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Share Everything Plans Mean Sharing More of Your Bank Account [Opinion]

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend a ton of time with a big group of friends and family (30-50 people) thanks to a graduation celebration for my brother. During that time, smartphones and wireless service were brought up quite often (since that’s what I do for a living), leading to some interesting conversations around Verizon’s new Share Everything plans. What I gathered over the last 4 days, was that these plans benefit very few people, and that no one I talked to had suggested to Verizon that this become an option, as was suggested through their announcement. 

Family and Friends

This group of friends and family that was in Portland for the weekend is what I would consider to be average tech consumers. Almost all have some form of higher education, many have smartphones, some have feature phones, a few travel for work, most use computers on a daily basis, and almost all are starting to realize that their lives are made easier by using more technology. Being in the northwest, I’d say that 90% of them are Verizon subscribers and have been for a number of years. As you can imagine, when I started trying to pry thoughts out of them on these new shared data plans, they had some concerns.

“Customers Asked”

According to Big Red, “customers asked” for these new shared data plans. Did they really though? We don’t know who Verizon polled or where they got the idea that sharing data was something needed, but what I do know is that every single person I talked to this weekend, had certainly never thought of it. Not only that, but we also had to talk through the situation a couple of times in order  for them to fully grasp what it is that Big Red is trying to get them into, starting June 28.

Smoke Screen

As I sat with these friends and family this weekend, I had plenty of opportunities to talk through the benefits (if there are any) to these new Share Everything plans. I made it clear that if you switch to one, you would never have to worry about minutes and text messages anymore as they were being bumped up to “unlimited” status. While that sounded good at first, none of them were all that excited about this new “unlimited” status because they are all settled into their current plans which they are comfortable with and rarely run over on.

“Unlimited” is how Verizon is going to try to sell these though. If you look at Verizon’s own landing page for these new Share Everything plans, you will struggle to find benefits. The only thing that stands out is this “unlimited” stuff, which from what I can tell, means very little to most. As you can imagine and we have reported on, people are using less and less minutes and are sending fewer and fewer texts each year. Both of these categories used to be cash cows for carriers, but as data has become the new mobile technology force, profits from those areas have fallen and carriers are finding other ways to make up for it. Data is one of those new ways.

Up front, through the unlimited smoke screen, everything sounds like a positive. “No more overages!” “No more worrying!” “Send as many texts as you’d like!” However, it’s the final step, where you choose a data plan, that is going be the thorn in the side of many. While you may not have to worry about texts and minutes, you will be worrying about data usage. With the small amounts of data and sky high prices that make up these tiers, along with the ever-growing number of data hog apps and services, you should be more worried now than ever.

Bottom Line

After talking through similar points this weekend, we finally got down to actual pricing and whether or not my friends and family would benefit from Share Everything. I was able to walk through their current setup and help them figure out their bill based on shared data tiers.

To give you an example, many of these were couples who had 1 smartphone and 1 feature phone. Their minute plans usually sat around the 600 minute mark, sometimes pushing towards 900. They had the one data plan, no plans for a hot spot and no need to connect a tablet. I would put their average bill at anywhere from $90 to $120. Once I was told how much they currently pay, I broke out the costs under these new Share Everything plans ($30 per feature phone, $40 per smartphone), which ended up being more than they are currently paying in every scenario.

If some of them took their 1 feature phone and 1 smartphone and added on a 1GB data package to share between them, they would be starting out at $120. Since almost no one can make it on 1GB of data (Verizon even claims that the average user uses 2GB), they would have to bump up to 2 or 4 or 6GB, which would then take their bills to $130, $140 and $150.

At one point, I tried to sell a couple on trading in their 1 feature phone for a smartphone because even if they weren’t big data users, their partner who may be, would benefit from having extra data. And then we got back into pricing and with data tiers starting at $50 for 1GB, it then made no sense.

I Don’t Get It

Seriously, I don’t get it. Do carriers think we’re all this stupid? For new customers, it is my understanding that all will be forced into a shared plan. For current though, it’s much different. If you take an upgrade after June 28, you can choose whether to go onto a solo tier or take the family onto a Share Everything plan. Every single current customer should take the solo tier in this situation. You can get 2GB of data for $30 on the solo, but when on the shared plan, it would cost you $60 for that much data that you would then have to share with other people. Think about that for a second. Verizon is charging share plans double for the same exact amount of data.

