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Which iOS 6 Features From Android Will Reinvent Smartphones This Morning?

In case you were wondering (wait, why would you be?), Apple’s developer conference, WWDC, kicks off this morning in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. During their opening keynote, everyone expects them to introduce iOS 6 and all sorts of new features that will forever change the way smartphones work (sarcasm much?). As you may recall from last year, iOS 5 apparently did the same thing, however, anyone who has used an Android phone over the last 3-4 years knows that much of those newly introduced features were standard fare from day 1 on this platform. You know things like, notifications, OTA updates, tabbed browsing, an IM client, etc.

So with this iOS 6 business about to happen, let’s have some fun with it. What Android features are we going to see? Any chance that Apple introduces something new or is it going to be to take Siri out of beta, which will be followed by an extra 5 Zooey Deschanel commercials per hour? Reinvent, people!

  • Face Detect!

    • PC_Tool

      ..but with Siri integration:

      “You call that a face??”

      “Did you forget to put on your make-up again?”

      *cracking sound* “Oh, great…you just broke the camera…”

      “So *thats* what a dumbass looks like…”

      “I’ll save this one in the MugShots folder…”

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Maybe they will just show some Galaxy SIII videos and then exclaim how they invented “all of that” and plan on using their lawyers to “take it back.” They could then show a powerpoint on how to ruin and undermine a patent system.

    • jboogie1289

      And Boom!!! +12 sir! And kudos to them (Crapple) for slobbering all over the GSIII.

  • Android1997

    The ability to sue people better then you with a new pre installed app called Apple HQ.
    The new boot up will have a sheep emerging on your screen.
    The ground breaking new feature to unlock your phone with your face.
    The ability to “Bump” iPhones and share pictures.

    Wow, Apple, not sure if android can live up to that, Oh Gawd we will never catch up!!

    • DrewNusser

      …Bump was on iOS before Android.

      • Diablo81588

        I think he was referring to nfc..

        • DrewNusser

          Ah, I went to the app first because “Bump” was in quotes. You could be right though.

  • Sp4rxx

    Considering the money they’ve literally dumped in litigations vs ‘the other tech guys’, it’s hard to believe they have truly come up with anything truly innovative

    • Stefan Trotman

      Money is not an issue for Apple

      • Sp4rxx

        I guess that’s why we haven’t seen anything ‘great’ from them … they don’t spend the money to be better – just to sue.

        • jakymiwm

          Sounds like Oracle.

  • mcdonsco

    This is actually quite funny only because it is soooooo true…my gf was loving siri when it hit as if it was never done before. I explained it to her and then she claimed “well, siri is better”…so now every time we’re wondering about some random piece of info we race…android always wins (I’m usually reading the answer to her while she’s still trying to get siri to stop replying with “would you like to search the web?”)…

    Plus the pull down notification, how blatant can apple be?

    I also loved it when the iphone 4s just all of a sudden became a 4g phone through a software update, that was priceless!

    • New_Guy

      Yep..”We’re 4G for two reasons: 1) we say so, 2) you believe us because we’re Apple so it must be true. Now, someone poor me a glass of lawsuit on the rocks, please. Mmm, that’s spicy!”

    • Dain Laguna

      lol i do that to my wife all the time.


      to be fair to apple, the 4s only shows as ‘4g’ on the networks that have hspa+…on those same networks (at&t and tmobile) there are PLENTY of android devices that claim they are using ‘4g’. so this really isnt applicable to apple. its the networks false marketing. false marketing that android phone makers were ‘supporting’ if you will waay before the iphone ever did.

      • mcdonsco

        I’ve had a number of 4g droids starting with the first tbolt and they have all been beyond any doubt 4g speeds…the 4s was 3g, then all of a sudden claimed 4g and speeds were about the same.

  • EvanTheGamer


  • nightscout13

    Mobile Data management like in ICS

    • droidman101

      “And something even more revolutionary is coming! Say you are near your mobile data limit. You don’t want to go over, but you want to watch as much of Apple’s events as possible. What if I told you your phone would warn you when you got close to your data limit and automatically turned off your data when you are close to going over? That’s now possible with iOS 6 and iData.”

      • nightscout13

        UMM…. i have unlimited personally, i was referring to the other poor saps who don’t have unlimited.

        EDIT: Oh wait, you were mimicking Tim Cook’s keynote! LOL

        I’m hungover, concentration hasn’t returned yet

  • Ken Bosse

    I think it will be hilarious if they did widgets. That would truly show, we cant come up with anything new


      • Jarren


        • PC_Tool


          • AM I DOING IT RIGHT?

