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DROID Bionic Soak Test Incoming, Should be Ice Cream Sandwich

According to the flood of emails that just landed in our inbox, Motorola has invited DROID Bionic owners to test out a new software update. Since Moto and Verizon missed their original Ice Cream Sandwich deadline, and later told us to expect it in Q4, I’d say this is likely it. We were told last week by a source that the update would be here within 2-3 weeks.

Soak tests usually take a couple of days to start. Once they rollout to testers and are successful, the official update tends to go live a few days later.

Can you believe it?

Cheers T, M, M, and N!

  • s Lueck

    Not sure what update i got on Oct 23 rd 2012. But now my phone is slow and thru my extended battery in 9 hrs.and a third of my apps no longer work. So pretty much last update SUCKS. Roll back to previous version.

  • Leandro Pimenta

    After many calls to Verizon about my internet dropping Bionic, and after 2 warranty replacements, Verizon finally decided to send me a Galaxy Nexus to replace my Bionic.
    So now got a new working phone, jelly bean on it, and won’t feel like buying a new one anytime soon, therefore keeping my unlimited data.
    Tip: when calling Verizon tech support, ask for a tier 3 tech, they have the power to make these decision without talking to management

  • Dad’s the Tech Support

    My daughter had had nothing but problems with her RAZR after getting ICS. Hopefully, we can hold off on getting it on my wifes’ Bionic until after an update or two.

  • cizzlen

    Too late, my brother already switched to the iPhone 5

  • Zuki

    I gave up on my pos bionic. Sold my 3rd replacement and bought a maxx. Love it. Everything the bionic should have been.

  • kunqing


  • better off getting the razr maxx…..So disapjpointed in the bionic!!!

  • Tired of Lies

    It’s a lie. It always is. We Droid Bionic owners will never get what was promised or what is owed to us.

  • 9024Steven

    I’ve been running ICS on my Bionic for quite some time now, and can say that it did fix my data connection issues and allows for the use of both cores of the processor where GB did not. Anyone who says this phone is junk just hasn’t done their homework. Leaked versions have had a few bugs but overall, they’ve been so minor I’ve never bothered to load the 4 or so later versions of ICS for my Bionic. As someone else said in here, the hardware is equal to anything that’s come out in the last year and the build quality is Moto-excellent, as usual.

  • Bionic

    Sorry guys my source mis spoke. The soak is next weekend. Also jelly bean for bionic is mid 1sr qtr 2013. Sorry I said 3 pm today. It’s next weekend, possibly earlier.

    • Daniel Clifford

      hmmmm I wonder if more invites are going to be sent out then….Somehow my account on the Moto Forums changed to not be a part of the MFN so I have now fixed it.

      • Bionic

        It’s possible. I knew something was wrong today when I didn’t get a “further instructions email”

        • Why the hell wait until the weekend? I “downgraded” my phone back to 905 to get the “soak”. It’s driving me fricking crazy & I may just say screw it and re-install the leak!

  • Too Little.. Too Late. Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed my Bionic but having had the SIII for a week has totally made me forget about motorola.

  • Kolin Shapiro


  • bmclamb_nc

    How do you even get on the list for the soak test?

  • Sobr0801

    Sold my wifes Droid 3 on ebay with a dock for 190 bucks, bought a bionic for 160. Well worth the trade for 4g, bigger screen, and more ram. Overall with the ICS leak it has been working great. People who bitch about updates need to learn its the nature of android, if you want a more consistant update schedule, get an apple.

  • jowaldo

    Just got my S3 two weeks ago, but never thought this would actually happen

  • I still don’t believe it, gotta see it!

  • Jeff

    Ice Cream Sandwich? I’ve been running a stable Jelly Bean WITH data for a few weeks now!

    • fixxmyhead

      yea, yea we’ve all heard this comment before. “[old OS]?” ive been running [latest OS] for weeks now

  • Dan-O

    and pigs are spotted flying over the Brooklyn Bridge. Film at 11.

    • JoshGroff

      That wasn’t flying! That was falling with style.

  • ChrisDG74

    I’ve had ICS on my Bionic for months. Not rooted. Downloaded 4.0.4 from a link here.

  • Galaxy-S3

    So glad I returned mine after less than a week. Did they ever fix the buzzing in the headphones?

    • Diablo81588

      I never had a buzzing issue with mine, and I care about audio quality so much I refuse to use bluetooth. For those who were having the issue though, the first software update in November(?) apparently fixed the problem.

  • fauxshizzl

    Perfect timing! I just broke the screen in mine last night..

  • Pegleg

    These “soak” tests have proven to be less than ideal with MOTO. I participated in two different soak tests with my Droid-X. In both cases VZW released the update before the soak was even finished. With the second the update created more problems than it fixed and was then basically abandoned by both VZW and MOTO with no followup to correct the problems it created.