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Quick Look: Spigen SGP Leather Flip and Folio Cases for the Galaxy S3 (Update: Contest Winners Picked)

Since the Samsung Galaxy S3 on a variety of carriers including Verizon, has started to arrive on the doorsteps of many of you, we thought we would spend some time today to talk about a couple of your case options. Last week, we looked at the offerings of RearthUSA, but today are switching over to Spigen SGP. In hand, we have their Argos leather flip case and the Folio faux leather case, each in a handful of colors.

After you read through our thoughts on them, be sure to jump to the bottom to get in on some contest action. That’s right, you can win everything you are seeing today. 

Folio Faux Leather Case

The Folio Faux Leather case comes in a greyish brown, navy blue, and the reddish color you are seeing in the pics above. The material itself is obviously not leather, but it feels really nice in hand. It has almost this ribbed feeling that definitely gives it enough grip to help keep it in hand. The flip mechanism doesn’t feel cheap, and you even have a slot to keep a business card or two. There are indents for the volume rocker and lock switch so that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding or pressing them. There are camera, speaker, headphone jack, and microUSB cutouts on the back and bottom as well, so that you will never miss a shot, sound or charge.

For the most part, I like the feel and look of this case, but I do have one small gripe. With a phone inserted, it doesn’t really feel like it hugs it tight enough, for me anyway. Now, your phone certainly isn’t going to fall out of this case or anything like that, but it would have been more impressive had it really hugged my Galaxy S3 just in case the material starts to give over time. Overall, it’s a solid flip case option. The price is $39.99 though, and again, it’s not real leather. [Buy]

Argos Leather Flip Case

The Argos Leather Flip case is definitely like no other case I have ever held. Rather than flipping to the side, this flip case goes vertical on you. So when holding it in hand, the top cover actually moves down from a top latch to give you access to the phone. There are cutouts for the volume rocker, lock switch, camera, and speakers, however, the microUSB port is only accessible with the top flipped open. I sort of like the idea of the case flipping down and out of your way, but it would definitely take some getting used to.

This case is made of genuine leather, comes in 3 colors (white, black, and brown), and is listed at $39.99 on Spigen’s site. Personally, this genuine leather feel is not for me, but for those that have chosen leather in the past, you may be good here. To me, the faux leather of the flip case feels much nicer in hand. Who knows, maybe once this genuine leather has worked itself in a bit, it’ll feel amazing. [Buy]



We have emailed our winners. Go check your email and see if you got lucky. 🙂


Let’s give all of these away, along with a screen protector! Some of you may have your orders by tomorrow or early next week, so the last thing we would want is for you case lovers to be walking around naked.


1.  In the comments, tell us why you chose to buy a Galaxy S3.
2.  Then tell us which of these cases or screen protector you would like. Your choices are:

*We have 1 black Argos, 1 white Argos, 1 brown Argos, 1 red Folio, 1 blue Folio, 1 grey Folio, and a Ultra Nano Clear screen protector.

3.  Tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, we will choose our winners.

Good luck!

  • bone2755

    Just have to get it because it have the technologies to last me for the next 2 years and oh… beam is cool! Would like the brown Argos please?

  • Scrat

    I got the Galaxy S3 because i wanted to us my new every 2 before Verizon went to their new family plans and i wanted an HD phone with 4g because it is a little had to watch movies on a 3g phones and i cat get wi-fi where im at. If i were to win I,d like the Black Argos case thanks.

  • Fluke

    Got the Galaxy SIII cause my OG Droid was just flailing like a suffocating fish. Dumped Verizon’s faggotry for retarded AT&T and saving 60$ a mo off. More if I was forced to tier or share. Black Argos all the way.

    BTW why no news on the CruzerLight SIII cases. Got 3 of those in post atm. SIII is a slippery thing.

  • i bought a Galaxy SIII for 2 reasons:
    1. it was in my opinion the best phone Verizon had to offer before the Share everything plans went into effect.
    2. i wanted a phone that was way better than an iPhone. Being in high school a lot of my friends have iPhone so i can use my phone to rub it in their face.
    i would like a grey folio

  • Aftermath

    I bought the galaxy s III due to power, a phone able to last it’s two years no problem. I’d like a
    black Argos

  • 1. I wanted the best possible phone before my unlimited data disappeared. The large fantastic screen was also a draw.

    2. The red folio looks sweet! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I chose the Samsung S3 because of the 2GB of RAM. I would like the Nano screen protector if i win.

