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Bump Adds Photo-to-Computer Sharing Abilities, Catches Our Attention For the First Time in Years

I’ve got to be honest, this announcement that Bump can now share photos quickly with your computer caught me completely off guard. I had not heard anyone talk about Bump in what seems like years. What was once the talk of the app world thanks to its bumpy sharing capabilities, has been off of my radar for I don’t even know how long. This new photo sharing feature though, just brought it back to my life in a huge way.

To share photos instantly with any computer, you obviously need the Bump app, but from there, you simply need to open a browser to http://bu.mp, select photos to share, and then bump the space bar to make them available for download. Once connected to a computer, you can download the pictures instantly. It seems so simple, yet this is one of those features that I’m wondering how we lived without for so long. 

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  • Just installed it. Love it. Found it easier than USB, easier than webshare. I like the platform window showing the images. Works for me.

  • Um… “Share -> Dropbox” is a lot simpler, no?

  • EvanTheGamer

    Had Bump installed on my Droid X for the longest time, but none of my friends were interested in the app, so it was pretty much useless. Until now.

    Will definitely give Bump a try once more.

    EDIT: It works. That is all.

  • cgalyon

    Just echoing others, I don’t see how this is an improvement over the apps that automatically sync selected content on my phone with my computer (e.g., Dropbox). Maybe because I can select just some of the photos rather than all of them?

  • MrEnglish

    I auto-upload to dropbox and g+ when I want to, so I’m not sure of the value of another app that needs a sign-on…

    • exactly. i have my dropbox setup so whenever i’m on my home wifi it uploads all new pics/videos directly to my computer. can’t really get any simpler than that

      • I do this and I have a script that activates once a day to move the files out of my dropbox so it doesn’t fill up.

  • mikesuds

    all my photos go straight to my google plus, accessible practically anywhere.

    • At lower resolution, of course. Dropbox, on the other hand (and other auto-sharing apps) will upload them at full resolution.

  • akazerotime

    Slow news day?

  • guest

    Countless sites are promoting BUMP. I guess none of them realize that many apps can already upload your apps to the site of your choice… WITHOUT running Bump, WITHOUT opening a browser… WITHOUT going to a specific website… WITHOUT bumping your phone on a certain key on your keyboard.


    It’s like Bump took a 1 step process and made it far HARDER… and everyone (including this site) is saying: “Wow, see how easy it is now. It’s only a 5 step process”.

    Wow. Magical? Impressive? New? Huh? It’s nothing. All Bump did was make if HARD to do now.

    • mikesuds


    • I have my pics automatically sync’d with G+ and dropbox also saves them. Don’t need anything else.

  • chris

    eye fi………………………

  • T4rd

    “The photos will be magically transferred to your computer!”

    Lol. So what’s the transfer speed of magic? =p

  • I don’t get it. All my photos automatically upload to my Google account, which is accessible on pretty much any device. Why do I need Bump?

    • Mark F

      This way you don’t have to sign in

      • I’m always signed in. Why would anyone sign out of their Google account?

        • Well, if you use GooglePlus to automatically upload your photos (as opposed to HTC’s built-in auto sharing or one of the other apps that automatically upload, like Dropbox), the photos that get uploaded automatically at lower resolution… so they’re reproductions of your photos and not your actual photos.

          • True, but they’re only slightly shrunk. The original pic is somewhere around 2500 x something. The uploaded pic is 2048 x whatever. That’s big enough considering they were taken with a phone.

  • I just use Picasa. I know. Adults suck.
    This fun physical interaction with my phone just doesn’t give me a hard-on anymore.