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Contest: Win 1 of 6 Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Cases or Aluminum Home Button Covers (Update: Winners Picked)

Just because we are giving away a sh*tload of tablets over the next couple of weeks, doesn’t mean we don’t have other goodies to hand out to the DL community. Up next, we have a set of leather Folio cases and some aluminum home button covers for the Galaxy Note 2 from our friends at Spigen SGP.

The Folio case is made of faux leather, has cutouts in all the right places, a flip cover with pocket for cards or other goodies, and comes in three colors (pink, grey, and blue). These cases normally run $45. The aluminum home buttons are for the Verizon Note 2 owners in the building that can’t stand the branding that Big Red decided to plaster all over it. They normally run $10 and come in packs of three (silver, black, and pink).

Who wants ’em? 

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Update: We have our winners! Check your inboxes!

Prizes:  6 (six) Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Folio cases and 3 (three) Spigen Note 2 home button covers.

How to enter:

1.  Share this contest on either Facebook or Google+.
2.  In the comments, tell us which color of case you’d like and which carrier your Note 2 is from.
3.  Then tell us what your favorite feature of the Note 2 has been.


Tomorrow morning at 10:00AM Pacific, we’ll pick our 6 winners randomly from the comments. Three of the winners will also receive the aluminum home buttons, as long as they have the Verizon version of the Note 2.

*U.S. addresses only.
  • TynanDeRosa

    I have a note 2 in white running on Verizon’s LTE network. So far I can’t get enough of the s pen’s ability to recognize my otherwise chicken scratch handwriting, I’ve actually started using it to type all of my messages now.

  • Grey, ATT, Battery Life and Size.

  • I love blue case and my phone is on AT&T. I love the S Pen & multiple windows & I love to show off to all my friends how great is Note 2.

  • Grey and Verizon. huge screen is a plus and of course the S-pen. Love it.

  • Black, Verizon. Multi-screen FTW!

  • AT&T, Grey, and the processor. Never has an android device been this snappy.

  • Grey or blue case and either a black or silver home button cover. I have the note 2 for Verizon and the thing I love most is the battery life!!

  • Blue case! Straight talk.
    Multi-window feature – it’s pretty awesome to show (pwn) my i*hone friends. 🙂

  • Zann

    Grey case with black home button. I am with verizon. My favorite feature is S pen.

  • pouxonu

    Would love to see that grey folio case on my note 2 from Verizon. The button at this point doesn’t really bother me anymore. My favorite feature is all the spen has to offer especially the setting automatically sets up for you to write texts when the pen is out of the phone, and I’m a huge fan of s memo.

  • EngineerGA

    Carrier: Verizon
    Color: Grey
    Favorite Feature(s): Lightning fast quad-core Exynos processor and HUGE display

  • Aeran Doron

    verizon gray for me please. favorite feature: carpal tunnel.

  • The Galaxy Note rules. The screen. Is awesome for old tired eyes like mine. It is fast and I love it. Blue case and black cover. Thank you

  • PetiePal

    Black Case. Verizon Wireless.
    Favorite feature so far…excellent battery life on stock battery.

  • PetiePal


  • Black case and VZW. I love the multi window function and battery life! 😀

  • Rodney Guy

    Let me get that gray! And I have the Verizon version. My favorite feature is definitely the dual screen mode.

  • Joe Brown

    I have the Verizon Note 2 and would love the black or blue case. My favorite feature is the battery life i get with my Note 2. I am coming from the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and had to carry around 2 extra batteries with me everywhere i went. #rediculous

  • Seriously, I can’t believe people complain about pricing but then they actually spend money to cover up the Verizon logo. Ridiculous…

  • KRDM

    Grey case… I love the photo editing with the stylus. It’s too much fun messing around with photos.

  • Ryan Oberholzer

    Blue. Verizon. I love the screen! People say it’s too big, but I love all that real estate.

  • Charcoal Grey, Verizon. My favorite feature is the battery life and copying and pasting tidbits off my phone into S-Note and writing notes about them. Its a great learning tool.

