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DROID Bionic 2 Appears in Verizon and Asurion Enrollment Form

They couldn’t, could they? Does Motorola or Verizon have the cojones to release a follow-up to one of the biggest smartphone disasters in history? According to Asurion’s open enrollment forms, a DROID Bionic 2 either exists now, or will exist at some point in the future. Actually, before you get too excited, there is a good chance that this is simply the placeholder for the new version of the Bionic that is sold without a 16GB microSD card. As you can see in the list, they break out each version of the RAZR depending on color and storage and is likely what we have going on here with the “DROIDBIO2.” Could they return one of the most hypebeasted phones of all time for a second turn? They could, but probably won’t.

I’m not sure that any of us could power through another 9 months of delays and design changes. OK, part of me wants to.

Cheers Alex!

  • chris

    I got my replacement droid bionic today from
    asurion and they sent me the new droid bionic 2, i did the update on the new bionic 2 and it upgraded its self to the new ics 4.0.4 / version 6.7.233.xt875.verizon.en.us. sweet i like the new ice cream on my new droid bionic 2. from: Monroe, Louisiana

  • Bdubya47

    I broke the glass on my Bionic and file a claim with asurion and they said the Bionic is unavailable and they will see what other comparable phones where available. :)!!!!!!!!!
    They said the Bionic 2 was the comparable. :(……. fml. never even heard of the Bionic 2.

  • Fdkfjkd

    How is this even news? Motorola releases sequel to cellphone! The sky is blue, water is wet…

  • @tmoneysonfire

    Some bionics had signal issues none from razr, I replaced a customersnexus in store and immediately could not get data signal 3g/4g Cust was pissed bought idiotphone4 and we have a repeater on top of our building…js

  • Mega320

    I’m not a expert on smart phones but i got i bionic and o rooted with a 4ever root program and hacked it to have free wifi hotspot and im able to get updates from verizon and not loose root. Now my kids can have internet in the car and at work my friends want to leech from my hotspot. This the best phone ever for me right now and i don’t thinks it’s a bad phone and i know there are other faster and better but this a great phone.

  • Zero_Point_Energy

    Pure hyperbole.  I have a Bionic and get little to no drops.

  • Is This Asurion Form Hinting Toward a DROID Bionic 2?

  • I agree with the general consensus. I love my Bionic, but hated the near 9 month wait from CES to September.  It had gotten to the point where I had Google News notifying me anytime a new Bionic headline appeared, waiting, hoping for an official release date. If I have to wait out a Bionic two I may need to grab a prescription from the Doc before I consider waiting.

  • idk but i love my bionic. especially with ICS on it with a working camera. its still a great phone.

  • Taglogical

    Say what you will, but I returned 3 Galaxy Nexus devices, tried the HTC Rezound, simply don’t like the horrible color saturation issues with the OLED screens (RAZR MAXX) which leaves the Droid Bionic as the best phone currently on Verizon IMO.

    After the updates to the device, I am back to a Bionic and loving it more than any of the aforementioned devices.

  • Taglogical

     I would exchange your phone for another Bionic then. Mine (2nd one) doesn’t drop.

  • Anon

     Last I knew, Google already did  let go the CEO who oversaw all of that.  Like, a month ago.  Old news, and it was on this site as well.


  • Davequinn2

    Motorola makes a good product, but due to their locked bootloader policies, and lack of support for phones that they hype up to be the greatest phone on earth, only to introduce the next greatest phone on earth every other week, they have lost me as a customer… After the OG Droid, they are nothing but a joke… I bought the Bionic, but should have waited for the Nexus… I know I’m whining, but is this really the way to keep customers? Not this one!

  • B Diggs82

    What are all you Moto fans doing on this website anyway, it is called Nexus-Life for a reason, oh wait.

  • Now here are some folks that truly believe in, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”.