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Contest: Win One of Five Spigen Ultra Thin Air Cases for the Nexus 4 or One of Six for the Galaxy Note 2 (Update: Winners Picked)

Ultra Thin Air

We just got done posting up a quick look at the Spigen Ultra Thin Air case for the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Note 2, so now it’s time for us to give some away. If you have been in need of a case for either your Nexus 4 or Galaxy Note 2, look no further. The Spigen Ultra Thin Air case is a lightweight, sexy, and durable option for anyone looking to protect the shell of their device.

Ready to win one? 


Update:  We have emailed our list of winners. Thanks to all of those that entered!


Five (5) Spigen Nexus 4 Ultra Thin Air cases in black. Six (6) Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Ultra Thin Air cases. Three in white and three in black.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments section, tell us a time when you wish you had a case on your phone.
2.  Enter in which case you want. If you want a Note 2 case, please tell us which color you prefer (white or black).


Winners will be randomly selected from the comments section tomorrow morning (Feb. 5) at 10AM PST. Good luck!

A big thanks to Spigen for the prizes. Be sure to stop by their site to see their entire accessory line.

  • Nick Floria

    I wish i had a case when i first got my phone and was wearing pajama pants and went to drive. I sat in my seat shut my car door and my phone fell right out of my pants and made a thud. My phone was fine but scared the crap out of me since it was running naked. Note 2 Black

  • Shawn Murphy

    The time I dropped my Amaze in the toilet. I know if it had a case on it, it would’ve bounced away from the bowl, and not into it.

    Nexus 4 Black, please.

  • Aaron Roles

    I wish I had a case for my phone when my friend startled me by grabbing me from behind, causing my phone to crash to the floor. (nexus 4)

  • A good time to have had a case would have been when I was out in the field training for 2 weeks straight. I would like a black Note 2 case please 🙂

  • I was out with a friend one night and was bragging to him why my Galaxy Nexus was so much better than his iPhone. I was showing him how I can swipe away notifications and them I accidentally dropped my phone on the cement floor. The phone did not break but scratched the back of it up pretty bad. I knew I would regret going “naked” sooner or later!

    I would love the spigen case for my nexus 4, because I know I won’t be as lucky next time, should this happen again haha!!

  • sadcosmonaut

    I wish I’d never wished I had a case on my phone. Actually, I wish I had this Spigen Nexus 4 case…

  • JT

    When i was at a Bulls game after a game winning shot and my phone fell right out…Glass on back of my Nexus 4 will never be the same

  • Radames

    My wife decided to throw my brand new Galaxy Nexus at me during a ‘discussion’, I cringed and didn’t duck away since it was a Nexus. Needless to say Asurion was called.
    Galaxy Note 2 white

  • I work in a steel mill with cement flooors and steel dust particles in the air cases a needed piece of equipment. Note 2 black please

  • Senthil Jeganathan

    My nexus 4 narrowly escaped from the drop today.
    I am looking for a case to protect my Nexus4 from that moment on

  • Senthil Jeganathan

    My nexus 4 narrowly escaped from the drop today. From that moment I am looking for a case to,protect my nexus 4.

    Nexus 4

  • sant0s

    Wish I had a case when I dropped my phone in a puddle getting out of my car bc it was on my lap smh… I hope this doesn’t happen to me again with the nexus 4 so i could def use a case =)

    (nexus 4 black please)

  • guna15

    Whenever my 2 year old son get holds of my Nexus 4.

  • James Murphy

    When I dropped it down a flight of stairs. Would have been great to have.

  • Tom Landberg

    I wished I had a case every time I drop the phone. I have butter fingers.
    Note 2 Black.

  • I was sitting in a classroom with my OG Droid on my desk. Some girl decided to walk by and carelessly let her backpack shove it off of the desk. I had dropped it before with little to no damage but this time it got a large diagonal crack across the face.

    Note 2 Black

  • Tommy Jaramillo

    Man o man! Wish I had a case just 1 day after I got my Note 2! First here is a back story and day 1 with my phone, root it which took a while then get a nice screen protector for it; slapped that baby on right away. Found a nice rom and some mods took some time to play with a few before I finally decided on one so total investment was about 6 or 7 hours of straight customizing and tweaking and then boom… Dropped it the very next day trying to take a (now regretful) self pic in the bathroom to show off my new device. The combination of my daintyl like hands and this massive device was a recipe for disaster. Never dropped a phone before so never needed a case, plus I like the sleekness of the device without a case so very much so I’d like the sleekness of this case! Please solve my problem and send me a white case for my new Note 2!

  • Jerry H

    When I give my phone to my 1-year-old niece and she throws it around like a brick 😉 (Nexus 4)

  • Asimoalex

    When I tripped while helping my best friends move and my phone went Ricocheting down the two flight of stairs till the screen finally came off rip incredible 1

    Note 2 white please

  • John Suh

    Getting out of the car is the ultimate worst time to have a naked phone.

    Nexus 4 is the best phone!

  • Davros

    When I accidentally flung my brand new GNex off a bar table that was on a raised platform onto a tiled floor face down. I just new It cracked the screen. Got lucky and it just scratched the corner. Note 2. Black or white.

