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Second Look: XGEAR Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] [RAW]

Today, we’re taking a second look at XGEAR’s tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy Nexus, called the Fantom. We first took a look at these back in July when XGEAR was getting close to being on final samples and definitely noticed a couple of issues which they have told us have since been addressed. So as part of Reader Appreciation Week, we wanted to talk about our new impressions and then hand a couple of these $30 tempered glass protectors out to the best Android community on the planet. 

 Second Impressions

For those new to tempered glass, you need to think of this as the ultimate form of protection for a screen. It’s glass, rather than a flimsy film, so it’s harder, more scratch and crack resistant, and feels nice to the touch. In fact, I actually like tempered glass more for the touch sensitivity than anything else. Regular PET screen protectors feel awful to the touch, but tempered glass simply feels just like if you were touching your screen.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about this new version. First of all, the phone wakes up just fine while on a call. The proximity sensor is no longer blocked allowing the phone to function properly. Touch sensitivity is also very good and the protector actually appears to be slightly thinner than it did in the past, but I doubt that to be the case. It does fit very well on top of the device though, and would almost be unnoticeable if it weren’t for the cutouts for the notification light, front camera, and sensors. I’m also no longer noticing a rainbow effect in the middle of the protector while it’s on the device.

I am, however, still noticing the grid that was showing up on the previous release. It’s not a deal breaker, but when the beauty of the Galaxy Nexus screen is one of the selling points, this grid does bring it down a notch. The XGEAR team explained to me that the grid has to do with a special UV coating which helps preserve the protector.

Overall, I’m impressed by the changes that have been made and would definitely recommend that you consider the Fantom tempered glass protector if you are looking for extra protection. At $30, it’s the only option available.



Update:  Our two winners (1 and 2) have been emailed! Be sure to check your inboxes. Stay tuned for the next contest!

Again, since it’s Reader Appreciation Week (RAW), let’s give two of these away and save a couple of you $30.

Prize:  Two (2) Fantom tempered glass protectors from XGEAR for the Galaxy Nexus

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what it will take to get you to part with your Galaxy Nexus.
2.  If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Google+.
3.  Also, feel free to share this post with your G-Nex friends on Google+.


Tomorrow at 8:00AM PT, we will randomly choose two winners from the comments.

  • GotSka81

    What will it take for me to part with my Nexus? Another Nexus.

  • ryancooper143

    Only another nexus, like most people here….I’m hooked now

  • KnappyRoot

    Only way to part with my G-Nex is if they came out with a new Nexus that was thinner, better battery and was cheap so I can keep my unlimited data.

  • JMac726

    I already have a scratch on my phone from not using protection at all, i just hate the flimsy covers.

    Tempered Glass? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • Evil-D

    I need my contract to be up and then a new nexus. Better in every way.

  • I would part with my Nexus if Verizon gave me the option of a true Nexus phone. The support from Verizon and Samsung on the Galaxy nexus has been sad.

  • Champlification

    A new Nexus

  • Andrew Elliott

    I will part with the GNex when the next round of Nexi come out, hopefully 4.8-5in sceen, 2GB RAM, S4 quad core or better, BETTER RADIOS, and BIG ASS BATTERY. Also direct from Google Play Store at a decent price b/c I’m done with Verizon at this point

  • I would part with my GNex for the rumored GNex 2 or a Moto Nexus or an unlockable bootloader Moto Droid. Love me some physical keyboard.

  • Razr MaxxHD + Unlimited Data…

  • gr8compromise

    Keeping it until the Galaxy Nexus 2.

  • supra_2nr

    i would part with my nexus maybe for a new truck… and a new phone lol

  • Adartilth

    When it finally breaks, Verizon will no longer give me a new one, and when eBay is forever out of stock will I only then give up my nexus and Verizon and switch to virgin mobile with a super awesome flip phone

  • What would it take for me to part with the in my opinion best smart phone out there? But of course the Samsung galaxy nexus 2 that droid-life posted yesterday.

