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NVIDIA Unveils Tegra Roadmap, Logan and Parker Mobile Processors


This morning at GTC, NVIDIA’s CEO unveiled an official roadmap for their mobile processor line, Tegra. Currently, many devices feature a Tegra 3 processor, known as the world’s first quad-core processor for mobile devices. At this year’s CES, NVIDIA announced the Tegra 4 with a built in LTE modem, although we have still to see the Tegra 4 hit mass production in phones and tablets. 

We now have two new future chipsets to think about, Logan and Parker. The Logan will feature a Kepler GPU, full CUDA 5 computing platform, and OpenGL 4.3. As for Parker, it will showcase a Maxwell GPU, Denver CPU (CPU+GPU combo), and FinFET 3D software technology. Although they didn’t give official names, one could assume these are the Tegra 5 and Tegra 6.

As we can see at the bottom, we see the years 2014 and 2015 on the timeline, so we don’t have to hold our breath just yet. There will be lots more to come from GTC, as the floor opens up today, so stay tuned.

  • Hey guys, FinFET is not a software technology, but it’s rather about the production of semiconductors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multigate_device#FinFETs 😉

    • Well spotted Riccardo! Doesn’t Intel have the IP for FinFET? Does that mean they’ve shared this technology with nVidia?

      • Intel is currently using the tri-gate technology, which may be considered an alternative to and kind of a branch of FinFET. But, answering to your question, Intel doesn’t have the IP or patents on FinFET, at least not as many as to prevent others (such as TSMC, who manufactures chips for NVIDIA) to use it.

  • I love my Kal-el 🙂

    • Straight

      I prefer Wonder Woman myself.

  • Dave

    Is this guy still mad that Samsung and Qualcomm one upped him a couple months ago? My guess is they will continue to mop the floor with Nvidia.

    • j

      Sammy didn’t one-up anything.. they have the same problem as nVidia with not being able to develop power efficient on-die LTE capabilities. This is why Qualcomm dominated 2012 and why Sammy doesn’t even use their own chips in LTE markets.

      • Big_EZ

        My Note 2 says hi!

        • JoshGroff

          Mine does too!

      • BigtomJones

        Actuality My Note 2 uses a qaudcore Exynos 4412 on Verizon’s LTE network

        • j__h

          but no integrated on die modem.

        • j

          only because the 3,100mAh battery allows them to mask the inefficiency..
          The only one laughing here is Qualcomm.

      • Dave

        Besides the GN2? I was referring to the Octa chip, like it or not, it will get more attention than Nvidia chip sets.

      • Straight

        Don’t the announced Snapdragons not have builtin LTE either? That’s what their product briefs say.

    • michael arazan

      Google announced that the new Nexus 7 will not be using tegra anymore

  • Josh

    What ever happened to Stark and Wayne?

    • Warwick

      I believe Tegra 4 is Wayne. Batman!!!!

    • datafox

      I looks like Parker has replaced Stark.

  • Austin Warren

    Wolverine and Spiderman?

    • Charles Hobbs

      Well the Tegra 3 was codenamed “Kal-El” as in superman…

      • Warwick

        Wish it was more like superman

    • Genaro

      The codenames are always the name of a Super Hero Alter Ego.