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Tuesday Poll: Under Verizon’s New Share Everything Plans, Are You Saving or Losing Money?

It’s time to bust out those calculators. With Verizon announcing their new Share Everything plans, most of you are under the impression that these aren’t the great deals that Big Red is attempting to lead you into believing. From what I can tell at first glance, these plans will be amazing for families who talk on the phone a lot and text message like champs, yet rarely get on the internet or use data intensive apps. For those like me, that rarely make calls and use free instant messaging services (aka no text plan), but pound the data, these plans are the last thing I would ever choose. Each of our situations are different, so we would love to see what those are.

Let’s do two things here. First, walk through our step-by-step guide of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans and calculate a bill for your account based on these new numbers. And try not to automatically choose the 10GB plan to jack up the price, but look at your last 3 months of data usage to get yourself an average. Once you have done that, compare it to your current bill and then vote in the poll. We would love to know if you would save money, spend more, or stay the same with these new plans.

Would you pay more or less under a Share Everything plan from Verizon?

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  • Doug8307

    I’m not a data hog and I don’t even log a lot of minutes

    Currently I have

    450 Nationwide minutes = $40

    Unlimited data = $30

    250 Messages = $5

    Total = $75 (not including my corp. discount)

    Share Everything
    1 Smartphone = $40

    1 GB/ 2GB = $50/$60

    Total = $90/$100 (not including any discounts)

    Difference = $15/25 MORE per month.

    Over 2 years = $360/600 MORE

    The most expensive phone (iPhone 4S 64GB) only saves you $450 on contract so it looks like I’ll be paying full price from now on. I wish the SGIII wasn’t a big plastic-y mess, but I’m holding out for something in the 4″ range

    • CopierITGuy

      Maybe you missed the part of the big heading that says, “SHARE Everything” on it. This is not a plan designed for single lines. You can still upgrade your phone, keep your 450 minutes and pay $30 for your 2GB of data and $5 for your texts, and you’ll be just fine.

      This was created (1) to increase revenue and profit for Verizon; (2) to punish people like @kingofnynex:disqus for raping the ‘unlimited’ system; and (3) to ‘encourage’ people to connect more devices (see reason #1). It’s all about Verizon increasing their profits – just like any other business owner wants to do (and is the reason any business is in business.)

      This will force a lot of people to pay more, but it will also save a lot of people money, as well. This is just the next step in carriers steering users into the direction they want us to go. That could translate into steering some to another carrier, but eventually all carriers will follow suit. They always do. You can run, but you can’t hide!

      • will bartlett

        he isnt “raping the unlimted system”…he is using his UNLIMITED DATA when and how he wants to. i use anywhere from 2 gb to 20 gb a month…it all depends on where i am and what im doing. i like having that choice.

      • Doug8307

        Are you sure individuals aren’t going to be shoe-horned into these plans too? I don’t mean to sound dense, but I was under the impression that everyone will be forced onto these plans if they upgrade after June 28.

        Where did you see an offer for $30 for 2GB?

    • Yes, this is terrible for a single line plan.

  • I asked about company discounts.. they get applies to the data package costs.. Not to the phone fee’s

    so for 2 smartphones with 2gb data
    (40+40) + (60*discount) + Extortion Money(Taxes and Fees) = Total Bill

    For me it would be about $130-140 for this with taxes and fees. I’m paying 135 now for 2 smart phones with 750 minutes and 2gb data plans each. Luckily they are plans not for me, so the data usage is less then 1gb for both phones, so it is a wash.

  • steveP

    I would pay less but only because I currently am on a single line plan and assuming my gf would want to come into a shared plan we would jointly be paying $150/mo, whereas right now I pay $95/mo for the minimum talk plan, 500 message/mo and my unlimited data plan. I use maybe 750 MB max per month of data, but I spend most of my time on a wifi network at home and work. my gf is not a data hog, and also uses wifi at home. It would make sense for us to move into the 2 GB shared data plan but as she’s still on her families shared plan and only pays for the data portion it would cost her more/mo.

    So really it makes no sense.