  • BrionBrown

    I wish I had a case on my note 2 (and every phone before that) every time I have my phone in my lap when driving and I forget to put it in my pocket before I get out of my truck. Too many close calls. Also anytime my kids play with my phone. Btw, I would take either color for my note 2.

  • crazysamz

    1. I wished i had a case on my phone when I had dropped it on concrete last week.
    2. Note 2 case black

  • i would have loved to have had a case on my phone when i was putting it into my pocket a d missed completely and basically Gronk spiked my phone into the concrete. (nexus 4)

  • When I was at work and crunched my phone on the corner of a cabinet. Cracked the back but not the screen. (thankfully!)

    Nexus 4.

  • sandy

    Yesterday when I received my brand new Nexus 4, it is so good that want keep it in a case. I dont want to be scratched.
    Nexus 4 Black

  • mtbeckmann

    i wish i had one when i dropped my droid incredible for the 100th time which proved to be the last. Got a Note2, which the thought of dropping it for the “last time” makes me a little sick…

  • volcombrandon

    i wish i had a case on my phone because i do not want my most prized possession to fall and break!

    Twitter: @volcombrandon

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Stephen Buck

    Had the phone in my pocket, naked of course, and when I got in my car it went sliding right out and skidded across the pavement. The back and sides were pretty scraped up.

    Note 2 black case for me.

  • I wish I had a case when I was taking my phone out of my purse on a moving train!!! (Nexus4)

  • Ivan92116

    this one time at band camp.
    (Note-II in black).

  • Nicholassss

    I’ve never used a case because I’m a cheapskate.

    I’d use a free black note 2 case though.

  • Jin

    when i grab the phone half asleep off of my nightstand to turn off the alarm, forgetting it was connected to the charging cable and dropping it on the floor (note2 black or white)

  • valapsp

    A few months ago when I was heading to dentist I dropped my phone. I wish I had a case on it. Want a note ll case too 🙂

  • Scott Sochacki

    I wish I had a case when I dropped my old iphone from 3 feet off the ground and it shattered. I have a nexus 4 now and want to keep it in one piece.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Bought my Nexus and dropped it a week after owning it – right on the top right corner, and it couldn’t just crack, it shattered and a huge chunk of glass fell out. OUCH!

    I would love a Note 2 case in black for the new phone I purchased last Friday!

  • Krista Sanderson

    Nexus 4 in my hand today! I am so worried about cracking the glass…. I need a case!!

  • case woulda been handy when I dropped my phone in the muddy gross slush last week. (note 2 white)

  • Raymond

    Wish I would have had a case when my phone fell out of my pocket and skidded onto the ground while running one day. Note 2 black please.

  • jakymiwm

    I could use the nexus 4 case to protect the back of my phone.

  • Cop3land

    I was on a business call outside on the Patio of my work building. Which happens to be the Google office in San Francisco. I was talking with my boss when a wind started picking up. I accidentally locked myself outside and was banging for another Googler to let me in. My boss didn’t know what was going on and i banged with my phone in my hand and banged the glass door so hard my phone ricocheted off the door and down to the ground. I was on the 4th story of the office. It landed on the coffe table of the restaurant below and broke the coffee glass. I sprinted downstairs to hear my boss yelling and my phone broken in half. The phone didn’t break. The coffee broke the phone. How ironic?

    Galaxy Nexus.


  • hoboy

    nexus 4 case please! would really need it when my phone comes alive (again), jumping out of my pocket…

  • KingBridges

    I really wish I had a case for my phone on New Years Eve. I was at a party and was drunk and woke up on New Years with my phone screen crack. Just had got my Note II for Christmas from my girlfriend whom paid $750 for it. Note II case in white pls

  • Gary Reynolds

    I wish I had it yesterday. Galaxy Note 2 black

  • StoneColdCarl

    That exact moment when you slowly see your phone slip from your hand and start dropping onto the floor of the bus.

  • Maybe the time when I dropped it and then accidentally kicked it across the concrete for about 10 feet, lol. Nexus 4, ftw!

  • N4Lover

    I wish I had a case on, when I got my first cell phone.. It was Nokia 7610 and I loved it. One day it fell down and my heart broke for the first time. Since then I never forget to get a case for my phone.

    Now I got this cool phone, which I’m in love with again, Nexus 4. Hope you’ll not let my heart break again!

  • I had been desperately in need of a case since I bought my phone, yet I couldn’t get my hands on one because the phone was quite new here so I couldn’t find any case for it. I had been very careful with the phone but it was because of being too careful and holding it too gently that caused it to fall down and the floor. Luckily there wasn’t any visible damage on the phone, but still I hoped to get a good case to protect my phone =)

    One black spigen ultra thin case for nexus 4 please =)

  • I wish I had a case on my iPhone 3GS as I was getting out of my car and forgot I had it on my lap. It fell onto the ground and the screen cracked. But maybe not because it gave me an excuse to get a Nexus 4!

  • jjjtriplej

    My s3 flew across the room onto the brick hearth. I wanted a case then. (Nexus4)