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Friday Poll: Why Do You Root Your Device?

It’s no secret that the DL community is big into the root and ROM game. We have some of the most savvy of readers, but there is one among us who needs our help. His name is Davis and he is doing a school project. He needs to know why people choose to root their devices. Is it for the custom ROMs, themes, kernels, etc? Let’s help this guy out.

Why do you root your Android device?

  • The big reason why was I wanted Wifi Teathering. Besides, that, I don’t have any apps that really need root. Maybe light flow, but thats about it.

  • JulianZHuang

    why? so i can install miui on my GN. the best rom.

  • jim

    i would respond but swype wont work with the new site

  • tryptech

    Everything everyone else said. But adblocking. Mostly adblocking. Stock Android too, but again, mostly, about 50.5%, adblock

  • Nick177th

    I get bored with the same old phone after about a month or two. Custom roms always fix stuff before the carrier. and I plain old just like f@%kin’ with stuff.

  • BigBallerBoi

    Wi-fi Tether and fo da bitches!

  • Kev S

    Because i can

  • Piotr G.

    To be able to do whatever I want to do with MY phone and to use certain apps such as Titanium Backup with no limits.

  • frow

    root apps, free wifi tether, roms themes and overclocking

  • ArmanUV

    I can leave without all the bells and whistles of custum roms, but I root because Adaway is a must!

  • NorCalGuy

    pink unicorns

  • Hector E. Gaxiola

    hell yes

  • Azuric

    Better patch cycles, remove bloatware, more control

  • so it sounds like there is really no reason other than performance because thats why im rooted wihh my g-nex lte

  • because I want to be able to customize my purchase exactly how I want it!

  • Alemonator

    I root my phone because I don’t want an app from an OEM that is completely unnecessary. I also enjoy being able to have tweaks to the system that give me a smoother UI along with tweaks inside the UI to give me a better android experience. If my carrier refuses to give me an update to OS that I know it can run, then I look toward the Dev community to give me a fix. Overall I love root and custom roms/kernels/recoveries

  • kimjongdung

    Better overall usability!

  • Crack Monkey

    1) Because I paid for the phone. I didn’t buy a license I bought a phone
    2) The OS is Open Source so I should have full access to it according to the software license
    3) Because I paid for the phone.

  • Live2Rootz

    Because it makes a good thing that much better. ‘Nuff said.

  • djenks24

    Since I’ve gotten past the thunderbolt, the I haven’t really found any reason to install roms but I still like to install the latest leaks and backup my data. Even backing up in Recovery is good insurance.

  • Ryan

    I do it for the chicks

  • Ryan O’Malley

    Wfi Hotspot fo FREE, custom boot animation, custom ROM (duh), custom EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG!

  • pomo_potato

    Why do I root? You don’t own your phone till you root your phone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    FoxFi works with GNEX

  • Chris

    I hack everything I own. if its not rooted or made how I want it. I dont want it 🙂

  • RoadsterHD1

    I don’t get something though. If the GNEX is straight up android 4.03 and no skin? Why do you root it to get ROMS? It should be everything you ever wanted right? I mean 1.2GHz should be good. Plain Android is what you want. Unless the Original 4.03 does not work properly?

    • RobMorris

      extra features, customization, but aosp is good too

    • Jwhap

      This would have been a question I asked about 3-4 months ago. I used to have a dinc rooted with cm7. Loved that phone! But when I bought a gnex I never thought I would need to root. I am going to get updates before everyone else, right? I will be running the latest os right? Well. I happen to have a verizon Gnex which technically is still on 4.0.2. and a buggy 4.0.2. after rooting and installing 4.0.4 leaked version, there was little to no reason for Verizon to hold this update back. Then the leaked OTA last week…..guess what 4.0.4. I realized that even with a “nexus” device, being rooted allows me the capacity to update my phone when I want to update it. I don’t generally use custom roms with gnex as I feel ICS is darn near perfect. But I have been tempted to try out AOKP milestone 5 or CM9 and at some point I will. It is not that difficult and understanding the programming behind Android helps one build a better relationship with your device.

  • RoadsterHD1

    My Bionic is working perfect right now as has actually never really given me any problems witch is why i still have not rooted. Tether with FoxFi is the best so why root. I rooted my D1 and it was fun but something always didn’t work like the video recorder or camera, or WiFi, or something and that went from ROM to ROM. I appreciate all the Devs believe me but i just can’t see any reason to right now. My Bionic is running strong and I can’t no matter how hard I try can’t bog it down it just performs.

    • Jwhap

      Yeah. I used to feel the same way. These devs have been uping the Ante a bit though. Generally everything gets running on most of the major ROMs

      • RoadsterHD1

        In my experience the video camera or WiFi or something was not working correctly. Does everything work with yours?.

