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Contest: Win 1 of 6 Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Cases or Aluminum Home Button Covers (Update: Winners Picked)

Just because we are giving away a sh*tload of tablets over the next couple of weeks, doesn’t mean we don’t have other goodies to hand out to the DL community. Up next, we have a set of leather Folio cases and some aluminum home button covers for the Galaxy Note 2 from our friends at Spigen SGP.

The Folio case is made of faux leather, has cutouts in all the right places, a flip cover with pocket for cards or other goodies, and comes in three colors (pink, grey, and blue). These cases normally run $45. The aluminum home buttons are for the Verizon Note 2 owners in the building that can’t stand the branding that Big Red decided to plaster all over it. They normally run $10 and come in packs of three (silver, black, and pink).

Who wants ’em? 

More:  Spigen Store | Amazon


Update: We have our winners! Check your inboxes!

Prizes:  6 (six) Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Folio cases and 3 (three) Spigen Note 2 home button covers.

How to enter:

1.  Share this contest on either Facebook or Google+.
2.  In the comments, tell us which color of case you’d like and which carrier your Note 2 is from.
3.  Then tell us what your favorite feature of the Note 2 has been.


Tomorrow morning at 10:00AM Pacific, we’ll pick our 6 winners randomly from the comments. Three of the winners will also receive the aluminum home buttons, as long as they have the Verizon version of the Note 2.

*U.S. addresses only.
  • Fernando Alvarez

    Nothing better than reading Droid life on my 5.5 AMOLED! I WANT THE BLUE CASE!!! NO HOME COVER PLEASE.THANK YOU

  • Brandon Nesky

    i would love the home button covers, or the blue case…and i am a huge fan of multiview…i cant wait for more apps on the list

  • Chris

    Grey or blue or Verizon Note II

  • Zachary Bundy

    Blue, verizon. My favorite feature of the note 2 has been the camera. This is the first phone I have owned where it is a pleasure to take pictures.

  • Joseph LoRe

    Pink or black! Verizon. Ability to take still photos while shooting video.

  • J Davis

    Favorite feature is S pen. Everything about this phone is amazing. I bought the aluminum Home button covers and it looks great. *Forewarning the aluminum home button covers are raised and if you have the flip cover case it will press the button once closed..

  • Hologram89

    Looking for the black case with the black home button for my Verizon Note II. Loving the multi-view on this huge screen. Makes multi-tasking a breeze!

  • Blue, Verizon. Best feature of the new phone for me, is the S-Pen. Learning and building my own short cuts, makes things a breeze. Plus the phone is fast!

  • Austin

    I think that the grey home cover looks the best, and I am on verizon so I need that case. My favorite features (because I couldn’t choose one) are the S-Pen, the HUGE Screen with 276 PPI, the camera, the battery and the multiscreen feature. 🙂

  • I’m on verizon, and I would love either black or blue. My favorite feature is the awesome battery. With a spare on hand, I can last four or five days without charging.

  • Black case please and sadly Verizon

  • cole hartman

    I love that BLACK case and I have the T-MOBILE note 2 and my favorite feature is Jelly Bean mixed with quad core Exynos processor and the 2 gigs of ram

  • jonkalm42

    I need the grey case and any button cover other than pink. I work for us cellular and have the white note 2 on verizon. I need to cover this bad boy up however I can when at work. It only makes things more difficult the us cellular only has titanium note 2 and not the white one also. This is the fastest phone ive used and absolutely love the battery life.

  • Clint O

    Blue Case – AT&T…Fav Feature is the S-Pen of course

  • kcraw15

    Blue case for my US Cellular Galaxy Note II and I love the gigantic screen!

  • Thomas Tubergen

    Black case. All S-Pen features.

  • Christopher DaCrema

    I like the Grey case. I got my Note 2 from Sprint as soon as they were available. I love the little touches, like how the screen stays on while you a looking at it and the live thumbnails. It just makes the whole experience that much more immersing and smoother.

  • Chris

    Black case to go with my Titanium Grey Note on Sprint. Thanks.

