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Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


Our last “Show Off Your Home Screens Day!” was back in March, which was way too long ago. We can imagine many of you have gone through a dozen different looks since then, so we thought today (with the suggestion of a reader) would be a great day to show off those masterpiece home screens. To add to the fun, we know that many of you picked up a Nexus 7 over the last few weeks and are probably looking for some inspiration on how to set it up. Be sure to drop your home screens from those as well. 

For those new to this ongoing segment of ours, these are the simple rules:

1.  Take a screen shot of as many of your screenshots as you’d like.
2.  Upload them to your favorite image hosting site.
3.  Paste the direct image URLs in the comments. (Image URLs ending in .gif or .jpg or .png)
4.  Then be sure to list out your setup (apps, wallpapers, icon set, etc.)

Here are some of the best sites to look for inspiration:

MyColorScreen | XDA Icon Thread | Simple Desktops (wallpapers)

Ready? Go!

  • JDHokie

    Here’s mine. Obviously dig the simplistic homescreen.

    AOKP JB1 with NoVa Launcher.
    I’ve got transparent Circle Launchers to house my oft-used icons without adding anything to the homescreen.

    Icons are from the AndroidPhone7 and MetroStation packs from the Market.

  • Zombie ICS for GO Launcher EX

  • Running Steel Droid ICS v5.6. Using Apex Pro, with Cold Fusion and Metallic HD Icons, also using the PCB Theme.


  • EMcTx

    Here is mine:

  • Allen Byrd

    Made my E4GT look like an ICS Galaxy Nexus (soon a JB Galaxy Nexus if I get the JB search widget). Using Holo Launcher as of now.

  • as simple as it gets =P

  • lvmydroid

    Changed a couple of days ago. Nova launcher, beautiful widgets, icon changer,

  • FortySixand2
  • lvmydroid

    Nova launcher, Beautiful widgets, icon changer, Golden 7 icons – RAZR

  • das0527

    Here’s one from July 4th, one other recent screen setup, and the last one with the black background which is my current setup. Details:

    – Icons courtesy of Tha Phlash
    – ChargeBar battery widget at the top of the first two screenshots.
    – Weather, battery, & “Litigation” widgets are Minimalistic Text. Weather opens to Weatherbug Elite, Battery opens to system battery use stats, and the Litigation” text opens to the official Google Blog 🙂 .
    – My device is an HTC Rezound with ADW EX over the stock rooted GB ROM.

  • This is my basic setup. I use widgets on all screens except the home screen, I like it clean. Using AOKP P4, Lustre icons (found out there was a 4.1.1 update), and nav icons from RootzWiki somewhere. I have a zip if anyone wants them.


  • Pretty boring…

  • Scott F.

    I live in total fear or rooting because I have no tech-savvy friend to save me from the mess I would make.
    GNex 4.0.4

  • KG

    Here’s mine,”Lemme See.”
    .MNML Statusbar
    .WidgetLocker[Bouncier Slider]
    .AdwEx Launcher 7×7
    .LaLa v2 Icons

    Need Anything Go Here:http://justreveal.net/2012/07/24/lemme-see/

  • ten2o3
  • Victor Amaya


    Simple. Apex Launcher. Google Music widget. UCCW simple date.. And new tersus icons. On AOKP m6.

  • dk81

    an older setup with some nice deadmau5 wallpaper

  • DanWazz

    Nothing fancy. just a wallpaper I like. and Circle Battery Widget

  • dk81

    Gnex with VanirBean ROM and DarkJelly theme, all blacked out including mms, gmail, etc. Oh and caviar dream font from rom toolbox

  • pouxonu

    A Long Time Ago. On A Phone Far,Far, Away…..

    • Micah Gemmell

      favorite part of this is the r2d2 widget. do share please!

      • pouxonu

        rooted and backed it up from when i had the r2d2 phone, if you can find a system dump somewhere it’ll have it.

        • Micah Gemmell

          nice, i didn’t realize they had widgets. I only had the wallpapers

  • ryan
  • Fascinate [ICS 4.0.4]
    Holo Locker
    GO Launcher EX
    Google JFK Icons
    Anything else, ask me.