 An Expensive Future

I tried and tried over the last couple of weeks to find benefits to Share Everything, and unfortunately, I have come up empty. From what I can tell, the only people to benefit, would be those that talk like champs and text with the best of them yet use little to no data. How many of those people do you know? In some cases, it would also benefit large families who have multiple smartphone lines. At least 75% of Droid Life readers said that under these plans, their bill would be higher. In some cases, drastically higher. I think we all understand, as with any major corporate move, that this wasn’t going to benefit the consumer in the end. I just feel for my friends and family (the average tech consumer), who are going to be left with some very difficult decisions in the near future.

  • rcpa

    It will save us lots of money. 3 smart phones and a dumbphone. One new WiFi tablet and plans for at least one more WiFi tablet. Currently the tablet doesn’t use data outside the house because we don’t want to pay $30 hotspot charge for infrequent use of the tablets outside the house. We currently pay $229.97 plus taxes/fees a month for 1400 shared minutes (to get the unlimited friends and family minutes), unlimited messaging, and unlimited data on all the phones, but we can’t use our tablets outside the house. If we added WiFi hotspot for two phones, we’d be up to $289.97 a month. However, we use less than 4GB a month across all our devices. So, with the Share Everything plans, we have unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging, and 4GB of shared data (including WiFi hotspots on all phones), for $220 plus taxes. Even if we think the tables would add data usage outside the house instead of simply replacing data usage on the phones, we could add 2GB for another $10, making the bill $230. Which is essentially what we pay now but without any data for our tablets.

    Makes a lot of sense to me.

  • One thing I haven’t seen anyone address in this whole debate – what happens if/when Verizon implements voice over LTE? According to Network World (http://goo.gl/PmX1p) it isn’t happening any time soon, but it’s probably coming at some point. When it happens does “unlimted calls” go completely out the window and each call now counts toward your data usage?
    And the biggest question I have – Is Verizon going to use any of these new profits to upgrade the towers around my house? I’m stuck in a 3G bubble with 4G cells on every side and it’s really starting to burn my biscuits.

    • Sorry bout your biscuits lol

      • I appreciate the condolences but I think my biscuits will survive. I’m not so sure about my wallet though, especially if the curent pricing holds true until my next device upgrade next year.

  • PSU_DI

    At first glass these plans due feel like a punch in the gut. If you at just the data numbers sure it feels like your going to get ripped off $50.00 for 1gig that’s nuts, but then take a closer look, the voice plans and text plans are way lower than they have ever been. When you start to look at real usage scenarios they are to make sense.

    2 smartphones and 1 tablet: $40.00 per smartphone unlimited voice and text $10.00 for the tablet$100.00 for 10GB shared. So bottom line total is 190.00 for 2 phones and your tablet.

    With the equivalent current family share plan you are at $119.98 for two phones unlimited voice
    $30.00 for unlimited txt$30.00 per smartphone for 2GB per device$30.00 for tablet 2GB So this bottom line total is $209.98 for 2 smartphones and a tablet

    So with the new plan you have a net saving of $20.00 and you now have 10GB to share how you will with the devices instead of 8GB that are locked into each device.

    Now I know this isn’t everyone s scenario and it certainly isn’t mine but I can see how with certain customers this isn’t a terrible option, especially to customer who aren’t on and can’t get unlimited plans but are still stuck in family plans.

  • Keep in mind that the “Droid-Life” along with the heavy users are very different from an average American. I work at a Verizon dealer in the not very rich but not very poor part of Chicago and so far 90% of the customers that I’ve shown this to have said that this is a great deal and that they would definitely get it. Not everyone needs a smartphone with a large amount of data. Some people simply like having a device of that type with them in one package, as opposed to the days of people carrying an *Pod Touch with them along with their phone. I use my phone heavily, however most of the time that I use it, I’m either at home, work or school, meaning I have WiFi access. My average usage comes out to be between 300 and 500 Megs per month, even though I have the unlimited plan.

