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Confirmed: Ice Cream Sandwich Headed to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Today

Verizon confirmed this morning that the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX will begin to receive their Ice Cream Sandwich updates starting June 22 (today). We first reported this as the rollout date a few days ago. One thing to keep in mind, is that many of you may not receive the update today at all. A lot of times, the initial go live date is for testers or small groups to make sure the update isn’t going to blow up a bunch of phones. Mass availability could and will likely happen a few days later. 

DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich; Global Ready

Two Motorola phones making the global jump to Android’s latest operating system.

The DROID RAZR and the DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola will be the first 4G LTE smartphones on the Verizon Wireless network to be Global Ready.

The upgrade, which will begin on June 22, will also upgrade all smartphones in the DROID RAZR family to the popular Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Ice Cream Sandwich features upgraded functionality and new features, such as Face Unlock. By looking directly at the screen, the smartphone recognizes its owner and automatically unlocks the device. It also includes Direct Access Lock Screen, which allows you to easily open camera, text messages, and dialer from the lock screen.

Customers can use the front camera to video chat with friends and family to share summer stories or even just to wave hello. The new Video Calling icon makes it easy to access video chatting apps like ooVoo and Tango.

The upgrade also enhances the voice input technology, typing your words as you speak emails or texts. Speak continuously for paragraphs at a time, add punctuation and even edit mistakes with voice input.

As a Global Ready device, customers with the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX will be able to have voice and data service in more than 220 countries, when subscribed to an international plan.

Additional information on the ICS upgrade can be found on the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola support page.

  • After the last update my Maxx battery drains faster. I’m hoping this gets fixed so I can go back to having a battery last me 2 days and not just 1.5. Anyone else experience battery issues after the last update?

  • MacallanRocks

    ota user initiated does not work

  • sss

    We wants ICS for Europe ! (moto razr) Greetings to the U.S.

    • sassss


  • victor

    Just finish downliading ics…….i was all excited. Now im just like ok. I like the caller ud but i still use fsci. All in all not to bad

  • Jason Lanham
    • Yeah, I guess I could’ve linked this directly in my comment 😀

  • Guys, head over to droidrzr.com, they have the update.zip in one of the forum topics, in “general”.

    • Can you share a link?

    • Technomandfw

      This is the leak, not the official release.

  • Zac

    Of course they would finally do this right after I broke the glass on my razr…

  • Shawn Maloney

    I tried the same trick that was done for the nexus to get it to load and it did not work.

  • is anyone else getting the following message when trying to manually check for an update “Check for update is not available at this time. Try again later.” ?

    • John Wells

      Go to Settings -> Data Manager -> Social Applications and turn off “Sync over wi-fi only.”

      • It was already off…and I am on wifi anyway….anybody else have any idea what’s going on?

  • waiting for an update.zip that someone puled. THE SUSPENSE!

  • now its time to dump this nexus and get a real phone,,, THE MAXX

    • damn verizon, offered me a regular razr trade, or another nexus, said no to both

      • Former GNex Owner

        Have them send another GNex again, and then when you get that one, call back and complain about the same issue. They will be more willing to trade for a MAXX. That’s what I did, and now I am rocking a MAXX when they initially told me a regular RAZR was the only option. It just took a few more calls and some of my time but worth it.

  • Bassdj

    Welcome to the awesomeness of Ice Cream Sandwich, guys!
    Sincerely, a welcoming Galaxy Nexus owner 🙂

  • Matthew U

    I for one, am SUPER excited about this. I will say however, to people complaining about how long it has taken them, remember that when the GNex came out with 4.0.1 it was FULL of bugs and issues. From a business it’s better for a company to wait till an OS has fixed most of its bugs before releasing something that could compromise your devices and thus your reputation. I DO wish however they would unlock our bootloader so we could have that choice for ourselves but oh well…

  • Mine is downloading!!! So excited!

    • MARC

      pull the update file please!!

    • Did u sign up for the soak test or randomly receive it

    • RaZr GuY

      Where do you live man?

  • John Wildman

    4g and Ics in one week,feels like christmas for me

  • Droidfan

    ICS is going to be BIG. Wait till these quad core 2gb ram phones hit the street. Continuous voice to text is going to be awesome. Hope it works as advertised.

