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Apple’s Lawyers: Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus is a Copycat Product

When will the madness come to an end? In a new plea to the courts, separate from the case happening down in San Jose between Samsung and Apple, Apple’s lawyers are looking for an appeals court to go through with the ban on the Galaxy Nexus. Apple states that the Galaxy Nexus was purely a “copycat product” in an attempt to steal smartphone market share. As you may re-call, Apple did win a previous injunction on the device, but thankfully Google was able to fix the unified search issue that was in question. 

Apple’s game plan will be to show that the Galaxy Nexus did indeed steal some share from the iPhone and caused millions of dollars in damages, but Samsung’s lawyers believe that will be very difficult, given the Galaxy Nexus’ “miniscule” sales numbers. According to Bloomberg, a trial is set to take place March 2014. It looks like we’ll be waiting a while for all of this to end.

Apple, where do you get off?

Via: CNET | Bloomberg

  • AndreGSNE

    Step on Nexus, war with Google.

  • James Baranowski

    I wanted and got the Samsung Nexus. I have not and do not want an i*phone. My choice.

  • Lucky Armpit

    Apparently none of this is damaging the relationship between Samsung and Apple. Samsung does supply a lot of hardware components to apple for the iPhone, yes?

  • lye

    Man, time to become a lawyer, seriously.

  • Jarrett Guma

    How has no one sued Apple yet over the fact that they are trying to create a Monopoly? It’s really quite obvious

  • I own a Galaxy Nexus LTE and my wife has an iPhone 4….I see no frigging comparison! Besides Google Now/Siri and the fact the phone turns on and off, theres nothing that says “Samsung stole this idea from Apple”.

  • MikeSaver

    How is the GNex like an iphone? I guess they both have cameras and touchscreens. I forgot Apple invented both of those.

  • jimvit1

    Who’s going to sue Starbucks for copying their COFFEE in a cup. It all adds up to the same thing. BS!

    • kidheated

      Funny that you should mention that. I was watching a Dave Chappelle stand-up special and he makes a joke that references the “priceless” credit card commercials. The patent wars are like the credit card company suing DC for taking his bit from their commercial. Just asinine.

  • kidheated

    This, right here, shows Apple’s idiocy. Also a bad move on the fruity pant’s part, as now you’re attacking el Googs straight up and that’s not smart (especially when your latest software endeavor, ios 6, is a complete rip off of Android). I hope that either a big company like Googs or some government agency just kicks fruit of the loom square in the nuts!

  • Mk

    More money than brains…..

  • wingman8

    Even if they are copying, who cares? That’s how innovation works, everyone builds off of others’ ideas. http://www.techdirt.com/blog/innovation/articles/20120820/08193020097/even-if-samsung-apple-copied-every-last-detail-each-other-who-cares.shtml

    • kidheated

      In truth, you are right. It is very hard to have a completely original concept nowadays, because of our ever advancing tech and the internet(makes the world a smaller place), anything you can think of either already exists or is in R&D/production and it hasn’t been released yet. A friend once told me that for every dirty thought you have there is probably a magazine already dedicated to it. Its kinda the same thing.
      As a child my father always told me, “that the key to invention is adaptation. Take something that already exists and make it better.” The prob w/ fruity pants is that they are not letting anyone do this but themselves and are suing anyone who tries (on top of appealing to the courts and buying the patents for their rivals’ works). Because, honestly, both companies’ products do the same things and are based off of similar frameworks, they just go about it in different ways.
      Android Central has a good article from Google on how the patent system is destroying innovation and creativity, especially for the small, independent developer and how Googs doesn’t support it. Check it out. Droid-life rocks!

  • I don’t see how this can even be considered a copy cat device. But the thing that bothers me is how they’re saying the phone is an attempt to steal market share. OF COURSE IT IS. That’s what competition in the marketplace is – an attempt to grow your market share.

    • sagisarius

      I think Apple has hit the point where they think anyone who makes a smartphone is making a copy cat product.

  • Rob

    There should definitely be no mercy from Google once the notification patent goes through. It’s not necessary (since Apple didn’t have it until iOS 5.0 and worked “just fine” hahaha), so Samsung shouldn’t have to comply with FRAND rules.