    For a family that wants to have a few smartphones but not pay $30 per phone this is a godsend. The “young” generation feels a sense of entitlement that they need to have some crazy amount of data for a cheap price. You’re not the only users of a cell phone companies network, and just because something doesn’t seem to fit your lifestyle doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit others. In fact, from what I see in the Chicagoland area, most of the young crowd go with T-Mobile just because its cheaper, while many of the late-middle age to older people go with Verizon.

    Finally, for Kellex (though I doubt anyone is going to read this far); In my 3 years working at a cell phone store (and growing up in that store since its a family business), I’ve heard a HUGE amount of people asking me if I think a company will ever offer shared data since everything else is shared anyway. Are there people that would prefer a larger amount of data for the price? Of course, however with this economy, a family unit wants to keep up with the latest trends, while spending the least.

    • dragonflyr

      so much trash here. sorry, dude .. lotta crap yer spewing. we could go line by line through your post and tear it up.

      • I was simply saying it from my perspective of working at a Verizon dealer and from what I see on a day to day basis. Your needs do not necessarily reflect the needs of everyone else.
        And the phones CAN do great things without the need for data. GPS, emails, games and many other apps don’t need much data to function normally besides the initial download on some of them. Your 5, 8, or even 13MP camera doesn’t actually need data to take a picture, unless you absolutely need to upload it instantly somewhere.

    • dragonflyr

      you know what … the bottom line is that you are pushing ALL THE GREAT things these phones can do and then giving us a small bucket of data. or, if we realyy want to use all the wonderful things you say they do, we gotta pay insane money for a bigger bucket.

      • dragonflyr

        also .. i’m probably not considered the “young” generation. mike, really… what a pile of crap.

    • Hold on. With old pricing scheme, you paid $10 + $30 = $40 for an additional smatphone line and was getting unlimited data. Now you’ll be paying $40 for additional smatphone line and pay for shared data separately. Where are the saving?!

      • Faulty logic. The unlimited talk and text plan was $149 for the first two lines plus $49.99 for each additional line. Now its $40 per line plus a single data plan. So if you were to get it with the old plan, you’d be paying $250 for talk and texts alone, plus $30 for each line of data which would make it $370. Now you pay $160 for unlimited talk and text and add data as needed meaning the minimum bill would be $210 (Obviously not many people are going to get the minimum data plan, though add $10 for each additional gig.

        • dragonflyr

          Ummm .. wha? Yeah, like many have said, more smokescreen tactics. Here is what you are not getting: WE DON’T CARE about talk and text!! And, evidently, neither does verizon. Data is king and you know it. I understand that they cannot do unlimited data, that is giving away the farm. BUT these new data tiers/pricing on TOP of the per access fees is outrageous. Sorry .. but the MAJORITY of customers will pay more (or get a LOT less).

  • James

    1 word, Quickster

  • Corey Hass

    I remember getting and using Google Voice because calls and texts are sent over data, which was (still is for me) unlimited, while the minutes/ texts were limited…now it has switched! You can have all the calls/ texts you want, put pay for every KB! I like how they have now made it OK for everyone phone to be a hotspot…share the data!

    I am currently on probably one of the oldest plans out there, an unlimited family share plan from Alltel, before it was morphed in to Verizon. After speaking with multiple “customer care” reps, not customer service reps, over the past few days, they have confirmed that I can still add a NEW line to my account and take use of the unlimited data!

    The question now is, which subsidized phone will yield the most profit for me on eBay so I can buy the RAZR HD at full price…

    • Iphone’s always retain their value far better then Android. 16gb or 32gb would give you a pretty good gain on ebay.

      • Corey Hass

        I was thinking that the S3 might have a fairly high demand right after launch though…and while you may be right about the *phone, with the 5th gen coming out soon, I could see those out of contract prices falling for the latest and not so greatest. Thanks for the input!

  • DJyoSNOW

    Also on the back of the new pricing print out. It says the average customer uses 1to2gigs of data… Who did they survey for this odd fact they are claiming.

