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Google Play Announces Free Trials For In-App Subscription Services

Starting today, developers that offer subscription services in their applications can now offer free trial periods to users. A trial period, that is no shorter than seven days, is initiated once billing information is provided by the user, but will not be charged until the end of the trial. A user can cancel their free trial at anytime and receive no bill.

When the trial period ends, Google Play automatically initiates billing against the credit card that the user provided during the initial purchase, at the amount set for the full subscription, and continuing at the subscription interval. If necessary, the user can cancel the subscription at any time during the trial period.

This is a huge step for Google Play and will be a great way for developers and publishers to showcase their fabulous content to potential buyers, without needing the buyer to commit to a monthly payment.

Via: Android Developers

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    This is going to make Google play just that much sweeter

  • Knlegend1

    Does this count with magazines like Game Informer?

    • i did it with 2 magazines already. good for consumers but bad for the publisher since i read 2 magazines for free and canceled right away. the magazines still stay on your device untill the trial is over though.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Well, hopefully everyone else isn’t shady like you. I feel like getting back at all of these criminal game developers that turn once paid games into freemium trash, thus robbing the “early adopters”, or they sell a paid game and have the audacity to include rigged, freemium-esque IAP sh!t in it, and go out of their way to not mention this in the game description. It fills me with vitriolic rage, on a daily basis. But two wrongs will never make a right, and the world would be a much better place if everyone followed “The Golden Rule”.

        • PhilosophicMumboJumbo

          “But two wrongs will never make a right…”, maybe, but two lefts will!

          • Thomas Tubergen

            you might want to rethink that logic. you’re now going backwards.

          • PhilosophicMumboJumbo

            While you may be going “backwards”, you’ll still end up in the same place…unless it happens to be a One-Way street.

      • michael arazan

        I wanted to buy magazines, but popular mechanics & science have nothing but 1 stars, or wired too.

  • quiklives

    Now that the return window is down to 15 minutes, I’m glad that Google is working to find other ways to offer a revenue stream to the devs and still give users a chance to find out if something works for them.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Are you nuts? The devs don’t need any other revenue stream alternatives, the devs got enough when they whined and got the reasonable 24 hour refund window, whittled down to a paltry 15 minutes! I’m sure just like IAP, shady developers will find some way to rip off the customer with the trial period. I don’t know how just yet, but I’d be willing to put a serious amount of money on that wager. It’s been a long time since Google released anything on the Market, i think, that benefit the customer, as opposed to giving corrupt companies, more ways to rip us off. All I am seeing, is them taking away features. My biggest fear is that Google will actually take away the 15 minute refund, despite it being useless most of the especially with large downloads. But, the moment they do that, well, the Market will be no different, or better than the retarded Apple App store.

      Plus, it’s just truly asinine and ridiculous, how they handled the refund time frame. You go from one full day, to 15 minutes! Who the hell is doing math at Google? Wouldn’t a better compromise between the two times be, 10 or 12 hours? If you don’t want to have 24 hour refunds in your store, well, that is fine, do not offer it. But don’t be a tool, and take it away and then knock it down to a time that a good portion of apps, take longer to download than that time. So many spineless, crooked things go in business. Plus, what’s to stop piece of crap developers, from padding their app with extra content, just so it takes forever to download, thus leaving no possible chance for a refund? It’s pure B.S., and I am so sick and tired of companies I do business with, revoking features after the fact. There are going to be a lot of full seats in Hell I’m thinking. No ethics, morals, values or decency, anymore in business.

      • michael arazan

        Welcome to capitalism!

      • Riz Virani

        What about program where all you need is 15 minutes to do what you need to do, and then you could return and not lose any of your money.

  • And you thought that the In App purchases for Gameloft Games were bad.