  • Charles

    Now bare in mind guys that the update going out today is for the Motor Feedback Team plus some stranglers out there. I got my email today to to talk about it or share anything about. We waited 7 months now I will not allow my fellow Droid RAZR/Maxx comrades not enjo our new found glory. 2% uploaded.

    • Any update?…

      • jim


    • Huh. I…haven’t gotten an email. I wonder why I’m not part of the soak test..I normally am 🙁

  • Charles

    Managed to pull the update from /cache folder before it updated. Uploading to my from box very soon.

  • marokey

    Anyone know a trick that I can get Verizon to exchange my g next for a Max?

    • evltwn

      Ask for Craig, he has a list 😉

      • marokey

        That is also true.. lol. But I would rather get a new Maxx than an old one from verizon, well if I could that is.

      • Lord_Vader1941

        I see what you did there…

    • davetheAndroid

      I went through 3 Gnex’s before getting the Maxx. I had called VZ continuously letting them now of my problems with each phone I got from them. I told them that if I can’t get a Gnex I can depend on, then I want another phone. I asked them for the Maxx for the battery / reception. Initially they said it was more then the Gnex (at the time, the Gnex was $100 cheaper) but I told them I paid $300 so I want the equivalent.
      So now I sit waiting for something I used to have and dearly miss, ICS. Love that damn OS.

  • Tlez

    I hope they allow manual updates.. Loading from the SD card would be so nice.. If they give it to me during the week, my work production will surely disappear.

  • Sweet. My RAZR I’m replacing my Bionic with is coming today. Of course I most likely won’t get the update today, but in a week or so is pretty awesome.

    • Dustin Murphy

      I’m in the same boat! .905 Bionic update borked my 4G connection, replacement RAZR due to arrive tomorrow….

  • Dustin Murphy

    HAH!!! After the .905 update to my Bionic made the 4G connection harder to hold than a greased pig, I called VZW and they’re sending me a RAZR due to arrive tomorrow…. SWEET !!

    • Heartless12

      yea right

      • Dustin Murphy

        yea right? meaning what?

        • Heartless12

          they would have sent u another bionic Verizon do hand out phones like that i can understand if u said u had t mobile or sprint but Verizon? nah

          • Heartless12

            Dont* hand out

          • Dustin Murphy

            Simply not true. I had the Bionic from day one…went through about 3 replacements in the first 2 weeks that were just defective. I called Tuesday and went through their tier 1 support steps, even though I had already done them. When those didn’t work, I was sent to Tier 2 and they offered me another Bionic…I declined stating this is the Motorola update that borked this connection so I’m done with Bionics. The rep said something like ‘yeah i can see you’ve trouble with it…” He put me on hold to see what alternatives he could offer…came back and offered the LG Spectrum, which I declined and countered with ‘what about a RAZR MAXX”. He said he could do a RAZR but not a MAXX… i agreed… it’s shipping. Now, its a refurb, but that’s fine… they’re pretty much new anyway.

            In the future, don’t call BS unless you have some idea what you’re talking about.

          • I should say they let me upgrade as I wasn’t due until May 2013

          • Dustin Murphy

            …hmmm, didn’t think to ask for a specific color…the blue one would have been cool.

          • I ended up upgrading to the RAZR which I was fine with because it extended my contract. And I get a blue one 🙂 In all honesty I’ll probably buy another phone after the CES devices are released anyway. It’s a problem.

          • Dustin Murphy

            Mine was a defect replacement…my upgrade is still not until May 2013, but that’s cool….I’d rather have another year with a RAZR than the Bionic…it finally jumped the shark for me.

          • Heartless12

            yea okay i still dont believe that based of pass experience so thats bs say what u want i still dont buy it and can careless of what u think

          • He’s not alone. If you’re patient enough and know what to say they’ll replace phones. It happens all the time. It happened to me. Granted it takes a lot of patience, but Verizon wants to keep its customers happy. I will say that I am a long term customer and my “loyalty” was mentioned as a reason to grant me an upgrade and I have heard the same thing from others.

          • Dustin Murphy

            ooook then. Have a good day.

          • La2da

            Douche!…..Cough……..Douche! Oh excuse me. Jesus…Jesus Christ.