  • Pink! I have the verizon version! I’m loving the battery life and the S pen… the multi view is pretty cool too

  • Edward Hearn

    I think Black is the way to go. Note2 on Verizon. Best feature is the SNotes with the Spen.

  • Chris George

    Black Case. Carrier is Verizon. The battery life is #1, it’s awesome. I also really like the fact that this phone doesn’t feel like it’s going to melt when I use it for more than 10 minutes.

  • 1.) Shared to both Facebook and Google+.
    2.) I would like the blue case. w/ button covers since I am with big red lol.
    3.) My favorite feature has been the “Shared Window” mode. Being able to preview pictures and just drag them to texts has been nice.

  • Dawdroid

    Verizon. Gray case. My home button has been covered since day one. 🙂 Battery life and signal are exponentially better than my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Escape from Tacoma

    Grey case for my Verizon note 2 woulds be awesome. Best feature so far has got to be the display both size and clarity

  • Black / Blue, case would be nice. Using sprint … hopefully i get LTE this month 🙂 My favorite feature so far has been the multi window. Not everything works well with it as I am finding out certain apps don’t scale well but others do and its cool.

  • jbegs

    If selected I would like the Blue case, please. My Note II has an awful logo on the home button, if you know what I mean. My favorite feature, as an artist, is the S pen. I can’t wait to get better with using it. This phone is awesome so far.

  • PseudoK

    Grey/Verizon. I’m coming off a Droid 2 Global… enough said.

  • Angela

    I Would love the pink case for my Sprint Galaxy Note II. My favorite feature is the S Pen I love the Air View feature.

  • Blue case, silver button, VZW Note 2… Favorite feature? Google wallet… 🙂

  • Zack Stewart

    I would love the black case!!!!! Would look great on my Note2 VZW. They had litterally 2 generic cases there when I bought mine and its too close to Xmas to spend any real money right now so I am stuck with a junky fat bulky case… Case me!!!!!!!! Please.

  • inzandity

    Gray case / Verizon. Believe it or not, I am actually a fan of Touchwiz on this device. I’m not talking about every gimmicky feature – and yes, it is quite bloated. But, I do appreciate some of the little conveniences that my GN didn’t have (such as a delete button on the screenshot preview in the drop down). And I actually find myself using the multi window feature a lot (rooted with about 25 apps available for use) as well.

  • Gary Artinger

    Would love the grey case almost as much as I love the s note app and I am on Verizon

  • Black case.
    anything that involves the s-pen.

  • yarrellray

    Piss on Verizon. .

  • r0lct

    I would like the Blue case as I think I’m finally tired of black. Verizon Wireless.

    I’ll have mine this week so I can’t say yet what I like for sure, but I’m anticipating loving have all day battery life on a phone that has best of everything.

  • Black Case. On VZW.

    Favorite feature so far is the S-Pen. Being able to take notes for work while out on a jobsite without a need for paper has been incredible.

  • nobody72

    black case; at&t; pen for taking quick notes (and loud speaker phone so we can hear while taking notes)

  • Paul Underdown

    I would like the black case for my AT&T Note II. Quad 1.6 GHz!

  • Grey and Verizon.

    I like the screen size jump from my gnex.

  • Brady DeBoer

    Grey case would suit my white Note 2 great. Verizon of course, so I’d love to get my hands on a silver sticker. My favorite feature is the performance of the device. I jumped over to iOS after a horrible experience with the Thunderbolt and I’ve come back home with the Note 2. When the guy at Best Buy Mobile opened up my box to activate the phone, his jaw hit the floor when he saw the home button branding and proceeded to show every employee around the store. I’d love to cover that embarrassing eyesore up.

  • My favorite feature on the note 2 so far has definitely been the handwriting to text. Btw im trying to win this case for a friend for christmas so pick mee 😀 Grey case with black button!

  • Eder Moreno

    I would love the Grey or blue case for my Verizon note 2. My favorite feature by far is the ability to multi-task! The S-Pen also make it easy to browse only and take quick notes! I just love all the features on this amazing phone!

  • Wxdude

    Gray to match. Best feature is Verizon logo button!

  • zion

    grey is good