Google+ Claims 540m Active Users – Introduces Auto Awesome Video, Better Auto Enhance, and More

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Google+ users, get ready for more Awesome. Thanks to updates announced this morning during a live Hangout, you can expect the photo and video experiences through Google’s social network to get additional muscle in the very near future. We’re talking Auto Awesome for  videos, better control over Auto Enhance, new features for Auto Awesome photos, improved editing tools, full-size backups, and more. 

Here is the overview from the event, with the Hangouts section being covered at this post.

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As you can see, Google+ is no longer the ghost town that some use to refer to it as. With over 540 million active users and 1.5 billion photos uploaded every week, it has really grown into a great place for finding people with similar interests, sharing and editing photos, and chatting with folks through live video Hangouts. We’re quite active over there these days, so be sure to +1 us when you have a chance.

Photos and Videos

Google introduced new tools to better enhance or find your photos with little effort. Not only did they add new abilities to Auto Enhance, but they increased their library of words that help you quickly find photos with a simple search. They also brought full-sized backups of photos to G+ on iOS, if you care.

  • For starters, full size backups and background sync are coming soon to Google+ for iOS. This way you can backup your photos as you take them.
  • In addition, finding your photos is actually fun. We now recognize over a thousand different objects—from sunsets to snowmen—so you can just type what you’re looking for, and find matching items in your library.
  • Auto Enhance improves each photo you add to Google+, and now you can now dial the enhancements up or down. If you’re already processing your images elsewhere, you can choose to exempt an album entirely.
  • If you like to edit on the go, then you’ll enjoy Snapseed and its new HDR Scape filter. While high dynamic range (HDR) imaging requires multiple photos to create its effect, HDR Scape can deliver similar results with a single tap.
  • We’re also adding Analog Efex Pro to the Nik Collection (still just $149). With it you can reimagine your images using classic cameras and processing methods—from toy and medium format to wet plate and vintage.

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Auto Awesome photos was upgraded with three new features:  Action, Eraser, and Movie. Google provided examples of each, all of which we have included below. Keep in mind that Auto Awesome Movie only works on certain devices running Android 4.3+, but the rest of the new goodness is supported on most devices:

  • Action. Maybe it’s your child’s first gymnastic meet, or you’re skateboarding with a friend. Action can take their tumble or half pipe trick, and create a strobe-effect photograph.
  • Eraser. When you’re taking pictures of landmarks, people and cars often get in the way. Eraser can take a sequence of these photos, and erase whatever’s moving to give you a “cleaner” image.
  • Movie. Movie produces highlight reels from your photos and videos—complete with effects, transitions and a soundtrack—automatically. You can share the movie as is, or dive into the editing process to customize even further.

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And that’s pretty much that. There was a lot covered this morning, so hit up the Google source below to get all of the dirty details, or re-watch the event.

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