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Snapseed Update for Android Includes HDR Scape Filter, Here are Some Samples


Earlier today, Google held a small press event to show off major changes they are making for folks who use of the company’s social network, Google+. Along with the Google+ announcements, they also showed off an update for their photo editing app called Snapseed. Google purchased this company back in September of last year, and has already made a lot of improvements to the software. Introduced today is a brand new filter called HDR Scape, one that we have pretty much fallen in love with. 

Now if you didn’t already know, I am a major fan of Instagram and sharing photos I take on smartphones with my friends. I decided to give the new HDR Scape filter a try, and have been very impressed with the results thus far. While the filter can sometimes add a bit too much saturation for some shots, it all depends on the type of look for the photo you are going for. In some circumstances, the HDR Scape filter brings just the right amount of warm saturation and newly-introduced contrast that really makes your photos pop. What is great about Snapseed is that you can dial back each little tweak the filter does, including smoothness, brightness, filter strength, and saturation.

I placed a few samples down below to showcase what the new filter is capable of after just a few seconds of tweaking. They go from dull, sort of color-lacking shots, to more vibrant and lively displays of an orchard I went to over the weekend. Again, the filter won’t work for all cases, but it’s not bad every now and then. The photos on top are the before and the photos below are the after.

Give the new filter a try by downloading the update for Snapseed down below the gallery.




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  • droidrazredge

    Damn! Only compatible with some of your devices. I initially thought that would only be the Nexus 7 2013, but it turns out it’s only compatible with the OG Droid Razr Maxx :/

  • Rbq

    Awesome! I hate real life!

  • MichaelFranz

    @tim-o-tato I used it on some of my older photos and some came out phenominal, would love to share them

  • your application very well. after only a few simple steps we were able to have a beautiful color photograph, no need to take over adobe. I love it

  • chris

    The effect is amazing! I already tried it out today!

  • Hugh Hansen

    I prefer all the “before” photos.

  • Dale

    Been playing with this for the past hour or so. Amazing stuff. Will definitely be using this often.


    • Steve B

      Damn, that’s quite a difference. Went from a terrible photo, to an amazing photo.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I’ve always loved Snapseed… the shadow setting works WONDERS… that’s some serious formula there.

  • interstellarmind

    I wish they would bake Snapseed (and a movie editing app) into Android. Right now I have 3 different Google-Android editing softwares (G+, Gallery, and Snapseed).

    I wonder if KitKat will try to accomplish this (there has been no Gallery icon just like there’s been no SMS icon)

  • AlexKCMO

    What phone did you use for these shots?

    Also, you’re really making Oregon look amazing!

  • Allan

    Will this turn my Galaxy Nexus camera into an actual camera?

    • abqnm

      No, sorry. Just use filters so everyone doesn’t know.


    • Ken

      sorry, you don’t have enough battery capacity to run a camera and this app.

    • Guy Pierce

      I can confirm that after taking picture with GNEX and using HDR filter…

      EDIT: Sorry phone died!

    • thescreensavers

      Hang On Guys, I got a ZeroLemon Battery !

  • quick question I noticed the app is developed by Nik, can someone please shed some light on the company for me to what their relationship with Google is? Does Google own Nik? Im just curios. Thanks In advance!

    • Adam Truelove

      I also wondered this. Listening to the presentation I just assumed Google bought and took over snapseed, but it still lists the dev as Nik on the play store.

    • Blue Sun

      Tim wrote about the company info/history in the 1st paragraph in the above article. FYI.

      • Lol im such an idiot. I should of read the article first. Thanks for pointing it out to me. 🙂

        • Blue Sun

          No problem. I wasn’t sure if the article was updated to clarify that or not when you posted your first inquiry. All I knew was that it was there when I posted. I was wondering the same thing too.

  • Samwuse Gamji

    snapseed is hands down best editor.

  • Droidzilla

    Well done, Snapseed!

  • dtraini30

    Wow. It makes those already good shots look incredible. Almost looks fake it looks so good! lol

  • JasonWhite

    That hanging fruit shot looks slick.

    • jose

      I love Snapseed BUT, maybe I’m missing it. Is there an adjustment for Tint (green to purple)? I see Warmth which adjusts blue to yellow but Tint is also very important for proper white balance.