  • CopierITGuy

    My phone is a company phone. We are a small, family business with 9 smartphones on 2 separate accounts. We pay $570/month (before taxes/fees). We have an old Alltel plan with over 3,000 shared minutes (between the 2 accounts), F&F & unlimited data. We use less than 14GB of data total with a couple of users exceeding 2GB rarely.

    On the new plan, we can consolidate to one account and only pay $480. To pay what we are currently paying, we would have to more than double our data usage to 32GB. Even using WiFi HotSpot won’t do that for us.

    I know this sucks for a lot of people, but for my company, this will save us over $100/month after taxes & fees.

    • nimbyist

      be careful vz doesnt read your post or they’ll start charging you small business prices.

      • CopierITGuy

        VZW can’t force you to purchase a business plan. Legally, I have 2 different personal accounts that are billed to the same address – nothing wrong with that. We’ve considered going to a business plan before, but we would pay almost double for what we currently have. Numerous VZW reps have encouraged us not to make the switch. Now, those reps may no longer be with VZW as a result, but hey, just sayin…

  • Deltaechoe

    Netflix and MOG, I’d end up paying thousands in data overages what with the moldy oldy router without wifi that my landlord insists on using. I end up using about 30-40 gig a month while still following my contractual TOS…

  • HueThree

    I don’t come here often but I want to let you guys know that Verizon is ripping you off big time and want to let you know about my experience.

    My PSA….The best thing I have done this year was drop Verizon and go off contract pre-paid with the GSM Nexus straight from Google Play. I am on Straight Talk Sim Att right now. I get unlimited calls and text, and about 2gigs of data per month for $45. No contract, no ETF’s, and I can shop for the best GSM carrier every month if I want to. I get between 3-7mbps download speeds…which more than fast enough for me. Streaming can be an issues sometimes, but we think we have found a work around over at xda to stream and get even more data by leaving proxy field black in APN settings.

    Yes I watch my data more carefully now, but the experience is the same for me. When I was on Verizon I used tons of data because I would forget to turn wifi on and didn’t have music stored locally on my device. And It was worth it to me to save $40+ a month over a Verzion bill and not have to sign a 2year contract. A brand new carrier unlocked Gnex is only $400.

    • Only $400. lol It would cost me $800 straight up to do that…no thanks

      • HueThree

        Yea one would have to wait till the end of their Verizon contract to avoid ETF. But even with an ETF it might be cheaper

        $400 (brand new Nexus from Google) + 1,080 (2 years @ 45/month on ST)= $1480,
        which is still a lot cheaper than Verizon

        $200-300 (brand new smartphone from VZW) +2,040 (2 years @ 85/month)= $2,240 which is $760 more over 2 years that StraightTalkSim

  • mikel61101

    mine would go from 188 minus my 20% ecpd discount to 258 with who knows how the discount is applied. yup not liking the new plans!

    • Same concern – it’s more or less the same price – but the way the discount will end up being applied will make the difference. 1 gb, however, should not cost $50 with any company. Complete rip off.

  • dbam987

    It would be about the same for my family. Currently have 4 smart phone users and 1 feature phone user and 1 tablet (with a data plan) user. So the tally is the following under the new plan:
    $40 x 4 (Smartphone)
    + $30 x 1 (Feature Phone)
    + $10 x 1 (Data-enabled tablet)
    + $90 (8 GB plan – average usage per month)
    = $290
    This is very close to what we are already paying on our current plans ($300). The bright side is that mobile hotspot access is included, so thats a plus. The down side is the loss of the unlimited plans on each of the smart phones we have.
    Just out of curiousity, in the chart they specify “notebooks” as one of the devices needing a line-access charge. Are they referring only to the ones equipped with 3G/LTE modems on board? If not, then this is a very bad deal to have if I wanted to use the mobile hotspot to connect my laptop to my phone.

    • I think the notebooks are indeed ones with the modems such as the Chromebook etc.

      • dbam987

        Thats good then. It makes sense it only applies to data-enabled devices anyway. Just want to confirm though.