  • i just posted on their facebook page that their new share plan sucks ass

    • Jeremy Case

      Yeah that’ll work.

  • droidftw

    Well I have to upgrade in the next 4 days.

  • dragonflyr

    thanks DL for calling it like it is … a smoke screen.

  • honestly as phones become better I don’t need a “new every two” anymore… my wife and I have a 700 min share plan with my daughter also on it. My wife and I both have unlimited data smartphone plan and my daughter has a dumbphone with 500 texts and unlimited in texting, my wife also has 250 texts, I have none as I only use google voice for texting. Our bill after 20% corp discount is $155.

    The new share plan puts us at $110 before we even add data.

    I just order my wife a Samsung Galaxy S III and I have a bionic. When I get tired of my bionic I will gladly go buy a Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Galaxy S III. I will gladly fork over $150-300 for a two year old smartphone and keep my unlimited plan going.

  • lumpysherman

    Welcome to verizon where the shareholder comes before the customer!

  • Rockrdr

    and letd not forget that every new phone free or not there is a 30.00 charge… I asked the rep why and she said that too many people are upgrading to new phones to often…WTF!!!

  • rich

    Not hard for me, I can simply not use any phone and not pay anything… Or I can go to the phone to go crap until everyone does and then they add more to their prices to…

  • SleepIT

    I’m one of those rare people who NEED the unlimited talk/text (mainly for work). With a smartphone and a MiFi on my plan, my costs stay the same and I can go to the 100GB plan for my devices ($160/mo) which is huge for me since my Mifi is currently on the 5GB/mo plan (and I have gone over when traveling for long periods).

    If it wasn’t for my job and I didn’t need the unlimited talk/text, I would *certainly* not be going to Verizon for my smartphone/data needs because it is a giant price increase for the average consumer with “unlimited” in the areas they don’t need it in.

    • You really threw me off with that mention of a “100GB plan”. Did you mean 10GB?

      • SleepIT

        Oops, yes I meant 10GB!!

  • David

    Prepaid plans seem the only option. Most of those are running $45-55 for unlimited voice, text and 2.5GB.

    • sinofueramos

      PagePlus – unlimited T/T and now with 2GB data for $55. Verizon towers. (I don’t use them, or sell them, just know about it)

  • rich

    Yet again, Americans never cease to amaze me… How f’ing stupid do you have to be to actually believe what the CEO of VZW says? any CEO for that matter? Knowing damn well that people are over paying for services others offer less for… But then you have the tag game where as all other carriers will follow suite when it comes to coverage and prices because, lets get real, they all group up and talk about how they can screw you more… The CEO even said there is no way VZW CAN’T MAKE MONEY ON THESE PLANS… exact quote, look it up…. Just so you all know, we Americans are to blame for some of this because your willing to pay more for crap… Look at EU, they have good service and phones and pay a heck of a lot less… Not to mention, they don’t have to wait a year to get an update on their phone software, and their phones come the way they are advertised, Uh Hum looking at you HTC with the Blunderbolt…

    • Benji

      gtfo kthx

  • slayer91790

    Maybe all mobile websites need to make a poll on how much internet does people really use on their plans and compare it to what Verizon says about the “average user”!

  • TheWenger

    It’s like the only people these plans will benefit are old people that talk all day and don’t know what the Internet is. And they’re still stuck paying for data (as if they’re ever gonna use data on a basic phone).

  • ahh… Straight Talk 🙂

  • Mule0331

    Here’s what I see happening. They say its unlimited talk, but if your on the phone too much, they will throttle your minutes like they throttle your data speeds. Pray your not on the phone when this happens, because when they slow it down the person may wind up sounding like a record that you hold back with your hand.

  • Rob

    “Seriously, I don’t get it. Do carriers think we’re all this stupid?”

    Yes, they think this. I think a lot of the general public wouldn’t know how bad of a deal they are getting honestly. I keep saying it but this plan only benefits plans with several smartphones and everyone uses less than 1GB per month each or people who talk incessantly and don’t use data (just like you said Kellex).

