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Share Everything Plans Mean Sharing More of Your Bank Account [Opinion]

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend a ton of time with a big group of friends and family (30-50 people) thanks to a graduation celebration for my brother. During that time, smartphones and wireless service were brought up quite often (since that’s what I do for a living), leading to some interesting conversations around Verizon’s new Share Everything plans. What I gathered over the last 4 days, was that these plans benefit very few people, and that no one I talked to had suggested to Verizon that this become an option, as was suggested through their announcement. 

Family and Friends

This group of friends and family that was in Portland for the weekend is what I would consider to be average tech consumers. Almost all have some form of higher education, many have smartphones, some have feature phones, a few travel for work, most use computers on a daily basis, and almost all are starting to realize that their lives are made easier by using more technology. Being in the northwest, I’d say that 90% of them are Verizon subscribers and have been for a number of years. As you can imagine, when I started trying to pry thoughts out of them on these new shared data plans, they had some concerns.

“Customers Asked”

According to Big Red, “customers asked” for these new shared data plans. Did they really though? We don’t know who Verizon polled or where they got the idea that sharing data was something needed, but what I do know is that every single person I talked to this weekend, had certainly never thought of it. Not only that, but we also had to talk through the situation a couple of times in order  for them to fully grasp what it is that Big Red is trying to get them into, starting June 28.

Smoke Screen

As I sat with these friends and family this weekend, I had plenty of opportunities to talk through the benefits (if there are any) to these new Share Everything plans. I made it clear that if you switch to one, you would never have to worry about minutes and text messages anymore as they were being bumped up to “unlimited” status. While that sounded good at first, none of them were all that excited about this new “unlimited” status because they are all settled into their current plans which they are comfortable with and rarely run over on.

“Unlimited” is how Verizon is going to try to sell these though. If you look at Verizon’s own landing page for these new Share Everything plans, you will struggle to find benefits. The only thing that stands out is this “unlimited” stuff, which from what I can tell, means very little to most. As you can imagine and we have reported on, people are using less and less minutes and are sending fewer and fewer texts each year. Both of these categories used to be cash cows for carriers, but as data has become the new mobile technology force, profits from those areas have fallen and carriers are finding other ways to make up for it. Data is one of those new ways.

Up front, through the unlimited smoke screen, everything sounds like a positive. “No more overages!” “No more worrying!” “Send as many texts as you’d like!” However, it’s the final step, where you choose a data plan, that is going be the thorn in the side of many. While you may not have to worry about texts and minutes, you will be worrying about data usage. With the small amounts of data and sky high prices that make up these tiers, along with the ever-growing number of data hog apps and services, you should be more worried now than ever.

Bottom Line

After talking through similar points this weekend, we finally got down to actual pricing and whether or not my friends and family would benefit from Share Everything. I was able to walk through their current setup and help them figure out their bill based on shared data tiers.

To give you an example, many of these were couples who had 1 smartphone and 1 feature phone. Their minute plans usually sat around the 600 minute mark, sometimes pushing towards 900. They had the one data plan, no plans for a hot spot and no need to connect a tablet. I would put their average bill at anywhere from $90 to $120. Once I was told how much they currently pay, I broke out the costs under these new Share Everything plans ($30 per feature phone, $40 per smartphone), which ended up being more than they are currently paying in every scenario.

If some of them took their 1 feature phone and 1 smartphone and added on a 1GB data package to share between them, they would be starting out at $120. Since almost no one can make it on 1GB of data (Verizon even claims that the average user uses 2GB), they would have to bump up to 2 or 4 or 6GB, which would then take their bills to $130, $140 and $150.

At one point, I tried to sell a couple on trading in their 1 feature phone for a smartphone because even if they weren’t big data users, their partner who may be, would benefit from having extra data. And then we got back into pricing and with data tiers starting at $50 for 1GB, it then made no sense.

I Don’t Get It

Seriously, I don’t get it. Do carriers think we’re all this stupid? For new customers, it is my understanding that all will be forced into a shared plan. For current though, it’s much different. If you take an upgrade after June 28, you can choose whether to go onto a solo tier or take the family onto a Share Everything plan. Every single current customer should take the solo tier in this situation. You can get 2GB of data for $30 on the solo, but when on the shared plan, it would cost you $60 for that much data that you would then have to share with other people. Think about that for a second. Verizon is charging share plans double for the same exact amount of data.