  • WickedToby741

    If I calculate it so that on my plan, each smartphone is allotted 2 GB of data, my bill would be the same. However, with the hotspot feature I’m going to guess more data would be used, so factoring that in and jumping for an additional 2 GB of data would make it $10 more per month, which isn’t bad considering the hotspot feature is gained for everyone. As bad as these look, I think it may actually be worth it in my scenario. I really don’t want to give up my unlimited though cause once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back.

  • Murphy

    Verizon is masturbating to this poll right now.

    • Jake

      Exactly! They will be tricking LOTS of the non savvy sorts that don’t watch sites like this that are in the MORE column into the “free” phone.

      The “less” and “same” that are a huge minority on this poll and MAYBE switch even with being well informed, will ALL be “More” a few years from now when they learn the wonderful world of smartphone properly and start going over on data and have to pay up for not grandfathering unlimited!!

      • If you knew how to use a smartphone properly it wouldnt be so hard to learn to use wifi where available. Admittedly this isnt a solution for everyone. I know people who use their VZW plans to provide a home network, and those (including myself at work) who network speeds are slower then 3g.

        It’d be interesting to know the number of people who dont use wifi at all.

        • Reggie

          I use my phone’s data plan somewhere in the high 90% range when I’m away from wifi. There is no wifi signal available when I’m at work, which is when I do all of my Google Music streaming.

          • Dillonious

            And why don’t you simply put music on the device and stop sucking bandwidth? Or is that too confusing? It’s people like you who think the only way to do something is to stream it that are causing the bandwidth problems.

          • michael arazan

            he pays for his data that they initially offered him, he is not in the wrong for using it. If they didnt have the foresight with 90 million customers to see this, then its their problem, not his.

          • We’ll stop doing this when companies like Verizon stop touting and promoting features such as instant streaming HD video and streaming music in their commercials. Verizon sells these phones with the promise of nonstop 4G connection. Are we supposed to feel bad for using it?

        • Lots of people know how to use smartphones properly, and don’t use wifi at all. I have decent speeds at home, but LTE sucks battery like it was going out of style. I don’t turn on my Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, unless I need to use them at the moment to save my battery. Also, if I’m in a 3G only area for some reason, I switch the LTE off so it won’t constantly look for a signal and drain me for no reason. VZ is just trying to fuck us all over for more money, bottom line. All under the guise of “we need more bandwith, so you have to pay more” Based on this poll and the comments, a lot of people feel the same way.

        • caddy197

          Not all people can use WIFI. I use my phone all day at work streaming music and checking Facebook and whatever I need. Work internet usage is not allowed for this stuff. Personally I use about 10gb per month. I am on unlimited. Its ridiculous to pay $100 for 10gb of service oh…..then throw on the unlimited text and minutes and then the fee for even using the phone. I pay $80 a month now…..My bill would be close to $150. Its BS to now make a consumer pay $70 MORE a month for service that over seas runs about $30-50. Yes…..they don’t subsidize their phones…..but hell, i been off a subsidized phone for a year because Verizon can’t pick up a good phone worth upgrading to.

  • dk81

    I think a simple mistake a lot of people will make is only looking at the data they currently use. Ask yourself if your using more data now than 2 years ago, probably, and that trend will just continue. Everything you can do on your phone is going to require data, cloud services (where all your documents, media, etc will be kept), streaming media (spotify, netflix, hulu plus, nfl, etc). Local storage will be used less and less while at the same time data will cost more and more. Verizon knows this and they are already tightening the noose around our ignorant necks. As for me I’ll keep my unlimited data as long as I possibly can. I’ll never sign another contract with Verizon. Greedy bastards.

    • Especially for those of us that will be upgrading from 3G to 4G phones soon!

    • jseah114

      Especially since Verizon will also start allowing you to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot for no extra charge. My daughter blew through 500 MB of data in under an hour during a road trip while surfing Youtube and Facebook on a laptop tethered to my LTE phone.

    • good point.

  • Buy This

    I hate to say this (I don’t want to like Verizon anymore) but this appears to be awesome for my family plan. It is just me and my mom on it right now and we use just under 4 GB combined. So if we pay 80 for the two smartphones…and say another 80 for 6 GB, it still shaves 50 even off our bill..We recover more in what we were paying for voice/text than we lose in paying more for data basically. So from 210 to 160 it looks like.