    Favorite feature: S Pen to annotate PDFs.

  • livinglegend

    I would love the gray or blue case. The battery life is phenomenal. I don’t think there’s any way I can go back to other phones without a comparable battery life.

  • Dave Peterson

    Verizon. Black caae, Black home button. Best feature is the battery.

  • Jon Wry

    Grey Case and a button to cover up my UGLY VZW logo! 🙂 Love the battery life and the size of the screen!

  • Stephen Ta

    I would want the black case. I am on verizon and really need to cover my home button 🙁

  • TerranceGilmore

    I would love the Grey case for my Verizon Note II. My favorite feature is the look I get from people when I pull my small tablet out of my pocket.

  • eddie

    This droid life, the only correct answer is pink! And I have the Verizon note 2.

  • AnthonyMoya

    Either Blue or pink. My wife has the VZW version and I will have one as well in February. I love the stylus on it. I like drawing on sketchbook mobile on her Note 2.

  • Patrick Maher

    Grey, Verizon

  • I would like to use the the balck one…. it would go nice with my grey note 2.. my fav feature is the spen screen capture of a portion i select… nice feature for me to use during work. Able to crop a portion of a screen and share to clients and users in my company.

  • Brent Cooper

    I’d love the gray or blue case for my Verizon Galaxy Note II. My favorite feature is the multi-window view.

  • It is time for the Verizon button to go!!! That’s my Note 2 screaming not me.. would take a case too please 🙂

  • Pink, Verizon, definitely has to be the split screen functionality.

  • DroidXFanatic

    The black one is really nice. Favorite feature is the huge beautiful screen. Sprint as carrier.

  • Verizon note 2 here. The biggest Verizon commercial that can be pocketed! A grey or black case would be awesome.

  • James_C_L

    Grey case please… Yes I have the VZW version. Favorite feature has to be the screen quality and size. No pentile does make a difference in my opinion!

  • black cover and sprint service gotta love work phones. i can read texts clearly while it rides shotgun.

  • Roger

    I have a Note 2 with T-Mobile. Love the screen size, easier to read and move around on pages with. A black case would look great with the titanium colored phone.

  • Blue or Grey case would be awesome, and one of those aluminum home buttons.

    This would be for my dad, who is getting a Note 2 (Verizon) for Christmas. Even though he doesn’t have it yet, I can say that the screen is his favorite feature just from all the talking he’s done about it.

  • irtechneo

    Verizon version here. I Absolutely love the S Pen. It has Changed the Way I use my Phone and I Am Still finding new Stuff it does. If I Win I would like the blue one.

  • scbeck2

    Would be thrilled to get a blue case! I have the Verizon version and so far my favorite feature is the combo of the huge screen, but incredible battery life so far (on par with my Razr Maxx almost).

  • Future8

    I want the blue case for my T-Mobile Note 2. I like the feature where I can watch video and text at the same time

  • Bionicman

    Blue please and Verizon. beautiful screen, fast and 9 hours off charger and 88 % battery. what more can i say! thanks!

  • Shawn B

    Blue, Verizon, S-Pen! Love how useful the pen is.

  • Grey, Verizon, Love the battery life on this phone!

  • Grey please. And the same pen is def my favorite. Love the multi windows

  • tpags

    I would live to have a grey case for my Verizon Note 2. And my favorite feature is the big azz screen!!

  • Really love the S-Pen for drawing.
    Verizon Note II, button covers please!

  • Andy Raynor

    Hoping for Verizon, multiwindow is cool.

  • Black, Sprint, multiwindow is my best friend.

  • Matthew Long

    Dude! I would totally rock either the grey or blue case on my new Note II. To continue with my theme of indecision, beyond the phone itself that is, I can’t decide whether my favorite feature is the multi-window use or the note taking with S-Note. S- Note actually feels good to write on the phone and saves me jotting things down randomly on scraps of paper, while multi-window just rocks the casbah!

  • mark simis

    Blue pretty please

  • PalmerAdam

    Blue case. Favorite feature is the multiwindow and multitasking. I just wish it was open to more apps like gmail and chrome.