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Contest: Win 1 of 6 Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Cases or Aluminum Home Button Covers (Update: Winners Picked)

Just because we are giving away a sh*tload of tablets over the next couple of weeks, doesn’t mean we don’t have other goodies to hand out to the DL community. Up next, we have a set of leather Folio cases and some aluminum home button covers for the Galaxy Note 2 from our friends at Spigen SGP.

The Folio case is made of faux leather, has cutouts in all the right places, a flip cover with pocket for cards or other goodies, and comes in three colors (pink, grey, and blue). These cases normally run $45. The aluminum home buttons are for the Verizon Note 2 owners in the building that can’t stand the branding that Big Red decided to plaster all over it. They normally run $10 and come in packs of three (silver, black, and pink).

Who wants ’em? 

More:  Spigen Store | Amazon


Update: We have our winners! Check your inboxes!

Prizes:  6 (six) Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Folio cases and 3 (three) Spigen Note 2 home button covers.

How to enter:

1.  Share this contest on either Facebook or Google+.
2.  In the comments, tell us which color of case you’d like and which carrier your Note 2 is from.
3.  Then tell us what your favorite feature of the Note 2 has been.


Tomorrow morning at 10:00AM Pacific, we’ll pick our 6 winners randomly from the comments. Three of the winners will also receive the aluminum home buttons, as long as they have the Verizon version of the Note 2.

*U.S. addresses only.
  • This case is exactly what I’m looking for and I would rock any of those colors, even the pink… why not when this phone already screams hey look at me check out my big new flashy phone. I do have the silver verizon version so the black or silver home button would be sick. There’s so many things I love about this phone but without choosing some of the obvious features like S pen gestures or the split screen ability, I really like the folders for the apps. The ability to pick which app is shown at the front of the group and the drop down after selecting the group are really cool and keep things organized. Im able to have close to 50 apps on my 3 home screens and find everyrhing with ease. This will probably change in the future when the split screen is expanded for you tube or possibly all apps if I throw a custom rom on here… Just imagine streaming the droid life show while playing granny smith on the same screen. Thanks guys this would be an awesome gift for whoever gets it.

  • AJA0

    Black case (1st choice), then blue, silver button, then black.
    My favorite feature by far has been just the sheer girth of the device. The screen size has been absolutely amazing, it’s truly a portable computer in your pocket.
    (Shared on Google+)

  • Ed Sweeney

    Blue, AT&T, the incredible and colorful screen 😉

  • Blue Case, Bell. I love the Battery Saving mode. Switch it on when my battery is dwindling after using the S pen too much and I get a bit more juice to get me through what I need.

  • Bhargava matta

    I want the blue case! The feature I love about the galaxy note is that of the s-pen of course!

  • Twisted247

    Grey case, silver home cover, Sprint favorite feature (really have to pick just one umm) multi tasking capabilities i. e. Multi Window and processor speed and efficency
    Edit : forgot carrier

    Edit forgot carrier

  • Twisted247

    Grey case, silver home cover, favorite feature (really have to pick just one umm) multi tasking capabilities i. e. Multi Window and processor speed and efficency.

  • Kevin Niven

    T-Mobile, Gray. Fav is NFC

  • Regina

    Favorite features are speed and the battery life. I’d like the pink case. I’m with Tmobile.

  • Eugene Young

    Blue case please. Verizon Wireless. The ginormous screen in combo with the s pen has replaced my laptop when I’m traveling! !

  • 2)Black and Verizon
    3)big screen

  • Angel Ott

    Sprint and I love the pink! I LOVE THE S PEN!

  • I would like the grey color and I’m on Verizon

    Best feature is the S-Pen.

  • avnish yadav

    i love black color cover because it’s gave me how we passionet about that ……..

  • I would love the black case. My favorite feature so far would have to be the multi Window feature

  • Clark Leach

    I would like the grey case for my AT&T Note II. Quad 1.6 GHz!

  • dlcamfield

    Black please 🙂 On Verizon LTE network…Best feature is the blazing speed of the 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor

  • Eric Peterson

    Case color – black
    Carrier – Verizon
    Favorite feature – root!

