DROID Bionic Now Available Sans 16GB microSD Card, Drops to $99 on Contract

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Verizon has apparently decided that removing microSD cards to lower prices on their phones is the move of the year. You won’t find me arguing, as the last thing I need is another 16GB, slower than molasses class 2 or 4 card that will only see life inside a drawer in my office. The DROID Bionic is the latest example of this, as Big Red has dropped the price of the phone to $99 while removing the formerly included SD card. You can still plug in your own to expand the phone’s capacity to beyond anything you will ever use, but when you buy the phone it will come with 16GB of on-board storage only.

This concept has also been implemented with the DROID RAZR. Our sources reached out yesterday to inform us that 16GB versions of the Galaxy Nexus in white and metallic silver will beĀ availableĀ in the coming months as well, however, there is no expandable storage on these devices.




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