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How can Google Improve the Nexus Q to Get You to Buy One?

With Google announcing that retail release of the Nexus Q has been put on hold, we would actually like to thank them for this decision. We’ve had our Q’s since May of this year and personally, I’ve used mine about 5 times in total. Each of these times were just to show it off to friends, which was then followed by the question, “What does it do?” Well, it doesn’t really do much at all actually. Google, being the type of business they are, have seemingly realized this and are now going to give the Nexus Q some added features which will then make it more of an easy sale than just being a black orb that lights up and streams your Play content for $300. 

So, what should they add to the Q to make it more interesting to consumers? We would like to think that everyone’s first inclination would be apps – we want applications on this thing. Throw in access to Google Play and add a user interface that will allow us to cut through the b.s. leading us straight to the goods such as Netflix and other applications we would want to access on our living room’s HDTV. Sure, that’s a fantastic thought, but then we’re just paying for a “Made in the U.S.A.” Google TV set-top box. Why would anyone want to pay an extra $200 for this? Long story short, I don’t think the masses would.

What do you think Google can add or change about the Nexus Q to make you want to buy it? Will they lower the price upon completion of the new software or could they just add the ability to install apps? For right now, it’s hard to see a positive outcome for this piece of hardware that was originally produced with very few useful purposes to consumers. I hope Google can prove me wrong.

  • Mamoda

    either make it a next gen game console and rename it the Okama Game Sphere, or have it pop open with futuristic weapons and let me hunt aliens for an hour twice a week

  • i Had planed on buying about 4 of them anyways (i support american made anything)…but giving away free ones to preorders is completely awesome of el goog (im not one of em) but if this thing could get apps onto it and mirror my device(s) it would be a no brainier for mew even at 300 dollars

  • It needs to be MUCH cheaper. $150 TOPS and ill convince my wife that I need one.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Netflix app would save it.

  • LordStickMax

    am i the only one who thinks it should take a hint from the OUYA and let you play your android games and make a market for a bluetooth controller.

  • Wootini
  • Filantrofilter

    Lower the price and possiblity to install apps. XBMC dude…..

  • I’d pay $150 if it had Google TV, and a web-connected hole for “sexy time”.

  • Tristan Cunha

    I think everyone’s missing the point. The Q isn’t Google TV, and it’s not supposed to be a stand-alone device. It’s whole point is to stream content from the cloud. The reason it has limited capabilities is to teach us how to use cloud streaming instead of relying on local copies of all our media.
    The problem it has is that it’s limited to Google Play content and YoutTube. Although you can upload any music you want to Google Music, which actually makes it a very good music player.
    Here’s what I think would convince me to spend $300 on it right now (dropping the price isn’t a feature, especially since they probably have to sell it for that much to break even):
    1. Allow me to stream video files I already have. They could copy the Google Music model by letting me upload them (to a private youtube because a lot of them are copyrighted material, or to Google drive, but that would run in to storage limits really quickly) to stream to the Q. They could make it so that it streams videos from any device to the Q over wifi (and that would be a cool feature), but it wouldn’t work when I’m at someone else’s place, which is where the whole “social” in social media player comes from.
    2. Let me mirror my phone/tablet’s screen on my TV, or let the TV be used as a second screen – so I could play a game on the TV and use my phone as the controller. Make a few good games, that are multiplayer, and everyone can use their phones/tablets to play and that would sell for $300 easily.

  • Simple: Google TV and half the price.

  • Wireless mirroring from my Nexus 7 using Miracast would be awesome. Also the ability to play local content on my home media server or nas. Either of these would make me interested. And for sh*ts and giggles throw in the Google TV for good measure. (not like it costs them anything to do so)

  • Luuuuke

    Most important improvement would be audio / video input capabilities and the framework to use them (Google TV). Next, open source the Q software so we can put it on our other Android devices and hack the crap out of it to support other audio / video types. If they also included a good cable card I’d pay more than $300 but I wont hold my breath. My guess is we will see more apps and maybe a launcher out of the box.

  • DanWazz

    Lower the device to $200, let me install any apps I want. (i.e. Netflix, HBO Go…etc.)

  • runngun21789
  • imns

    I say offer two versions: Both with google tv or some sort of user interface & ability to launch apps. The different models would be with & without the amps. I just don’t need them but I’m sure some people will. If the quality & specs are good enough, I really have no issue with a $250-300 price point. It would replace my little nettop which is considerably more functionality than a $99 apple tv..as would (I hope) a revamped Nexus Q. I also wouldn’t mind a small google designed wireless keyboard/touch pad combo.

  • Knlegend1

    Just make it cheaper.

  • NA3800

    Ditch the amp, drop the price to $150, and support DLNA and SMB. It is rediculous that this does not stream shared local content.

  • MikeCiggy

    One selling point for $300 is the fact that it’s a Nexus. This thing should receive new features and updates for the next 5 years.

    If they add Google TV and allow access to apps AND make the sharing between phone and Q better it would be more interesting to me. For now, useless.

  • Skype integration would be nice, using your phone as the mic and camera, but your TV as the screen. Actually, I guess in general, this just comes down to that fact that it needs an api. I don’t have one myself, so I haven’t REALLY played with one, but if it’s really just Google Play functionality then it’s just an overpriced toy.