    • bigdav1178

      How are you paying $210 currently for 2 smartphones on a family share plan? That seems extremely high.

  • fauxshizzl

    To go from unlimited data to a 1GB plan it would cost me approximately $20 more per month. I fail to see the value in any of these unless you have 3+ phones on a single plan, and people on them that rarely use data. Were any of you notified when Verizon asked and “we” responded that this is what we wanted?

    • Droidzilla

      I wanted shared data if it gave me a benefit. My wife uses next to no data and I use a ton and multiple devices, so shared is better for people like us if it’s set up to be a benefit to customers with that particular usage pattern. Verizon obviously set it up so that people would pay more, but they can do commercials that make it look like it’s a good setup with lots of potential benefits.

      I just wanted to be able to add a device for a fee to my unlimited plan, but I knew that was a pie-in-the-sky dream world filled with Luck Dragons and Apple competing on the merits of their devices instead of suing.

  • br_hermon

    What in God’s name are you people doing with your phones that you’re using 7-9gb, 15 or even 40gb of data a month!? I leave my wifi on at home all the time, I work from home too. But man, i don’t see how you can use that much data.

    • dk81

      its called tethering, no need for internet at home if you have a good 4g signal through your phone, why pay for cable or satellite when you can stream just about anything you want online. instead of paying for home internet and tv service just use the phone. bill consolidation 😉

    • MikeKorby

      Using FoxFi, my family and I have been using our 4g phones for internet ever since we moved into our current place. We have considered getting Comcast, but for now this has done the job just fine, and that includes streaming HD content to my blu ray player

    • Netflix, rhapsody, downloading ROM updates. Honestly tethering accounts for less than 10% of my usage.

    • Droidzilla

      I very rarely tether, but I have no home internet because I’ve found there’s very little that I do on a computer while at home (I do use a computer at work, so I don’t want to be on one the rest of the day). With LTE phones capable of streaming HD Netflix natively (read: not “abusing” their plan/device), getting over 100GB/month is a snap. I routinely use 5-10GB/month even after I dropped Netflix.

      I don’t get how people are not using at least 4GB a month, unless they have WiFi access. Streaming videos, Pandora, etc. is part of the joy of having a smartphone; do people not use these features?

      Don’t forget, too: if you pay for WiFi internet, that’s part of your monthly cost. I understand if you need it for other connected devices, but some of us are just about all mobile these days.

    • Plenty of media streaming. Music, video.

    • br_hermon

      Wow, well you all make sense. I just didn’t realize that that many people tether their phones for internet at home. Maybe it’s because I live within not so great coverage. I use my home wifi quite a bit for nearly everything.

  • KleenDroid

    I have 5 lines on smartphones that each have unlimited. I only pay $10 per month each for the unlimited data plans because I got on the deal I saw here. I will not give this up. I am going to upgrade my wife’s phone this week while we still can.

  • FAL_Fan

    I currently pay $205 a month for 2 smartphones and 2 feature phones with unlimited data on the smartphones and the 1400 minute plan with unlimited texting, we use a minimum of 6 gbs with only the smartphones accessing internet so at least another 1gb if the feature phones had internet so we would need at least 10 gbs so it would be roughly $265 with taxes…not ok

  • trbasil

    It could be a little cheaper, but taking a huge kick in the nuts on data allowance.

  • jayray78

    I’m not sure if I should have voted more or less. Truly, I don’t pay for my phone as it was provided by my company. However, switching 10 people over would be less expensive for the company, given that the average user only uses about .5gb per month.


    Technically since my bill is 300 a month which is ridiculous because thats only 4 smartphones.. it would be 290 would with all of us? 40×5=200+8 gigs for 90 and then taxes so 300.. so i guess actually less? even after taxes but that only gives us like 1.5 gigs per person and thats not going to work for me.

  • Asuriyan

    My bill goes up an automatic 40 bucks before the inevitable data overages.


