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DROID RAZR MAXX Battery Test Day 2 – Things Looking Good

As you can see from the top two screenshots, day 2’s battery test with the DROID RAZR MAXX was the polar opposite of day 1. As we mentioned yesterday, the first charge on a new battery is almost always going to be your worst. You spend a ton of time setting up your phone, plus these things just seem to need a full day or so to get ready for the grind. So while during day 1 the phone managed to get through roughly 17 hours before begging for a charger, day 2 could have easily gone into the majority of day 3 with all of the juice it had left. 

Day 2

After unplugging from the charger yesterday at around 10:15AM and taking it through my normal routine of Gmail, Twitter, calendar, browser, some phone, a Blazers game with pictures and video, a night on the town, and 6-7 hours of sleep, the RAZR MAXX still has 30% left. And this is all 4G LTE, folks. No WiFi, no toggling between 3G and 4G – this is straight LTE the entire time. I should also add that my LTE connection at home never reaches 4 or 5 bars and usually sits somewhere between 2 and 3 which could put some extra strain on the battery.

As someone that considers himself to be a “moderate” or normal user, I could not be more pleased with these results. My time with the original RAZR, Galaxy Nexus and Rezound could never get me close to results like these on straight LTE. It took a 3300mAh battery to get us here, but since Moto managed to keep the profile of this phone so thin, I’ll take it.

How long to charge?  I missed this on day 1, but the full charge from 5% to 100% with a Samsung charger took roughly 3 hours. The phone was plugged in at or around 7:15AM and hit the full mark at 10:15AM. Today, I’m going to charge it with the Motorola charger that came with it to see if that will make a difference.

Going into day 3, I’m expecting to see similar numbers again. Will report back tomorrow!

  • not worth it with the motoblur and no ICS i just cant do it 

  • Yamaha3240

    well the battery should take 3hours and 18 minutes to charge from zero to full at 1 amp/hour

    • mario7

      Not according to Moto.  5.5 hours.

  • With this kind of battery life on 4G LTE, I don’t even care about the locked bootloader!!

  • trumpet444

    too bad the bootloader is locked, otherwise this’d be my daily

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me?? Sorry, the screen is still going to take the most power on a phone..

    • Anonymous

      not true, my incredible would last about 10 hrs of normal use, battery would be about dead after 10hrs and the screen was probably 5th or 6th on the list.
      same with my droid X (although it lasts 15 or so hrs with hundreds of emails per day because it is a work phone).  my nexus on the other hand, yes there is no way the battery can die without screen being #1

  • Joelseph

    Why do we never see how much time the display was on in these tests?  El Frustrato…

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Gnex fans, isnt it funny that every time a phone is known for poor battery life, such as the Gnex, its loyal fanboys rush to the internets to counteract the consensus with “I consistently get at least 17 hours from my Gnex, so I dont know what the hype is about, etc” or “Maybe I’m lucky but I always get at least a full day from my Gnex, heavy 4g all day” blah blah. Just because you say so doesnt make it true.
    Why do I get the feeling that no matter what Kellex reports, Nexusnation will try find some way to disprove it.

  • Trets24

    I got screwed over. I bought my razr December 14…is there any way I could exchange for the maxx?

  • Jim McClain

    most battery problems are the owners fault, they want their email and facebook checked every 5 minutes they want to watch movies ,cant imagine wanting to watch a movie on a phone, I have the extended battery on my gnex and have no battery problems so folks should be extremely happy with the maxx, my gnex right now is showing 47 % discharging and 17 hrs 43 minutes on battery wifi on,4g always on , folks with the maxx should blow these numbers away,if they use their head

  • Anonymous

    My rezound, custom rom w/ stock kernel. 30% after 12 hours of extremely heavy use.

  • NotoriousNeo

    Well guys, I am happy to report that as of my last post, which was a little over two hours ago, my battery is STILL going. An hour of that was spent at the gym using the MP3 player too, so it’s not like I wasn’t using it. At the moment it’s been steadily displaying 5% battery. Moral of the story? Amazing battery life…and it wasn’t even a full charge either. 

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  • NotoriousNeo

    My usage so far broke down like this:

    Pulled it off the charge with the charging status indicating a 70% charge at around 8:30AM with the screen brightness set over 50%, I would say around 75% brightness.

    What I recall doing is downloading like five apps, checking Facebook, refreshing status updates throughout the day, sending around 51 texts, checking Pulse a few times, taking like fifty or so pictures, playing Words With Friends sporadically and just in general messing around through homescreens, consistently flipping through them and turning it on and off to check the time, etc. It’s now 12AM and it’s at 10% battery. 

    I have a strong feeling this will last me for the next two hours or more while I go to the gym, use it as my MP3 player and come back. We’ll see. But yeah, so far, it’s amazing having an LTE and just in general Android phone last me through a full day. 

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