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HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Approved and Ready to Roll Out

Well, we had heard whispers of an OTA update for the HTC Rezound starting to roll out last night, and sure enough, Verizon has published the documents that prove we were right. Ice Cream Sandwich is ready and should be headed to your device any day now. In fact, some of our readers have already received it. So you know, these updates tend to start popping up on devices in small batches for the first few days as tests before becoming available to everyone.

HTC told us that this sucker would be ready before the end of July, a date they will end up two days late on. Still, not bad. From what we can tell, this update was ready over a month ago anyway and was simply awaiting final approval. Plus, they were clearly working on a handful of devices including the EVO 3D.

The final build number is 3.14.605.12 710RD. The version of Android is 4.0.3. It’s Sense 3.6, not the 4.0 that you will find on the Incredible 4G LTE and entire One Series, but it should still be a major improvement thanks to it being atop Ice Cream Sandwich. At 299MB in size, this one is going to take a minute or two to download. Also, be sure you have plenty of battery.

To find out all of the dirty details, we have included all 3 pages of support docs for you above and below. 

More info.

  • guitarchris78

    I still have yet to get my updates. Ive done the reset and manually checked for them, How long do we have to wait?!?!?!?

  • Hubert Gimble

    I’ve got Jelly Bean working on my Rez.

  • easye1220

    I can’t believe some people are still mad or disappointed. What a bunch of losers. And to think people were saying in the comments that they should file a class action because they hadn’t received ics yet, sad.

  • elguapo503

    Check for update this morning and nothing. Then reset my phone and it popped up. Phone is almost dead so as soon as I have 30% ill finish installing the second half of ICS.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I lose reception so much that I keep failing the download. I live in the middle of Portland… This makes no Sense 3.6

  • storm35x

    just got the update(s)

  • storm35x

    WOOHOO ICS on My rezound just in time to sell it

  • Tony Perez

    Got it! At around 2:50pm Central Time, I checked through setting and was able to pull the ICS update! It’s on its final reboot and the home screen is just up. I don’t like the new Gmail icon (only black and white) but now I get to enjoy the discovery of a “new phone”: an HTC Rezound on Android OS “Ice Cream Sandwich”!

  • im darn rite happy to have the update on 7-31-2012 rather than on 8-02-2012…

  • anyone having an issue with non stock recovery not allowing update to install?

  • SlinkenRed

    My rezound downloads the 7.1mb prep firmware, but doesnt begin installing it…Ive tried redownloading it several times, but it wont start the download. I need to get my ugly new firmware! Anyone getting this error?

  • ryanallaire

    Has anyone noticed that the phones that come out first, get the updates last?? Of course then you have the gnex, i’m sick of all the gnex stuff on here, make another site and call it gnex life…end rant…

  • Greg

    He Robert…
    I am actually getting a faster 4g than before.
    Hmmmm? I used to be able to go into settings>Power and then toggle something like full power>normal>low power….this would allow 4g>3g>something else.
    That is now gone?

  • robert

    anyone getting 3g at the top? How do you get 4g back

  • Diablo81588

    Hey look! A gingerbread themed ICS!

  • Jason Maze

    Finally able to pull this. D/Ling now. It’s about freaking time Verizon!

  • iseenolight

    Does it enable Global roaming, like RAZR update did? GSM without swapping the SIM?
    I guess i will answer that shortly

  • Bailers77

    In Chicago and getting my download right now!

  • Nat

    It’s downloading to my phone right now!

  • Demitri

    Just downloaded – works great.

  • grea8one

    Anyone know if I am going to need to flash to go from 10 to 12?


    Mine rebooted and updated as shown in the pics above, but it’s still 2.3.4. Wifi is on as well as LTE. What gives?

    • KOBALT

      It even gives me the welcome to 4.0 thing in the ‘status’ of software update menu.


    I got rid of my Bionic for this?

  • Dustinhyder

    I mean ics

  • Dustinhyder

    Just got ice on my HTC resound I love it


    Got it manually. Cleveland, Ohio. Yesssssssssssssssssss

  • Hans Cholo

    Woohoo I kept checking for updates this morning, then suddenly at noon when I checked there is a 7.1mb update to prep for ICS. FINALLY!

  • chapman1969

    I just got the ics update on my rezound I am downloading it now I had manually check for it and it was ther just thought everyone would want to know

  • heynow_1

    Just got a firmware update and the phone went through the whole FW upgrade process…took 15 mins but no ICS upgrade. Still on Gingerbread…WTF ?? When I go to Settings and Check New …it does not even do a look up anymore. Under status I have a message that upgrade was successful and welcome to ICS blah blah…but when I check the software settings …still says Gingerbread….wait…as I was posting this a new message popped up and now it is downloading 299MB update….sweet 😛

  • Rod6787

    When you get the download…it takes forever. The screen will flicker and flash and may even appear to shut off and stop working.

    Do not touch it….just let it be!
    Eventually you get to a screen that says…
    “Android is Upgrading….Optimizing…it will count thru the updates…”

  • ktmchll

    I sent emails to both HTC and Verizon about what poor customer service they have and how Verizon falsley advertised this phone to me. I asked them if they could give me a date it would be released and they each told me they could not. That was two days ago. HTC also told me that only the HTC One series will only get Jelly Bean..

    • Alan Burnstine

      Not totally surprised about Jelly Bean, even though it is likely the Rezound has enough horsepower for it. With HTC having trouble in market share, and even closing up shop in some countries I expect them to pull back on updates for anything but the newest devices. I am sure the wizards of XDA will solve that issue for us though. I would actually be pleased to hear from HTC an official statement, because then I won’t have any reservations about rooting and trying custom roms. I like to keep my phones clean and stock while supported, but once support is essentially over, I experiment.

  • Getting some sort of update on my Rezound right now …

  • Finally.

    Mine is downloading in So Cal right now.