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Friday Poll: Why Do You Root Your Device?

It’s no secret that the DL community is big into the root and ROM game. We have some of the most savvy of readers, but there is one among us who needs our help. His name is Davis and he is doing a school project. He needs to know why people choose to root their devices. Is it for the custom ROMs, themes, kernels, etc? Let’s help this guy out.

Why do you root your Android device?

  • Nvious1

    Full Backups, Custom Rom, OC Kernel, Remove Bloat, Wifi Tether, Build tweaks, Quicker Updates (Roms)

  • Michael

    To get rid of the bloatware, more free ram means a faster phone for me!

  • Tavares Green

    Because I want to truly make the phone mine, suitable for me and my needs or whims.

  • Lakerzz

    I used to root so I can find custom roms to further customize my already customizable phone. Now I do it for the fun of it, as well as custom roms. (maybe an occasional tether here and there)

  • Isaac

    To rid the bloatware and unlock the true power of an android phone.

  • because it my right…. and because i can get the latest and greatest from the rom dev’s because obviously the phone manufactures just dont

    p.s i love you titanium backup

  • possomcrast1


  • Many reasons, but paramount is to get rid of Motorola’s sad attempt at a car dock, and installing the default Google car dock software instead.

  • Sean Bello

    To get rid of bloatware, overclock, backup, and to update without having to wait for the carrier.

  • meowmix

    That’s easy. It’s OPEN SOURCE and I can make my own ROMs and themes. I ONLY buy phones for the hardware. Every single varient known to man of stock software blows.

  • Nelsinh0

    I rooted my Razr xt910 because I could not use the Hot Spot function, also I could not use my F5 VPN client since I dont have ICS or a Galaxy phone, and because I needed custom linux shell commands as I work in communications and network security

  • because it my right… and to have the latest and greatest the rom dev’s can produce because obviously phone manufactures cant

  • My top 5 reason why I root…
    5) Wifi Tether, Which we are all entitled to with an android device!
    4) Remove Crapware… Ya, I’m talking about you VZ Navigator.
    3) Increase Preformance
    2) Custom ROMs
    1) So I can run the latest version of Android without waiting for Big Reds approval!

    I’m on a rooted DX and my phone is more up to date and runs smoother than 90% of newly release phones. Sad but true.

  • to get newer versions of android.. because if i waited for the freakin companies to get around to doing it .. it would never happen.. its one thing ya gotta say that is nice about apple.. they do updates ..

  • David Hollingshead

    1. To remove bloatware.
    2. To get free wireless tethering.
    3. To change annoying system settings like the Low Battery Notification sound.
    4. To put a custom ROM on it that is streamlined for speed and memory usage.
    5. To give me full control of my phone (though it may reduce security).

  • MrMakeIt

    Custom ROMs, custom kernels, and WiFi Tether. Ad blocking is nice, too. And before I had a Nexus device, I needed to remove the bloatware.

  • I want full access to the phone I bought and paid good money for.

  • Backups – full nandroid backups – if something happens to my phone, I want the ability to recover it exactly as it was pre-issue / accident WITHOUT having to set it up like I want it from scratch.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Not rooting your phone is like living in a condo with an association. You own it, but you can’t make any changes to it.

  • Havoc70

    Because i paid for it and i will do what i want with it. and to remove carrier crapware

  • nightscout13

    To run an ad blocker, cause ad’s piss me off

  • I root because Android is essentially about being as open as possible. Rooting allows me the maximum freedom of my device, which is why i respect the AOSP as a whole.

  • I rooted my GNex, so that I could get access to ICS 4.03 & 4.04 before VZW was “ready” to give it to us. Remind again why I had to root a Nexus phone to access Google’s latest software???

    • Jwhap

      no friggin doubt! Though I have decided that being rooted is just the way my android experience is always going to be going forward.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I would never do something that would void my warranty just “because I can” – there would have to be some functional benefit. I rooted my OG Droid so I could freeze bloatware; it’s one thing to have apps I never wanted on my phone, but another to know those same apps have permission to access things I consider private. There’s no reason my personal data should be exposed to a third party just because they struck a deal with my carrier.

