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First Signs of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Appear in Kansas City


T-Mobile said they would eventually be moving towards a 4G LTE future and away from their HSPA+ network. Today, we have seen the first signs of this promise. XDA user, RunsWithWood noticed this morning that his unlocked Galaxy Note magically had LTE service in the Kansas City area.

The speeds were nothing to get excited over, the screenshots only boast 10Mbps down and 5Mbps up at the highest, but T-Mobile seems to be testing things ahead of their launch. It’s going to be a long while before T-Mo gets their LTE network up to the size of AT&T, let alone Verizon, but this is a good sign nonetheless. 

Are you planning your escape from Verizon once T-Mobile builds out their network further?

Via: TmoNews

  • shawn

    Still 2g service in 99% of Maine if tmobile really wants to compete they need to push into rural communities not just cities

  • Johnny Allison

    Bam! Nexus 4 on Telus 4G LTE

  • Jv

    Wow, considering I have pulled 50Mbps on Verizon LTE in Kansas City I am also unimpressed (http://www.speedtest.net/android/224553586.png). This might be because of the fact that T-Mobile on has 5Mhz or spectrum to work with on the downlink

  • Joey Funk

    Wow… Their test speeds are even faster than actual lte for sprint… That’s just sad… I know where I’m going in 6 months!

  • Tmobiles lte again 45mbos for all you dummies on verizon you will not and nwver have reached rhose speeds your a liar if you say anything else quit wrigjtin fakse sbit on tmobiles site yiu see the theme pink n back so kick rocks haters

  • And verizon cant download any more than 21 mbs with there lte thats the max and google has facts these assholes just have stupid opinions because they dont research before they say shit.like oh its magically gonna hppen lmao verizon. Sucks sucks sucks

  • Well that sucks if your verizon lte is only a fast as my wifi exactly my point!

  • Dude the hspaplys speeds are 12_17 mbps ok and the test results are a test clearly if it shows only 10 mbps and I read alot so yes I do know everything about tmobile and any ithsr carrier as I develope and buikd phones you could only dream of for my personal use

  • Its clearly states testings over its doing a ore release in a few states then it does a ful launch which jacks uo to 45 mbpsso face the facts or learn how to read or just remain in denial. .. verizon suck big fat monkey balls this is to the guy being a douche.i forfice any other verizon def tone to tmobiles better service

  • Verizonget no where near what tmobile will have just wait one week maybe two and lte coverage will be smoothly rolled out waving good bye to verizons record of the most lte coverage because tmobile will have more coverage along with betterstronger coverage with unlimited data which verizon lacks with lte also the new lte advanced makes better battery with the lte advanced network designed for all around lte goodness

    • bleeew

      I like Verizon because its coverage for LTE and phones, but I think its time we have more competition, because Verizon is really screwing people over(includes unlimited data they take awsy from ‘grandfathered’)

  • No verizon isnt as fast or close google verizon lte speeds its a fact so either face it or dent it either way im gunna love 45mbps speeds verizon litteraly is at its prime speed woukd be half if that pkus verizon drains battery doesnt have best coverage of lte just the most untill now! Tmobils fans know and verizon fans the truth hurts some time but tmobiles here to heal that

  • There was a patch inclyded in the last update I know.it.only said exynos exploit patch but I read on a xda post

  • Tmobikes awsome and lte will have 45 mbps on tmobilr network when its fully uo and running and planning to launch 100 million which is done already so scratch that and by the middle of 2013 220million to start plus all the new comers jumping ship from verizon because it will be unlimited lte advanced network with hd voice
    I have 70 pkus gigs on mine and the long lasting battery on note to will help make good usage of the lte advanced network

    • no it won’t. I’m sorry but everyone had speeds of 40+ in initial tests. This is WEAK.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I get double those speeds with a GNex on Verizon

    • Jv

      Agreed. When I had the GNex my first speed test was 30Mbps.

  • Granpa

    Those are the same speeds I get on their HSPA+ network here in south Florida. Consider me unimpressed.

    • michael arazan

      I average 10-12 down and 5-6 up on vzw lte in St.Louis and even worse in Chicago, can’t believe this is the industry standard for”Fast” when 4G definition is really 100MB, we get a 10% of the speed for 100% charge for premium speeds.

