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Here is Mugen’s 4000mAh Galaxy Nexus Battery, Guaranteed to Ruin Your Sex Life

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We like to poke fun at devices that reach “Tank Status,” which means that thanks to massive extended batteries with oddly shaped battery doors that sometimes double the standard weight of the device, they actually resemble a tank in both looks and heft. Mugen’s new 4000mAh beast for the Galaxy Nexus on the other hand, has forced us to create a new category call “Abstinence Status.” And that’s because you could not make it any clearer that you no longer wish to partake in sexual activities with another person should you put this battery and battery cover on your phone. It’s that horrendous to look at. And no, you cannot use its kickstand as either a sexual innuendo or pickup line.

From what I can tell, this battery is not yet available to be purchased, but should be in the next few days.

Cheers Anthony!

  • This is why Galaxy Nexuses should use condoms when having sex. 

  • Gasaraki

    I want a battery cover with a kickstand…  

  • “Is that a 4000mah nexus in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  • Mugen lies about their battery capacities


  • MrEnglish

    Screw sex, with a 4k battery, I’ll be too busy with my updates. Damn that’s a huge bitch.

  • Silennte

    I actually just installed this on my GSM nexus and its really not as based as you would think. It fits rather nicely in my hand and doesn’t look too bad. Compared it to a guy that had a rezound with seidio extended battery and mine was still slimmer

  • I honestly expected far worse that what I saw in the video, given your commentary. I think they did about the best they could do with the cover, given the size of the battery. At least it has some roundish styling and the camera hole isn’t just a 90 degree cut-out. If I had a GNex I’d actually consider this thing. Coming from older WinMo devices in the past (6600/6700 on Sprint), this isn’t *that* bad.

  •  I just need a battery to get through a day not a week!!!  Please someone make a 3000Mah battery so it looks close to stock…

  • Babyboy14622

    English please

  • Usmitcboy

    So how about this novel idea: instead of a separate battery & battery cover, it’s all 1 unit. You snap battery on & the battery can actually stretch over the entire phone. You make the depth smaller while increasing the length. It could match the natural hump at the bottom of the phone all the way up & still taper off near the top. Slimmer design, same battery capacity.

    • i have been thinking this for years… first with the extended battery on my OG no idea why they think this is the better option, it makes it a pain in the ass to put into your pocket when you have that random extra hump on the back of your phone.

  • Smeckle

    Galaxy Nexoose

  • tehserver

    Hey, look! A lens hood for the camera. Who would have thought?

    • Peter Kelly

      It makes EVERY picture low light.

  • JohnPA2006

    If you have a need for it, the battery will work for extended times.
    If not the regular OEM extended will get you through a full day.
    The standard, well they should have provided 2 in the box.

    Still love the Gnex either way.

  • Zebra

    Since when does the look of your phone correlate to sex life? 

    And the size of that thing isn’t that much bigger than say, a Bionic with a case on.

    • OhAaron

      Are you kidding me?  The Bionic extended battery looks much better than that abomination! I love the Nexus, but that’s crazy talk.

  • John Jablonski

    It looks like two phones doing it.

  • Kinkster3

    Ruin? Now I can record the entire group sex party without needing to interrupt the action for a battery swap!

  • This is enough of an edge now to go buy the gnex.

  • This is enough of an edge to now buy a g nex!

  • Enigma2u

    Okay let’s be honest here I agree with some of the people here this battery is not that bad … Kellex as a loyal reader and a fan of droid life I request that you do a comparison video between this battery and the seidio battery to me honestly this battery seems much better and I don’t think it’ll fit that bad in the hand I really do think pictures over exaggerate actual real life experience with the battery plus I gotta give points for the kickstand I bet you once u do the comparison video this battery will win out IMHO

    • Bodhiballer

      Yes, somehow the kickstand has given this thing credibility.  It’s almost as if two bad ideas have managed to combine into one good one.  Negative x negative = positive?  😐

  • Baby got back.

    • proph

      yea that thing has a whole lot of junk in the trunk

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Would be nice to have an adult site where posts weren’t like the stuff you discussed in middle school.

    It’s a phone, not a sex status or anything like that. Do you need longer battery life? If yes, buy this or another larger battery. If this stops you from the advances of the opposite sex, it probably wasn’t the phone in the first place.

  • Troll Hunter

    Giant battery says “I may have one of the nicest phones out there (cue indignant Nexus haters) but I don’t have a car or office, because if I did, I could just plug it in to the charger and be good to go.  Instead, I’m a fry cook at the local McDonalds…”

    Also, did you guys see all that empty space in between the rest of the phone and the battery cover?  What the hell are they doing with that?  Why isn’t there more battery goodness in there!??!  I mean, if you’re gonna take a horrible idea and implement it, at least go as far as to push it from the realm of idiocy into the land of the completely insane…

  • I agree with most here, its really not that bad at all. Digging the kickstand.  Sex jokes aside, I think I could definitely rock this.  If a Galaxy Note isn’t too big for my pocket, neither is this.

  • that’s a  big bitch!

  • Russ

    I think they need to improve on the design. The guy was grunting while fumbling around trying to attach the new battery cover. It can’t possibly be as complicated or require as much effort as the video portrays.

  • fallsgable

    I don’t know about any of you all….but that guy was mumbling or something….I couldn’t understand a damn word he said…..

  • Alexander Garcia

    RAZR Maxx. 3300mAh. 9mm thin. ’nuff said!

    • John

      Locked bootloader. Nuff said.

      • OG Droid. Nuff said.

