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Custom ROM Friday: BAMF Paradigm v3.1 For Nexus Devices

nexus 4 nexus logo

This week, there was an overwhelming cry for us to feature BAMF’s Paradigm v3.1 for Custom ROM Friday. We touched on the original Paradigm last year, but it looks like there has been some major updating going down since then. It is based off of Android 4.2.2, and brings some killer custom features, coupled with great speeds and long battery life. What else could you ask for in a custom ROM? 

It is currently available for Nexus devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus 4, but there are murmurs suggesting it is also coming to the Galaxy S3. Below, I have thrown in some of the more awesome features that come baked inside, which should help you decide if you want to go ahead with your flashing. As a quick example, there are some extra LWP’s (I love LWP’s), configurable search soft key, and even a snazzy custom boot animation.


  • All stock sound files
  • Additional live wallpapers not included in AOSP
  • Enabled extra browser settings
  • Increased rotation and animation speed and opened up 360 degree rotation
  • Accurate battery
  • Custom clock widget from ICS pre-release
  • Added long press of Recent apps to activate menu key
  • Configurable Search soft key with option to enable/disable
  • Custom launcher with search bar removed, 4×5 grid layout, and custom app drawer button

BAMF Add-ons:

  • Custom boot animation with audio (thanks to gadget! for the logo)
  • BAMF LTE Widget
  • BAMF Torch Widget
  • Configurable Lockscreen with three hotseats, selectable left target, and pull down for Torch
  • Completely configurable QuickSettings replacing normal settings in Status Bar

Downloads: Nexus 4 | Nexus 7 | Galaxy Nexus

Via: Team BAMF

Cheers everyone who submitted!

  • Jake
  • Brandon Golway

    Meh, RootBox has all of this and more.


    I tried then all and paranoid android BH I’d the be all.

  • I gave this ROM a try, but it didn’t feel much different than AOKP JB MR. If anything, it is (or felt) less configurable. Nice job by the BAMF folks. Wipe, restore, move on.

  • Jim McClain

    love BAMF ,had to wait a while for this update, but worth it

  • Brandon Bonton

    does wifi tether work?

  • trophynuts

    ran this when i had the G Nex on VZW. I loved BAMF. it was always my FAV

  • akazerotime

    This is the new Bugless Beast. This is top notch devs that care about the experience. I don’t think they have it in them to kill their website and all their accumulated files just because they “got a life” or stated “its just a hobby”. BAMF til’ my Gnex dies

  • gir0n

    Done tried a lot of ROMs out there, but keep coming back to Team BAMF’s Paradigm. Just finished flashing the 3.1 this morning, and like all the other versions of Paradigm, its smooth, snappy, and rock solid as a daily driver.

    The guys over a Team BAMF put the time and work in on this ROM, and it shows. They’re hard work does NOT go unappreciated!

  • Shawn Phelps

    Does it add the bluetooth texting and song title profiles?

  • joejoe5709

    Paranoid Android has been a little buggy for me lately. I’ve done several wipes and reflashes due to extreme battery drain and System UI crashes. But I do loves me some PIE. Can’t live without it now… Seems to be better recently though, but if I does it again I might look into another ROM such as this one. Thanks!

    • sk3litor

      Love pie as well. Lmt launcher. 4 rows configurable. Plus some swipe gestures if your in the mood

  • j

    Worth trying? I’m on CM10.1 m series build and don’t particularly think its great

  • Buckazui

    i might have to give this a flash since im forever chasing battery life of my gnex even with my two 3800mah batteries. also i have been running slim rom for a little over a week now and im having great luck so far and my benchmark with some pimp my rom action is scoring way high battery hasnt been bad either

    • jesus a 3800mAh battery and you still run slim?

      Do you live in an area that has no power plugs?

    • Bro, you need to set the phone down.

    • Christopher Riner

      Big batteries are nice, as long as they’re nice big batteries. The cheap Chinese deals offer maybe a 40% increase in life with batteries twice the size. Plus, they’re cells usually deteriorate faster. They’re good when they’re brand new. Tho. Personally, I prefer to keep an extra stock battery around, which even the stock gnex batteries lose their life way too quickly

  • Even thought I’d love to give a chance to something other than CM and AOKP, I’ve grown dependent on some of the features that they offer.

  • Does this help with battery life at all because I’m using stock 4.2.2 with Franco Kernal

  • Denvertoad

    Been following the BAMF developers since the Skyraider days on my DINC. They made my TBolt workable and I’m glad to see there’s a 4.2.2 for my N7. BAMF ROMS have always been polished, reliable, and smooth. Maybe not the flashiest, or feature laden, but always stable.

    • droid209

      do you know if there is an option for a quick pin unlock (without pressing enter after entering pwd)?

  • sean.yesmunt

    Might as well give it a try.

  • sonicyoof

    These are a bit anemic, we could find the same information by looking at the forum thread for the ROM.

  • Adam

    Does this add USB Charge Only and USB Mass Storage.

    • Alyssa Christopher

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    • Jo

      Do any ROMs add these back? Is too hard or impossible?

  • FWIW, that feature list is not really current anymore. Updated list can be found here http://www.teambamf.net/topic/3212-rom-bamf-paradigm-v31-422-jdq39-galaxy-nexus/ Thanks for the write-up though!

  • BrianCherry

    Things like this really makes want me upgrade to Nexus 4 because I have a Nexus S and when I hear or see “Nexus Devices” im always sceptical whether the Nexus S will be included in the list or not.

  • PhoenixPath


    • Ken Paul

      Anyone seeing Settings force closing? I really wanna see this rom fly.
      BAMF Settings & Theme Chooser is where it’s happening for me.

      • Travis Paholke

        I tried it on a test gnex and bamf settings f/c a few times not sure why. I think its an interesting rom but it ain’t any smoother or better battery life then any of the other 100 + roms out there.

        • Ken Paul

          Went from stock to vicious, loved it but was looking to get into 4.2.2
          so went with shiny just before it got rom of the week. Been following BAMF for awhile and figured if ppl were liking what they did in the past why not try the latest. Seems ok but without being able to get into some of the fun I really feel i can’t give any kind of input. Just tried reflashing so we’ll see in a few.
          Could TWRP be a issue?

        • akazerotime

          If you are using TWRP, Wipe: Cache, Dalvik, Factory reset and then System. IMO all 4 means clean slate. You will not see any F/C in settings or any place else in the ROM.

          • Ken Paul

            akazerotime, That was the ticket. Once I got into it I wasn’t going to stop short. Tried without what I consider a full wipe and when it didn’t work out
            went full wipe. Clean slate is usually what works the best for me. Thanks for your input.

  • I have used BAMF in the past and moved away for awhile to stay up to date with the latest AOSP updates. Really glad that BAMF has caught up. These guys are great because they do take their time to make sure the ROM is bug free. Glad to be back on Bamf..fo’SHOW!LOL

  • Scottyb112

    I’ll have to try this out on my Nexus 7, that I won from droid-life!! Thanks again guys, that was awesome

    • John
      • Scottyb112

        hey, dont be hatin..

        • John

          Hah. Ya I know man. I’m just jealous & giving you crap 🙂
          Congrats tho

  • Butters619

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Nexus 🙁 but just flashed Liquid Rom for my One X this morning. Liking it so far. Really like that I can lower the auto-brightness settings because the One X is often way too bright.

    • Christopher Riner

      Liquid is one of my all time favorite ROM’s. Got four and five hour screen on times with that bad boy when it was still on 4.0

  • JDHokie

    I was on the fence, but “accurate battery” really put it over the top for me.