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Original DROID RAZR Receiving Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Build 98.72.8 (Updated)

droid razr maxx

According to a number of readers with the original RAZR and RAZR MAXX, a massive update weighing in at 331MB and build number 98.72.8 is pushing out. There are no signs of an official update going out from any of the regular spots, so we aren’t sure if this is Jelly Bean, and someone at Motorola accidentally flipped the “Go!” switch or what. The build number starting with a 9 certainly resembles previous Jelly Bean updates on other Motorola phones. The RAZR HD’s update dropped in at 9.1.41.

As we have more, we’ll update this post. 

Update:  Most are reporting that the update is taking forever to download and that there isn’t much of a progress bar. Some claiming it’s Jelly Bean, but we have no confirmation yet. I’m also downloading it on my RAZR. Still updating…

droid razr jelly bean razr update1

Update 2:  Readers AlanJulianne, and whozat451 posted up this screenshot, matching the build number of 98.72.8, which also shows that it’s Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2). Merry Xmas, DROID RAZR owners.

jelly bean droid razr

Update 3:  We should point out that we have yet to hear anything official from Verizon or Motorola. Someone either screwed up badly and made this available early, or we’ll hear all about it on Wednesday morning, when everyone returns to work.

Update 4:  The update may have been pulled. My download stopped midway through, as did many others’, saying that the “Download of update failed.” The phone is now showing as up-to-date. Assuming Moto and Verizon caught the early rollout and pulled from servers.


Update 5:  Here is a download link (via Shamo316) to the file for those that want to venture into the land of Jelly Bean. I should warn you that we do not know if this is a final build or not. It could be, but today’s update push also may have been a giant mistake. Proceed with caution. Drop on SD card (not internal storage), boot into recovery, select the file and update. Need to be on .211.

Manually install update:

  • Download file from above and drop on SD card (not internal storage)
  • Power phone off
  • Hold Power and both Volume Up and Down until boot screen appears
  • From boot screen, scroll down to “Recovery” with Volume Down
  • Press Volume Up to select it once it has been highlighted
  • When Android and exclamation show up, press both Volumes at the same time.
  • Then “install update from external storage” and find the file.

Cheers Bryan, Alex, @semcc9, John and @Daleinboro!

  • DexPeru

    this update working in motorola atrix 2 ???

  • jjuanico

    Did we crash DL with this one? lol. It’s pretty slow. I unrooted just to go back to 211 to be on the safe side. Side loaded like the update 5 said. Works perfect. No bugs I’ve seen. I think it’s the old mms and camera apps because it’s working awesome for me. Do it!!

  • Jones

    I can see my house from here

  • kdunne

    Anybody have any issues with 4g not working after install?

    • chaz2400

      I did. It ended up tthat it turned off data for some reason. I went into Mobile Networks and re-checked “Data Enabled” and then selected LTE for Network Mode and it works great.

  • Michael Mallette

    anyway to root yet? i like to change my resolution on my phone and use complete backup utilities and can’t find a root method.

    • u shudve rooted when u had ICS .. then temp un root wid “voodoo root keeper” and then updated ur phone.. n again restored ur root. dats d only wait to hav root on JB .. no othr way yet

  • Ulrich

    Is the circle widget content of the update?

  • epjman

    Google Play Store app stopped working following Jelly Bean manual update. 🙁 Anyone else experience this issue?

    • Jason MacLean

      Reboot the phone and/or clear the cache of the Google Play application.

    • It’s kind of a pain, but I always recommend a complete format/wipe of the phone after a major update. Seems to work better for me and I see significant battery life improvements. I’ve been running on battery for 12 hrs and I am currently still at 80%

      • Fiona

        That doesn’t delete contacts and messages does it?

    • hushdrops

      Play store would crash when updating apps, uninstalled Play store updates which essentially removed it completely, reboot , Play store will auto install latest version all fine since .

  • Ex.

    And for GSM?

  • Matthew

    both me and my boss have the maxx his updated mine didn’t :'(

  • Mark Mann

    if you flash this in recovery, do NOT try to go back to ics, you WILL brick…i found this out the hard way, and spent two days in chat with mattlgroff(the creator of the razr utility) to get my husbands phone unbricked

    • How did you get it unbricked?

      • Mark Mann

        there’s an unbrick utility floating around…go to droidrzr.com and look for mattlgroff…the utility is still in beta, so i don’t know if he’s ready to release it to the g.p. i just got lucky and got to be one of the testers…

  • trpt

    My experience, FWIW-

    I was able to accept and fully download the OTA update yesterday. I applied the update today without problems and am now on 4.1.2. Was previously rooted and did a temporary unroot before applying update.