 An Expensive Future

I tried and tried over the last couple of weeks to find benefits to Share Everything, and unfortunately, I have come up empty. From what I can tell, the only people to benefit, would be those that talk like champs and text with the best of them yet use little to no data. How many of those people do you know? In some cases, it would also benefit large families who have multiple smartphone lines. At least 75% of Droid Life readers said that under these plans, their bill would be higher. In some cases, drastically higher. I think we all understand, as with any major corporate move, that this wasn’t going to benefit the consumer in the end. I just feel for my friends and family (the average tech consumer), who are going to be left with some very difficult decisions in the near future.

  • VZWDroidLove11

    A customer walks into a store and the only question is how much data do you want to use on our network. Everything else is included. Minutes, texts, hotspot (without rooting or downloading unstable apps). I heard someone on here talk about the fairness factor. This very fair considering that a family using 3 times the data of another should pay more than the lesser. It sucks to finally realize that a company wants move away from unlimited but if you take down that unlimited curtain and see what people are really using, it makes a whole lot more sense. If a company is going to have you for another two years, knock 400-500 bucks off a phone, they reserve the right set some groundrules for the next two years. Unfortunately, unlimited is not one of those groundrules.

    • JazzoRenee

      Well they don’t have to knock 400-500 of the phone now do they.
      Sit down VW employee.

  • VZWDroidLove11

    I work for Verizon and know that there are plenty of people that will benefit from this. You guys have got to be crazy if you think we dont see people come in very often asking for 1 data plan vs a bolt on feature for every smartphone. Also most of these sites that I frequent are filled with heavy data users so yes your bill may not seem to be headed down. The biggest misconception is that many of you dont know much about stats for a company with over 90 million customers but base your sample of the comments on this site and a few other blogs/forums. Trust me, I use a crap ton of data but i recognize that I am an exception, not the standard. Last but not least there are plans above 10GB. 110=12GB 120=14GB 130=16GB 140=18GB 150=20GB then they jump to 30GB for 200. Not promoted but readily available for all who want it.

  • bittrblue

    As a 5 year rep at an indie Verizon store I can tell you even though I don’t like the new plans, for the past 2 years I have had countless requests for family share data plans. I am sure the people on here, the power users and such, would never ask for that. But the average Joe consumer would. I actually have a spreadsheet with a over 300 names on it I have to call when this goes into effect. I am not defending the plan, but they are not lying about the customer requests.

    • JazzoRenee

      Right key word is family, Verizon is forcing this on all…..So many Verizon should give an option to family share members if they would like to take part. You guys may have listened but you didn’t listen close enough.

    • kdn102

      Yeah, but the requesters all figured that sharing the data would DROP their monthly bill for the same service…not INCREASE it!

  • InyRules

    My issue with these plans is simply the pricing for the amount of data that they offer. What justification is there for a 1GB data plan to be $50, except for corporate greed? If the average user is said to use around 2GB on Verizon, why would they expect TWO LINES to suffice sharing 1GB? For $50?

    My plan has 2 smartphones on it, both with 4GB @ $30 each. We could probably get away with sharing 6GB of data comfortably, but that’s already $20 more expensive than my current plan.

  • Kind of a cruel joke to think that we are all so incredibly stupid. No value at all in the these new plans. The big two companies in wireless are becoming more and more the same. Not sure if they are really just one company now and just are hiding that fact.

  • This plan benefits people on family plans with “normal” type usage and 4-5 lines…not people with 1 or 2 lines with low minute usage…

    Sadly when I worked for Verizon, people did ask for these all the time…but Verizon went and added in the unlimited mins/txt so they could up the prices and have justification.

    They should have gone with 3 tiers…1000mins, 1500mins, unlimited…and made texting a $20 add on….would have worked out better for consumers…but as the article said…they’re more about shareholder satisfaction than people….

    they are also neglecting a large segment that doesn’t want/use data…just wants phones and barely uses them…

    a person that has a 700 minute plan with no texting or data right now for 5 lines pays $100+ tax….under the new plan…they move to unlimited mins and txt…which they don’t need and pays $200 a month for the same 5 basic phones…

    and yes…there were still a good amount of people that came in and just wanted basic or texting only and low mins….verizon loses on these customers

  • OK so I currently have 3 smart phones / unlimited data and 1 basic. With discounts pay $217 total including tax and fees. On the new share plan I have 3 smart phones @ $40 = $120 and 1 basic @ $30 = $150 + $80 for 6gb since we average between 4-5gb on high usage months = $230 before tax and fees. Totals taxes and fees add up to around $17 so we have $247 after tax and fees minus ~20% Discount = $197.60 so Assuming the discounts remain the same I’ll save money even at 8gb. The problem though is will the same corp discounts apply on these new plans?

