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Android Open Kang Project’s Build 3 Released, Go Get Your Custom ROM On

Just moments ago, the AOKP team released Build 3 of their popular ROM for the consumption of the masses. A changelog is yet to be posted, but once it is, we’ll update the post. The team has added a few newly supported devices such as the crespo4g, i9100, i9100g, i9300, and toroplus. Unfortunately, users of wingray/stingray devices will no longer receive builds due to lack of a maintainer.

Update: Here is the changelog.

  • SMS QuickReply
  • Stopwatch & Countdown in the Clock app (CM)
  • Expert Calculator functions (Graph, Matrices, etc.) (CM)
  • IME Switcher & Vib/Ring toggle as NavRing target

We fixed some serious bugs (you can set custom ringtones now), and made a few other fixes & improvements as usual.

Download Here


Cheers Trevin!

  • I think I saw in the comments that the Verizon Galaxy SIII is supported……correct me if im wrong please. Also one question about it as well, I’m running the latest CM10 nightly, unlocked of course and rooted and all that good stuff. Does AOKP need an unlocked bootloader as well or no. I need to clear all this up before I flash it. It’s sitting on my desktop ready to go when I get confirmation from you guys. Ty.

  • cooksta32676

    Anybody know if the DX can run this or CM10? Not sure if the hardware can hang

  • Joel Mathew

    when i used build 2, it was battery draining. Using CM10 now, love it.

  • i love the new boot animation. also, battery drain is horrendous right now for me. down 20% in an hour and i wasnt even using it. i think my phone is still “indexing” my media i guess. really like it so far

    • Amenemhat1

      One app: JuiceDefender – check it out.

      • i have easy battery saver. im unable to post the photo i want to right now, but “media” will eat up 53% of my battery in the battery menu right now.

  • Amenemhat1

    I love AOKP, but I hate having to wipe every time for each new build. I constantly rely on AppExtractor (Call logs, SMS, MMS, Wifi, Apps) and NovaLauncher’s homescreen restore, but I have about 8 email accounts and tons of system settings I always have to reset on each new install. Any recommendations?

    • jsin

      yea do a back up then try a dirty flash if it doesnt work then at least you tried. I went from Build 1 -> 2 -> 3 dirty flashing with no problems.

      • Amenemhat1

        @jsin Are you experiencing any stability issues? I will give this a shot on the next build.

        @twitter-58369423:disqus I will try that, thanks.

    • There’s an AOKP Backup app that might help you out a bit in the system settings area. Sadly I don’t know of anything that might help with the email set up =/.

  • Jon

    This does work with the GS3. I have it on mine now.

  • AOKPblowze

    all you aokp drones suck a$$. This rom is f*cking bull$hizz..

    • JoshGroff

      Blasphemy, the almighty unicorn shall smite you where you stand.

    • Butt

      so what do you suggest?

  • andrew galvin

    build 3 rocks! way more swagger and butteriness

  • Royal2000H

    I’m on BB.. but looking for features but more importantly stability (and battery life).
    AOKP or CM 10?

    • JoshGroff

      Well, I haven’t flashed any CM10 builds yet, but AOKP B3 is pretty stable so far, haven’t had much time to judge it though.

    • Bigsike

      Yes I’m on BB as well and it runs great no issues what so ever. So I would like to hear what are some benefits to AOKP?

    • John

      CM 10 has most of all the important customization you want. It’s rock solid.
      I recommend checking that out first.

    • I’m on BB as well since the day it came out. Got tempted by AOKP customization option; so flashed build 1. Noticed a few significant bugs. Restored BB. Then came build 2. Told myself maybe it’s better this time. Flashed. It slowed down my GNex to hell. And same issues as last time. Charging abruptly stops and starts, as if it is a fridge. Sometimes charging animation appears when phone’s not plugged in. Gallery goes for a toss. Biggest of all – customization reset on reboot. Maybe it is just me; but facing same issues in build 1 and build 2 – I’m off of AOKP for good.