  • Barron H

    Well first off, I did not choose it my teenaged daughter did. Her Droid Razr has been giving her problems (really, are you sure you just didn’t want the latest and greatest). If she asks nicely I pretty much give her whatever she wants (spoiled rotten). Not to be out done, I picked up one for myself as well (to share pictures of course) and do away with my Maxx while I wait for the Razr HD. I think the white Argos would go well with her new white G3. By the way, this site is awesome.

  • Dan the friend

    Waiting for a train to go

    or a bus to come, or a plane to go

    or the mail to come, or the rain to go

    or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow

    or waiting around for a Yes or a No

    or waiting for their hair to grow.

    Everyone is just waiting.

    Waiting for the fish to bite

    or waiting for wind to fly a kite

    or waiting around for Friday night

    or waiting, perhaps, for their uncle Jake

    or a pot to boil, or a Better Break

    or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants

    or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.

    Everyone is just waiting.

    ~ Dr.Seuss

    But with the SGS3, all that waiting is easier to get by and that’s why I made the purchase.

    (1 black Argos if possible please) Thank you kindly

  • i bought the galaxy s3 because of the hardware and the feel of the phone that samsungs touchwiz gives it. I would like to have the nano clear screen protector

  • After making a mistake buying the Bionic it was time to upgrade to the best phone on the planet and ICS. Black Argos case please.

  • JPose

    I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy SIII the day (June 13) after I discovered how excessively overpriced my rate plan would become after VZW’s Share Everything.

    I’m coming from the Droid Incredible I and the GSIII was the best, most capable phone available to me before Share Everything; which threatened severe extraction of funds and loss of unlimited data. You guys are awesome and if I were to win I’d really like the blue folio!!!!!! (this is my first comment on any forum)


  • Brian

    I got the Galaxy S3, because when I went to buy the Gnex, the salesperson scared my dad with battery issues. I then waited 5 months for this beauty. I’d prefer the white argos. Thanks!

  • schmaltzy

    I bought (pre-ordered) my GS3 because I’m sick of my Thunderbolt and wanted to keep my unlimited data plan before it “expired.” Also, it was my wife’s upgrade…..so taking that made it a little more cynical! 🙂

    If I won, I’d love to take the Black Argos case off of you hands!

  • I bought a GSIII because, well, to be honest, although I really didn’t want to give up the awesome game functionality of my Xperia Play, the phone severely lacks in all other aspects. And I had an upgrade on my account and I’m keeping my Unlimited Data. I hope to get it next week. Very loyal DL reader. I’ll take the black Argos if chosen. Thanks!!

  • neezy

    I bought one because it was the best spec’d phone to get before the share everything plan came into effect and wanted to keep my unlimited data plan.

    May I have the black case, the please? Thanks a bunch! You guys rock!

    • neezy

      Oops, “the please”. Hehe.

  • will

    Beats apple blue folio

  • I bought the Galaxy SIII because of Verizon plan changes. I love my GNex, but having the SIII and texting while doing video sounds pretty cool. If I’d win, I’d like the white Argos since I ordered a white SIII.

  • I chose the SIII because I like that it’s an Android device thats supported across multiple carriers which I hope will create a greater availability and variety of accessories…and the straw that broke the camel’s back…locking in my unlimited data with Verizon! I would go with the blue folio.

  • Chris Hilbert

    I bought a GS3 for my mom since she has been looking for a Galaxy Note and this had a stylus option. She’d really like the red folio.

  • infernalpudding

    I snagged the S3 because my Droid X has become rather unstable and I had one last upgrade ready before the share everything plans came into effect. Didn’t want to risk losing my unlimited plan over an upgrade later down the line. It certainly helps that the S3 is regarded as one of the better phones currently available.

    Regarding the case, the grey folio sounds nice.

  • Because its the best phone i have ever seen . I’d like to have the black Argos
    thank you

  • i got the S3 because it was the best phone available b4 Verizon went to the crappy shared data plans. I’m not picky, any of the folio cases would be nice, brown as a 1st choice. Thanks

  • peter gelinas

    upgrade from my Droid X, get to keep my unlimited data after discounts only payed 179 for it was a no brainier – brown Argos-

  • best phone available at the time to keep unlimited data.
    Blue Folio please.

  • escayanan

    Bought a white 16 gig Galaxy S3 for a few reasons, wanted to take advantage of my last subsidized upgrade. and needed a replacement for my OG droid. 4g lte is a plus too

    I’m feeling the Brown Argos case.

  • Galaxy S3 to keep unlimited data. Also because it’s a stellar phone. I’m so excited to get mine tomorrow – I just got the email confirming it’s been shipped. I’d be pretty pumped to get the White Argos, or any of them to be honest.

