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Video: LG G2 Software Feature Tour – KnockOn, Slide Aside, QuickMemo, and More

lg g2

The LG G2 launches at Verizon tomorrow (AT&T on Friday), so since we have one in house, we’re doing our best to give you as much info as possible in case this phone is on your short list. Our full review will be up within the next couple of days, but can imagine that some of you want to know features, hardware thoughts, and camera performance as soon as possible.Β We have already compared the VZW hardware to AT&T’s variant, and even unboxed the international model, leaving us with software features and camera. In the video below, we knock another off that list by tackling the G2’s most buzzworthy software add-ons.Β 

You’ll see how to quickly access Quick Memo in a handful of ways, how Slide Aside works, the variety of apps that can be used with QSlide, the brilliant simplicity of KnockON, and additional uses of those awkwardly placed back volume buttons.

It’s a long one, so grab a snack.


  • Robin

    I’m trying to decide between this and a Moto X coming from iphone. Since I’ve never had android any suggestions on which one you all think is better?

    • ChrisI

      Too broad of a question. The android fanboys will be far too biased to answer that. You need to really pinpoint exactly why you moving from iphone to android. There will be a steep learning curve.

  • BOB Dudek

    “…You know ..lets face it ..that soldered in battery and NO SD card!..that’s a deal breaker.!”

    “What is up with these “new” fangled smart phones..anyway…?”

    Lets just get that ^ out of the way, now.


  • TheDrunkenClam

    Great… So how long until Root, Bootloader unlock, and custom recovery?
    Skins are unacceptable. Make the hardware, and let Google make the software.

    nb4 “oh but it’s not that bad, especially compared to sense or touchwiz”

  • Gasaraki

    Is Verizon offering the white color version?

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      Just called my local corporate store, and they’re only stocking the black. I see it’s not even available on-line. I am coming from a white SGS3… there’s something a little cool about white, but truthfully, I’m ready to go back and see that screen melt away into the bezel.

      • Gasaraki

        Well I was looking at the white one because the fingerprints would be less visible on white phone than this shinyass black plastic.

  • ams165

    This thing is a beast.
    Heading in today to get one.
    By By MAxx….

  • I like the option to have an onscreen button for the notification shade, it may not be useful to some but not having to adjust the phone to reach it one handed would be a huge plus.

    • PhilD41

      Use a third party launcher such as Apex or ADW or Nova and use gestures to show the notification window. Does the same thing without a goofy button. Been doing it for ages now.

  • BTLS

    wow, this video really makes me appreciate my gnex stock experience… that three finger crap is…crap.

  • David Benson

    The worst thing about this is how the on screen buttons change between transparent and then silver backing.

    Question Kellen… when you “sort” the apps in the app drawer by alpha… does the LG pre-installed apps sort in alpha first then the downloaded ones after the pre-installed? Drives me nuts on my LG Lucid.

  • skubadoo

    I want to get this phone today. But I before I pull the trigger, I need to see how well the developer community is willing to support this device (if/when it can be unlocked and/or rooted).. Any ideas on how long it’s taken with other LG phones?

  • panicswhenubered

    “Poorly placed back button, or innovatively placed…” I loled.

    • panicswhenubered

      After watching the whole video, I must say LG did an incredible job with their customizable interface. It looks really nice overall. I just wish it looked like stock android, but with all the extras they added in.

  • C-Law

    Why in the world did they make the on screen nav keys editable but not let you have a recent apps button to pick from?

    • Guest

      Hold down the home button opens up the recent apps..

  • beaumac

    Waiting for the reviews of the battery life, signal and camera on this phone. If they are as good as advertised I will purchase this and finally put the gNex to pasture, FINALLY

    • socarwolverine

      Check out Anandtech’s review, they do in depth and more controlled battery test.

      • beaumac

        Thanks! I saw that and the battery reviews on the G2 look amazing! Check that off the list. I’m going to check out the camera today, if it is in the local vzw store and will report back.

  • iowabowtech

    If you order online from vzw, use code “Verizon30”. Just saved $60 on my web order. Screams win.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Most of these are actually quite cool in my book

  • Tobias FΓΌnke, M.D. Analrapist

    Where’s the Nexus 5?!

  • HR

    Better than LG’s own promo vids. Exactly what I was looking for and has me leaning towards getting this bad boy unless KitKat blows me away.

  • Greg

    So, double tap to zoom turns your screen off because of the “KnockOn” feature then???

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      please read the comments…. it only works in the notification bar when in a program or an empty space on the homescreen.

      • Greg

        but now I don’t have to….