    Remember when AT&T said most users hardly ever get close to 2 GB a month so we’re taking away unlimited so you, the consumer, can save money? I kept asking everyone I knew that thought it wasn’t a big deal, what is the main purpose of a business?” A: to make money. How would saving a “vast majority of customers” be helping the business make money? It wouldn’t and it doesn’t, it’s just another way for a carrier to make you feel better about the horrible options they’re giving you.

  • David

    I have 1 feature, 1 smart phone on Verizon, use 2-4GB data. My bill goes from $100 to $140. I get a 20% discount make sit even worse, goes from $80 to $125.

    I expected Verizon to raise the price, but I didn’t expect a more than 50% increase.

    I cant/wont do it. I had hoped “shared data” would allow us to have two smartphones. Instead, looks like I’m definitely switching to a prepaid plan for $55 each, $110 total.

    I don’t see the economics of the Verizon plan for the consumer. I hope they change their minds before AT&T and everyone else copies it leaving no choice.

    • Chuckers

      Actually I hope all of the big wigs copy it. Then eventually there will be enough dissatisfaction among consumers that some new company can get its start and inject new competition. Its all a cycle, seemingly driven by greed.

  • I’m a Verizon customer and I have 5 lines all with unlimited data plans. I have 1 line that is due for a upgrade and we are going to pre-order the galaxy S111 before 6/28/12 but I have told all of them that if they want a new phone they will have to pay full price. In may we used 36GB of data.

  • TakeMyMoneyVZW

    Only Verizon benefits from the pricing change. They do it because they can and what are we going to do? We can choose not to use data or pay them whatever they ask and have data. This is just like gasoline pricing. The only way out is to not drive, but realistically, that’s not an option so we pay what they demand.

  • matthew

    As I’ve said before, I work for Verizon, every customer that I’ve talked to has nearly or will benefit greatly from this plan, while I mostly agree with this site on things (minus Samsung, I will never understand your guys obsession with their crap), you’re coming at it from an angle of high data use, low minutes, low or no (with a app) texts. The vast majority of customers (IE people not daily looking at an android blog) don’t use much data at all. I’ve seen several people since the announcement who have unlimited and are afraid of this switch, but when i pull up their account and on average for 5 smart phones, they’re using 4 gigs combined. Even doubling that just to make sure they have wiggle room, along with unlimited talk and text this is a better deal. Not for the few people like us who use tons of data, but for the majority of people across the country.

    • King of Nynex

      What do they tell you to tell people who are high data users? I’m kinda curious.

      • Chuckers

        Probably to suck it up.

        The real issue here is that everyone is trending to more data, eventually we will all be considered high data users. Verizon is getting in front of that trend. So while it makes sense and “looks cheaper” now, we will inevitably be paying more down the road.

        All the while Big Red treats us like ignorant children.

    • I currently have 2 smart phones on my plan, one with unlimited 4G data, and the other at 2GB per month. Both phones together only use about 3-4 gigs of data a month. I looked over the new plan very carefully and at first look it looked like I would benefit from switching. My cost would be nearly the same each month and I would be gaining unlimited minutes and texts. But then I look closer and I will not receive my corporate discount on all of the new plans, only on the data portion. So with the new plans I will be paying about $20 more a month. So even if you do not have unlimited data right now but have a corporate discount you still may not want to switch just for that reason also.

    • dragonflyr

      What I don’t get is that VZW and sales people talk up ALL the things you can do with your fancy phone … nfl, various media streaming, big fat dropbox accounts, navigation, etc..etc. And THEN you have the nerve to call various customers “high data” users!!! wha…? Basically .. you’re setting a trap. plain and simple.

    • I’m not using tonns of data, if I to switch to the new plan then for the same money I’ll be getting 1G shared data for the whole family. That’s not enough.

  • jeff

    As a single line person that uses a mere 2GB with a discount through work, I can tell you I’d be paying 50 dollars more. No thank you. I will just keep my old plan. Anyone with a discount now should avoid it at all costs

  • Let’s be honest here – there is no way that Verizon or any other provider is going to ever benefit you cost-wise. Every decision they make is going to cost you more and gain them more revenue. It’s as simple as that.

    Unlimited voice has zero value, and unlimited texts has very little value. So what they are doing is baiting you with those “benefits” then jacking you for more money being tight with the data, which is what people need.