    • therealjohnmark

      RAZR MAXX would have been sweet. RAZR not so much. I wouldn’t trade my Bionic with Extended battery for a RAZR

      • Dustin Murphy

        I only had the regular battery in the Bionic anyway…so for me, the RAZR is still an upgrade over the Bionic.

  • Cyber

    Has anyone received the update now?

    • jaymonster

      People in the soak test are nor allowed to tell that, yes it has started rolling out. 🙂

      • hushdrops

        No testing program , just auto pushed to wife’s Maxx

        • jaymonster

          It may have been pushed to more people, but some ARE still in the soak test.

  • Motorola Mobility [email protected]
    Some DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX owners will upgrade to ICS this wk. Wider upgrades will deploy over the coming days. More:

  • Rodys Gonzalez


    • picaso86

      That’s what she said!!!

      • JermaineFerrell

        I know–sick of this.

  • soremekun

    Does the trick that worked with the Nexus work here in terms of pulling the update?

  • EC8CH

    Does that mean Moto wins the race to be the first to update to ICS?

    • tyguy829

      nope. but pretty close. some galaxy s IIs have been upgraded already. But they did win on verizon

      • EC8CH

        Droid-Life did a poll on this. Makes sense, Samsung has been working the longest on ICS since they did the G-Nex, and Moto is usually the first to update their phones.

      • Droidzilla

        This. Since Verizon makes the update process significantly cumbersome, it’s very possible that Moto would have had it out sooner if they didn’t have their flagship on that carrier (they could have done it for the GSM ones, of course, but they gotta keep up appearances for the VZW devices). Can’t wait to see if the Google Factor will come into play with Moto updates on VZW in 2013.

      • JermaineFerrell

        thats not hard to win on verizon. And Since they have the least skinned ICS, wondering what took them so long if a touch wiz device already beat them.

        • tyguy829

          Oh im sure they did finish it a while ago. Like always, i have every reason to believe it was verizon who held the whole thing up with their crazy slow testing.

    • ceejw

      Not even close. HTC updated the Vivid to ICS in March.

  • EC8CH

    Pass the Sammie to the left hand side!

  • paul_cus

    Very nice.

  • Scott H

    “Your device is up to date”

    The hell it is! 🙂

    • picaso86


      • Bodhiballer

        From a GNex owner, congrats to our RAZR brothers, glad the time has come.

        • Droidzilla

          And by this time next month, you’ll be rocking Jellybean! I’m very happy with my RAZR (got it over the GNex), but I can’t help but get a teeny shade of green when I see those Nexus updates after I/O.

        • SamIam

          Thanks to all the GNex owners for beta testing ICS for us!

          • michael arazan

            With now that google owns motorola i’d hope that all motorola phones will be updated just as fast as nexus phones especially with the release of 4.1 jb coming.

    • Gus

      I wonder why my HTC Thunderbolt hasn’t gotten ICS??? It came out before these phones. I don’t understand- does HTC either 1) Don’t care, 2) Too busy, 3) All of the above?

      • zackb07

        Same with my Bionic, except I just installed the ICS leak and it runs perfect! Really though, you should blame HTC. Also, single core phones are a bit outdated now.

      • jaymonster

        Active phones always get updated before legacy devices. But in this case, you bought a brick that didn’t have the specs from the start and the bloat that is sense, so your only hope is a ROM.

    • +1


    I peed a little with excitement when I read this.

    • Shadowcell

      Nobody needs to know that…maybe.

      • EC8CH

        rule 34 applies

        • clownvomit

          newfriend detected

  • Time to start keeping any eye out for that Droid 4 update…Long live the Querty Slider!!!

  • MrToTo83

    So anyone find any tricks yet. lol

  • Scott H

    Please, please, please fix my data loss issues!

    • kgballa

      do you start losing data when you get into the upper gig threshold? because Verizon lowers you on the priority level, with regards to data, on their network when you reach a certain limit. THIS IS NOT THROTTLING! Check out an article from this site http://goo.gl/xDz06

      • doesn’t throttle 4g

      • Scott H

        No, I don’t even use that much data – a couple GB tops. It’s an issue with a lot of people based on posts I’ve read on various boards. I’ll randomly lose data entirely. My wife has the same issue on her Maxx, although one of us can have four bars on one phone while the other has no data at all.