    –I don’t notice any performance or battery improvements at all with jellybean.
    –I lost the weather app/widget and world clock widget from ICS, both of which I liked and used (can I get them back somehow?).
    –Lockscreen font is different. No big deal.
    –Boot sequence volume got cranked up big time. Not happy.
    –Have to access alarm through clock. Not happy.
    –New apps- Chrome, Play Magazine.
    –New widget- Drive
    –New icon for Calculator (I liked the ICS icon better).

    –There are no other significant enhancements that I can see.

    Reapplied root. SU says I’m rooted and it seems like I am but I can’t change
    file/folder permissions. I can do most other root functions without issue.

    Bottom line- I wish I hadn’t taken the update. Wasted a bunch of the Christmas holiday messing with this.

  • EMcTx

    I was able to update my mom’s Razr Maxx today. It was fast and easy. Didn’t have to manually install anything.

  • Knlegend1

    I hope this happens soon…OFFICIALLY!

  • Oscar Botelho
  • chaz2400

    Looks like I have WiFi only… getting an error “the process com.motorola.vzw.vmm has stopped”. Any ideas? Everything else is A-OK.

    • hushdrops

      That error Appears at boot but there are zero issues with the phone , apps, data etc. , definitely data connections of all types are stable

  • tcfiero

    How many of the ones that got the update use foxfi or something similar? Did anyone that uses foxfi not get the update? Just wondering

    • Mark Mann

      the foxfi app is incompatible with jelly bean…you should still be able to update to jelly bean, but you won’t be able to use foxfi anymore

  • Pabloec16

    Okay i have done it all and searched for main problems on other roms and issues….If u are a heavy picture taker that is always changing settings i would not freak out after update(keep reading). The front facing camera and video camera are working just fine but on the back camera u r unable to change settings(portrait, sports, etc.) on first boot.this is where u want to reboot once and t hen those settings should return. This does run smoothly however. The moto cast apps were removed however except for “MotoCast” wierd. the my files and my gallery along with my music are not there anymore. Alarm and timer are no longer there you have to go to clock to set an alarm. cant find timer…..Wifi and Bluetooth work just fine google now works fine browser is good.

    • Pabloec16

      Recommend rebooting a couple times if any problems occur……..AND THE BEST XMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!

    • Pabloec16

      Did a little searching and the my files is just called “files”

  • Bobby Solis

    Temp unrooted with voodoo, followed flash instructions including wiping cache. When certifying current system received error /system/bin/logwrapper.

  • Zeshan

    I followed the instructions for manually updating my phone, and they worked. I have Jelly Bean on my Droid Razr Maxx, but i dont really like it. Im really hoping that its not the final version. Its not nearly as polished as ICS on my Droid Razr Maxx, and some of the google apps (currents!) don’t work properly. I was wondering, is there any way for me to go back to stocks ICS now that ive manually updated my device? And if not, can i still get the OTA update when verizon/motorola finally decide to push it out to the devices? Thanks so much for any help that I can get with this

    • Eric Shane

      I’m running JB on the maxx and it blows ICS out of the water. No problems at all. Reboot and it will update your apps, if you have broken shortcuts it’s because camera and galleries changed, recreate them and you’re good to go.

      • Zeshan

        The main problem I have is the currents app. It no longer works properly (The font is HUGE and so you can only read 2 sentences). I did the rebooting a few times and it seems a lot better. But i dont see a couple of features that are found in other JB devices like being able to move the shortcuts around on your home screen and the other shortcuts moving to make space, etc. Its not a big deal and i am pleased with the update for the most part, but im just hoping this isnt the final version. So if there is an OTA update sometime soon, do i have to go back to stock ICS first before I can install it?

        • Eric Shane

          Try uninstalling the app and then re-dl.
          I’m not 100% but I don’t think you can go back at this point due to the kernel update. The official version should be out anytime, then you get install that the same way you did this one!

  • LTE4G

    Just follow the directions here, Also recommend keep it plugged in for the update
    I did not even lose 1% in battery …

    Also wipe cache partition before update!


  • frayed

    I keep seeing same questions answered over and over again. No you do not need to be routed. I have found no bugs. And JB is awesome. (but it does seem to use a little more battery.) So there you have it.