  • ericl5112

    There are certain things I can do with a rooted device that I can’t without. There’s no real major reason, but a lot of little ones. Things like Titanium Backup, and a few other apps that do some cool things. The biggest reason I root is because the roms I install for other reasons (like to get the latest version of android, or overclocking, etc) come pre-rooted.


    Just Rooted 5 days ago because I was tired of waiting for Verizon on 4.0.4! So glad I did, now busy playing/learning with the Roms out there… CM9 & Liquid so far 🙂

    • Jwhap

      Fun, huh?

  • For the extended capabilities it provides. Once you’ve rooted, anything else just seems so bland. I didn’t get to root my G-nex until about a week after I got it, and it was killing me the whole time.

  • Mike

    because of all the reasons here and mostly because the dev community is awesome, genius, and more willing/able to help at the individual user level whenever you may need it

  • Cuz I don’t want to wait for Verizon to drag its feet on updates. Even on a Nexus. Also for over/underclocking, admin access, wifi tether, bloatware removal, ad-removers, ROM w/o crappy Sense or TouchWiz skins. Basically, so I can manage MY device.

  • David

    Custom ROMs and free wifi tethering

  • Rodeojones000

    So I can run a custom ROM thay offers features stock doesn’t have. So I can use a custom kernel that can be both overclocked and undervolted. So I can change the look of things with themes. But mostly because I can.

  • Jess B

    Pretty much the same reasons already listed here.
    1) To make my device my own!!!
    2) Install custom roms and stay up-to-date faster than the updates the OEMs/carriers provide
    3) Freeze bloatware
    4) Backup/restore
    5) Better battery life!
    6) Wifi tether
    7) Overclock/undervolt

  • wireless tether…

  • I rooted my Rezound mostly to delete the .ISO file that was causing the stupid and irritating Verizon Backup Assistant commercial to load and play on my PC ~EVERY SINGLE TIME~ I plugged my phone in to the USB. As I happen to plug and unplug my phone several times a day, that was really infuriating to me. Granted, I like being able to run Titanium, and Root Explorer, and Wireless Tethering is pretty awesome, but my main reason for rooting was to remove the rudeness.

  • Wow

    Honestly I do it because it gives me something to do when I get bored of my stock phone. I usually wait a few months and then go at it.

  • fixxmyhead

    i do it to remove the bloatware and for some root apps

  • Stewie

    Yep, will see a lot of repeats here, but all good. Let’s sum up:
    1. Individuality – to make it yours because it is yours.
    To make it unique, perhaps in that vein I can add I used to hack older non smartphones, hard for a burgler to tell you it isn’t yours when you close the moto 600 and it says Stewie’s Phone in the window instead of Cingular (hehehe now I’m dating myself …. :O)
    2. Freedom – from the carriers wishes, yes yes yes, there are free non-root tether apps NOW, but there were not THEN. It was and still by force of habit the best reason if needed. Personally I think the android thehter works as good as any of them.
    3. To remove that which you do not want – Blockbuster anyone? [sheepish Grin] You get the drift. The size of storage now may be at the point where just hiding it in ICS can work as good, but this stems from the past, smaller sizes force measures [Let’s just nuke the bloat from orbit, the only way to be sure ….]
    4. To make it LAST LONGER – the carriers and to the same degree the manufacturers want to you drop and pay again after 1.5 … need I say more here? Heck my OG still pulls it’s weight around my place off carrier network, just with wi fi you wouldn’t toss it, you use it!

  • To keep it more up to date then Verizon would. Tethering,Custom Roms. The phone is always new that way.

  • David Inman

    I root because it’s my phone and I want to have all the control over it that I can.

    I hack and tinker with every device I have or have had; phones all the way back to the Moto StarTAC, game consoles, cars, trucks, kids toys; it’s just who I am.

  • ajavgeek

    I wonder if some company sell the device that is already rooted, how much will they be successful….. just wondering.

  • because if not then i would only be an average user which simply isnt true.

  • anonymous

    custom roms!!

  • DedliYeti

    Stock ICS lacks the customization that AOKP offers.

  • androidfan

    maybe I just like pink unicorns!

  • jcorf

    Total control. These phones are very expensive and I want control over my expensive pocket computer. Verizon shouldn’t have a say in whether I have a wifi tether option or not. Why I love being rooted, CPU control to save on battery (faux kernel & AOKP ROM), ad free, titanium backup, nav bar customization on gnex w/ aokp, and wifi tether.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Because Jesus told me too….

  • romma

    I just tried to click on “Allow”