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Contest: Win Gift Cards Up to $30 to Spend on Cruzer Lite Cases (Update: Winners Picked)

We aren’t shy when talking about our love for Cruzer Lite’s products that work well with some of our favorite devices. Some of them are cases that will surely bring out the inner Android fanboy in all of us, so we have teamed up with them to bring our readers a nice little treat. We have 5 $30 gift cards, 10 $15 gift cards, and 10 $5 gift cards for winners to use towards a brand new Cruzer Lite case that will help keep their spiffy Android device safe.

If you’re feeling lucky, check the rules down below on how to enter. 


We have our 25 winners! Go check your emails!

Contest Entry:

1. Follow @Droid_Life and @Cruzerlite on Twitter.
2. Tweet the following phrase:


Win up to $30 in gift cards to spend on @Cruzerlite cases from @Droid_Life – http://goo.gl/u7rOq #android


3. In the comments below, tell us why you’re an Android fan.


We will pick our 25 winners this Wednesday, June 20 at 12PM PST randomly from our comments section, so make sure to use a valid email address when commenting. Good luck.

And be sure to check out their entire case collection and Facebook page for more. 

  • Icehunter

    I love Android because everyone is a geek for tech like I am. And I can win awesome swag like free cases or tickets to Android parties.

  • because rooting gives more customization than jail breaking. Better OS

  • znewman

    I am an Android fan because I like to tweak every little thing on my phone.


  • nicnic

    I love Android because I can do what I want to my phone and I can choose more than one phone everyone in the Android community is so great and I would never be a fanboy!

  • PudgyPanda

    I am an android fan b/c android gives me choices and the ability to customize. It is an OS for smart people.

  • KonArtiz

    I’m a fan of Android due to this blog! I was going to be a Apple guy but thanks to Kellex and showing us how to root and customizing it phones, I’ve became a dedicated Android fan and for that we thank you Droid Life!

  • Scott Meyer

    because I’m no sheep!

  • Kerri Burns

    I am an Android fan because I love being able to customize my phone, all the amazing apps especially all the free apps!! I love how easy my phone is to use for someone who doesn’t no that much about software and all the amazing people on this website who take the time to help others out with there promblems!!

  • Android is simply the future, it is a customizable interface that extends the powers of our minds and imaginations, it’s improving at a phenomenal pace and as it does so we improve as well! yay cyborg future!

  • 3 Words: “Don’t Be Evil”

  • Geekzilla

    I love Android because it is so hackable.

  • Because I get to pick how my phone looks. both in Style of phone and UI. My foot doesn’t fit in Apples glass slipper.

  • Jimbo

    I’m an Android fan because I like to tinker and no other platform lets you screw with your gadget as much as you want.

  • im a fan of Android just because i feel free to do what i want and i like to be different from everyone and their I*hones and what not. Android lets my phone be MINE

  • John

    I love Android because I love to geek out my phone.

  • tbaybe

    because i hate apple 🙂

  • I’m an Android fan because I love the customization 😀

  • Cause I like choice and freedom!

  • I love android because of the community, the awesome software, and the extreme customization that comes with my phones

  • I’m an Android fan because of the freedom I got. In addition, I love eating (cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, jellybean, and maybe key lime pie in the future).

  • windhunde

    I love the freedom to customize at will, to not be locked into the conformist world of i*

  • JaronDW


  • I love Android because how seamlessly it connects with my Google accounts. It just works! Amazing!

  • DROID fan: everything I need is always at my fingertips. Apps games email. All in a sleek smooth system that I can customize the way I want. The great community and developers do an AWESOME job. If you don’t have a green robot, then your not hanging with the best!

  • I love android because you have a lot of options these days with these phones. Even if you favor a certain carrier, they carry multiple variants of Android phones that fit to your liking. At least 1 of those phones is a flagship device. You can choose between a big screen or an hd screen or a compact phone! There’s so many options. This is not even going into the UI. I love how there are widgets that you can use directly in the home screen. Best of all I like how notifications work in android. I can check my notification light or simply turn on on the screen and see my badges that tell me what is new from an app or email or a message.

    • Oh and let’s not forget the wonderful android community because they rock!

  • PicoDeGiao

    I love the ability to customize Android. It’s like a new phone whenever I want.

  • From the first day that I got my [OG] Droid, I LOVED android. It didn’t have many apps back then… maybe 30,000 at most, but it was so fun learning another mobile OS (coming from windows mobile then blackberry.) I miss the old days when ROM developers developed for one device trying to make it better than the last ROM they developed, not better than the other developers’ ROMs. It has gotten a little better with the Galaxy Nexus, but I think the developing community needs to go back to collaborating, instead of thwarting each other.

  • I’m an Android fan because I want the ability to configure the software the way I want.

  • Customization all the way

  • Oh, Android, how do I thee, let me count the ways:
    1: Not iOS
    2: Not RIM
    3: Not Palm
    4: Not WinMo5 or 6
    5: Not Symbian
    6: Customizing
    7: Hacking
    8: Tweaking
    9: Sideloading
    10: Expandable
    11: Changable Batteries
    12: Unlimited contacts
    13: Not iOS…

    • Oh, I forgot to add:
      14: Can be natively run or emulated on almost any device.
      15: My son learned to use it when he was 2 y/o (with a little help).
      16: My daughter learned to use it at 8 with almost no help at all.

  • I’m an android fan because I am ROOT!

  • Andrew Taylor

    Duh, because it is the best moble platform hands down!

  • JustinUnderscore

    Choices, openness, and customizability. Plus I can write and test my own apps on a regular ol’ PC without having to pay $99 every year. Throw in these awesome cases, and, well… who wouldn’t like android? 🙂

  • Michael Wilson

    Why am I an android fan? Because I don’t want to be an iSheep and follow the herd. Plus Android phones are just far superior in every way. Customizations, big screens, open sourcing, and of course…LTE!!

  • I’m a fan because I never wanted to live in a walled garden. I like the wild free open world.

  • droidify

    Because I would rather carry a broken, outdated, donut device than a brand new crapple device. I also love to hack and change my GNex’s rom at least one a week.

  • I’m a fan because Android gives me choice. Choice in hardware, software, etc.

  • I’m a fan of Android because it is mad fat. I came from webOs, got a GNexus and modified it to charge with a touchstone, and I’m running a custom ROM as well. What other platform supports this kind of behavior?

  • BrutalSauce

    I’m an Android fan because my phone is just that my phone. I get to do whatever I want with it. I love programming for it as well it really is the greatest mobile platform out there.

  • wheineman

    Because I cannot stand all my friends who have an iPhone!

  • rcl5113

    Customization and the green dude.

  • CodeToJoy

    I’m an Android fan because there aren’t any limitations as to what the phone can do, unlike some other ‘smart’phones on the market. Yesterday’s post about the Windows XP-like launcher is proof of that.

  • I’m an Android fan because I don’t want a fascist phone.

  • Kevin Anderson

    I am an Android fan because of the open platform that allows manufacturers and developers to use their imagination and talents to create solutions for everyday problems.

  • Dave

    They’re the best products out there in the market and you have so many more options than just being a sheep

  • MJ

    I am a Android fan because it is the most open system compared to iOS, WIndows, and Blackberry.

  • I’m an Android fan because my phone is just that my phone. I get to do whatever I want with it. I love programming for it as well it really is the greatest mobile platform out there.

  • I’ma Android fan because the ease AND difficulty of using any android product is a great challenge to me. Plus its beautiful!

  • Moin Sheriff

    i love android because of its open source and ability to use custom roms and increase performance