  • pabloec16

    Just curious cuz im just to safe but did anyones data get erased or anything of the sorts, and all the bugs that this might cause…..srry just to safe

    • Felix Wilbur

      I did this and had no problems. The camera app is different and so is the gallery. Not sure if others had a problem

  • pabloec16

    im still a little confused is the blur_version.6.16.211.XT912 ect. is this what we are at right now…that is ICS…..and it will update us to 4.1.2??? Someone just answer this please!! and do we need root

    • Luke

      You do not need root to use this

    • endurotech

      The zip file name contains the version Android is updating FROM. So when you apply the update make sure you are updating FROM 6.16.211. Yes it will update you to Android 4.1

  • Bryan

    Thanks for the tip on step five worked like a charm! Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Buckoman

    About to do this with my Maxx. Any known bugs? I’d like to know.

  • pabloec16

    so this s ics not jelly bean??? a little confused here

  • dbam987

    No dice yet on my Droid RAZR (Verizon). Would definitely like to mess with Google Now.

  • pabloec16

    I heard that not everyone got the pop up and those who did were chosen for a beta test or something…..not sure tho a little skeptical after a week or so ill do more research

  • crookidfinger

    WIFI does not work

    • crookidfinger

      After installing it i mean

  • Trevor

    Lost root!!!! Going back to my gnex

  • Shannon Curtis

    Grabbed the update from the link above had no issues with install. Rebooted a couple of times and no issues with any apps or battery life. Lovin JB! ..Best Xmas Ever!!! Thank you DL for posting the link to update and to whoever uploaded it!

    • Eric Shane

      It really is great, I’m in love with this update. Updated while driving in about 15-20 minutes.
      No problems at all. Great xmas present, thanks moto!

  • todd

    This update destroys battery life. I can practically see it draining away. On a side note, camera is fine, just a new camera app so old shortcut didn’t work

    • J. Gilbertson

      Probably because you’re messing around with it more. I’ve been actively using my phone and my battery is all the same.

  • Danny

    My phone will not see the file. I used astro to move from download folder to sdcard root. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Me

      Drag it onto you DCIM folder where you have the pic. Seems that is the only folder that will read the zip file

  • Installed on my girlfriends Droid Razr running .211. Followed the manual install above, took about 10-15min, needed to reboot the phone twice so it would finish updating. I checked the play store, google now, FB, and all the other main apps she uses all works just fine. She loves it and told me it’s much better.

  • jeff

    anyone have the updated link for stock users to download jellybean the link doesn’t work

  • Jaheim Rakim

    Can anybody tell me if the rom is any good and any problem with it

  • Albe

    Damn it I want that Jelly , phone keeps saying its up to date!
    I got all exited when I read this article 🙁

  • Installed and working fine.. A little jittery right away but after a few reboots.. It’s money

  • Zeshan

    I followed the instructions for manually updating my phone, and they worked. I have Jelly Bean on my Droid Razr Maxx, but i dont really like it. Im really hoping that its not the final version. Its not nearly as polished as ICS on my Droid Razr Maxx, and some of the google apps (currents!) don’t work properly. I was wondering, is there any way for me to go back to stocks ICS now that ive manually updated my device? And if not, can i still get the OTA update when verizon/motorola finally decide to push it out to the devices? Thanks so much for any help that I can get with this

    • keith_ecko

      I would like to know the same thing. Will we get the update when they finall push it out??? No answers to my question yet either.

  • Trevor

    lost root even with OTA VOODOO Rootkeeper just have superuser installed. Can someone point me in the right direction to restore my root access?

  • Master O’Disaster

    I installed the OTA update. Bluetooth Share crashes constantly, and there is no way to disable the app. 🙁

  • SP

    Huge issue. Picture messaging not working for me; neither outgoing pics or incoming pics from friends…any idea how to go back to ICS anyone? Lol.

  • Jim the Narwhal

    Here’s my guess. Update is all ready, Motorola’s ready to roll out. And then Verizon is just like “Hell no!” Maybe because the flagship HD has an older version, maybe because they want to load more bloatware, or maybe they’re just @$$holes and want to delay the update.

  • Danny Luu

    Works great fellas! Bluetooth works, play store works….Go out and get Jellybean! it only took 30 minutes tops.

  • surpassdahai

    i love this phone ,but why it isn’t sold in china

  • Dave

    It’s not “official”, it has an ICS kernel as the JB kernel should be 3.0.31, not 3.0.8

  • CableLee

    Is there any word kn if this is a functional build with things working aa they should be? Kinda hesitant to manually load from sd card if its gonna screw up warranty….

  • CableLee

    Is there any word if this is a functional build with everything working as it should be?

    • Everything seems to be working fine so far.

  • Downloading the zip from Update 5 above. Does the zip need to be renamed to update.zip before trying manual install?

    • Ryan


  • eazi25

    The RAZR HD family has unlock bootloaders also and the fastest to be upgraded.