    More money from you…for less from them. That’s how the wireless industry works. Good luck jumping ship to another provider – they just end up following suit.

  • Kevin E

    For me it works. I have 4 smartphones.
    Current: $100 family share plan, $40/phone (Access + smartphone charge) $260.

    New: $40*4+$80 (6 GB data)=$240
    Plus, I am seeing my family use less data now that there seems to be more and more hotspots available. Also, now I can cancel my home landline ($35/month)

    • wickets

      I will save a ton too…..with wifi almost everywhere I’m a bit unsure how people use so much data

  • Aaa

    Ugh just because you don’t know anyone who thought of shared data didn’t mean people don’t want/need it or aren’t open to the idea of it. Sheesh. If the pricing scheme was better, why wouldn’t you be open to it?

    • Chuckers

      We would. But is not. And so here we are, paying more while we get more of what we don’t need and less of what we do.

  • MentatYP

    Good idea conceptually (if Verizon would have asked me, I would’ve been one of those in favor of a shared data plan) but terrible execution price-wise. Don’t force me into unnecessary unlimited minutes and text. Give me the option to keep my current shared family minutes and convert my 2 individual smartphone data plans into one shared data plan for less money. I’d even be willing to go to a capped data plan (currently on unlimited) if the price made sense. Say $50 for 4GB shared between as many devices as you want. I think something along those lines would save money for many families or at least break even, but obviously that’s not what Verizon are trying to achieve. The greed is so obvious it’s laughable.

    It’s high time that they let us use the data we pay for and let us pay for the data we use, instead of charging us for alternate ways of using our data (hotspot, etc.) If I buy 4GB of data I should be able to use it on any Verizon device I own. But that’s another issue. Verizon are just making it worse.

  • RW-1

    We’ll all be screwed as they implement this, for the real reason has been discussed before: the end of voice – once you go to voice over 4G that likely will count against your data share plan. Minutes don’t matter anymore and it’s true! Rape us for data now, and when you settle into the plan, then you’ll really get hit as your calls assist you into limits and overages.
    It’s sad that they actually think most of us can’t see thru the BS …

  • bakdroid

    Sorry people, this is the future. Verizon is not going to be the only one doing this, everyone is going to get on-board. And why not?

    Also, lets not forget back in the early 90s and late 80s cell phone plans were running $300 a month for like next to no minutes. This boom of cheap cellphone plans was coming to an end sooner or later. And, when you couple this with the fact that Comcast and other LAN providers are going to start pushing caps down, bandwidth becomes the new currency and we as users just have to accept that or go back to the stone age.

    • The future is prepaid. With portable plans and multiple competing providers.
      Yes, data will not be unlimited (why should it be unlimited)? But it should be priced reasonably. Cell phone bill should not rival the car payment.

    • hybrisate

      I think it’s funny that people are rating you down when you’re just trying to give cold, hard truth. It’s simple economics, why are people not realizing that? Yes we are all super bummed to see unlimited data taken away; but it’s happening everywhere. Canada has had landline internet data caps for a long time now; we’ve been spoiled here in America with unlimited data through various internet channels for so long. Don’t get mad at this guy for telling the truth; be mad that we as consumers used enough data for the carriers to start charging us more. If you owned a business with a commodity like data, would you keep giving it away even as more and more people demand it? If you say yes, you will probably never own a successful business.

  • pickle3782

    I have 2 phones. Smartphone for me, with the $30 unlimited data plan, and a dumbphone for my mother that she only uses to make a few calls.

    We split a 700 minute plan ($60 + $10 for my mothers additional line) with free verizon to verizon minutes and I have a 500 text add on ($10) with free verizon to verizon texting.

    With everyone I know being on verizon, and being able to make calls and text to them for free, my mother and I barley use 200 minutes a month of our 700 minute plan. I also blocked any for of text from my mothers phone because she doesnt know how to text anyway.


    Our current plan
    $60 for base 700 minute plan and 1 phone. +
    $10 for my mothers additional phone. +
    $10 text plan for my phone. +
    $30 for my unlimited data plan
    minus my company discounts


    $100 or so per month with taxes and fees.