    • delta504

      I believe they will, but I would not cut your unlimited data down to 6gb especially across 3 phones! You are downgrading by a long shot. There will be a day when you or one of your users starts eating up more than you have in the past, it’s only a matter of when.

  • Breezer23

    It doesn’t change much for me though I still dislike losing my unlimited data. Verizon has really gone out of its way to cut out all the fat in the last 2 years. I really miss the one year contracts.

  • Destroythanet

    Unlimited minutes and text are so pointless these days.

    • DrAndyRoid

      Unless they split their one phone for personal and business (I know people that do), but I understand what you’re saying. I care more about data. I, without any exaggeration at all, never use more than 50-60 minutes a month.

  • enigmaco

    I’m on a family plan where there are 5 lines 2 smartphones the rest basic phones with no Internet we use 4-6 gb a month and have the lowest minute package available. . According to to the rep our plan would go up 30 bucks a month with no added benefits. Thanks for the screw job verizon.

  • DrAndyRoid

    I’m using my last upgrade before the 28th, not activating and selling the GS3, and putting that money away to pay full retail for the next device Verizon comes out with that is worthwhile. Full retail from here on out.

  • Versonymous

    I will save $40/mo. I will spend an extra $70 every 2 years in activation fees.
    New policies = $890 in savings over the course of my 2-year contract. Sounds like a win for me…

    I do think it is VERY wrong if they are going to force people off current pricing that is more cost effective for them than these new plans.

  • The $#!+ in this plan really hits the fan when you realize they are doing something not dissimilar to AT&T with paying extra to use the same data. Feature phones, smartphones, and tablets will all use the same data pool, so why charge the access point differently based on the screen size? I wish the plan would at least be simple for customers. x dollars/gig of data, y dollars/standard line, z dollars for feature/smart lines.

    Not to mention that my unlimited data which is pushing six gigabytes this cycle costs 20 dollars less than the 1 GB of data entry level. I know we are adding in texts and minutes, but I really think the plans should drop by $10. I need to get everyone upgraded to keep the unlimited for now, and the family will readjust as necessary when our upgrade cycle comes back in 2013-4.

  • jarrod

    Here I come boost mobile!

  • apingaut

    It’s time for droid-life to pick up the “an” of android.


  • dwaynaz

    I know this might sound rude, but people need to stop depending so much on their cell phones. People using 10 GB a month, really? Hop on WIFI, or pay for the data that you use and stop whining.

  • WickedToby741

    There are a couple of agendas Verizon is pushing with these plans.

    The first and foremost is more data. They want to make low data plans expensive so you upgrade. 1 GB and 2 GB plans just plain don’t make sense. 4 GB is definitely on the conservative side, so most consumers will be opting for 6 GB and 8 GB plans.

    Second, they’re trying to kill the feature phone. With feature phones only $10 less a month than a smartphone and so much less capable, it doesn’t make sense to buy a new feature phone, especially when some smartphones you can get for free after the rebate.

    Third, Verizon’s arguments for these plans is always going to go like this:
    1. Unlimited data is unsustainable (although we’d be happy to give you as much data as you want so long as you’re paying).
    2. Sharing is better for the consumer (it’s also better for our bottom line).
    3. These plans are more valuable because they offer unlimited voice and text and “free” tethering (obviously, nothing here is free, we’re just forcing you to pay more for less data and giving you unnecessary things for “free” to justify it).

    The only way you’re going to win this argument is by taking your business elsewhere.