      • Royal2000H

        Thanks for your response! Have you tried CM by chance?

        • No, haven’t tried CM yet. After burning tongue with AOKP, thinking whether to do that or not.

  • Jim McClain

    Think ill wait a bit,heard to much about about problems.running paradigm 2.3.1 and it has zero problems

  • The toro build is great but the grouper build for the N7 is so much fail. Time, battery notification at bottom right. No room for more than three soft keys. Can’t switch users in Twitter app. Going back to build 2.

    • SeanBello

      you must have some settings changed, because mine is fine.

      • You’re right. Reflashed with no probs now.

  • Am I the only one who isnt getting the quick reply SMS or I am just overlooking something?

    • jb

      Supposedly they aren’t merging it anymore is what I heard… bummer

      • I figured it out.. I had it all along but had minimized it.. all I had to do was pinch expand and it showed up.. haha I felt like a huge noob..

  • Kurtis Tamez

    I have a decision to make… disable boot animation… or hide phone from the public’s eyes as it reboots…

    • section8atl

      or you could just gain some confidence, & rock the unicorn bootanimation with pride.

      • Peemee

        I am proudly running the Unicorn Porn live wallpaper bitches!

      • JoshGroff

        Heck yeah! I actually quite enjoy the boot animation.

  • PC_Tool

    Yep, new bootani. Nice. Finally full-screen.

    Should be fun. Installed, setting up now.

    ….and systemui just fc’d. (before even tapping “start”…)

  • Shaunwin

    What is the newest version of Gapps?

    • JoshGroff

      07/26, they have the download link at the bottom of all their releases.

      • Shaunwin

        Thanks, this is what I have been using.

  • Dirty Flashing in 3…2..1..

    How many people Dirty Flash vs full wipe? I used to do full wipes on every ROM install or even nightly updates, until going from a old AOKP nightly to jb build 1 and everything worked perfect. I have flashed 15 times now and never wiped and everything has been fine.. I guess they just say to as a precaution to make sure everything plays nice, but I never realized it was never really needed all the time..

    • K Boogie

      I full wipe if I’m changing ROMS, if it’s just an update to what I’m currently running, then I dirty flash

      • I Jixed myself.. Gapps were misbehaving after dirty flashing to build 3.. On to clean install.. Everything looked good on the new build though..

        • Kurtis Tamez

          Did you flash GAPPS when you did B3 initially?

          • Yes I always do.. But I have had issues before that I had to reflash to fix.. this was one of them…

    • Prime7

      I dirty flashed build 2. The only catch was that I had to re-flash Gapps to get my Google apps to work. Everything else is peachy, though.

    • Guest

      I’ve done nothing but dirty in a long time. Last time I did a full wipe was when I came over from ICS.

  • Preston

    No support for GS3? 🙁 Build 2 supported it, but not Build 3? Weird

    • cb3ck

      The build is still compiling I think.

      • Preston

        Oh. Awesome! Thanks

  • Once this is on the GS3, would y’all go with CyanogenMod 10, this, or Project Android?

    • Preston

      Build 2 is on the GS3

  • OhAaron

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • jon

    Dumb question for all you buy I’m a first timer so far I just have a rooted gs3 can someone give me step by step of how to get This ROM On?

  • How does the torch work for this build on GNex? I’m running build 2, and the torch acts up at all the wrong times (like when I’m walking my dog and need the torch to find his poo…)

    • Torch has never really worked well for me as well on build 1 & 2. I have to cycle it 5-6 time for it to actually turn on..

  • Adam

    They already kind of do have a changelog here : http://aokp.co/index.php/releases/_/jb-build-3-r30

  • No vzw GS3 love yet? Man…

    • imtoomuch

      Yeah my thoughts exactly! How can you support old devices, but not the hottest device on the market from the top carrier?!

      • SeanBello

        the same way they just started supporting the GS2 models…none of the developers have one. the VZW one is pretty heavily locked down and probably needs special concessions.

    • what do u mean d2vzw has been supported since jb build 2….

