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Contest: Tell Us Why You Want an Android Tablet Instead of the New iPad, Win One of Two Transformer Primes and Docks (Update: Winners Picked)

asus transformer prime

We are teaming up with NVIDIA once again to offer you all a chance to win the top Android tablet on the market. The Transformer Prime along with its matching Lapdock station, was the first tablet in the world to sport the powerful quad-core Tegra 3 processor, capable of delivering an Android experience no other slate can. With the unparalleled gaming experience that the Prime and NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone can deliver, this tablet should have been on everyone’s Christmas list. But don’t worry if Santa didn’t bring you one, here is a another chance (for two of you) to receive one along with a docking keyboard station.  

Update: We have our two winners:

Sirlandry – I want a real pad to learn Android development and possibly effect the community in a big way with some fresh ideas and ways of thinking!

ONeal Pierce – Would be great to finally get a tablet.  Using my Thunderbolt screen is ok but would like larger screen, without lugging around a laptop on the road for work.

How to enter: (do as many of the following as possible, #4 for sure)

1.  Follow both @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Want to win an Asus Transformer Prime? Check out @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/BgBTJ #android

3.  Like Droid Life on Facebook.
4.  In the comments, tell us why you want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad.

Entry period:

You will have from the time of this posting, through Monday (3/19/2012) at 8AM Pacific to enter. U.S. entries only.


Two winners will both receive 1 (one) Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet along with 1 (one) Lapdock Station.


Two winners will be picked randomly on Monday (3/19/2012) at 9AM and announced shortly thereafter. The winner will be contacted through their choice of entry (Twitter, Facebook or comments).

Good luck everyone!

Huge thanks again to NVIDIA for hosting the prizes! Be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for some of the best mobile games you will find anywhere.

  • I want an Android tablet because it has usb-host support. Game pads ftw!

  • Android makes me feel like a grown man, the app store is so much nicer.  iPad seems like they’re trying to call me a dummy.  can’t move the icons around the way I want and stuff!

  • I’d rather have an Android tablet so I can install whatever software I want and not be limited to what Apple approves in their app store. Freedom!

  • Open source. Wide variety of hardware to fit your needs & price range. Standards in storage, ports, & connectivity. Affordable prices.

  • Joshua Harris

    Because with an Android product I have the freedom to actually use it as a computer rather than a toy.

  • Xevin

    Why? Cyanogen.

  • Mcalcagno

    My entire family are apple fanboys. My 2yr old son has an ipad2, my wife a 4S, my mother and father both have iphones, ipads, appletv, macbooks and imac. I’m the only android convert and I want a top of the line android product to show them why android is superior! That and it pains me to pickup my son’s ipad for a quick websearch. 

  • Because of control. Android lets you have control every aspect of the tablet…. the new iPad not so much… Plus I really like the widescreen format better than the 4 by 3 format…

  • rich w

    i hate apple,never owned an apple product..no flash player on apple.huge fan of android and cant wait till it grows bigger and better with more apps…been looking at the asus prime and its the best rated tablet for android out there for now..

  • Matt Emmert

    I want an android tablet instead of an iPad because I want a more versatile tablet and the transformer prime has all of that.

  • No iTunes!
    And it’s a flexible customizable platform.

  • Rob

    The iPads are not evolving. They are stagnant and dull. Android on the other hand continues to explore new technologies. Believe it or not, the company that I work for is starting to embrace Android as a supported platform on the same level Apple. The tablets are actually allowed to remote into the desktops as where the iPads are not. This would make my job much easier since I never have time to be at my desk for more than 5 minutes.

  • Dave S.

    Android tablets are better because of rooting and apps like setcpu.

  • Joshua Louden

    I would root it, and then build my own ROM for this.

  • wise

    Because it doesn’t require installing iTunes

  • The Android community are my kind of people.  A network of people sharing ideas and entertainment choices.  The Apple community are mostly arrogant and high strung thinking their junk is second to none.  Personally, I will always stick with Android.  My Android has been with me through thick and thin and good times and bad.  I have texted friends with lifes greatest moments and saddest letdowns on my Android phone.   It will always be part of my life.

  • Will Lemmon

    Because I’ve thoroughly invested all my apps, music, money and time into Google’s services.  I’ve done this because I believe Android is truly better than iOS in every way because anyone can contribute to it freely.  It’s open and encourages creativity rather than stifling innovation.  Google also doesn’t spread propaganda calling this the “Post-PC Era” like Apple and claiming that their tablet is better than a Tegra device without showing any statistics  I believe both of these to be false.  I’ve also really wanted to get into Android development.  

    I’ve yet to get a tablet, and my Droid X is getting really old.  Please help me out!

