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Next Nexus Dubbed LG Optimus G Nexus, Program Changing to Allow for Any Manufacturer to Participate?

Ready to learn all about the next Nexus? According to our pal Taylor from Android and Me, the next in the program will indeed be made by LG and will be dubbed the Optimus G Nexus. For a couple of weeks now, rumors surrounding the next Nexus included LG, but Taylor claims to have essentially confirmed it with a handful of sources. We know him personally and tend to take him for his word, especially in Nexus talks.

As you all know, the Optimus G is already a favorite of ours because of its more-than-impressive set of specs which include a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP (8MP in some cases) camera, a brilliant 4.7″ IPS+ HD display, and a slim body. The skinned version will arrive on AT&T and Sprint at some point in the near future, but according to today’s rumors, the Nexus version could arrive in November.  

We would assume that the phone will be an unlocked GSM phone, sold directly through the Play store, and not tied to a carrier.

Along with the arrival of this phone, we should see Android 4.2. While the numbers may seem like it will be a small upgrade, it could bring with it better power management, a new version of the Google Play store, new features geared towards a new Nexus program (which we’ll talk about in a minute), and lay the groundwork for Android 5.0. There could be one major UI tweak though – a change from multi-page home screens to a more tabbed approach. Lastly, there is a chance that we see some sort of a “customization center” that allows you to choose from a stock Android experience or a custom skin from the manufacturer of the phone (Sense from HTC, Blur from Motorola, TouchWiz from Samsung, etc.).

And finally, Andy Rubin may take the stage at the end of this month at AllThingsD’s Dive conference to talk about everything a new Nexus program that would include the device from LG. This new Nexus program will employ a more open approach that allows almost any manufacturer to join in on the fun, as long as they adhere to some strict guidelines. They must include a stock Android experience and 64MB of secure memory for media streaming. They can toss in their custom skin as part of the previously mentioned “customization center” to give consumers choice, but the base must be able to easily support Android 5.0, the next big release following 4.2.

Let all of that soak in for a second.

Excited? You should be. If true, this would give you choices in a Nexus device and would make it less of a competition for OEMs. Rather than being disappointed each year with the winner of the Nexus battle, you may have a device from a variety of manufacturers to choose from – maybe even one from Motorola.

Via:  Android and Me

  • rodney11ride

    Verizon has done me well… after coming from att and their dropped calls and fuzzy quality. Started with the OG droid. then the droid x now the gnex. loving Verizon service but seams like GSM is more universal by interchanging sim cards and all that. however, Verizon 4glte is light years ahead of att in “quality” coverage. I am just glad there are two major carriers so at least there are some competition still around. for one Motorola has bought into verizon and that enough for me to stick around they continue to produce quality phones and with mobility being bought by Google i see that continuing…. to sum it up. like i said before. if the next nexus doesn’t has a 2500 or preferably razr maxx battery then im off to Motorola i am sick and tired of the poor battery life and its going to be a year this December on this nexus and can you imagine that to this date i have charged the “extended” battery in this phone over 278 times and its still tickin along. not to mention the hours of being plugged in while streaming on average 10 gigs a month. battery life has quickly jumped from about third on the list of needs to first. all phones are coming out with comparable processors and storage and ram… and it looks like they have hit a block… now to all you manufacturers lets innovate the “BATTERY”. love the developer support on the nexus but my buddy is running jelly bean on his maxx with two days battery life.. screw this unplug at 6am and plug in at 1pm then plug in again if i wanna surf in the evening… im out

  • Would that make this the OG Nexus?
    Personally, the naming convention is wonky, but I do like the openness of the new program.
    Choice is always a good thing!

  • DanSan

    lol an LG as the next nexus? no thanks. ill pass. keep my gnex. plus im on verizon so unless we see some sweet ass CMDA im SOL. i really hope that LG isn’t making the nexus, what a let down.

  • Steve

    This could be the opportunity for manufacturers to stop selling 85 different phones a year. If they each make 2 a year (Nexus device and a low end or non nexus device) we can get rid of this fragmentation issue which apparently plagues android.

    • hkklife

      But you are forgetting that it isn’t WHAT the hardware manufacturers want to produce, it is what the carriers are willing to buy and/or ask them to produce.