  • br_hermon

    I’ve got 2 smartphones, that’s it. My bill’s usually ~170. With the New structure I’ll be paying 150 (both prices don’t include about 15 in taxes/charges) so I’ll actually be saving about $20 a month.
    P.S. Between 2 people we average 2gb / month, so I’d get the new 4gb plan.

  • Not even just a little more. My bill goes up by 40%.

  • msnight04

    My wife and I both have a smartphone. Combined, we use an average 3GB monthly. Because of this, we could sign up for the 4GB plan and, with my 15% corporate discount, save around $20/month. I use the vast majority of our data and that is at home and work. At home, I’m always on wifi and the network team is currently installing wireless across our entire campus (indoor and outdoor) at work. I actually foresee my data use habits decreasing and am considering switching to this plan.

  • My bill would be the same if I get the 1GB of data… but that’s a joke. I would be paying more for anything else.

  • EvanTheGamer


    And Verizon is laughing at us. Damn clowns.

  • (1) smart phone.

    I’m not a heavy user. I don’t remember what my plan is called but it’s 450 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited data for a little over $80 per month. My data each month is usually south of 1BG but I do occasionally go over that so I’d choose the 2BG plan.

    New plan would be $40 for the smart phone and $60 for the data.

    An extra $20 a month.

  • As a rep for Verizon I was just in looking at this for some of my clients during follow up and a lot of the single line and smaller family plans are not going to see much if any benefit. That said some of the larger family plans will see a benefit. One customer in particular of mine will save as much as $140 a month with the shared plan. It’s important for everyone to remember that majority of users are not like us here in the community and do not use a lot of data.

    • EC8CH

      well…. YEAH for the Duggars I guess /s

      • Hah, is that a DL first? The Duggar reference that is. 🙂

  • I’m on AT&T, but for 2 of us, 4GB data, it would be almost the same. We’re paying $150 after taxes and corp discount. This would be $150 before taxes and discount, so presumably we’d come out a little better off, but not enough to entice me to switch.

    If only they were GSM-based.

  • hogasswild

    I have three smart phones and pay $200 for a 700 minute plan and three data plans before taxes or discounts. Two lines have unlimited data while one has 2gb. We average about 5 gb a month in useage, but because I have to use my phone for work, I occasionally go over in minutes. My base price would be exactly the same, but I would probably want to spend an extra $10 for 8gb of data just in case since one of my lines does get to 3gb per month. So then I’d be spending $210, but would have the peace of mind that I have unlimited minutes.

  • King of Nynex

    I used 40 gigs last month. That’s like a billion dollars on the new system.

    • EvanTheGamer

      WHAT are you even doing that uses up 40gb a month? Oh wait…….lol

      • King of Nynex

        Honestly, I use most of my data with Google Music, Netflix, and Torrents. I don’t have cable tv or internet so I torrent my favorite shows straight to my phone if it’s not on Netflix. Then I can take them wherever I go.

        • EvanTheGamer

          You don’t own a computer?

          • King of Nynex

            I do, but it’s a heavy, POS laptop that overheats when I watch vidyas. I only use it to write, really. I prefer watching things on my phone.

          • standardsdt

            You’d prefer to watch things on a tiny screen, compared to a bigger screen? Wow, that’s a first that I’ve ever heard from someone to admit.

          • MikeKorby

            I stream on my nexus. If I have an issue with the screen size, then I connect it to one of my HDTVs with a micro-to-hdmi.

          • standardsdt

            Right that’s you. But King of Nynex, has not expressed that. If that’s the case, then that is a different story. But to choose a phone over a bigger screen doesn’t make much sense. If the laptop is overheating because of watching videos, then his graphics card or maybe even processor need replacement.

          • Andrew

            I own a computer and I use more data than this guy does. When you use torrents your data jumps up if you seed as well as download. I use my phoen as a mobile hotspot and could never use these new plans.

          • Andrew

            I own a computer and I use more data than this guy does. When you use torrents your data jumps up if you seed as well as download. I use my phone as a mobile hotspot and could never use these new plans.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Time to switch carriers then. Damn Verizon, they like to ruin plans.