  • I would love to own a Transformer Prime for these following reasons:

    1. I’m a new father with a unemployed wife and can’t afford to buy this awesomeness on my own.
    2. Repeat #1 again.

  •  Several reasons why I would like an android tablet over an Ipad. 1. Customization: skins, widgets, interactive wall papers, themes and all without voiding my manufacturers warranty.
    2. Amazon app store: One free paid app every day and access to even
    more great applications, one of which my favorite is plants vs. zombies
    3. Google: Say what you may about their newer approach to social media
    but wireless and continuous contact, calendar, and document sync is
    amazing and you don’t need to download an external program to manage it.
    Oh btw free voice activated and voice navigated gps and places
    application? Duh. 4. Google Music: The ability to access my
    entire music collection wirelessly whether it is through itunes or not
    and not having to take up storage on my tablet. 5. Mascot: May be silly but hot damn that android is adorable. I love my andru charger and my think geek plushie
    6. Versatility: If I want it big, small, or super amoled+ I have a
    choice in the kind of tablet that fits me and my budget best. Not just
    something slightly better and almost identical in look to the last one.
    7. Flash: If anything that annoys me more about apple is flash and how
    a response to why flash isn’t on ios is because the company wants to
    invest more on html 5, so that means my current user experience has to

  • JMac726

    Because I want the actual best technology, not what the guy without a job who sits at Starbucks all day told me is the best.

  • staticdet5

    I can flat out do more with an Android than an iPad/iPhone anything.  Write my own apps?  No problem.  Connect with more services?  Done  
    Let’s not forget the better processors and the ability to “play under the hood”.
    Android lets me enjoy it on my terms.

  • rad187

    I want an Android tablet because over the IPad because the Android tablet it more useful in my opinion.  The IPad it locked down so tight you can’t even navigate the file system without first rooting it.  Also, everything on the IPad is proprietary which is something I can’t stand.

  • Joseph

    I’m loving me some Tegra 3!  See what I did there? It rhymes!

  • ericsorensen

    Android tablets go to 11

  • ericsorensen


  • Joe

    How can you pass up having flash and the ability to change anything you want on your tablet?  iPads are all the same.

  • Mark Christian

    I want a new Android tablet because I dont want to follow the cult of mac 🙂

  • ericsorensen

    I refuse to use the Apple proprietary connector!

  • ericsorensen

    Two words – Eye Tunes!

  • linda brooks

    Because the Android tablet is easier for mr to use

  • Zach Beals

    Because why get only a tablet when you can get a mini laptop?

  • it’s just a better tablet

  • I want one because my wife stole my Xoom.

  • dochill4u

    I want this tablet because android blows apple out of the water and it will help me be more organized!

  • The New iPad looks the same as the old ones and is still just a bunch of icons on a screen.  Android  tablets are only getting better (you see that Chameleon UI?!).  

  • Martyn Haigh

    because I don’t want to live in a walled garden – it’s my hardware and my software and I want freedom to do what *I* want to do with it, not what Apple wants me to do with it.

  • IceSlicer

    Two reasons: custom ROMs and widgets.

  • i love the customization the android OS gives you.  so many options, so much fun.

  • James Little

    Here are the Reasons Why I Choose a Android Tablet over a Ipad

    1)Android- Free Games Apps and Everything   1)IPad-Only 15 % of Free Stufff – That Sucks
    2)Android Just Rocks                                                  2)Apple Ipad Who

    Android Always Wins when it comes to Tablets because Apple just Stinks because they hold you back to your Full Potential and I have Used a Galaxy Tablet in the Past and Android Was just so Much Easier .

    I hope to Win 1 Of the Tablets and If I do I will be Doing a Video Unboxing For Everybody to see and Post it on Youtube and On My Most Favorite Site Droid-Life.com

    Ohh and 1 More Thing Why Android Is better then Apple

    Android Has ICS And Apple has nothing Close and Also When it Comes to Having the Newest Equipment with the Best Camera Who always Comes out on Top Android Does


    Droid Life you have a Great Day We will be Talking Soon

  • There are so many reasons I want an Android tablet over an iPad; first and foremost I like having control over my devices! Not sure how so many people get so excited about little square icons on the iPad but Android widgets give me all my important information without having to open the app. 

  • Treoberry

    Life is short. Why use an iPad and have that device control me when I can use a Transformer Prime to control my world?

  • Chu Da Wookiee

    As a former employee of Google, I bleed lil green androids! My favorite aspect of the andriod OS is the community the is behind it!  Great apps and a great tool for many aspects of all our lives!

  • One word: Freedom. 

  • Mary Ann Millman

    I love my Galaxy Nexus, my first Android device. I was hoping to look at tablet options later this year and because I have no Apple products, I intend to stay with Android. 

  • Ulnek75

    because i want a tablet that is customizable and flexible as far as what you can do with it. unlike an ipad, which is like a tablet with training wheels.  it’s like preferring a real car over one that’s on a track in an amusement park.

  • Benetnath

    Because widgets are the only way to use a tab !!
    widgets =! ipad 🙂

  • Dannielrodarte

    Aside from all the features that make a droid tablet a more desirable and better tablet, an iPhone or iPad has never kept me up at just the idea of owning one.
    I really need this tablet in my life, I will gopro myself using the tablet from the first moment I get it and post it online 🙂
    Please pick me!!!


    Why I want a Android tablet over and iPad? I’m over the iHype. Pundits and Apple Kool-Aid drinkers can say what they will but the co-creator if Apple, Steve Wozniak loves Android it should be taken seriously. I want an Android tablet because it is a more open platform than iOS and is feature rich.  Plus I’m a bit tired of Apple running to court ever other day to sue Samsung while Samsung supplies them with A5s, memory and Retina displays. Get a life Apple.

  • @I_am_orange

    It;’s simple, I prefer Android over aPple. 

  • LittleBiscuit

    I want a Prime tablet  over the ipad because the prime is made for gaming and ICS is pure joy. The ipad is made for hipsters who live with their moms.