  • RezCommando4231

    Damn, I was betting htc would push ics first.
    Congrats anyway

    • LiterofCola

      So was someone else *cough*liderc*cough*

  • KleenDroid

    Congratulations guys!

  • Iamthetoph

    Will there be a way for force the update like with some other releases on Verizon?

    • Thats what i want to know

    • Guest

      It depends on how Verizon pushes it out to the masses, but once someone get its then they can pull the update zip from their phone and we can do it manually.

    • joshua weissman

      Verizon said that powering the phone off then on is a way to manually push it to your phone I haven’t tried it so not really sure if thatll work

  • Hell yeah!

  • InyRules

    Just in time for me to get my replacement RAZR MAXX! YEAH!

  • YES

  • evltwn

    I just sent you this tip. 🙂 I’ll be checking my software update all day.

    • Ha. I sent it like 15 minutes ago too. Checking my software every 20 minutes waiting for an OTA!

  • mikel61101

    🙁 still waiting for my phone to get the push.

    • RCJH

      Rock Chalk

  • RedPandaAlex

    Congrats Razr owners. ICS is a great OS. And for the next week or so, you get to have the newest version of Android.

    • Yeah. I really that Google could either come up with an upgrade system that is more streamlined for the devices manufactures, or incentivize them in some way to upgrade faster? Maybe that is what the direct Nexus sales are all about? Why buy a LG device that will take 6 months to be upgraded when you can get a Nexus device that is updated ASAP? One can only hope.

      • Dain Laguna

        Why buy an lg device period?

        • I was going to say Motorola, but since Google owns them now I thought my point would be lost.

        • EC8CH

          My wife’s aunt did because she wanted a “simply” android phone and that’s what the VZW reps sold here.

          He must have heard “$h!tty” when she said “simple”.

      • RedPandaAlex

        Yeah, I thought so too, but I think the multiple-nexus rumor is a better way to go without putting limits on how OEMs and carriers can customize Android.

        • EC8CH

          I hope Verizon customers don’t get screwed and left out from all those multiple-nexus phones… but we probably will 🙁

          • Droidzilla

            I really hope Sprint has an epic LTE buildout (or heck, even T-Mo) by the time my contract is out in 2013. It’s not that I want to leave Verizon, I just want others to start pushing Verizon to be more consumer/Android friendly. Right now, Verizon is it in my area for coverage and speed, so they can do what they want and not worry about losing customers. I’m sure many other areas fall under the same circumstances.

          • EC8CH

            My job locks me into Verizon.

  • Bionic

    You all know what im going to say, so im not gonna say it.

    • Droidzilla

      You were going to say that the test build leak of ICS for the Bionic makes you happy in your pee-pee?

    • Heartless12


    • TMadd

      Haha, I actually liked this comment of yours. The first one I actually enjoyed since it was humorous. Cheers!

  • Iamthetoph

    Well this is exciting! I was getting an error 7 when trying to load the leak.

    • Bionic

      then dont load the leak

      • Iamthetoph

        lol thanks

    • CivilDroid

      me too. Tried several times…wiped data and all that. Oh well, just a short wait now hopefully!

  • I installed it last night. Seems to work well. I have the G.Nexus too and was missing it on the Maxx. I noticed improved battery life on the GN. I wonder if that will be the same on the Maxx? Not that the Maxx is a slacker.

    • “I noticed improved battery life on the GN”

      Improved battery life compared to what? the GNex was released with ICS are you talking about a point release that improved your battery life? example 4.0.4?

      The Maxx ‘should’ see a increase in batter performance.But we will have to see how that plays out. Mine last all day with med to heavy use so I wont mind as long as it doesn’t get worse

      • Yes, sorry. To 4.04. I was already running 4.03 on the Droid Maxxx. I am up around 7am and my Maxx lasts me to about 9-10pm. Which is awesome. Gnex lasted until 11:00am (on pre-4.04).

  • Guest

    Push the push button! HURRY! HURRY!

    • Guest

      Someone be sure to pull the update zip for us!

  • CJones

    Kind of glad this comes out on a Friday. Gives me the weekend to play around with ICS.

    • Except that you might not get it for a few days.

      • Droidzilla

        Unless he’s a soak tester, of course.

  • Cmon soak test, roll that update out. I’m dyin here!

  • Ready for it!