        • Timmy

          Read a book.

        • Jon

          are you serious? you use your phone to torrent? gotta be kidding me

          • King of Nynex

            I’m not serious, but man, didn’t expect everyone to start raging.

    • tyguy829

      People like you are the reason for these new plans…

      • fastyzfr1

        Sorry bud.. it doesn’t matter if used that much or not. Verizon and all the carriers are going to keep finding new ways to charge more money. It is called a business not a non-profit. They are just restructuring in ways to lock people into spending more regardless of their plans.. sneaky and very good for shareholders.

      • epyon0

        wrong the iPhone & these companies needing new ways to make $ is the reason. Doesn’t matter about heavy users or not. This would of happened regardless. Data usage is how these companies make big bucks. Reason they push people getting smartphones & not carrying many basic phones anymore.

      • possomcrast1

        Exactly people extremely abusing tethering on a rooted phone for their entire home internet are the reason.

        • Droidzilla

          My RAZR can stream HD Netflix to an HDTV, and that’s a 100% legit usage of the device. What am I going to do that’s more data intensive than that? The whole idea of people “abusing the system” is very outdated with HD video streaming services being built into LTE handsets.

          Streaming HD Netflix is about 2GB/hour. These phones are advertised as being able to stream HD movies to your HDTV. So, if I stream 1, 2 hour movie a day to my TV (just using an advertised feature) and did nothing else, I would be at 120GB a month. Would I be “abusing the system,” or just using my LTE device as advertised?

    • Jojo

      Yea dickbag. You’re the reason carriers do stuff like this.

    • Tom

      You are the people that should be paying 40Gigs is a lot. I normally use about 4Gigs a month and because of that my bill would go up, unless they do the double data program.

      Most of my 4 Gigs is Google Music while in the car. I may be able to knock my data usage down by using WiFi, but that would mean a much slower internet. My 4G LTE blows away any WiFi (3 – 5 on WiFi vs. 10 – 20 on LTE) I use.

    • Michael Quinlan

      Many people (including me) would consider this abuse of an unlimited plan. I understand what unlimited means, but extreme use like this can drive carriers to throttling, or rethinking their data plan offerings. Oh wait, they’ve already discontinued unlimited data. Thanks.

      Not that I really think you or any one user would really have that effect, but it doesn’t help.

      • bigdav1178

        While I too think this guy is more or less abusing the “unlimited” plan, he is hardly the reason unlimited plans went away – Greed is why unlimited plans went away… the same reason we paid unreal rates for text messaging. They can get away with gouging us because there isn’t any real competition – it’s an oligopoly.

      • Droidzilla

        See my reply above. 40GB is hardly an abuse when we are given phones that are advertised as having a blazing fast internet connexion and the ability to stream HD movies. Even using the device “as intended” can get you over 100GB/month no problem; this is with zero tethering. I do 5GB a month easy (sometimes more) with no tethering, and that’s after I dropped Netflix. With Netflix and no tethering, I could hit triple digit GBs without doing anything that would be considered out of the ordinary use of my device.

        • King of Nynex

          I like that people are saying you can “abuse” an unlimited plan. The whole point of “unlimited” is you can use it however much you want.

          • Droidzilla

            This. This times a freaking thousand.

          • Michael Quinlan

            I think the real point of “unlimited” is that you can have reasonable, even occasionally excessive, usage without worrying about overage charges.

  • I barely use 1GB of data (I never use my Xoom on LTE and don’t stream on my GNex) I could move to 2GB plan and save $30 with GNex and Xoom. Why pay for “unlimited” if I am not really going to use it?

    • Droidzilla

      Sell that plan to someone. Every time an unlimited plan gets canceled, a baby kitty is punched to death.

  • More, an assload more. I use somewhere around 7-9GB a month, that’s a $70 difference on the data plan. I don’t even use minutes, maybe 100 a month and texts go through Google Voice. One smartphone and 3 feature phones. That’s $130 for phone access alone and another $100 for data. My brother wanted a smartphone, first time users use an assload of data and we’d be screwed.