          • PC_Tool


            (I can’t help but picture Loud Howard….)

      • CopierITGuy

        >in Monty Python-esque high-pitched British accent< Until the Great Lord Apple deems it so, it isn't so. You will get your beloved widgets when the Great Lord allows it and not a moment sooner! Back to your cage, you ninny twit! Time to watch the PowerPoint presentation!

  • Live Wallpapers

  • xFenixKnightx

    “Smart Widgets” or iWidgets

  • fjhpsu

    Goo…I mean iWallet. Allowing you to pay with your mobile device.

  • ddevito

    NFC, Widgets, Better Multitasking

    • iWebDroidBerry7

      OS X had widgets nearly a decade before Android, so did Google steal that from them and MS?

      • droidman101

        Technically that was on the dashboard. If you call those widgets, then you have to call the notification center in iOS widgets.

      • ddevito

        Well, if you must go toe-to-toe, as @droidman101:disqus mentioned OS X widgets are on the dashboard, which takes you away from the home screen UI anyway. Not to mention this is OS X and not iOS (and don’t tell me iOS is OS X because it’s so stripped down it doesn’t count).

      • SchwannyT

        KDE had widgets before there was an OSX

  • Stewie

    A newly minted Metro UI ! Oh wait, that’s M$ ….

  • droidman101

    Oh, you know, onscreen navigation keys at the bottom, swipe to dismiss notifications, ring unlock, widgets. Oh an a more “revolutionary” siri that can launch apps!

  • cbstryker

    Open source iOS! ROLFLOL!

  • mikesuds

    – Apple’s own Mapping Solution
    – Facebook Integration
    – Siri for iPad
    – Developer usage tracking tools
    – iCloud Safari Tabs/VIP Mail Highlighting/Do Not Disturb mode
    – Baidu search option in China

    • droidman101

      I wonder why apple doesnt just buy yahoo…. Hmmmm….

      • Michael Johnson

        because Yahoo is nothing but Microsoft Bing

        • droidman101

          True but it would be a direct attack on Google, which they seem to like doing.

  • Roberto Orgiu

    Great article, it was a great fun to read, also because I totally agree with you 😀 Well, I’d be happy if they introduce toggle buttons in iOS Notification Center, since it’s a great and comfortable feature in Android. But of course Apple will INVENT it and then sue Android in judgement since Google stolen this idea from their brains and commercialized it before Apple could. 😀

  • Prediction they are going to take the prediction design of our keyboard

  • WickedToby741

    Turn-by-turn navigation is almost a given. Better Facebook integration is expected as well (wouldn’t hold your breath for Google+ integration, not that anyone here would be anyways). I think Siri will probably stay in beta if only for the simple fact it hasn’t changed any for them to take it out of beta. Who knows, maybe they’ll introduce “revolutionary” icons to the notification system that allows you to actually see your notifications without having to drag the notification bar down. All in all, I think we’re probably in for a rather yawn worthy presentation, but the iOS fans will swoon regardless.

  • widgets

  • Akilig


  • John Jenness

    Now that the CEO has passed away it could be anything. Customization options, a jailbreaking utility or even in more colors!

  • iWebDroidBerry7

    How can you build a healthy community when you are the lead troll? Kellex? Lol

  • Actually letting you customize your home screen, which will be of the motif be your own creative “genius”.

    • Chris

      You clearly have no clue what your talking about… They can change their wall paper… I believe it was introduced a year or two ago LOL 😛

      • Swing and miss

        • NicholasMicallef

          More like friendly fire, I’ve never had a phone which can’t change it’s background, Even an old Nokia 3310 could do that…sort of. Not to mention customization isn’t only about the wallpaper…

  • Click bait much?

  • BrianLipp

    a “revolutionary” turn buy turn navigation app, but, you’ll have to pay for it, because its Apple

    • droidman101

      ONLY $1/mile!

  • frankandsimple

    I think the biggest feature we can expect from Apple is to have a an OS that’ll not be buggy or has the need for the development community to enhance and make it work the way it is supposed to out of the box….
    something that doesn’t hold true for android.. no offense.

    • theentropic

      My galaxy nexus has worked from day 1 without the need from the development community. Conversely, my friends iPhones have had nothing but problems lately.
      So your statement doesn’t hold true at all… no offense.

      • Guest

        none taken..somehow the early analyses and the forums at xda seem to differ from you. weird.