    • InyRules

      In South FL, the fastest I’ve gotten on T-mobile is 6.42Mbps

  • duke69111

    Like the source link states, hopefully that speed is throttled on purpose and it will get better on the full release.

  • And im on tmobiles network so if the guy using verizon in “major city”10 I slow thats why the guy says its nothing to get excitedabout because tmobiles download speed is usually atleast12-16with note 2 and clockedover even 17
    So lte can see faster when network gets out so thats why verizon is and will remain behind amd theyre calls loose signal as ive road greyhound bus cost to coast with note 2 on verizon and rmobile sgh t889 and atat just sux theyre upload speed is the only advantage
    3g is past almost if not already

  • Using note 2 btw so I see why 10 I s nothing to get excited about

  • I get 16 on my hspa pkus and 15 on wifi in in atlatntic city

  • joe

    I live in a major city and I have testing the Nexus on T-Mobile and it’s great. They actually have changed their plans to true unlimited data now.

  • JetBlue

    About the same as my Verizon 4G LTE speeds.

  • Tweekex

    I am confused. My T-Mobile SGS3 has a 4G icon, is it just not LTE?

    • Bradley Michael

      hspa+ 42

    • Prox

      almost as fast as VZW LTE.

  • wes

    Kind of excited, but the Nexus 4 LTE hack will likely be patched by the time TMo LTE gets around to my Area.

    • Javi

      The LTE Chip is installed and may just need to be tweaked a bit, but it will run on T-mobile’s LTE frequency 🙂

  • I feel bad enough that dude only gets 1.9 mbps on his wifi…..

  • chris125

    Those speeds aren’t anything special and if that is all the higher they are getting with no users on their lte I can only imagine how much worse it will be once they actually have users being able to take advantage of the lte. Plus I will wait to see how their lte rollout goes and if it improves their spotty coverage any.

    • Qbancelli

      Come on! You’re gonna judge the network performance based on this?

      • chris125

        What so it is just going to magically get better once more people are on it? Hell even sprint got faster speeds than this on their lte……. It’s sad when their lte is barely/not faster than their hspa network..

        • Dmoralize

          You do realize that to test something, you don’t need to unleash the full capability. You literally know nothing about what T-Mobile was doing and you just made some sort of wacky assumption that they fully built out their network and opened it up to it’s full bandwidth. Why would you assume that?

          • chris125

            Who said they opened it to full bandwith? All I am saying is those speeds are pretty pitiful and you act like they only test it half assed. Clearly they want to make sure their towers could handle the load but I guess you know everything and they will just cap it at these speeds as to never worry……..

          • Dmoralize

            No. I’m asking how you know they were even testing bandwidth at all. There are tons of things they could have to been doing which have nothing to do with download speeds or loads at all. Why would you say that they were “Clearly” testing load? You’re the one making wild speculation. I’m not the one that definitively stated what they were doing. You did. Based on nothing because you apparently don’t understand how things are tested.

          • Dude people have signal of lte its not based on soeculation its based on google search tmobile lte rollout” people posted pics in kc and vegas it was also anounced at the ces by tmobile exuctiveceo……. and including xda developers so jumo off the bandwagon

          • New_Guy

            No one was even supposed to know this test was going on…Please be advised, this is only a test


          • Eric

            Remember, their LTE network is still at infancy. And many factors can affect network performance.

          • Tony Allen

            Well, to be fair, when Verizon was testing LTE in my area I was pulling down speeds over three times this and some even higher.

          • New_Guy

            I think this guy like the drama…

        • New_Guy

          It’s just a test, It’s not the actual release…

          • chris125

            it was just a test when Tony got it………

          • New_Guy

            You are one strange individual…

          • chris125

            Because Someone else commented about when their carrier was testing lte. Ok whatever you say…..

          • Damn I hate it when a great online argument ends with a “whatever” …. total give up.

          • New_Guy


          • New_Guy

            Your carrier and mine are the same. I bought the first LTE when it came out and am very familiar of what LTE launch speeds are. I’m also rational and know that this is simply a proof of concept test. It’s kind of what businesses do…

        • I’m sure there speeds will increase when they actually release it. Plus T-mobile should be the first carrier to release Release 10 LTE which is LTE Advanced since there LTE towers will already be prepared for it.

    • RobV

      I only see 2 or 3 out of 5 bars for service. Hmmmm…

  • No, Verizon is the only provider with any coverage to speak of in Flagstaff, so Verizon it is.