    • Adam Brandt

      Tethering should have been free since they switched to tiered data last year. By them promoting it as they are now (FREE TETHERING USE YOUR PHONE TO SHARE DATA WITH ANYONE!!!!!), they are making something that should have been free all along (your own tiered data you pay for), look as if though it’s a feature when it’s really not. And if they are going to sell data, then give me MY DATA. I mean, if I buy 10 gigs of data, I WANT those 10 gigs. It shouldn’t matter when I use them, they are MINE. If I use 5 gigs one month and 15 another, I should get to keep those 5 gigs for the next month. If they’re gonna sell blocks of data then really SELL THEM. Give me an amount and a price and let me buy MY data. It’s interesting to watch the home broadband market and wireless one. Home networks get faster and faster (in my case anyway with FIOS). I find it weird that my FIOS is the only home broadband service I know of with no 150GB or 250GB data cap, yet they are the worse wireless broadband provider. Is it THAT much more money for Verizon to maintain their LTE network then it is their home FIOS fiber optic network? I really don’t understand why the 2 broadband services are SO DRASTICALLY different. Wireless will only continue to get faster and faster and demand will continue to increase exponentially. I just don’t see how this plan is sustainable long term

  • Seth Crain

    When I broke the news to my dad about the share everything plan and told him about how much it would cost, he instantly decided he/we would be switching to sprint. So EVO-life anyone?

  • Guest

    It’s like Verizon did everything wrong.
    I used to get 450 minutes… but I only use about 200… so I need less. The new plans give you more.

    I used to get 1000 text messages… but I only use about 100… so I need less. The new plans give you more.

    I need as much data as possible. I used to have unlimited. The new plans make you SPLIT very small amounts of data… for inflated prices.

    It’s like the deliberately gave us more and more of what we do NOT need… and less and less of what we do need: data.

    This is Verizon’s idea of an “improvement”?

  • Neiander

    What I don’t understand is the actual pricing. Fine, if Verizon wants to do this share plan, why did the have to hike the prices up 100%? If Verizon left the 2gb at $30 and the 4GB at $60 and so on, i think people would not be saying ANYTHING. Verizon themselves say that the average user uses 2GB, then if you are hell bent on eliminating the grandfathering unlimited, why not leave the 2GB option at the current price plan. Verizon would not be catching ANY crap if they didn’t raise the data prices to such ridiculous costs. Very stupid IMHO.

  • James Hill

    I Currently have 1 feature phone(no data), droid3 (unlmt data) and a Gnex (unlmnt data), unlimited txt and 700 min. Bill = 185$ tax uncluded. I use 10 to 30 Gb of data and my wife uses 2Gb of data. Under the new plan; Smart phone X2 80$, Feature Phone 30$, 10 Gb of data 100$ = 210 plus tax. I guess if I really wanted less data and wanted to see if I could get brain cancer from talking on the phone all the time. And lets just forget about me ever using video chat on the go.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I think what some people, like myself missed, is that Big Red will be charging $40 PER smartphone on the plan. My current plan has 5 smartphones with unlimited data on each phone. My line, the primary, gets a 20% discount from my company. The rest of the lines come at a price of $10 per line and then unlimited data. We share 1400 minutes. My bill is $270 and change.

    Under the new plan and factoring in all the price changes, along with the highest data plan, my bill will INCREASE (with my discount). In the long run, it’s better for me to pay full price for the phone and keep my unlimited data.

  • Mike

    I’ve had 3 different techs [from 3 different locations] tell me that they’ve been told that the single-line plans are not scheduled to have cheaper data than than multi-line plans at the moment; one didn’t know anything about it while the other two had heard that originally, but when the employee info training packets came out, they said the solo-line plans had been left out. Whether or not these would be available on the 28th or at a later date, they did not know.

    This could just be another case of employees not knowing whats going on, but there is currently no mention of lower prices for a single phone plan on the info page or the calculator tool using one phone.

  • ourcats5

    As far as I can tell, all Verizon did was switch their “unlimited” from data, to text and minutes, and switch their “tiered” plans from text and minutes to data. Why, because, that’s where the money is. Capitalism at its best.
    So for me, I’m dropping my three basic phones and getting prepaid phones, and the two smart phones on our plan will share two gigs (we pay $$29.95 x2 for the smart phones now) and we have averaged under 2 gigs for every month for the last 12 months, so $60.00 is a push as far as I’m concerned. Screw Verizon and their $30.00 basic phone package.