  • Mine will be that last Batman one when you tell me where you got it!!!

  • My pre-jelly bean War Machine (Iron Man) inspired home screen –
    An my current Westernish Minimalist themed home Screen – http://mycolorscreen.com/2012/07/27/rodeo-time/

  • krusty46

    For the moment

    • Indieanna

      This is beautiful!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Have been wondering when there might be another one of them Home Screen Days!

    Well, here’s mine! Haven’t done too much with it but will soon.

  • WilliamKingX17

    Here we go, hope y’all like it.


  • dk81

    here’s mine

  • Tommy Nunno

    yes there boring but the joy of owning a gnex and xoom is i can have them set up exactly the same. and i can pick up either device and know where everything is and have them behave the same. call me crazy but i find it very handy.


  • George Fayad
  • keithsmith22

    Simple and Straightforward. Apex Launcher and Bugless Beast JB ROM.

    • rodney11ride


      • keithsmith22

        Sorry. Added to the original post.

  • Anthony_Armando

    i just use pixel rain dropping red, white, and blue raindrops in different sizes on a plain black background. ordinary? sure, but i still get positive comments on it. once in a while i will change the background to something that is white on black.

  • ryan

    pic.twitter.com/znwQColv stock razr ics. Usa!!

  • Mo Tanks
  • Here’s mine HTC incredible with cm7

  • jbegs23

    Air Andy on the GS3 #custom

  • Here is mine. Just minimalistic text. http://db.tt/kFR8AxbZ

  • greg

    Bob jellybean 4.1.1
    Zeyneth soft keys
    Nova launcher
    And bane


    • How did you get the app launcher multicolored?

      • Greg

        Nova launcher it has a setting for icons and I changes it to a picture I found on the net

  • whomhead

    Droid Bionic on ICS Leak 232.
    Wallpaper is photo took at a Blue Man Group show.
    Clock is “One More Clock Free”
    Weather is “Beautiful Widgets”
    Launcher is Stock ICS Motor-Blur

  • diversion

    Some nice jb minimalism.

    • Neomastermind

      What is that weather widget? It looks awesome.

    • Blood

      What’s the weather widget?

    • I like the weather widget a lot.

    • TheDrizzle

      Post your widgets please.

    • Whats that weather widget?

    • What’s that weather widget? (…add me to the list of questioners)


      What battery widget is this?

    • kniceguy

      saving in case op ever delivers

    • ostensibly

      same, dig the weather widget!

    • What Icon Pack have you used?

  • Bloodthirsty

    Stock VZW GNex


  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    Made this to match my Galaxy Nexus, inspired by one of MyColorfulVisuals’ screens on myhomescreen.com.

    • Zach Grabill

      That looks AMAZING. I’d love more details.

    • Matthew O’Sullivan

      It’s pretty simple, really – mostly minimalistic text, then the calendar is Android Pro Widgets (APW) and the weather is Palmary Weather Pro (I decompiled the APK and changed all of the graphics to white). Launcher is Nova, icons are a Tha ICON set (white circle I believe it was called). I used the “Tha Icon Ultimate” app in the play store to find them. The nav icons are part of the background and are folders I set up, and then applied a blank PNG as the icon.

      • Ben Oram

        That thing is nice… I would love a walkthrough(youtube video) for this home screen.. I would change mine right now.

  • wickets

    windmill is fantastic….a bottle of Sprite for the link

  • SplashMTN

    Here’s mine.

  • AOKP M6
    Nova Launcher

  • Charlie

    Where is Eric’s Bane Wallpaper at?? Thanks!

  • droid209

    Simple homescreen: AOKP M5, Apex Launcher, Alive wallpaper

  • BPStroh

    GNexVanirbean 8.1
    Nova Launcher
    One More Clock Widget

    Not one of my more exciting creations but I like it just fine.

  • Spencer Ward

    AOKP JB most recent preview
    Apex launcher
    Simple Text
    Brilliant Quotes
    Simple Calendar

  • Colton

    RAZR stock 4.0.4