  • Steven Bobulsky

    A gray case for this Verizon Note 2 would house my favorite feature… that big, gorgeous screen!

  • Nate Olson

    I am digging that pink one. I am a huge supporter of saving the ta tas and standing up to cancer. I am using my Note 2 on Verizon and while I don’t necessarily mind the branding to the front of the device, free stuff is free stuff. My favorite is by far the pop up browser. That thing is friggin awesome on this huge effing screen. I love not having to jump out of apps just to read a 3 paragraph article about snooki losing her baby weight

    • A family friend just beat Breast Cancer and a week later my god mother was diagnosed :/ hopefully we can find a cure and I was hoping that the giant pink case on my would bring some comedic relief to her.. Right on to all ladies out there that fight through and beat BC..

  • Henry de Masi

    Black. Verizon. Love the S pen for hitting tiny little links and using it with the giant screen for nintendo ds emulators. The speed/snappiness bump coming from an antique droid 2 is another plus. Least favorite is the home button, was out with the lady tonight and she saw it. “omg wtf is that, why would they do that?” was her response. Even people who don’t care about phones think that logo is tacky and ugly. Not cool.

  • lalit mohan

    I like note 2
    Note2 beat i phone 5

  • lalit mohan

    I like battery life n s pen alert feature
    and i want grey flip cover nd buttones

  • dsass600

    That black or blue one. Whichever one has not been given away yet. The S-Pen, just to impress iPhone owners!

  • Tex

    Note 2 on Verizon, my favorite feature is easily the battery life, Battery is at 45% after 45h43m with 3h13m of screen time with about half of that time off WIFI. I’d like a grey case please and thank you!

  • crazysamz

    I’ll take the blue option, along with mentioning the best feature I love so far of my Verizon Galaxy Note is the S note feature, super handy!

  • Matt Holbrook

    Grey looks nice. And since I have Verizon, those home covers too. My favorite feature is the screen size! 🙂

  • NPaduch

    Black or Blue would be fine with me. Using my note 2 on T-mobile with the $30 prepaid plan.

    I can’t get over the speed. So much faster than my old gnex.

  • spliced249

    Grey Verizon. Favorite feature had been the big battery!

  • shazam81

    Black case; Verizon; and S Pen.

  • I would like the grey cover for my Verizon branded Note II (The blue would also be awesome). Favorite feature so far has been writing integrals and my phone solving them through WolframAlpha.

  • Bill Smith

    Only for Verizon version, Screw you. I have T-Mobile!

  • willy pitcher

    any Color case on Verizon . and my favorite feature is the slow motion camera

  • i’ll take a grey case or the aluminum buttons. quad core is ridiculous, makes every feature run flawlessly on VZW 4GLTE.

  • Mark T

    Grey or Blue case for VZW Note 2…I love the screen size to watch NFL Mobile on Sundays while working.

  • Black
    I love the battery life, s pen integration and this huge screen!

  • xraytedjim

    I’d like the gray case. My favorite feature is the sPen.
    Thank You

  • John Om

    favorite feature is the pen and the black one would be nice

  • I would love to have a black one or gray for my Verizon note 2. My favorite feature is the muliti-window, since I am starting my own business its great to be able to read a email and make a invoice at the same time.

  • DJ49

    I love S note I use it to take notes in class. I Would like to win the black or grey case and I have the Verizon Note.

  • Joseph Joffe

    I would love either the grey or the blue case for my new Verizon Note 2. My favorite new feature has to be the multi-window. My wife did not understand what I was doing …

  • Grey or black. Verizon.

  • Grey and Verizon Wireless. The battery life is amazing!

  • Seth Arrazola

    Love the multi Window. I hate switching back and forth between apps. Can’t wait until more apps are added. Gray case verizon note 2

  • Kristian Sandoval

    I would love the black case for my brother!
    I really like the new photo features the Note 2 contains.

  • I would love the black case. I love the S Pen feature. Thanks.

  • Derell Bennett

    would love the blue case

  • Derell Bennett

    favorite feature is face unlock and being able to multitask

  • Black please!
    The S pen integration is amazing! They tired it into almost everything

  • Kpirate

    blue, and its a big screen