    To avoid this BS plan move and keep my unlimited data, we went to a VZW store and had them add a line to our account, in order to keep the bill the same we had to do some tweaking with our plans namely we dropped the unlimited texting on our lines and went with 1000 per month, we then placed a feature phone on the new line and did the esn change to the line we were trying to keep unlimited data but wasn’t due for an upgrade until December. So we got unlimted data on that line (mine was due an upgrade anyway), and got a new phone on the other line @ subsidized rate. Catch is we have to keep the extra line for 2 yrs because we can’t drop the current line and still keep unlimited data, and we can’t use the upgrade on that same line since both would force a move to tiered plans. If you’re on the fence and don’t hv anoher option than VZW, I suggest trying this at you local store.

  • Wraaa

    I guess that I am confused by your review. Currently I pay 100$ per month for unlimited data, because i am grandfathered under verizon, unlimited texts , which i use, and 450 minutes, which i rarely go over. I use on average 2gb per month. Mostly from mobile browsing, apps, and logmein remoting for clients. My mother has unlimited minutes and a feature phone, and she pays 80$ per month. She uses on average 1200 minutes per month. My girlfriend has an iphone, 2gb on ATT, with 450 minutes, and she pays 90$ per month, her average data use is 500 mb/month. Combined our three bills are 270$ per month. My mom wants to upgrade to a smartphone, but she also wants to keep her minutes. , so for her to do so would bring our bill to at least $300 a month, because a smartphone data package starts at 30$. Now lets look at this using the verizon family share numbers…

    We each pay a base 40$ / month for our “smartphones”.
    We split 10gb of data for 100$ a month, because it is a MUCH better deal than 50 for 1.
    Our combined bill is now 220 per month, for all of us to have smartphone and to share more data than we currently consume combined. This is a combined savings of 80$ per month, or 27$ per person per month. I understand that my bills are skewed because my mother enjoys her unlimited data, but while the trend is that people use less minutes – it does not mean that people use NO minutes. I am not a talker, but I use about 450 minutes a month between business and pleasure. Please discuss, I am not sure if i am making my calculations incorrectly, but it seems to make sense to me.

    • delta504

      You will be doing better monthly but you are still “downgrading”. Once you move off unlimited you cannot go back. Im glad you checked your usage and hope that will continue to work for you, but hopefully no one on your plan discovers a streaming service they like and start utilizing half your data. Example- just a short year ago my wife on iphone used 200mb or less, now with a droid over verizon she recieved her 90% of 4gb data just last month. Im glad i hoped on double data deal when i did a few months ago. Point is, the phones and services are geared toward data usage with every passing day. I would not settle for less data than i had to.

  • Veirzon is nothing more than a terrorist orginazation. The future is data usage with more and more of our content being run in the “cloud”. They know this and they want to try and screw us as much as possible. They know this and want you to go over your data usage so they can charge you even more money. I will leave them as soon as my two years is up. RUN LIKE HELL FROM VERIZON. There are alternatives.
    When I called Verizon to ask about ways to go around this he told me to use my phone with wifi as much as possible and to not use their service. He said they cant handle all the usage and that this is the only way to slow it down. If they dont want us using their service then what the hell are we paying for?

  • Jim Teague

    Currently we have 4 4g phones and 1 Iphone. We use around 4GB/month. We all text alot and I use my phone for about 1500minutes/month. Switching to this new plan will save me about $30/month. It is definitely not for everyone as the article states. But for me, who uses a lot of minutes and not much data, it is great.

  • burpootus

    This is the first time I’ve been lucky for buying a DroidX on launch day (July 2010), as I’m on unlimited data and eligible to upgrade now. I’ve pre-ordered the Galaxy SIII, so I should be good for another 2+ years. Hopefully the market will settle this madness out before I’m forced off unlimited. If I were a new customer, there’s no way I’d sign up for Share Everything. Data should be getting cheaper, not more expensive. I hope consumers run from this.

  • ToBa9

    Why not charge based on speed like ISPs? Idk, just thinking out loud, wonder if someone can explain why this can/can not work. Is there not a large enough range of speeds or would this also be really expensive?

  • John Smith, III

    Very good and informative article, great research. Thanks for sharing knowledge now lets think about Family Sharing, it puts a whole new perspective on this matter.

  • Nick

    This just further steels my determination to take my unlimited data TO MY GRAVE.