      For example, VZW took a pass on the original Note, fearing it would devastate the already non-existant sales of their subsidized tablets.. I am certain Samsung would have loved to sell VZW a true GSII variant as well as a CDMA/LTE Note, but Verizon tried cover all their bases with the CDMA GNex. But then VZW panicked when the Note took the market by storm and hastily told LG to ready a version of the POS Vu for Verizon’s network. Then they started scrambling to get the Note 2 on Verizon, conveniently after announcing earlier this yeat that all LTE tablets will be sold contract-free.

  • RicoDelicioso

    Nokia…..anyone? No….?

  • JR

    Won’t matter, I won’t buy in unless it has a notification led.

    • JoshGroff

      Especially if it’s like the pro one the G-Nex has.

  • Nick Norman

    Are we there yet?
    …. Are we there yet?
    ……….. Are we there yet?

  • MichaelFranz

    I wouldn’t mind if Google took on a Nexus Branding sort of thing. Giving the manufacturers the ability to create a device worthy enough to be called “Nexus”. Picture it as a Droid type of branding. It would be a brand without carrier. Keeping the phone prices moderate and without contract is a new market. The carriers are the problem.

    Let’s say you make an approved Nexus device, the next question is what type and what carrier. Let’s say for instance HTC makes a Nexus device and wants to make it CDMA/LTE and bring it to VZW. The problems i see which i think are what should be ironed out are that VZW wouldnt want to offer support on the device if it is not sold of their stores. If you have issues VZW would direct you to the manufacturer etc etc. To be honest i would be fine with that. Another thing is software updates. Carriers should not restrict the AOSP updates to devices labeled “Nexus”. they should just be happy the customers still keep a Nexus device on their network. Either way they get paid.

    I’m sure we could all have similarities and differences about the issues, its definitely a topic worth further discussion.

  • Michael Thurig

    I dont see anything mentioned about this, but does the LG Optimus plan on bringing overlays to the table, or is that Android’s next version release? In the picture for this article, I see what looks to be a very nice texting overlay over full screen video. This is HUGE and way better than my SGS3’s pop-out video feature!!

  • JWellington

    Give me the Optimus Prime

  • LG phones are so trash, after my wife’s third one (different models) never again. EnV2 anyone? geez.

    • PC_Tool

      My wife *loved* her EnV2…actually, all of the EnV’s she had. Before I got her the SIII she was seriously considering going back to her old one.

      • had 2 of them (1 replacement) and both of them the front panel buttons stopped working (the OK, Send and End). Both of them had issues that if you closed the phone it would shut off because the battery would bounce off the connectors (had to put a piece of business card between to make it solid). Its really a POS phone.

        • PC_Tool

          My Wife had the EnV and the EnV2, and never had *any* of those problems. In fact, her EnV2 is still usable.

          Her’s really weren’t POS phones…

          • Andy

            all those “feature” phones were better quality than these “smartphones” those things never broke down

          • PC_Tool

            My OG RAZR was a piece of crap….so was my LG Voyager and the LG EnV Touch they replaced it with.

            Point being..stop using generalizations like “All”, people. Few things in this world are ever accurate when someone uses the word “all”…

            In other words…nothing applies to everything. 😉

          • Andy

            really? My sister still has a old Razr and it still works. you are right about “all” but still…

  • Suralin

    I don’t know what the hate on LG is all about? They have some pretty good hardware. Sure, they haven’t made much progress in the SmartPhone arena, but many of us had LG as their feature/flip phone years ago. This could be the thing that would put them on the map as a true smartphone competitor. We want competition and LG’s entry will help with that.

  • I really hope its not the LG G. Its so Wack Sauce!! I think the only thing that would satisfy me at this point is something branded the Nexus 5.

  • dgarra

    Open Nexus program sounds great, shame about LG being the first.

    • JoshGroff

      Having owned a G2X, I’m kind of interested in seeing what they bring to the table. As much as they butchered the software, the hardware was pretty awesome.

    • PC_Tool

      Their internals have always been pretty good. It’s always been the support from LG and the software’s ability to be modified that has held these things back, IMO. AOSP on these things should fly.

      The body may not be your cup of tea…but…meh.