    • cb3ck

      The build failed to compile, so it’s currently at the end of the queue for a redo.

    • Flyinion

      Looks like it made it up there finally for you GS3 guys 🙂

  • Interesting… Build 2 was just released a week ago. The difference between build 1 and 2 was at least 2 weeks.. 🙂

    • Flyinion

      Yeah check out the release page on aokp.co. They talk about trying to get on a more consistent release schedule which is cool.

      • Saw that, gave it a try too. The new boot screen is reason enough to get it haha

  • This may need to happen. I’ll wait on the change log. I’m on Build 2 at the moment and it’s spiffy.

    • will bartlett

      aokp.co has the changelog

  • Flyinion

    grrr, goo.im and androtransfer both bombing out after about 44% downloaded.

  • Dan

    You guys still recommending the stock kernel that comes with AOKP over franco’s kernel?

    • SeanBello

      yeah, especially this build. it uses Faux’s newest stable kernel and it’s great.

      • JoshGroff

        Faux is a beast, been rocking them kernels since the Sensation 4G.

  • Is it me or am I the only one thinking to myself..”I still can’t take a Custom ROM logo serious when it has a unicorn on it”.

    • Erin Totten

      It’s all you dude. A unicorn is like a Rhino, only faster and meaner.

    • imtoomuch

      It’s not just you. Unicorns and pink are still for girls.

      • will bartlett

        i guess you havent seen cabin in the woods

        • I thought that movie was really dumb..But I did dig the unicorn..

          • will bartlett

            i was surprised by it. i thought it was gonna be completely terrible, they did a good spoof/serious movie and that damn unicorn. that made me laugh so hard.

          • I am not a real big scary movie person, so it was destined to get a bad review from me from the start. Once the plot go so much bigger then just the “cabin in the woods”, It wasnt really scary anymore and more just Sci-fi.. I should probably just stick to watching my Mountain bike and skiing movies as they never let me down compared to movies nowadays. But yes the Unicorn was freaking rad.. I loved the final quote too “That would have been one hell of a weekend”

          • Skittleoid

            Where the trail ends?

          • @Skittleoid:disqus Hell Yea.. You watch the premiere on Pinkbike or Redbull? It was awesome. Still doesnt top the old NWD movies or The Collective but was up there with Life Cycles as one of the better new movies I have seen..

          • Skittleoid

            I haven’t seen it yet! I’ve seen all the previews on Redbull. In the summers

          • Yea, its sick.. Defiantly need to watch it.. And Mammoth was sick to ski.. I never have ridden there.. I ride Downieville every year on my Trail bike.

          • Skittleoid

            cool! Where is that?

          • About a hour north west of Tahoe.

          • Skittleoid

            Oh okay. Ride on my friend!

          • You too man!!

          • Kurtis Tamez

            Merman FTW

          • “You gotta be kidding me” At least he got to see one.. Still though Unicorn > Merman

          • Kurtis Tamez

            The whole movie lacked lets shall we say… “Swagger”. Was NOT what I expected at all, I laughed WAY more than I expected when I rented it.

    • polioman

      You’re not alone.

    • PC_Tool

      Then don’t take it seriously.

      They don’t. In fact, I do not believe they have ever suggested it should be.

      They didn’t make it the mascot through long hours of serious debate and consternation…they threw it in there, sat back, grabbed some popcorn, and thought, “This should be good…”

      …and it was.

    • Kurtis Tamez

      They have the option to disable, or add custom if you wanna take the time.

  • I’m still rocking Bugless Beast on my GNex, but I do like all the extras AOKP puts in their roms. That said, when build 2 came out there were a number of negative comments about its stability here on Droid Life. Can anyone comment about the stability of this build, after they’ve used it a bit?

    • Dan

      seems to be smoother than ever, (only been using it about 30 minutes though) No force closes or anything yet either.