  • McHat

    Goodbye Verizon

  • Justin Bourne

    How come everyone’s plan is cheaper than mine? I’ve paid $220/month for 2 smartphones w/ unlimited text and data plus 1400 shared min & unlimited mobile 2 mobile since vzw bought out alltel. 2 months ago I cut back to 700 minutes to save money and my bill has still been $220/month. I will definitely be paying full retail if it means keeping unlimited data.

  • Alexander Garcia

    My wife and I have been doing a lot of calculating and strategizing on the best option for us in this shitty situation. Our best solution to not get screwed over too much is just to buy our next phones at full price and keep our grandfathered unlimited data. We started saving up already 3 days ago. Solutions may vary however depending on individual situations and phone usage habits.

  • Ted

    Decided to be brave, bought my GSM G-Nex and a Straight Talk unlimited everything month of service. I should be up and running on the new service within a few days. I am not a data hog and should never have an issue with Straight Talk’s “soft” data cap at 2GB a month. I am literally itching with anticipation to be out of Verizon’s corporate grasp. If only people would learn.

  • Immolate

    I’ve asked Verizon for shared data plans through email. I’ve also asked them (more than once) to allow more than five people on a plan. My account has five smart-phones, but my two youngest daughters are without. So I’m getting a fifty dollar discount on data with the shared plans, but getting hammered by the incremental phone charges. In the end, the price is about the same for me. The net plus for me is that now I only have the worry about data overages. Those days of riding herd on the family over minutes are done. That’s one thing I don’t see many people talking about – no more nights and weekends.

  • Lepa

    I don’t think we are apposed to share data amount, we just don’t like the price of it. When they introduced family share plans for talk time, I saw the gain and went for it. I just don’t see how I benefit from their prices for sharing data. Let them show it me.

  • Hybrisate

    Verizon is a for profit company; data demand will exceed data supply by sometime in 2014. Back when demand was LOW, there was one option: you MUST have a data package for your smartphone. That plan was unlimited, again because data demand was not very high at the time. As data demand has increased, they have gone away from unlimited due to potential increase in revenues and to keep their network in good shape. Now that data demand is about to exceed the supply, what else do you expect Verizon to do? They know how to make money, and they know how to provide a superior network. Do you really think any smart, for profit company is going to sit back and let everyone eat up all the data they can? Minutes and texts used to be expensive, but now that no one uses them they are cheap. Data used to be cheap, but now that everyone wants it, it’s expensive. This is elementary economics. Drop your sense of entitlement, we live in a world where companies exist to profit by providing you a service. When only a few million people needed smartphones, it made sense to offer unlimited. With the proliferation of tablets and other mobile broad band devices, it’s just not possible for everyone to keep unlimited. Open your eyes people, it’s simple economics and all the other carriers will follow suit because, WE AS CONSUMERS ARE USING SO MUCH DATA. Consumer behavior caused this. So quit whining, recognize the reality of the industry, and pick your best course of action. People are forgetting they have so many options. I’m gonna keep my unlimited by taking the upgrades from the feature phone users on my account. And if one day that won’t work either, I’ll pick my next best option.

    • delta504

      Entitlement!?!?! Strong words, and extremely incorrect use of the words at that. No one I see is crying give me something for nothing. Verizon owes it’s customers nothing as well other than the service we pay for.

      99% of complaints are valid in that these plans, for the SAME monthly fee, cut data allowance in HALF, straight up. At current bandwidth allowance, the plan will cost more and gives you nothing in return. It’s exactly what’s described in the article, smoke and mirrors.

      Verizon has already moved away from unlimited for tiered plans, so DO NOT go throwing incorrect terminology such as “entitlement” around when it comes to corporation gouging at its finest.

      • hybrisate

        That’s the thing, you don’t HAVE to switch to share everything. You can stay on your Nationwide talk plan even as your upgrade, you will just lose unlimited. So these VALID COMPLAINTS your referencing are redundant. If you’re going to pay the SAME for HALF the allowance, don’t switch. It’s not smoke and mirrors if you have the option to avoid it. The only thing you are entitled to is the terms of your contract for the 2 years you are on it; besides that, I totally feel people are entitling themselves to too much. You as the consumer have the choice, you will never have the power to tell the carrier how to run their business. I think entitlement is an accurate word for a lot of the whiners here. If you don’t like share plans, stay on nationwide. I am.