        • K. Nelson

          That’s like going into an apple support forum and saying everyone who owns an iPhone has a problem with it. XDA is there for help…therefore people with problems go there.

        • droidman101

          Thats because XDA is a hacking community. People go there with issues, they don’t go there with compliments.

    • mustbepbs

      We do it to add cool and useful features (a huge benefit to OPEN SOURCE), and remove bloatware that the carriers want installed. Y’know, kind of what like Apple does with the iPhone?

      • droidman101

        Except for, you know, the crap you can’t remove that apple installs (ie Newstand-you can’t even put that in a folder)

    • Your confused obviously. In Android you CAN enhance the OS, instead of it being dictated to you how you can and can’t use your phone and what apps you can and can’t use.

      • Aaron

        Well, Im no Apple fan, but the one thing they did do right is no VZW VCast bloat, or bing or that bs.

      • sk3litor

        There’s no use. They just don’t get it. I’m not trying to be a troll or anything but my iPhone friends just can’t seem to grasp the concept of rooting as a feature instead of a way to make your phone work. They think of customization as just aesthetics. They don’t understand that there’s nothing to get used to cuz you build it from the ground up to make it work the way you want it to. I believe iPhones are right for some people bit I also believe “cult of brand” is very deeply engrained into society which is unfortunate

    • Bionicman

      i guess what your saying is iOS never has had any issues. like somehow it was my wifes fault her iphone 4 apps kept crashing. or the original antenna issue with the iphone 4 that required a bumper to use properly and eventually needed to be redesigned. user error right? your post is a troll post if I ever saw one…no offense

      • Edgar

        And these are basically all of the problems that any iPhone has ever had, as opposed to Android, which has many more problems in EACH line of phones, and on an ongoing basis.

        • PC_Tool

          citation? source?

          • Edgar

            Source– any Android forum that you choose to read.

          • PC_Tool

            Really? That’s your source?

            “I read it somewhere”

            Wow. Thanks, man. I was wondering for a moment there if you could be taken seriously. You cleared that right up.

    • PC_Tool

      You people really need to stop confusing the “ability” to do something with the “need” to do something. Just because one can take Android and “enhance” it, does not mean it “needs” to be “enhanced”.

      Sorry, bud…but there is just no way you are going to be able to turn Android’s largest positive (that Apple will *NEVER* be able to duplicate) and make it a negative.

      Good try though. I mean, you had to go for it, right? If you can’t beat ’em, tell ’em their “features” are bugs…right?

      On a side note: You don’t happen to work for HTC i the pamphlet division, do you?

  • ocdtrekkie

    I want to see them introduce Face Unlock. Apparently, after ICS came out, Apple went ahead and patented it. Ex post facto has never been a problem for Apple, so they can probably sue for the Galaxy Nexus using it…

  • centralized file directories where apps are no longer islands? :-p

  • mustbepbs

    Widgets, Face unlock, NFC, Maps, “multi-tasking”, and finally, an app drawer. Because God knows they need it.

    So basically everything we’ve had for 7 months.

  • Ray

    A clear notifications feature like none other before! Plus they’ll probably add live icons ala Windows phones (Live tiles)

  • picaso86

    Widgets and Swype keyboard.

    • cbstryker

      You know what? I wouldn’t be surprised by a swype like keyboard. Tapping on virtual keyboards is so slow compared to swyping. It’s the first thing I tell people as to why I would never use an iPhone.

      • Android Telegraph

        Actually, using auto complete on a normal keyboard can be quite as fast as Swype for many. But yeah, I love Swype, hate typing on a normal keyboard on the phone.

      • sgtguthrie

        I find swiftkey faster 😉

  • John

    Yay for another powerpoint presentation based conference/keynote. I find those dull.
    I know it’s Apple & it’s a big deal…but still. At least take the chance & live demo some of the new features for f sake.

    • xFenixKnightx

      Huh? They always do live demos.

      • John

        During their keynote? I always remember them just showing powerpoint like screens.

        • Stew

          yes, during their keynote.

        • xFenixKnightx

          Yeah they always do live demos in all of their keynotes. Just look any of them up on YouTube. The notifications one was done while playing Cut the Rope last year. 🙂

          • John

            Oh. Well I stand corrected then. I’ll try & pay attention to today’s keynote this time. Thx.

    • Stew

      Like xFenixKnightx said, they always do Live Demos

      • John

        ya i can read what he said. thx

        • Stew

          You’re welcome!