    There are a lot of creative developers out there. If people are allowed to develop for it and the community decides to do so, it will only increase in value. Only then will it eventually live up to a $200 price tag. It’s not a new story as this is a mobile-centric device and developer backing rules this market.

  • $99 or I’m getting a Vizio Co-star

  • Have it be a full fledged android system, app store and the works. Have it work in conjunction with current Google TV.

  • How would you plug your cable box into the Q and then plug your q into your receiver or tv?

  • wm snyder

    Wireless rendering of any Android devices on the big screen (tv) mirror. That way I could have it All!

  • give me a multitude of video services and i will buy it in a heartbeat. google music is why i want it over roku but roku’s other services are what will draw me towards that.

  • Ward

    I want to bring this as the wireless hookup from phone to Q to TV/computer/whatever so I can stream my presentation/docs/spreadsheet/whatever. Access my drive. Imagine a meeting (instead of the party) where we are sharing and presenting (instead of sane with music at a party).

  • Google TV. I really can’t believe that the device wasn’t tested with any sort of focus group. Or actually I guess it was and now the verdict is in. Jealous I didn’t preorder.

  • Tim

    It runs on Android, so give it access to the Play Store for apps, music, videos, etc without using the precious battery life we have on our phones. Give it it’s own interface. We should be able to stream Netflix, Amazon Instant Video/Prime, Hulu, just for starters. It also has the horse power to play video files off of our local networks, so add that in too. If this thing did everything my WDTV Live Streaming Media Player does as well as their version of “AirPlay” it already does with the Play Store, I’d gladly pay $300. I don’t think these ideas are unreasonable or out of the realm of possibility.

  • Luxferro

    1) Lower price to $100.
    2) Ditch the amp/speaker outputs.
    3) Add HDMI-CEC so I can attach it to my AVR.
    4) Add google TV to it
    5) Add remote

  • Keep the price, make it a Google TV + Nexus Q. $300 for a Google TV/Nexus Q that’s mostly made in USA is a reasonable price. Look, I think the quality of the hardware justify the price tag for the hardware portion of the Nexus Q. It’s the software side that needs a bit of help.

    Keep in mind that a single Sonos player would cost as much as a Nexus Q, and people don’t seem to be complaining about it. So, given a feature boost and the quality of the hardware, I think people will give Google a second chance.

  • omgitzjose

    for what it does its really not worth more then $50. if they added a new google tv id pay $150 THE MOST!

  • etg9

    Add Google TV (with store access) and Device Mirroring. Add Sonos like features and let people play both video and music the way they want in any room. .

  • Its way to expensive, When you have Google tv out and even apple tv for $100, its just way out of the price range. Look at roku as well, their system is $100.

  • many Q’s

    Who on earth decided to release this half-baked idea as a consumer product without testing it with actual consumers?

  • kwubba

    Integrate bluetooth for gaming controllers and make it a fully function entertainmentgaming system.

  • iSlackerz

    Give me full control over my media, be it Spotify, Netflix, web-based content or local content. In addition to a full Google TV experience and OUYA-like functionality. It wouldn’t hurt if this was also the core of an [email protected] setup. The ability to contol my lights, curtains, fridge and thermostat would make this killer. Subtract $100 and they’ve got my money.

  • make it have google tv, access to play store, and mirror content from phones/tablets.that would make me consider buying one.

  • Mike_Cook7

    Come with and connect to wireless speakers, USB wifi mirror any android phone and be a full Google TV

  • Buckoman

    Honestly, the only thing that was quite disappointing for me was the price of the unit. I would have picked one up had it not been it’s ridiculously priced $300.

  • JulianZHuang

    my pc and GN can do everything i wanted already.

  • Complete with ooya, make it a Tegra 3 console/ Google tv hybrid.

  • make it do what Ouya w/ controller does with Google TV.

  • Get rid of the amp, add analog out, device mirroring, and a much simplified google tv based around the play store with a heavy chrome focus.

  • 1). Lower the price to under $100
    2). Add in video features
    3). Remove the amplifier if that helps bring the price down. It has HDMI out. We’re going to plugging that into our amplifiers.
    4). Release the functionality of Q as an app so we can dedicate a phone to this purpose. This will make the idea of the Q more accessible, which will make people more likely to want to purchase a device meant for that. Also, it will give me something to do with my old Android phone.

  • Balthazar_B

    Buy the Squeeze IP from Logitech (who have fumbled the Slimdevices acquisition from the beginning) and fold it into the Q. And integrate it with GoogleTV (even better, purchase Plex and/or Roku and combine it and GTV into the Q family).

  • Rob

    Add app function, at least support a USB stick for extra memory, and slash $100 off the price.

  • brando56894

    The ability to run apps so I can install XBMC on it, and lower the price by about $150.

  • Alan Paone

    Sell it in canada. I’ll root it and do what I damn well please with it. For normal people, they really ought to make an SDK for streaming other things, if it could do netflix and xbmc or even OnLIve, I think it’d be a great product. It doesn’t need its own interface, it just needs to let other apps in

  • Ryan Habersham

    Let it have access to any and all media on your device including any media apps you may have, and make it around $150. My cell coast that much, its a supporting device, so let the price show it. It dose not even work by its self, u need a android. So stop fuging the price on something that may have cost u $50 to make in mass production

  • jeff

    Add a cable input so i can use this as my cable box and use my phone as the remote