    Right now our bill sits at about $160 a month before discount with 4 phones, one being an unlimited smartphone. It’d be about $240 with the new plan and my brother getting a smartphone. Not gonna happen.

  • Ben McDonald

    2 Smartphones and 1 basic phone. Over 2000 minutes used, but less than 1GB total data as almost all of my data usage is at home on wifi… these plans will save me $30-40 per month.

    • Droidzilla

      Sounds like you’re the exception; at least on this site.


    • justincase_2008

      I have 6 lines, 1 dumb phone, 3 smart phones and 2 tablets and it would cost me 270 to have 10gb for all of them. Idk how you got 290 but a 10 gb ($100) plan with 4 smart phones ($160) is 260 pre tax and fee. So still above the 245 you pay now.

      • Tyler Hupp

        His $290 is correct, your math forgot the $30 basic phone for his 5th line

      • RSLP

        He has one other line, +$30 = $290,

        • justincase_2008

          I was thinking he only had 4 lines that had data.

    • Derp


  • I just talked to verizon, they said we still can go with 2gb data instead of shared plans, so that is good. I am in a situation where I just preordered the Galaxy SIII with grandfathered unlimited data but my family can’t buy phones until Aug. So they said that if they buy at retail, they can keep it OR they can buy subsidized and goto 2gb, which is fine for them! This shared data priceing is whacked, seriously what were they thinking lol

  • thtechnologist

    This would kill me and the GF. We actively use the features advertised by VZW and combined hit around 15GB each month (we’re grandfathered unlimited) We’re about to get our son a phone soon as well. Looks like when her contract is up next spring I’ll just pay the ETF and go to sprint, unless they want to bend us over too.

  • Milkweed

    I am saving money if they still apply the 17% corporate discount. Otherwise i will being paying about $10.00 more a month.

  • Brent

    Currently paying $59.99 for 550 minutes shared to 2 droid 4’s as well as $29.99 per line for unlimited data which adds up to $120, between the two lines we’re averaging about 4.5-5 gb between the two phones. On the shared plan at $40 per phone and $80 for 6 gb of data we’d be at $160, that’s a 33% increase in our bill.

    It’s a good thing we’re locked in, just upgraded in February of 2012 so we can sit on our current plan for a while and let the chips play out but chances are we’ll be moving on when our contract is up if things don’t turn around.

  • im the only one on my plan that uses a ton of data right now. i could probably get the 4gb or 6gb plan and be completely ok with 4 smartphones on the plan. it might actually save money, but im going to hold onto my unlimited for dear life

  • Greg

    I have 2 smartphones with 700 minutes and 500 plus text messages. I average for the last 6 months of talking 400 minutes and 100 texting with 3gigs of data and peak at 4. So with all that that I would break even… but… I would like to use data for my phone more but end up doing less because I’m currently still on 3G… when I upgrade to 4G I will do more and will need more data… and thus I would start paying more. Unlimted talk and text means nothing to me.

  • I’ll pay less, but at the expense of losing my unlimited data and having to change my data habits drastically.

    • dk81

      your not really paying less if you have to drastically change your data habits, sounds like you’d be paying more if they stayed the same

    • MrChad

      My bill would be about the same if I chose the 2 GB option. My wife and I only use about 0.5 – 1 GB each on our phones, so that would work. We would lose unlimited data on both phones and gain unlimited talk and texting, but we rarely exceed our minute and texting caps currently.

      • possomcrast1

        If it’s the same amount then why change in the first place?Fuck off Verizon you greedy bastards.

  • Big_EZ

    Currently $170 for 2 smart phones and a feature phone, the new plan would cost $210+, both figures are before taxes.

    • So you plan on using 10 gigs of data amonth?

      • Big_EZ

        At least. I use about 8 gb a month but that’s with me not being able to stream Netflix. Once I can stream Netflix that will go up. My wife uses about 1-1.5 gb a month.

  • Lenesse Berg

    my husband and I use over 10Gs a month…we have 5 lines from adding to upgrade early and it’s less than the new plan for 2 phones……no way could we afford the new plans and not make major changes to our usage. We’ll keep our unlimited as long as possible and most likely drop Verizon when our contracts are up. Working for the government, downloading docs, etc I cannot cut back…so I’ll buy 3rd party to get a new phone or never upgrade.