      • PhoenixPath

        “an empty space on the homescreen.”

        Oops. There goes my Nova Settings gesture…

  • ramifications

    How’s the battery life on the Verizon version? And how’s the signal/reception strength?

  • John Suh

    The ONLY thing keeping me from buying this tomorrow at a VZW store is if there is a white one on the way. I am tired of black/blue phones and would like a white one for a change.

  • Doug Dunfee

    Great video, thanks for doing this walk through.

  • Kevin

    I like it. Heavy skin but customizable enough.

  • hereje

    talk more about the battery

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Having watched this now, I am sure this is the phone to beat. Can’t wait to get it. It looks like it will also be current for quite sometime with those specs. The customization in the UI and app drawer are just icing on a cake of awesome.

  • Stephen D

    Is that a transparent notification bar? Can LG try any harder to copy Samsung?

    • Steve B

      At least they ditched the green battery. Samsung can’t seem to figure out how to quit Gingerbread.

  • Eric Uriostigue

    Soooo no notification light on the front?

    • chris125

      has one on the front and back

    • Andy Stetson

      within the first minute of the video you see it, when he first does the ‘knock on’.

  • GentlemanScholar

    @evleaks tweeted that he was likely wrong about the D820 not being the Nexus 5. I can’t lie: I’m not a fan of that skin. Nevertheless, it’s good to see the various manufacturers attempting to innovate.

  • ninjawarren

    I really hope KnockOn finds its way into the next Nexus.

    • Will Frame

      It won’t. If they add features to stock android, it’s no longer stock and defeats the purpose of a Nexus.

      • David

        If Google were to add the feature………… and make it into the next Nexus.

      • Joseph A. Yager

        Features that are added to stock android by Google are then stock features by default.

      • ninjawarren

        O_o wat? Adding features is why Google keeps updating Android. The next Nexus is likely to have KitKat on board, which will have new features.

    • michael arazan

      I don’t want Knock Knock, I want HULK SMASH!

  • iowabowtech

    Can you confirm the battery size in the vzw variant? It was mentioned in passing but just wanting to make sure it is in fact 3000 mAh.

    • DodgingDonkey

      @ 13:29 he says he thinks its 3000mAh.

    • LionStone

      3000mAh, w/ built-in wireless charging exclusive on VZW variant.

      • iowabowtech

        Just ordered one. Lists as 3000 right on the vzw site. Now let’sjust hope for serious dev support and an unlocked bootloader in our future. πŸ˜€

        • LionStone

          Sweet…it’s a nice device!
          Fellow bow hunter?

  • Mav

    you can take Qslide apps to the right and store up to 2 apps just at the side of the screen.

  • dannyWHITE

    The ability to change icons without having to install a third party launcher is AWESOME!!!

    • michael arazan

      I wish I could do that without a launcher on my GNex

  • cheese

    Definitely moving to T-Mobile, as Verizon will not be carrying the Nexus 5 device. Real bummer. If you guys don’t know, T-Mobile is offering a web-only exclusive deal for $30 / month for 100 talk time, unlimited text, unlimited data (throttled after 5GB). This is a pretty good deal for the price. Tired of Verizon’s ways.

    • Ej McCarty

      Tried that for a month. T-Mobile has absolutely terrible service compared to Verizon. I thank God that I kept my Verizon account. As soon as you leave a major area, get on a highway. Boom! No service or very little and the service you do get is just talk. Couldn’t take it. Trust me and try it out for a month while keeping your Verizon account.

      • itzjonjon69

        YUP! Wish i was smart enough to keep my unlimited verizon account before i made the leap over to T-Mobile… 4G LTE speeds are fast here in PHX, AZ but like you said coverage is VERY limited

    • Chippah

      Ya have fun running Google Navi, or going away to a rural location for work or pleasure and actually need to make calls. T-Mobile-PFFFFTTT! Even the CEO says they are not interested in rural expansion.

  • WCM3

    Nice review, Kellen!

    So this double tap…that could be ported/rom to say the S4, right? Please developers..seems super nice.

    I understand they have it on this phone because the power is on the back, but all we have for the S4 is wave your hand in front of the screen and see some notifications.

  • Jay Ochs

    so wait, is there an LED light on the back or no? it doesn’t look like it..

    • dannyWHITE

      There is, its lights around where the power/lock button is.

      • Jay Ochs

        nice! thanks for the info. haven’t seen it in any video.

        • Anon

          If you watch the compare video on DL between ATT and VZW models. When the ATT phone comes on, the ring around the power button lights up.

          • Jay Ochs

            oops. should have made it clear. I meant for the Verizon version!