  • Erik B

    A new nexus on Verizon and then only if they let me keep my unlimited data and that probably won’t happen so I’ll probably be keeping it for a while which is ok with me cause I love it.

  • Roswell

    Another Nexus, on time updates, and unlimited data without buying at full retail prices.

  • QQpayne

    I would part with my nexus for a decent nexus replacement on vzw network, I’m not hung up on manufacturer, and if the rumors are true i would be interested in seeing what Sony can do with it.

  • D4L-( droid for life )

    Only when the fantastic most incredible ultimate galaxy phone comes out and it must be on verizon

  • DanThompson87

    I would only part with it when the new Nexus is released and if Verizon would BRING BACK UNLIMITED DATA!! >:[ ARGG (If I were to upgrade now I’d lose it)

  • sam4327

    if crapple wins another lawsuit and they pry it from my dead cold hands

  • Southrncomfortjm

    It’ll take a lot to have me part with my GNEX. As my first smartphone since a Blackberry Curve 4 years ago, I really appreciate how far things have come. A simple bump in specs may not be enough unless I really need those new specs to run the latest Android OS or custom ROM, though I’d seriously consider another Nexus with a better camera if Google managed to keep the prices reasonable (I’m on a contract). So, better camera and needed bump in specs to keep up with Android seem to be it.

  • Mike

    I’d only part wjth my nexus for another with a tempered glass screen protector from Droid Life

  • EJ McCarty

    Simple… another nexus. Motorola build preferably. I do miss my OG’s toughness.

  • I don’t think I could part with my GNex. Like it to damn much. Unlocked version.

  • Derek

    I would only part with my Nexus if when the next Nexus comes out, it is a significant step above this one.

  • bonanzalarry

    Probably would have to be a 5.5″ screen Nexus device.

  • A new Nexus Device on Big Red.

  • Galaxy Nexus 2

  • The next nexus and it having a quad core with iphone 5 whop butt performance.

  • Another Nexus on VZW. Even with the complaints there isn’t a phone out (or announced) that really appeals to me in the same way my Nexus does

  • Robert Butler

    Only giving this up if I can get a new nexus.

  • Another Nexus…unless the Nexus was LG or Sony

  • Orlando Ja, Jr.

    Possible the next Nexus on any carrier other than Verizon!

  • Frank Urbanski

    I would probably move from my Nexus when the next Nexus is announced. Please oh please don’t suck.

  • Brad L.

    I would consider leaving for the rumored htc nexus 5 if the specs were right.

  • Unlocked Bootloader, Bigger Screen

  • I wantmyyummypocalypse

    If Charlie Sheen and I
    traded lives

  • Mike

    I would gladly give up my nexus to anyone who could get my wife to stop b_tching all the time…

    Guess I will have it forever…

  • CompCrash

    Probably the same as everyone else, only the new Nexus. I will switch carriers if I have to.

  • st26539

    Motorola Nexus

  • a 2013 batch nexus phone may do it for me

  • Andrew Kolemba

    a few things come to mind… america’s awesome patent system somehow banning the gnex… uncontrollable circumstances that force me to become one of the ibarista’s in samsung’s commercials… oh, and the biblical apocalypse. soooo you know, stuff like that.

  • I would need twice the money of my device! That way I can rebuy it and have some left over.

  • Greg Reese

    I think I will go with a Nexus from this point on. Although the Note II is a pretty tempting choice.

  • AndrewBuell

    Industrial Nexus designed phone

  • Geoff__W

    I’ll give up my Galaxy Nexus when the Galaxy Nexus 3 is available

  • michael arazan

    Messing With My Nexus is Like Messing with My Emotions, but I’d take a date with Sara Underwood

  • En Qu

    the lack of micro sd card

  • K Bailey

    A nexus phone made by HTC

  • Either you would have to cut my hands and feet off to keep me from Using my nexus! Or… Motorola would have to come out with a droid that was unlocked, 3d screen, and stock Android installed!