  • collegepunk

    i would like 1 blue folio

  • collegepunk

    i got a s3 because i wanted to keep unlimited data and i wanted 4g as well.

  • Knox05

    I need 4G with Big Screen, and SG3 is a perfect choice. I want 1 blue folio

  • gimlet72

    To keep my VZW unlimited data….. blue folio

  • jromash

    to keep my unlimited plan
    black Argos

  • kevin harris

    I chose the S3 for a couple reasons.. I store a lot media on my phone around 26+ gb and to keep my unlimited plan. I bought the 32gb pebble blue and would like the blue case, please.

  • SubMatrix

    I got the S3 cuz I’m still using my old Droid Incredible, and I need to get on LTE! I’d love the Ultra Nano Clear screen protector 🙂

  • I chose to buy the gs3 for my wife, because it is Awesome and her Droid3 really is awful. She is jealous of the screen size and speed of my Galaxy Nexus, so naturally the gs3 will be perfect for her (Oh, and she loves “nature”). We’re excited! She’d love the red folio case!

  • I’ve been in love with DX since it came out but it is dying on me. Also, my wife is just discovering the world of smart phone. So I thought it is the great chance to upgrade both our phone with Samsung Galaxy SIII. Having said that. I would love to have the grey folio for my wife.

  • I didn’t actually buy an SGS3 for myself, but I got one for my mother for her birthday. Her birthday was on July 4th and this is her first Android phone. She is coming for that other phone….so I am hoping to show her why Android is the best! She would love the pink case shown in the review, but any of them would do.

  • I per-ordered the Galaxy SIII to keep my hands busy when my girlfriend isn’t around. I’d love the Black Argos case please and thank you!

  • Nick

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 because I was getting bored of my Droid X, and also this was the chance for me to lock in to the Unlimited Data Plan on Verizon, before they took it out last month.

  • Hien485

    I bought the galaxy s3 because I wanted to keep my unlimited plan with Verizon!

    I’d like the blue case please

  • D. Vang

    I bought the Galaxy SIII because it is an amazing phone. i love all the features it has especially All Share Play. it’ll also be fun to play around with S Voice. i also chose this phone because it came in 2 colors and i opted for the white one because i think it looks sleek and beautiful. i’m a big instragram user so i’ll love taking pics with the amazing camera that the SIII has to offer. overall this phone was too good to pass up and that is why i bought it. i hope to win the black or white Argos leather flip case because i think my SIII would look amazing in it. thanks for hosting this contest!

  • I purchased the Galaxy SIII because, I got the Droid Bionic. Once I had the Bionic the Galaxy nexus came out and all the developers of roms left the poor little Bionic in the dust. This way i will have an amazing phone, and most likely a bunch of roms to play with. Also you have to keep unlimited data. Plus the GSIII is so sexy, especially in a black Argos case 😉 Cheers to all!

  • Michael Patterson

    I chose to buy the S3 because i like to have shiny new toys just like my kids i would like the blue or grey folio.

  • Justin R

    Have been wanting the S3 for over 6 months – disappointed it’s not the quad-core, but the dual should still be sufficient. I will take any case, but if I had to choose, I’ll take the grey.

  • Mimi H

    Wanted a Galaxy S3 for the 2GB RAM. I’ll take any of the cases (white preferred).

  • GotNitro

    I was able to upgrade from my Droid X and keep unlimited data, while getting a powerful and stylish phone that will help spread the message of android to my friends. Would love the Ultra Nano Clear screen protector to help keep that large screen beautiful.

  • MRising

    Bought the Galaxy SIII because of the massive screen and I finally want to try Samsung. Been rocking the Droid X and now the Bionic. Give it a shot Samsung!!!
    I am diggin the grey folio! Thanks

  • Michael Chung

    Bought a Galaxy S3 because I’ve never had a smartphone before and really want one! I would like a blue folio case please!

  • redood650

    i choose to buy the s3 because i wanted to keep my unlimted data and also i read all the time on droid-life so the bigger the screen is the better to read with the cool feature that it has will be cool

  • arthur2142

    I returned my recently purchased Razr Maxx to pre-order the GS3 on June 6th, because it has everything I’ve ever wanted in a phone, but the two key features it has over the Maxx are the 4.8″ screen and the 2 GB of Ram. That, and it was my last opportunity to buy a flagship phone before losing my unlimited data.

    As far as the cases go, beggars can’t be choosers, but if I had to choose, I think my new pebble blue GS3 would look best in the White Argos, or maybe even the Grey Folio.

    Monday can’t get here fast enough!