  • summit1986

    2014…. soooo… everybody will have moved onto a new Nexus (sorry, I mean copycat) device by then probably.

  • Sam Ponjican

    Woah, wait. They are going after Samsung because the GNex stole market share? Since when was it illegal to outsell the competition??

    • PC_Tool


  • schoat333

    These comments crack me up. LMAO.

    I bet they are going to try and say Samsung copied their new iPhone design by putting the headphone jack on the bottom….

  • The issue at hand is that now that Android OS has become as big as it is Apple cannot change their iOS in fear of looking too much like Android so iPhones are pretty much stuck where they are. As far as physical similarities I dont understand how one can sue another over product design. Why doesnt Wonder bread sue Bunny bread, they look and taste the same/similar. I know I know thats a reach but you get the idea. Anyways so yeah Apples move to make the iPhone “bigger” is just their only safe move. Unfortunately there are millions out there that will buy into their minor “upgrades” that it works. In the end I dont see Apple getting anywhere. The lawsuits are just a grip to stay relevant. I for one would just say let bygones be bygones and coexist because this “war” isnt going to actually get anything for any one company. iOS and Android should have their own market and are completely two different experiences.

  • Douglas Futrell

    I think this is incredible in the fact that apple is ow trying to go after a google AOSP flagship device, on what earth will the “copycat” plea actually work for them, it looks nothing like an iphone. Also to consider, this trial is to be set on March 2014…..by that time there will be a possible of 2 new nexus phones out there and the Nexus will be a thing of the past. It just seems pathetic now to be honest, Even you apple fanboy/girls out there have to agree to this.

    • kidheated

      Actually there might be like 7 new nexus devices… that is if Googs does do the 5 fall nexi for the anniversary of the handset line. Not including the tablets, of course.

  • im waiting for apple to sue car company’s saying; “we invented and patented the wheel!”

  • disastrousrainbow

    This has to be the most ludicrous Apple lawsuit out there. Kind of makes me wonder if the people who really run Apple realize what their lawyers are doing. I mean, the Galaxy Nexus is so far removed in both design and interface from any Apple phone that it’s almost laughable. Wow, I’m impressed…

  • God. Would somebody just tell Apple to jump off a friggin’ cliff already…

  • GalaxyNexus is a CopyCat product??? ARE THEY SMOKING CRACK????

  • Catalyst7

    Steve Job’s game planhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW0DUg63lqU&feature=player_embedded

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I confuse my GNex for that POS Crapple phone every time I pick it up. Just like how they confuse competition with “stealing” market share. So tired of this BS.

  • Guys… They need all this lawsuit money so they can spend it all on marketing to make more dumb asses to by their icrap. Not to mention have you seen the iPhone 5? They made the screen 0.3mm taller and wider and removed youtube. I think I’m going to trade rooted Bugless Beast Rom with 0 bloatware for the iPhone 5… : )


  • Thorn11166

    Guys you have this all wrong… they just want it to go on record that they wanna be like us.

  • tonysam1

    Man Apple, you amaze me more and more every day…

  • Treknologist

    Wait, the lawyers are saying the problem is that they’ve lost market share? Don’t those of the iCult keep saying that market share is irrelevant? That all that matters is profit? Maybe they need to tell the crApple attorneys!!!

  • I agree with the comments about Apple seemingly suing anyone that remotely competes with its beloved iPhone. WIth that said, I think a good number of people commenting are getting hung up on the wrong thing.

    The term copycat shouldn’t be taken so literally as to mean how the phone looks. I don’t think this law suit has anything to do with how the device looks (no one would mistake a GNex for an iPhone). No, this is all about how the phone functions. Apple is going after the Nexus/Samsung for allegedly infringing on patents for operation of the device — gestures, search, etc. This is precisely why Samsung had to do a quick fix to remove universal search from the device. I believe that a similar update is, or will be, pushing out to the SIII soon.

    • That makes sense… I’m so glad Apple created the notification bar. It’s so original and innovative.