        • delta504

          Very good rebutle and good point on choice, but that is now. Wait another year or two and todays choice will become the only option for anyone with more than one line. It also still doesn’t excuse blatant double charge rates and the unlimited voice is moot, not a benefit at all to most users. I will choose to stay on my current plan until forced out……..we shall see.

      • hybrisate

        Also, you say you pay more for nothing in return; you are gaining the benefit of unlimited talk and text. That doesn’t mean much for most of us, right now it’s currently $300 for 5 BASIC phones to have talk and text. On the new plans, a family of 5 basic phone users can get the same unlimited for only $220. Just because it doesn’t save you and me and all the other nerds money, doesn’t mean it’s hurting everyone. Verizon knows what they are doing; sadly these plans are going to work for them.

  • Jeremy Case

    You know what I hear whine whine bitch bitch. Is Verizon supposed to not make money. Did I miss where they went non profit!! All the people complaining about the price increase cut outyour morning Starbucks and you’ll save money.

  • J Dub

    It used to be voice minutes were king. Who had the most for the cheapest. Then came texts and again same thing. Then the big thing is data. Who has unlimited. Now that almost all carriers have adopted the same model they can basically force you to do what they want. So here we are. Shitty plans on almost all carriers. We only have 700 voice minutes and MAYBE once got close to using them. Most month we only use half. Texts are now the same way. All of our friends have smartphones we can contact via methods that use data. We each have 500 to outside VZW people and free texts to VZW people. Going forward it’s quite obvious that each year data usage goes up so this is nothing more than a money grab. AT&T will follow suit before too long.

  • Eff Verizon In The A!

    I’m on my own plan who the phuck am I supposed to be sharing data with? Verizon can take away my unlimited plan when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. Even if I had to pay an early termination fee I would gladly do it with a big smile on my face. With the amount of features Verizon keeps taking away, while continually adding new fees and costs, and then now screwing with my unlimited plan. Well I would easily do whatever is necessary to not to continue to support a company that thinks they can treat me like old garbage, and then take away my current plan that I’ve had this long because I’ve been a loyal customer for 12 years. Paying a fee to leave my contract early or buying phones at full price is nothing compared to supporting a company that values their customers this little. Hell I live in a suburb of a huge city, pay for 4G right now, and I only ever get sh!tty 3G service. Plus, dear Lord, if you only knew the other current problems I’m having with Verizon trying to get me to pay for a phone I never recieved or owned. Well, my hate for this shady company could not be any higher than it is now. Taking away unlimited was just pouring gasoline on an already raging inferno.

  • squrel23

    Currently my bill for 3 smartphones, 700 mins and unlimited text is $215/month. Under the new plans I can get 6GB to share between us (we rarely go over 4GB combined anyway) and its $200/month. So unless I’m missing something it will luckily work out better for me.

  • Howard Hedger

    Tell you what, roll over the data I don’t use into the next month and then we’ll talk.

  • Dzhokhar

    What people asked for was to be able to add shared data to their existing plan with a similar pricing model to what they already had for shared voice. That is, the ability to continue to buy data at about the same price (per gigabyte) that they did before (or even a slight discount), while being able to share that data across multiple devices at a small cost of ~$5 per additional device.

    What Verizon actually gave us is a significant overhaul of their pricing structure with a gigantic price increase (for anyone with less than about 5 data devices).

  • HueThree

    GSM Google Nexus on StraightTalk. $450 after tax for phone. $45 per month for unlimited text, calls, 2gb data per month 100mbs per day. Leave proxy blank in APN and use more data. Don’t be afraid to save money. Between Att and Tmo you will have coverage.

  • dragonflyr

    hmmm … trolls?

  • Trueblue711

    I almost threw up the other day when I read an AP article describing the new plans. The journalist must’ve been a Verizon shareholder, because the way they described it was like these new plans would save everyone money. 5 out of their 6 scenarios ruled the new plans cheaper. This is not the case for most people I know, just like people on this site.

    Verizon: I want shared data, but I don’t need unlimited texting or minutes. You know this already, but as usual want me to buy more than I’ll ever need.

  • Joe b

    My plan with 700 min unltd text, 5smartphones, one heavy user, 1 mobile hotspot, 1 tablet goes down by 40 dollars. My moms plan 1400 minute 1 basic, 3 smart one tablet goes down by 20 dollars