    Now I would have to pay

    $40 for my smartphone. +
    $30 for my mothers phone. +
    $60 for 2gb of data. +

    And verizon is also changing the discounts so it would not minus as much.


    $125 per month I would estimate my new bill would be, for more features I DO NOT NEED OR WANT.

    How does this make sense?

    One of the main reasons I am with verizon is for the free verizon to verizon minutes. All my friends have verizon so I can keep my plan cost low by getting the cheapest family minute share plan I can get. I dont need unlimited minutes or texts.

    This is out of control.

  • Shadowcell

    Anybody upset about the fact that tiered data plan owners are getting a “4GB for $30” promo deal meanwhile grandfathered data plan owners aren’t receiving any incentive for loosing out?

    I’m predicting a heavy loss of Verizon customers who didn’t receive their upgrade before June 28 and AT&T offers a better tiered plans and decent phones too (HTC One X).

  • chey023

    swappa for my phones, no way am I giving up unlimited without a fight

  • Devin Dombrowski

    Unless I’m missing something, for the 2 smartphones on my plan w/ 700 min & unlimited data shared plan right now, I’d save nearly $30 a month by switching to the 2gb plan.

    • What you’re missing is that you’re going from 2 unlimited data plans to sharing 2GB across 2 devices. If your mobile data usage is really low, then congrats, you’re one of the winnners in the VZW lottery.

      • Joshyz73

        Also, if you don’t have any add-ons for text messaging, you should have the exact same rate. You should be at $80/month for the 700 plan, with 2 phones, then $60/month for data of $140 before taxes and fees. The 2GB plan for you would be the same cost ($60 for the data/talk plan, then $40 for each smartphone). If you have any text messaging, then you may be saving. Though, as Christopher said, you’d be sharing 2GB of data between 2 phones.

    • You probably paying for texts now.

  • jonathon johnston

    I am on a family plan now (I have the only smartphone with unlimited data) and my cost is $45 a month. My entire family plan plan with all 5 total phones is only $200 a month, with 1400 minutes that we do not use and unlimited texts for all. This fall when my contract is up my girlfriend and I are getting our own plan, and for 4gb of data we are going to be at $150 a month for just two phones.
    This is absolutely ridiculous. Shared everything is a great plan, just at the wrong pricing structure. I would be all for the plan if the pricing structure was different. Maybe, as mentioned, $40 for the first smartphone and $20 for each. Data should be cheaper, I can get 2gb for $30 on an individual plan, why should I now pay $50 for the same amount to share it?

    • sry, but for $50 you’re actually getting half of what you pay now for $30, and you share that whopping 1gb

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Any chance VZ has a double data sale with shared data?

  • bcrew5

    I can also save money too. About $35 a month but at the cost of losing 4GB of data a month. This is exactly what Verizon wants.

  • RellC

    Ok I have 5 lines with 4 smart phones that are on the unlimited data pricing and 1 xyboard that have the $30 for data. I have 1 bionic, 1 thunderbolt, 1 rezound, 1 Iphone4s also the xyboard. Right now my bill runs around $260 a month. Three of my lines are eligible for upgrades this year. Is it best for me to pay the full prices for the upgrading or switch to the new shared data plans? This new pricing is confusing me????

    • Floski

      I believe it would cost you $40(x5) + However much you spend on data.

      Check your monthly usage rages. For $60, you get only 2GB. For $70 you’d get 4GB. 4GB should be more than enough for most people on 5 devices. At most I say you spend $10 more. In exchange, you get unlimited minutes/texts/free tethering. It’s mostly even.

      How do you only pay $260? For 5 smartphone/tablets, you’d pay $200 in pure data/line fees alone. Add $60 for their cheapest minutes plan, add $30 for the family texting plan and you’re looking at $290. You don’t pay for texting maybe? Google Voice instead?

      • RellC

        Right now I have unlimited data and text, 1400 minutes, we never go over our minutes. $300 a month for cellphones..good bye verizon

  • Floski

    The average family of 4-8 that pays for texting will actually save money on the new plans. The average user consumes only about ~600MB of data a month, despite what VZW tries to convince you of so you overbuy.