    We are all eventually going to be that guy in the Verizon parody on SNL.

  • littleneutrino

    My plan would actually cost me about $30 more per month this is ridiculous.

  • Chris Jones

    I laid my situation out in the last article, but after reviewing my bills for the last year I would be fine with 4 GB and save around $10/month.

  • More but only slightly. However if I were to ever go over the limit it could be significant.

  • Dave Diamond

    My bill will be zero. I won’t sign a new contract with the data-share plan, period. If the timing works out so I can buy the Dinc4G I will; otherwise I’ll keep my DincOG forever on my current unlimited contract.

    • capecodcarl

      You could always go out and just buy a used LTE phone and activate that on your line of service.

    • guest

      You could just pre order the top of line gs3? And keep your data for two more years. As it stands the incredible 4g prob won’t come out till after the 28 I’d say.

    • why don’t you buy gsIII than sell it and make a profit?

  • M

    Currently on a plan with 4 smartphones, 3 of which use minimal data and 1 that ends up using in between 1 and 2 gigs a month. 3 of the phones are 4G phones, mine is a D3 and even though I use the most data of the group I will actually save money.

  • My situation:

    2 smartphones and 1 feature phone on a 700 minute plan. My monthly bill is right around $170 (that’s before a corporate discount).

    If I were to switch to shared data, my bill would jump up to at least $180. At $40 per smartphone and $30 for the feature phone, with a 4GB data plan at $70, we are losing money. And I went low and said that we each use around 2GB of data. If I went more realistic, I should have gone with the 6GB plan (to be safe) and that would have brought us up to $190 or $20 more than we currently pay.

    (The feature phone is weird I know, but I had been using it as a placeholder for upgrade reasons.)

    • Android1997

      Off topic, But is the Razr getting ics today?

    • Dang, Droid Life has a corporate discount?! #Baller


    • Casey P

      I’ve got essentially the same setup for my family. The other issue I have is that my second daughter WAS going to be getting a phone next year as well, with basic voice (for emergencies) only. On our current set-up, that would only cost me $10/month more, plus another $5/month for the security/family protection stuff. Compare that to now spending $30/month to add her line after June 28th! Looks like she’ll be getting her phone about 8 months before her birthday now…and I’ll be getting everyone else that’s eligible upgraded and locked in before this changes as well.

    • Tristan Cunha

      That’s very similiar to my setup, 1 smart phone, and 1 feature phone. Even going with only 2gb/month on the new plan (and assuming that the occasional month I go over would be cheaper than paying more all the time) I’d still end up paying more. Besides obviously charging more for data, they’re also charging everyone for unlimited text and talk. We barely use any of our monthly minutes, or any texts. This might be a good deal for some people, but it takes away a cheaper option for a lot of people too.
      Maybe their plan is to make the cost of owning a smartphone seem like less of a step up from a basic phone now?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Similar situation for me. 2 smartphones (unlimited) and 3 feature, currently @ 209 b4 corp disc. New plan would be $170 just for the phone. only @ 1gb of data is it break even. Realistically we need minimum of 4 if not significantly more.

    • EC8CH

      That’s almost my exact same family plan. 2 smartphones (one unlimited, one tiered) and one basic phone on 700 minute plan. I’m at 160/month and that doesn’t leave you much money to buy their shared data.

      This is a total rip for people who don’t need unlimited talk and text.

    • Just Curious

      We have 2 Smartphones and 1 feature phone. Both smart phones are Unlimited data and one smartphone has 5000 texts for 20. Our total after the corporate discount is 161 including 1400 minutes. Why is yours so much?

      • My bill for two smatphones and one dumbphone is 160 without any discounts. But I have only 700 minutes and no text.

    • WickedToby741

      The only silver lining to this is the hotspot feature if true. If everyone with a smartphone had these feature standard, that ups the value to the plan, even if the data is the same.

    • I’m in exactly the same situation as Kellex.