  • ty

    I root my phone because A) Dev’s are quicker at keeping them updated than the manufacturers, and B) because custom kernels make my GNex run butter smooth.

  • Overclock
    Droid VPN
    Market Enabler
    some other apps

  • arod111

    Main reason is custom ROM’s, Kernels, and custom clock speeds!

  • allsmiles623

    Because my Droid X2 was not worth a poo until I rooted it and flashed a new ROM (Cyanogen Mod)….Still a few glitches, but works MUCH better than before!

  • B3

    One word: Control

  • MKader17

    98% of rooting and ROM’ing I perform is for functionality that I can not get otherwise or I believe is more efficiently performed with root. 2% (if that) is for purely aesthetic purposes.

    Galaxy Nexus- better soft key arrangement, new screen density, notification toggles, wi-fi tether, better lockscreen, etc…

    Transformer Prime – Better GPS performance through editing of system files.

  • Rob

    So I could wireless tether for free. Anything else i do is just extra for me.

  • Louis-Abner Philippe

    Better battery
    More options
    The best of the upgrades..and FASTER supported by an amazing developer community
    And because ultimately i love unicorns

  • JB

    Windows Mobile 6.5! Well, that was the reason the first time I “rooted”. Since then: Wifi tether, tweaking, custom roms, titanium backup, etc.

  • Br_d

    Ad blocking
    Rooted AnyConnect VPN (only VPN my work’s network supports)
    Custom ROMs that add/improve features
    Titanium backup
    Bloatware removal

  • holoeverywhere

    1) Free Native Wifi Tether capabilities
    2) Removal of Bloatware
    3) Ability to install kernels/ROMs to customize the phone to my liking
    – Specifically, to remove as much Blur, TouchWiz, Sense, etc… and get a stock, or as close to stock experience as I can.
    4) Install leaks, and other unreleased updates to my phone(carrier’s usually take forever, if they even release the updates)
    5) Create backups of games/apps that can be transferred between devices.
    6) Total backups of the phone/device

  • ROMS, faster, radio, tether

  • Guestapo


  • The same reason I make sure I have root access to everything I own. So that it’s mine to control.

  • bob martin

    I root my phone so i can use Titanium backup and backup all my apps and data. and I also root so i can install the next update a few months before they decide to release it for my phone.

  • Alan Paone

    I root so I can install Cyanogenmod. I’ve put it on every android device I’ve touched. Though to be honnest, the only thing I really need is the sapphire toggles in the notification tray. If I didn’t have a galaxy nexus, I would root to get the stock experience.

  • LLcdPH

    To remove bloatware.

  • Clifford Gadd

    So I can have control of my device. But I haven’t rooted my GNex yet because I like using Google Wallet.


  • Mordecaidrake

    Free WiFi tether and because Verizon doesn’t update their phones.

  • Guestapo

    So I can use WiFi Tether at no additional monthly fee.

  • duke69111

    Yea, I root because its nice to have the additional features and updates that rooting brings, but my primary reason is because I I enjoy playing around with the software features on my phone and just proving that I can do it. I bought a kindle fire two days ago, just so I could root it for the fun of it, I don’t really care that much about the tablet.

  • JP

    Because MotoBlur sucks. Rooted my phone and running Cyanogenmod 7.1. Running significantly faster, fewer crashes. Never going back again.

  • sts86gt

    Custom Roms and maximizing the abilities of the device.It keeps things fresh.

  • New_Guy

    Cutsom Roms and free Wireless Tether for sure.

    Is it just me or has this new Disqus slowed to a crawl???

  • Anthony

    For Titanium Backup and Shoot Me. That’s it. I get a lot of replacement phones. If the smallest thing is wrong with it, I will call up Big Red and tell them to send me a refurb’d phone. With TB I don’t have to add everything back manually and I don’t have to lose anything, like progress in Angry Birds. Although, since having the RAZR MAXX, I haven’t had many problems.