    I’ve run the numbers on them multiple times. The only reason I come out ahead with my old plan is because I use Gvoice instead of paying $30 a month for texting. If I paid for texting, the newer plans would be way better for my family.

    Who loses? Individuals and families filled with power users.

    Who wins? Families of 4-8 that consume an average-above average amount of data.

    This is really just a realization on VZW’s part. The future is data, not minutes/texts. They’ve stopped trying to ream you in the ass for texts/minutes, now they are focusing on data. So they’re giving you UNLIMITED text/talk for $40 on any smartphone, only $30 for a feature phone. And they’re charging you on a much more nuanced and tiered data pricing structure, so people who use more will have to pay more. No more unlimiteds.

    It’s that simple. They’ve finally come around and seen the present. Anyone lucky enough to be grandfathered into unlimited data plans is a lucky bastard because you’re getting away with something. As smartphones/tablets get more and more computer replacement-like, people are going to consume way more data. Anyone with a brain saw that coming, VZW didn’t, now they are paying for it in badwill because they can’t afford to keep handing out data for cheap.

  • shaun.ober

    My moms account has 3 smart phone and two regular phones, she is paying well over 300 dollars a month and only use 1.5gb of data a month. this would = out to 250 before taxes on the new plan. This is a plus for here and will be making the switch ASAP.

    • Floski

      Exactly. And 1.5GB/month is average for 3 smartphones. The average smartphone consumer only uses about 600MB a month. The average family will SAVE month on this plan.

  • Kisuk3

    I plan on abusing the hell out of unlimited plan.

    • mustardhomie

      Do it for those who cannot not. do it for those who fear for their finances or for those who dont even care. DO IT for your country!

    • 1927 Metropolis is Here

      Same here, I plan on streaming hours upon hours of music, movies and video! Hello cloud player, Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and more! This is the beginning of the end my friends. They do what they want, when they want and how they want. We putrid peasants don’t matter. I wish people would stick together how they use to. Maybe then we could effect a change, but those days are long gone. All I wanna say is ” they don’t really care about us”!

  • Casey P

    There’s a reason I’m upgrading every line on my current plan that is eligible right now, and adding the one final line to my family plan that I had planned to add next February when my youngest reached the promised “for emergencies” age. To do so after June 28th would be costing me nearly $70/month more. And from here on out, it looks like I’ll be paying “full” price (or at least ebay price) for my hardware. Too bad VZW is the only real option for service where I live…

  • Mordecaidrake

    We’re all screwed basically. This in NO WAY benefits any customers, I’m concerned about this though because I know that I’m going to get screwed into this plan when someone on my family plan upgrades.

  • dylan84

    So glad I’m not a Verizon customer and dont have to deal with crap like this.

  • 2001400ex

    To DL: Can you help start something to create news/uproar over this? We need something similar to the Netflix or debit card fee deal to make them rethink thier plan. Great idea, just costs WAY too much. My bill with 5 lines where we use less than 1400 minutes but need an 8 gb plan would be $60 higher. Now we have unlimited data too.

    • dragonflyr

      not sure if it matters .. but .. verizon was taking a pretty good beating on their facebook page a few days ago. think i’ll go log in and stir the pot..:)

      • 2001400ex

        Ya we need a ton of people tho, need to get vzw bad press. Right now what I read is neutral.

      • Josh Flowers

        posted a negative review on their wall & was removed within 20 seconds–but not before i got a few “likes” by other people.

        the comments section is where the party’s at

  • leo

    Yea if they don’t extend my unlimited after my 2 year contract is over then I’m out. Sprint here I come even if there network ain’t all that. My bro has sprint and it works great for him so yea.

  • Eric Hauth

    it really is quite disturbing that the lured the public into smartphones by promoting these unlimited data plans and now they are striping that away from everybody now they have more need for unlimited. And at the time they want a subsidized price on their phones, its really hard to fathom.

    In no way do I want to get rid of my unlimited data especially if it goes from 10GB for $60(w/ 2 phones) to now 10GB for $100(just to split the data between 2 phones)