      • I get the sarcasm. The problem is that you’re talking about a fundamental feature baked into Android. That’s not a Samsung, or any other OEM, thing. That’s a Google thing. I wish that Apple would man up, if you will, and just sue Google. It would be good to just have the Battle Royale and be done with it. I’m sick of all this sniping around the edges.

        • I agree, what did Samsung ever do to Apple besides supply them with all the technology that goes into their devices.

    • Keii Graham

      That is all software though. They’re suing because the Galaxy Nexus (hardware) is a copycat of the iPhone (hardware). If they’re going after software functionality, it should be that Ice Cream Sandwich is a copycat of iOS.

      • I repeat, Apple is NOT suing Samsung for the design of the Galaxy Nexus device. You may be confusing the current case being heard by Judge Koh with this suit. That has challenged the design of some of Samsung’s products.

        Apple is suing Samsung about the Galaxy Nexus because of patent violations dealing solely with software. THIS case, to me, is far more important than the one currently awaiting a verdict, because it gets to the heart of Android. In my opinion, Apple is trying to chip away at the OEMs employing Android. instead taking on Google directly. Here are the four claims raised against the Galaxy Nexus.

        Claim 1 covers the feature called slide to
        unlock, in which a user opens access to a phone by swiping an image of a
        button, the reports say.

        Claim 2 involves data tapping, in which the system can recognize, say, a phone
        number in an e-mail and enable the user to immediately call that number.
        Late last year, the U,S. International Trade Commission banned HTC
        Corp.’s phones that used the feature, and that HTC then developed a workaround for the function.

        Claim 3 involves technology
        that helps complete partial words that a phone user inputs.

        Claim 4 has to do with Apple’s voice-activated search function, Siri.

  • Keii Graham

    There are way too many differences between the iPhone and the Galaxy Nexus that Apple’s lawyers must be smoking crack to even consider that it’s a copycat phone. You can’t even count the software on the phone because that’s not exclusive to the Galaxy Nexus. You can go after Google for the software, but not the hardware. You can go after Samsung for the hardware but not the software. Apple is smoking crack.

    • I don’t know about the crack smoking part (that line’s already been used and beaten to death IMHO) but it does appear that Apple is hell-bent on stifling competition — using obscure or overly broad patent approvals to tie OEMs up in court and hinder sales.

  • flosserelli

    Apple claims the Galaxy Nexus stole Apple’s market share & profits. This is an incredibly egocentric and narrow-minded presumption. The vast majority of people that have a GNex never had any real interest in iphone. People that want a GNex want an open phone that runs AOSP, not an iphone with a locked down iOS.

    Apple claims the GNex infringes on Siri’s universal search to pull info from local data on the device and from the internet. First of all, Google has been doing this FOR YEARS with Google Desktop & Google Toolbar. It was only a matter of time until Google brought this functionality to its mobile platform. Secondly, the GNex’s search capabilities are determined by the operating system, not the hardware. Samsung didn’t build android…Google did. So even if this complaint had any merit (which it doesn’t), Samsung cannot be held liable for the search features built into android.

  • SnowKing25

    Weird, my iphone friends are impressed with my GNex, if it was such a “copycat” they shouldn’t see anything impressive. The charger port is on the bottom of both phones tho…

  • guest

    Why doesn’t Google just step in and put an end to this? If Google came out and supported samsung with their unlimited resources apple would really be in for it.

    • Moto mobility filed suit this past weekend against Apple – seeking to ban its products in the US.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I agree, and it’s about time that they damn well did so! You don’t negotiate or reason with a bully/enemy, because they are most of the time complete moronic cowards. The only thing that their infantile brains can comprehend, is an immense show of force. That is how America deals with a-holes/spineless terrorists, and it works and is the only way you can deal with these kinds of threats, despite the current adminstrations idiotic and coward way of thinking. It’s about time that Google man up and start acting more like the American’s that they are. Bully’s don’t respond to apologies and a nice sit down discussion over tea and crumpets, you walk up to the bully with nail-studded baseball bat, and turn their face into spaghetti-o’s, problem solved.