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Build 1 had TERRIBLE Battery life, but build 2 was significantly better. Only reboots I had was when I pushed the envelop abit on overclock/undervolt. *shrug*

      Build 3 is in, and seems nice and smooth thus far

      • Yeah, battery life is probably my top issue in choosing a rom for the GNex, since it’s hard to get through the day with LTE on. How does 3 seem so far on that front?

        • Kurtis Tamez

          No LTE in my home area so I can’t say much about LTE. For work 1 day a week I am HARD on my phone (screen on, with LTE for about 4 hours straight) Build 1 I would burn through Extended and Standard Batteries. I only burned through JUST the Std battery last week on B2.

    • JoshGroff

      Seems more stable than B1+2 so far. And it’s not underclocking to 700MHz constantly.

    • Completely objective about build 2, I did a clean wipe flash and have had no issues. I’m not even planning on flashing b3. Maybe even wait for 5 depending on the added features. I think the only real issue with 2 was the custom ring tones. I don’t use them though. User error is a big problem with any ROM

  • Seedster

    Can someone link me to the PROPER G-Apps download? The one I’m using isn’t auto-redownloading all my apps from the the Play Store.

    • will bartlett
      • Seedster

        The previous version I got was from goo.im…didn’t work though. I’ll try this one. Thanks!

        • will bartlett

          this is the most recent.

          • mikeybeans

            following up one this… I flashed the latest cm10 and the gapps wouldn’t auto download from the play store (I did flash the gapps before rebooting too). Is there something I’m not doing? Pls & Thx!

          • will bartlett

            all you should have to do is flash the rom, flash the gapps then you should be good. it should have the gapps there. it doesnt have youtube, streetview, maps(i think) included so you have to manually download those.

          • mikeybeans

            OKay I’ll try again with AOKP, thx!!!

    • C-Law

      http://rootzwiki.com/topic/34326-gapps-411-424425-jro03o-gapps-package-831/page__hl__%2Bgoogle+%2Bapps. These are newer and work with this build and will sync ur pics correctly

  • N3xuz11

    is the droid x still supported

  • Joshua Russell

    No Stingray support!! Wtf? Done with them then. Back to RasBeanJelly for the phone and Tiamat for the tablet.

    • You have a good link for Tiamat for the stingray? I’m bummed that they dropped support. Although it might be my clue that its time to upgrade.

  • CorkyRogers

    dumb question, can I flash this over build 1 by doing a davlic/cache wipe or do i need to do the full factory reset/wipe first?

    • BurnBabyBurn

      You can dirty flash but it is *highly* recommended to do a factory reset. use ti-backup or adb to backup your apps, but do not backup system settings

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Dirty Flashed B1 to B2 and now to B3.

      Mounts->Format System also before I dirty flash as an extra precaution

  • Michael k

    Wheres the gapps?

    • will bartlett

      on goo.im

  • will bartlett

    Expert Calculator functions (Graph, Matrices, etc.)


  • Serv


    • yolo.
      duck face.

      I can’t even type that without wanting to drop kick a small, salt water fish.

      • azndan4

        Plus 1000, the term “swag” needs to die.

      • Serv

        I think there’s a difference between “swagger” and “swag/yolo”.

    • JoshGroff

      That new boot animation took me by surprise. I like it more than the one for B1/2.

    • Guest

      Haha! I was confused by this post at first, but then I loaded Build 3 and was hit in the face with INITATING SWAGGER

      • Joel Mathew

        What does it do?

        • xyz1111

          gives you swagga..

    • what exactly is the swagger toggle…?

  • will bartlett

    google+ link is a 404

  • N3xuz11

    is the droid X still supported

  • Dan

    Is it just me or is my phone far more buttery now (dirty flashed from build 2)

    • Dwayne

      Yes, definately more buttery…not a placebo.

    • Peemee

      Is dirty flashing ok on something like this? I always do a backup then clean flash. Just curious.

      • JoshGroff

        You should usually be fine dirty flashing between builds.

  • cool!

  • I really like that logo, cue DROID Pegasus with a glowing red eye as Verizon’s first VoLTE phone, just saying….

  • KleenDroid