  • Rich

    HOw can any of you have a hard time deciding? it will be SKINNED from anyone but Samsung… if it is skinned then it is not 100% android which means it isn’t a 100% true nexus… why waste time and money on it?

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Did you read the article? The default will be stock Android, but they will have a theme/skin chooser so you can switch to the OEM skin if you want. Custom ROMs already do this.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    -Here’s hoping the Asus Padphone 2 comes to U.S. shores as a Nexus product.
    Also wonder what this will do to the development community.

    -With multiple Nexus phones coming out it will be interesting to see which one(s) get the most/best support.

    -Also. here’s hoping that each piece of flagship hardware gets Nexus treatment. A Galaxy SIII Nexus would be a sweet phone indeed, as would a RAZR MAXX HD Nexus and One neXus+

  • reyalP

    Whatever they do just don’t let Verizon be the carrier! They royally screwed up the Nexus program.

    • JoshGroff

      Google just needs to use a program to install updates so they can bypass the horrible OTA system.

  • Corey Foltman

    If only verizon didnt suck so much…cause id love a moto nexus without having to jump to att.

  • JoshGroff

    I’d like to see HTC implement the AOSP with optional Sense in their devices (non-nexus.) I do like me some sense every once in a while, but having stock for when I get bored would be awesome.

  • chuckg73

    I hate being on Verizon……..so this means no new Nexus for them? 🙁

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    It’s made by LG so no thanks…My galaxy s3 is all I need

  • bexus

    Idk, I’ve had 2 LG different (models) phones before and both worked great until about 6 months then random reboots

  • Moto radios and Nexus? Want.

    • PalmerAdam

      add battery life to that as well

  • mikeyv

    they kinda of turned me away when they said there could be a change from the traditional home screen setup to more of a “tabbed experience” anyone else feel that this could be a bad idea?

  • mikeyv2009

    they kinda of turned me away when they said there could be a change from the traditional home screen setup to more of a “tabbed experience” anyone else feel that this could be a bad idea?

  • Tim242

    I swore I’d never buy a non-Nexus again. After playing with the Note 2, I quickly changed my mind.

  • mikeyv

    they kinda of turned me away when they said there could be a change from the traditional home screen setup to more of a “tabbed experience” anyone else feel that this could be a bad idea?

    • Dave

      I think it depends on how it’s implemented. If it’s essentially a clickable (and scrollable) label that describes one home screen, then I can see it being useful and functional. But it could also look cluttered.

      In either case, third party launchers will still exist to replace stock if that appears to not be your thing.

  • turb0wned

    So out of HTC, Samsung, Sony and Motorola LG is the pick? Wow LG is garbage.

    • DainLaguna

      To be fair, what made lg ‘garbage’ was their software interface. And being a nexus totally fixes that. Kellen has been impressed with the hardware thus far so lets not pass judgement

  • not very excited about this phone. build quality looks crappy, looks like one of those plasticy galaxy s2’s. they should have stuck with samsung or htc.

  • joejoe5709

    This sounds really good and somewhat based in reality, but I just don’t think it’ll go down exactly like this. It’s too good for consumers. There’s gotta be a catch.

    • AJ

      Yeah, the catch is that it’s LG haha.

  • shecalledmejay

    I’ll be pretty happy with the Galaxy Nexus 2, I just love the design of my Gnex.

  • dk81

    LG? What have they done lately to deserve a nexus? Disappointing

    • Mapekz

      Something awesome apparently as Google doesn’t randomly pair up with a numbskull company to make their brand-defining flagship phone. Give them a chance at least.

  • 4n1m4L

    One x + nexus. Bubye Verizon.

  • MikeCiggy

    After reading a lot of comments I’d like to say the Optimus g looks like more plastic from Samsung… It sucks because one thing apple does correctly is they use very good materials. The specs are sick for the phone but has LG really pulled it together and will they be able to top last year’s device?

  • Butters619

    Google is a genius. This is how they get pure Google software onto pure moto hardware without giving moto “special privileges”

  • ConCal

    I really hope this is more of a Google phone than an LG phone. The high end LG phones always have good specs but fall short in intangible ways.

  • Butters619

    When I started reading I was set on the Optimus G Nexus, but once I got to the Android 5.0 Nexus program info I realized I need to wait for a Moto Nexus.