      • Sruel3216

        hahaha this always wins

      • Alexander Garcia

        Who cares about locked bootloaders if you need to impregnate your phone to keep it going.

        • kixofmyg0t

           Can’t like this enough.

        • My Nexus has been working fine for me when I actually work at work, instead of being online all the time.

          • Alexander Garcia

            LOL nice try, but I actually use my phone for my job with 6 email accounts in constant sync throughout the day. But I am glad that you’re not an internet junkie like so many in here.

          • Jacko

            You’ll get a ton more if u put it in airplane mode

      • Jacko

        WGAF bout the  bootloader when it’s , 3300mAh and 9mm thin… like seriously. ’nuff said

    • I agree

  • Davel23

    Is it nfc compatible?

    • proph

      given its size they probably could have squeezed in a satillite phone antenna as well. if that expensive huge thing isn’t NFC talk about fail.

    • BCcowgill

      Pretty sure the nfc antenna is built into the original battery?

  • EC8CH

    That’s like putting a kickstand on an eighteen wheeler.

  • EvanTheGamer

    This should only be used when going camping for long periods of time…and where there are absolutely no girls around in the area.

    But all joking aside(well, sorta), this doesn’t look as BAD as you say, Kellex…could look a hell of a lot worse. It’s definitely a tank of a battery, but not that bad.

  • We might not be getting any, but it the Nexus now looks like it’s getting it on with an HTC Incredible given the size of that cover…

  • jimbob

    You’re implying we have sex lives 😛 :/ 🙁

    • Jdstell

      I like how your smile faces progressively get sadder; “haha just messin with ya smiley” —> “Err, don’t know if like smiley” —> “Forever alone smiley”

  • r0lct

    Hot pocket battery?

  • Rlarson_mn

    Man my Razr Maxx looks nothing like that and glad of it.

    • r0lct

      Glad my Galaxy Nexus looks nothing like that too.

  • brando56894

    Why don’t the manufacturers make the batteries thin and wide, like take up the whole backside of the phone? I’d rather the phone be uniform thickness and be like a brick, rather than have one small rectangular section where it bulges out and makes the phone look like it has a tumor. 

    I bought the extended battery for my Rezound (because it was only $25) and stopped using it after a few weeks because it ruins the look and feel of the phone, I’m only going to use it when I need to.

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      It’s an aftermarket battery.  They can’t exactly reshape the phone.  They have to work with what’s there.

      • bsnarles

        They wouldn’t have to reshape the phone. The battery could fit in the space currently provided and then have a thinner section cover the SIM card up to the camera or something. I don’t know if this is possible but the extended batteries could be a lot thinner if they could.

        • Rievna

          A lot of things could be if they could.

        • patapongirl

          It’s a battery, not a playdoh. 

      • If droid razr maxx can do it, so can Google/Samsung. Wish they would wake up! its 2012! 

  • Chet Stovepiper

    it’s like carrying 2 phones glued together

    • RobG


    • Jacko


  • Bigsike

    Hmmm why does this not look horrible to me would be very useful in a bad situation.

    • lacokanostra


  • NexusIsBestus

    for longer trips out and about, I find carrying an extra battery is more than enough.  I carry two extra batteries just because I never know when I need to stream a basketball game or two.  But this is just ridiculous.  

  • this actually looks better than the seidio 3800mah. at least this has a kickstand

    • I have to agree. I don’t hate this as much as I expected to.

    • duke69111

      I thought the same thing. 

    • Speedyrulz8

      I agree, this looks much better than most extended batteries I’ve seen for phones. Still don’t know that I’d get one, but it looks ok.

      • Noyfb

        Aww, His Galaxy Nexus is pregnant, good for them.

        It does look way better than a seidio

    • Liderc

      Agreed, looks better than the Seidio one for sure.

    • It’s GSM only….the Seido is CDMA only Two very different battery shapes. Both make the phone hideous.

  • Azndan4

    It looks a lot better than my oem HTC extended battery did on the thunderbolt

  • Hey fat girls…err…phones need love too

    • RedPandaAlex

      But they gotta pay?

  • Chris Kirby

    I’ve seen a lot of these tank like accessories for iPhone used in places like car dealerships…where i’m sure they are literally on the phone all day and need it to last. But i just couldn’t’ bring myself to use one of these. In the case of the gnexus, i would just carry an extra batter with me…problem solved.

  • Christopher Bement

    Just have sex with the phone. Battery will last long enough to vibrate a few hours.

  • I would rather carry two spare batteries…oh wait…I do.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Still thinner than my 3DS + circle pad combo…

  • Michael_NM

    Birth control battery.

  • I’d say it’s good to have if you are on a lengthy flight or have long periods of time of being unable to recharge. I know quite a few people who are like this & end up having two phones.

  • sylent101

    Jesus just carry your damn charger around its not hard.

    • brando56894

      Not everyone is by an outlet 24/7.

      • What about a car charger?

      • Mark Wilk

        Get one of those external battery packs.

  • galaxynexusprime

    Having no phone would be better than walking around with that monstrosity. 

    • Obiviously your vanity is your largest trait.  Is your phone for work or play.  Sounds like you don’t need it for work in which case you would drool for it.  I guess your drooling for partial daily use helps you look so appealing.

  • Is there really a market for huge batteries like this? I can’t imagine people want to change the profile of their phone this much just to talk for 20 hours straight.

    • I have no idea. Obviously there is some sort of market for it or they wouldn’t produce it. Then again, LG also thought people wanted a device like the Vu which we know will never happen.