          • xFenixKnightx

            I’ll vote you up buddy. 🙂 I love both Apple and Android so to me there is no war here.

          • Stew

            I agree! and thanks!

  • Stephen Clagett

    True multi-tasking, mobile payment, widgets.

  • florious80

    Tight jeans butt unlock…. I meant face unlock. That and widgets probably.

    • Chuckers

      LOL very nice dude

  • Cmon, Zooey isn’t that bad. I just think she needs to get over the current crop of shitty airhead roles.
    Oh, on topic, iOS6 will have unicorn hairs, print money*, and generally be more magical and revolutionary than evar befoar.

    *printed money only usable for buying free apps in App Store

  • An app drawer.

    • The prediction design of our keyboard, Face Unlock, and if they launch the i*hone 5 NFC

    • True widgets…

    • An iBasket you mean? It holds all of your apps!!

    • Dameon

      iOS is an app drawer.

  • PuzzleShot

    I’m actually super excited because I want to see if the competition can come up with anything truly revolutionary. Competition begets innovation, and iOS finding new features can’t be bad for Android.

    • JabroniUNM

      sure competition begets innovation, but apple will sue to halt that innovation

      • New_Guy

        Lawsuits = Innovation

        …didn’t you know?

        • Firant

          Speaking as an attorney – I concur.

      • possomcrast1

        Apple is trying to create a monopoly where they control everything and no one else can compete. Too bad that’s illegal.

        • PC_Tool

          It’s only illegal if you get caught. 😉

          • Tony Allen

            It’s only illegal if someone you’re preventing from gaining traction has enough money to do something about it.

          • PC_Tool

            That would qualify as getting caught, wouldn’t it?

            Don’t argue semantics with me…I’m anti-semantic. o.O

        • Rafy286

          Its only illegal if you don’t have the government behind you asking the ITC to pull favors on your behalf. Even the government is behind them.

          • noyfb

            Its only illegal if you don’t have an army of lobbyist paying off congressmen for you.
            Its only illegal if the judge doesn’t have apple stock or has been paid off to rule in your favor.

    • Panicswhenubered


  • Widgets (finally).

  • John

    Oh this reminds me. I need to unsubscribe from BGR’s rss.
    (not sure why I didn’t just do it last year)

  • Floyd Gray

    I truly respect Apple as a company and they have some great products…but as a former iPhone user and previous Motorola Droid X and now Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom owner. My greatest gripe are these developer conferences where a feature/product is introduced to be revolutionary that other phones/devices have had…that bit of arrogance is what I don’t respect.

    • TheWenger

      I agree with you, except I don’t respect Apple as a company.

    • Shadowcell

      ……….I’m sorry what? Wasn’t paying attention. For the love of God will she remove her hand!?!?!

  • Mordecaidrake

    Google Navigation or something similar but all Apply and a Launcher so all your apps aren’t a cluster f*ck on your home screens.

  • MalakiMills


    • John

      No. They won’t ever go widgets route. (at least anytime soon IMO)

    • kevin

      This…i just know that so many apple fanboys would rave about how the iphone did it first and is way better then android…

  • The only thing they could do that would impress me would be actually simple, Siri API. I fthey do not do it now Google will beat them to it

  • You’ll be able to clear drop down notifications one at a time by swiping – so much convenience never seen before in the smart phone world.

    • EvanTheGamer

      lol..that would actually be awesome. There’s been so many times where I wanted to clear just one item, but then accidentally cleared everything.

      EDIT: Can’t ya guys tell I was just kidding around? Geez…everyone takes everything so damn serious anymore.

      • ICS

      • Not sure if serious…or still using Gingerbread. http://qkme.me/3po6yw

        • EC8CH

          HA… +1

          or CM for that matter

        • EvanTheGamer

          It. Was. A. Joke. Like. The. First. Freakin’. Posters. Comment.

  • chris125

    Something that they will try to sue android manufacturers with that’s for sure.

  • Unicorn

    Team KANG will be presenting their first iOS ROM, i know this for a fact

    • PC_Tool

      …but will it run on Linux?

  • bakdroid

    How about timely updates……oh wait

  • Swipe away notifications? Holding the volume rocker to go to the next song?

  • gregmr


    • and maps. APPLE WILL INVENT MAPS

      • droidman101

        Apple will invent the paper on which the maps will be drawn! The ink as well!!

        • CopierITGuy

          Apple announce that they will be suing Christopher Columbus claiming they discovered the Americas first and that he used their revolutionary new iMaps to find them!

    • EC8CH

      hope so