          • ramifications

            Kellex commented on this question in the thread for the comparison video. He said that the Verizon version DOES have a light on the power button just like the ATT version.

  • d00ditsmax

    Really digging this phone.
    Top specs: check
    Customization: check
    Uniqueness: check

    on a s4 now, its an okay phone but pretty much the same thing as i had before. (Note2, DNA, Maxx) + the camera on this thing is driving me nuts, the focusing is absolutely horrid. Looking for something a little different and i think lg is doing that. props.

    either this or the new Maxx

    • Ej McCarty

      New Maxx. My girlfriend has it and loves it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it below 50%, even when she’s at school from 6-6. I have the x and the battery life is pretty decent. I would consider myself a heavy user and I think the maxx would last me all day whereas the x lasts until I get home at around 5. But I think we are gonna return her maxx and get a new one because I was reading about the massive battery drains by Android os that some are experiencing. I think she has one because yesterday her phone was at 57% and the screen used 30% while the os used 22%. That doesn’t seem normal to me. Is anyone else with the maxx experiencing this?

    • The MAXX is great except for the camera, I had one for a few days and while it’s a lot better than the past, it’s not up to par with the S3/S4/Note 2/One.

      • d00ditsmax

        yeah Motorola needs to do something about that, a camera is a huge part of a phone so im not sure whats going on with that.

    • damn dude, how often do you upgrade? you rich?

      • d00ditsmax

        work at a Verizon retailer, have a bunch of dummies come in from time to time haha

    • KleenDroid

      At the moment I also own an S4. But I have had a great experience with the camera.

      I am taking a friend of mine to get a new phone tonight. Of course we pay full retail which also means that it will need to fit all her needs for a couple years.

      Her needs are as follows:

      1. She needs lots of space for her ridiculous music collection. She is a heavy music listener.

      2. She takes lots of pictures so it needs a great camera.

      3. She wants plenty of battery life.

      4. Nice specs along with a nice larger screen.

      It upsets me that many phones are eliminated from consideration simply because they don’t have expandable storage or replaceable batteries.

      All Motorola phones are excluded because of these reasons. Can’t get her the Maxx because it has a poor camera and no sd expansion.

      I would have her give the G2 a serious look but it does not have an SD card. And 16 and 32 as the only options? No phone without an SD slot should have a 16 gig option.

      As it stands the S4 is her only option since it has good specs, good camera, expandable memory and battery.

      I honestly dont understand why every phone doesn’t come with an SD card slot. I love my S4 with its 64 gig memory card (half full). But if it didn’t have an SD slot the 16 gig version would be useless.

      I wish the G2 could have been an option. It would have been if it had some storage for music and photos.

  • I am buying one of these tomorrow πŸ™‚ first. Phone I’ve been excited about since the Note 2. I love the Note for everything but going to the gym. It REALLY sucks at the gym.

    • Ej McCarty

      Get some jay birds and your gym experience will be so much better regardless of the phone you have. I get so pissed if I forget mine and have to use the old wired boys haha. I have the freedom sprints but i guess there are new ones out called x buds or something along those lines that are supposed to be pretty good.

      • Just looked up the JayBirds. Very interesting. Thanks! I still would have to bring a gym bag though since the Note 2 pulls my shorts down when at the gym. I was concerned I would forget a bag, but with the headphones being Bluetooth, I guess the music stopping as I drive away would be my warning πŸ˜›

        • Ej McCarty

          yeah and surprisingly they have a very good reaching distance when charged. I can almost walk across the gym before they cut out. I have the x now and it’s really nice for the gym. I had the s4 before with the zerolemon battery and let me tell you that thing is a brick haha. It’s really amazing how small the x is; even compared to my girlfriend’s maxx.

          • Ok, you have me convinced to consider the Moto X before I make my final decision.

          • Ej McCarty

            just see if you can hold the two at the same time. the difference is incredible. I’ve had it for a week now and I love everything about it. Reminds me of the gnex with a nicer build quality and trust me it is VERY smooth. I don’t think I’ve seen it lag one time, except for when I first got it and was downloading a mad about of apps haha. It’s pretty much perfect and now that rooting it is on the horizon and I can get greenify, I can only see the battery improving. Storage was a concern to me since I could only get the 16gb. I had a 16 GB s4 with a 16 GB sd card and I only had about 1 gb left, but I cleaned up my sd card and took my music onto this phone, and just put all my pictures onto my computer. I have well over 5 gb left and I have basically all the apps I need. Plus if you get a lot of photos, you could always upload them to drive and delete them on your phone. You do get 50 GB free drive with this phone too. Just an added bonus.