  • How is this a copycat device?
    Nexus runs a dual core 1.2 Ghz Processor, Apple runs a dual core 800mhz chip
    Nexus utilizes curved glass technology, Apple makes their devices look like bricks.
    Nexus uses Corning Gorilla Glass, Apple uses very breakable regular glass
    Nexus has 4G LTE while Apple runs older 3G tech
    Nexus has NFC, Apple still has no clue what this tech is lol
    Nexus has a centered camera, Apple still thinks its cool to have a camera on the far edge.

    Since when can iPhones run custom ROMS?

    If the judge approves Apple’s complaint, he / she needs glasses and a good hit in the head!

    • Jason Brown

      i just thought i’d mention that unfortunately the gnex doesn’t have corning gorilla glass. you were dead on with everything else.

      • Oh sorry, I just googled it and found that it doesn’t have Gorilla glass but it does have a similar type that features basically the same thing as Gorilla glass.

    • Ill send him / her my Project Glass. Maybe that will help show them the truth! And that is that………………. APPLE SUCKS!

      • Lets not go fanboy here lol I hate the business ethics of Apple and agree that what they are doing is 100% wrong. However, even tho their mobile division (iPhones, iPads) suck, their Mac division is awesome IMO! I honestly couldn’t live without my MacBook Pro and my Droid Razr.

  • Davros

    How can aphole expect to be taken seriously when jobs even said “good artist copy, great artists steal”

  • cooldoods

    Bring it on Apple. You’re just setting yourself up for more embarrassment.

  • JoeInMO

    I’m not sure how a copy of a device can be far superior to the original. Comparing the Galaxy Nexus to the iPhone is like comparing a Lexus to a Yugo.

  • Isn’t Samsung supposed to be trying to gaining market share? I thought that’s what the point of the business is.

  • New_Guy

    Well damn…ok, at what point to we cross over into the realm of the completely asenine?

  • Knlegend1

    First of all how can they justify someone stole sales based on consumers choice of purchases. The galaxy nexus was on the shelf just like the iphone was on the shelf. If someone chooses to buy a smartphone other than the freakin’ iphone its a crime now? And second, I hear Motoroogle has a lawsuit against Apple saying that they infringe on some of Motorola’s patents. If Moto wins this case it could cease all sales of Apples mobile devices. The sad part is they don’t want to do it, but Apple has left them with no choice.


  • MicroNix

    Apple, don’t go away mad, just go the f*** away!

  • Sliced Apple

    I am never ever buy another product from Crap-Apple ever again!!!! Friends ask me what phone to get I will never mention that piece of crap!!!!!

  • Breezer23

    Someone needs to start a formal and independent survey on these minuscule software patents (from both sides). If it isn’t a prime time software feature it shouldn’t be patentable. I can nearly guarantee you that NO ONE EVER walked into a cell phone retailer and asked specifically for a phone with Universal Search or bounceback overscroll. If it has led to zero sales then how can you place a monetary value on the patent?

  • I think the real issue is that Apple is scared of a pure Google experience. Any overlay manufactures put on does enough of a job ruining Android that Apple doesn’t have to worry.

    • Dain Laguna


  • dt

    Dear Apple,

    Don’t flatter yourself.



    • dt



  • motcher41

    Let’s all buy an iPhone and sue apple for us confusing it with the nexus

    • chris

      You just made my day!

  • motcher41

    lmao I can see them stealing apple’s market share which they should since its a far superiorphone to the iPhone and I guess people could get confused since the iPhone is afterall a fruit logo sporting Samsung phone. Not to mention the nexus says Samsung on it multiple times has no home button and a curved screen. apple your pathetic. sooooooo funny

  • Stephen Wong

    Only Apple fanboys can defend this one…

    • Nobody in their right sense can defend it… So NOT even apple fan can defend this… But every iSheeep can defend this one…

  • Chris

    its not really like they are going after Samsung but this seems to be the only way they can go after Google. Such punk bullies man, Apple will never grow up, they are acting like a two year old that didn’t get the toy they wanted at the store……

  • William_Morris

    According to CNET, that case will be making an appearance in court in March 2014. Multiple technological lifetimes from now.