sorry.

  • Ive been on Sprint since Feb of this year. WORST DECISION EVER! Im in 4g LTE area (Nashville) and i struggle to even stay connected on 3G. Half the people that call me get a “this line has been disconnected” message. Ive been fighting with customer support every month since switching. I filed with the FCC so now I have a dedicated sprint support person but they are not returning my calls. STAY CLEAR, PLEASE!

    Should also state at the Sprint store it is actually $99.99 but you get a $50 mail rebate

    • Timothy Robinson

      I feel your pain. I had 4G Wi-Max in my area, which wasn’t terrible, but they discontinued it and now I am suck barely getting 3G at home. No 4G LTE in sight in Rochester, NY. Most of the time I drop calls or people go straight to voice mail. I regret signing a new contract last November. I have spent all summer/fall fighting with Sprint over my lack of voice coverage, let alone data coverage. Finally filed a BBB complaint but nothing came of it. Their service is beyond frustrating.

    • Android Spy 007

      Please please tell me you were a vzw customer so I can laugh all day long 🙂

      • trixnkix637

        I’m sure there’s a bridge underpass that’s missing you.

        • Android Spy 007

          I wish you the same 😉

          • trixnkix637

            Yep. Because that made sense. SMH.

      • Ej McCarty

        I can almost guarantee he was

    • InyRules

      I had Sprint for a while because I wanted the EVO 4G, and they were absolutely TERRIBLE! Every month I had to call them because I had horrible signal both indoors and outdoors, and “4G” never made it to South FL. It was so bad that I was able to break my contract on 2 lines without an ETF. Oh, they tried to charge me the ETF, and I kept giving them my REF # that stated they said they wouldn’t, so I eventually had to get the Better Business Bureau involved. In one phone call after that it was resolved. But it took like 2 months.

    • Jordan N

      I signed up with Sprint around that time, In Nashville. And yeah, the service is absolutely terrible, I complained on the forums but they wanted me to pay to break the contract. No way I was doing that when I couldn’t even get service anywhere… even downtown Nashville.

      So, here’s what I did. I e-mailed the Sprint executive team and had a call from them within the hour and they allowed me to leave my contract. I’m now with T-Mobile, in Nashville (and East Nash), and much much happier.

      Sprint needs to withdraw from Nashville they’re so bad here it’s unfair they even make people pay for the ‘service.’

  • Derek Duncan

    Well if you were already on Sprint and plan on sticking with them, $149 isn’t a bad price.

    • Pierito

      Very good point.