          • Curtis

            Another bonus… I bought the X just yesterday at 4:45p, online from VZW. When checking out I used the code here: http://goo.gl/T4gE4t and chose ‘Pick up in store’, while choosing shipping options. Drove to the store at 5:20pm and paid $183 after taxes, fees, and screen protectors. GET THIS PHONE!! Message me if you have questions.

  • Diggler

    Amazing…this phone officially launches in a matter of hours and there is practically NOTHING about it on Verizon’s website. Could they make it any more obvious how little they care about anything that isn’t Motorola or Samsung???

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Or Apple* Let’s be honest. We know all 3 Manufacturers mentioned are what sells for Verizon. They don’t care about LG, it’s just a slot to fill

    • Jason King

      It’s listing for sale on VW website as of 11:45pm central.


      • anoonosu

        it’s on their homepage in the slide show thing, but it’s the last thing. the first on it the iphone 5c”rap”

  • calum wilper

    that. skin. looks. terrible. please. stop. lg.

    • Gnex

      Well at least it doesn’t look like touchw– Oh.

      • calum wilper

        hahahahaha! well at least the phone looks like nothing samsu– Oh.

    • michael arazan

      I was shocked how fast and responsive LG skin was, first time ever I’ve seen it that fast and smooth.

  • thedonxr

    What I want to know is can you rub that ugly Verizon logo off the front?

    • Collin Chapin

      I know πŸ™

      It hurts me to think that i’ll “settle” (say what you want I just prefer an LCD) for the screen on the Moto X partly because I can’t stand the branding all over the phone.

      I didn’t think it would bother me much but my previous phone was a Galaxy Nexus and the Verizon logo on my DNA is pretty annoying.

    • Gnex

      You can scratch it off on the Moto X

      • thedonxr

        Hopefully the Developer Edition won’t be branded πŸ˜‰

        • Gnex

          It says “Developer Edition” on the back if I remember correctly. And here’s a picture

          • WCM3

            how are you liking the moto x so far? Better reception than the gnex? πŸ™‚

          • Gnex

            The Gnex constantly switched between 3G and 4G at my house, which made battery life EVEN WORSE if you can imagine that. I’ve always got two bars of 4G with the X in the same spot.

          • carluverdrm2004

            Same boat. Looks like I’ll make the same decision.

          • BTLS

            Thisssss right here makes me want to do whatever I have to do to get rid of my gnex ASAP! As if google now wasn’t slow enough on it, the damn 3g/4g switch drives me CRAZY. Even if I get 4g, as soon as I start downloading or using data, it switches to 3g… and does it very slowwwwwwwly! ugh. Thanks for the info though

      • Does the logo scratch off cleanly? What do you use to scratch it off?

        • Gnex

          You can still see what used to be the ‘Verizon’ text in really bright light, but dat check mark is completely gone. See the picture below.

      • Geoffrey Gunter

        I’m assuming the Motomaker editions will come with Verizon branding as well. Hopefully they can scratch off just as easily, considering they don’t have the same style backing.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Verizon sucks monkey balls period

        • Gnex

          I hope you get hit by a train exclamation mark

          • LionStone

            lol…he’s Samsung’s biggest cheerleader…

        • squiddy20

          Sucks monkey balls? What are you, 8 years old?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Wow Lg lots of gimmicks definitely. Fake wanna be Samsung company. Why buy from bootleg Lg when I could go with the android market share leaders.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.

        • squiddy20

          Wow. Replying to yourself. Surely you know of that little thing called the “edit” button?
          To address the “gimmicks” you speak of, some of them are almost exactly what are/were found on the Note 2 and 3. Congratulations. You effectively just called those “features” on those phones “gimmicks” as well. Additionally, as most of the reviews of the Note 2 pointed out early on, most of the”features” Samsung crammed in the Note 2 only worked half the time (such as the eye tracking software) and very poorly at that. Stupid hypocritical Samsung fanboy.

          • Adrynalyne

            Samsung phones = features. When anyone else does it = gimmicks.

            I am surprised you didn’t know that.

        • Me

          Wow did you swallow Y.K. Kim?

  • speakyourmind

    How does it work as a phone??? Does it keep the signal well?

  • Fozzybare

    how does that double tap work if you are in a game or something? does it lock it while you are double tapping a dot in dots?

    • calculatorwatch

      It only locks when you double tap on the lockscreen or empty space on the homescreen I believe.

    • I have the same question.

      • Ryan

        In a game it wont work unless you tap the notification bar. Only notification bar or empty space on the home screen.