    • Mapekz

      It sounds too good to be true but I hope I’m wrong. I would love if every flagship device was a Nexus in all but name and you could freely unlock their bootloaders and turn on/off their software customization at your whim.

  • Matthew Merrick

    Part of me says FAKE. Way too much to hope for.
    The other part really hopes this is true, because android has REALLY needed this for a long time.

  • billy routh

    LG, No thanks I’ll pass.

  • bassman418

    I bet all of the iSheep deep down inside are hopeing for a Nexus iPhone…..
    Hey if you can’t be them join them. Lmfao.

  • Well I still think Samsung has made the best Nexus devices and personally will be very dissapointed if the next Nexus bares any other manufactures name.

  • LG does just as an Awesome job as much as any other manufacturer. They have been in the Tech. Game just as long as any one else. Though their OEM is not as bright as others, their hardware and screens are top notch. Mrs. Moto, Mrs. Sam, Mrs. Sony, and Mrs. Every Other Piece of Device that’s available every three-six months; all have their ups and downs. This is a grand opportunity for every hard hitter doing big things right now. Must I mention all the underground Players; hint, hint Huawei, who’ve exceeded incredibly with Android? Think of the advancement of Android, with everyone involved; the much needed improvements tackled by the best, who are able to contact and will exceed the buttery smooth process, including OEM advancements in custom skins, markets, and layouts. This is a much needed step foward within Google on an ongoing, expensive, and Daily Use “Open” Program. I Salute you Google if this OEM Project is true as it is written.
    My Name Is Krys Pena,
    And I Approve The Message.

  • k_nivesout

    I’m buying about 1/4-3/8ths of this rumor.. “Customization center” so you can run a manufacturer’s skin on a nexus device? Really?

  • UrDoGG

    “LG Optimus G Nexus” is a dumb name. Enough with phone names that have more two words. Even worse, this is a Nexus device. What’s next, the “Motorola RAZR HD Extreme Flamethrower Deluxe S+ Nexus”. I think it would be better if only two Nexi came out per year – one at the first of summer and the other at around the December mark. A Nexus should represent and be the best of the best of Android phones.
    Although, I will say that I really like the idea of the customization center and the concept of having the choice of switching between a custom skin or stock if the concept is applied to non-Nexus phones. But that will probably never happen.

  • Detonation

    Do the guidelines require an unlockable bootloader? If so you can count Verizon out of the “program”

  • Greyhame

    Mind. Officially. Blown!!

  • Ethan Ash

    Sounds excellent, except for two major concerns not addressed:
    1. Will the “new Nexus” program have any guarantee of *extremely* timely updates? (and for how long?)
    2. Will OEMs be limited on the number of “Nexus” devices they can release in a given time period? The last thing I want is an overload of quasi-Nexus devices that are only minor steps forward coming out every 3-5 months.

    • Bionic

      I share these concerns. I would hope one nexus phone per OEM per year.

  • Bionic

    I refuse to purchase a nexus phone unless both of these points are met.

    1. Compatible with Verizon
    2. Manufactured by Motorola

    -Posted by my much loved Nexus 7

    • DainLaguna

      Kiss your updates goodbye then. Google needs to reestablish their relationship with vzw

      • Bionic

        Negotiations between motorola, Google, and Verizon ended last week. Motorola has total control over a quad core Intel phone coming in 2013 which updates will come straight from Motorola /google. Also ageed upon was unlocked bootloader for select moto phones. A Motorola Nexus is very likely for 2013.

        • William_Morris

          I’ve got to ask. Where is the news article for this information?!?

          • Bionic

            A member of droid forums. Net has always been a great source of insider Verizon and motorola info. Whatever he says comes true.

  • Big news! Wow!

  • Zach Armstrong

    If it turns out to be made by LG I will pass and wait for the next Nexus. Good specs but not that great hardware.

    • k_nivesout

      O rly? Can you tell me more about how the device feels in hand and its actual real world performance? Since you’ve had the opportunity to grade the hardware and all..

      • Zach Armstrong

        No I can not, I’m just basing the hardware on some of the recent LG phone that I felt. It might feel better then LG’s other Smartphones since its a Nexus. I’m just not a fan of LG smartphones.