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Motorola XOOM Project Actually Is Ice Cream Sandwich, We Have A Flashable Zip For You (Updated)

We all knew that Motorola was cooking something up for XOOM users of their Feedback Network but we did not know it was going to be this big. The “project” that Motorola had in mind for the members of their network is an update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The update has already started rolling out to members of the group last night and the community has been all over it. It is good to see a “Google Experience Device” getting the update finally and depending on how well this rollout goes, Moto could be looking to push this out to a wider swath of XOOM users fairly soon.

Solnarz, one of the main minds behind Tiamat which is one of the best known XOOM ROMs, released a .zip soon after news broke that this update was out in the wild. The .zip contains the official OTA in it’s entirety but there is a catch; you must be stock and non-rooted to flash it. This means if you are rooted running a ROM, you will need to downgrade to Honeycomb HTK75D before applying this update.zip. Keep in mind as well, this update is meant for US WiFi XOOMs, anything other than that is risking it. If you are already stock and un-rooted on Honeycomb than this should be an easy install for you; just drop it onto your SDcard and then install via recovery. Any XOOM users going to have a crack at this?


Many users have been reporting that flashing the update with a thumb drive and a connected USB cable works best. Links to how to do it through that way can be found HERE.

UPDATE: How to flash Clockwork Recovery to your stock XOOM

My apologies on this one, it has been so long since I dealt with the stock XOOM recovery I forgot that it had no update.zip flashing capability so here is a quick walkthrough on how to install Clockwork Recovery to your device to allow you to update to Ice Cream Sandwich. This requires no root and should have no bearing on the installation of today’s update.zip.


1. Download the recovery file image HERE.
2. Move the image file over to wherever your adb and fastboot files are set up in your computer.
3. Connect your XOOM via USB cable.
4. In your command prompt, type the following (fill in the XXXX’s with the name of the image)

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery-solarnz-XXXXXX-XXXX.img
fastboot reboot

5. Let your XOOM reboot and your new recovery should be installed. To boot back into recovery you can type the following into your command prompt

adb reboot recovery

6. Now that you have your Clockwork Recovery installed just drop the ICS update.zip onto your SDcard, boot into recovery and select the “update.zip” function. Your XOOM should take care of the rest!

Via: XDA

  • jason
  • Guys i dont think you can flash a update.zip when the update file is on the xoom. i think the update file HAS to be on a USB stick connected to the xoom via OTG cable.

    I think this is just the way moto made the stock recovery.

  • Jim McClain

    wonder when the Galaxy Nexus will get an update that fixes the speaker,camera and radios?

    • Crazydog

      Volume+, what’s wrong with the camera, I’ve never had any signal problems.

  • Jamesromick

    Just read this on another site.

    The ROM comes from developer razorbladex401 over on XDA-Developers – a popular Android modding community. It isn’t, at all, a fully stable build but is said to be good enough for daily use. The camera isn’t working and, since Motorola is yet to release drivers for it, performance will be a little choppy.

    • Not this one…this one comes from Google/Motorola and is the SOAK test ICS upgrade for WiFi model Xooms.

    • Crazydog

      SnkBitten is right – I just flashed it. The camera DOES work (and after an initial focus it’s zero shutter lag) and performance is GREAT.

  • Jamesromick

    OK. Instructions say “…install via recovery.” Just got my Xoom. How do you install via recovery?

  • Jamesromick

    Can someone who was successful give a step by step instruction? Do you need to rename the file to “Update.zip”? Place it in the root directory? Do you turn off the device and restart it? I’m shooting in the dark here.

    • Im struggling to get this to work as well, Im booting in recovery but I cannot find the .zip file. Anyone help with this?

      • Anonymous

        Updated with a walkthrough on installing a recovery 🙂

        • Sperzeld

          have you found a good step by step instruction?

    • I didn’t rename it, but the only way I got it to flash was with a flash drive and the OTG cable.  I couldn’t get it to go when it was on the SD card or Xoom memory.  I placed it on the flash drive and plugged it in.  Then turned off the XOOM.  Power it up as you see the M logo hit down on the volume.  You’ll see text at the top, hit volume up until it goes to Android Recovery.  Then select the file and flash.  Sit back and watch the magic happen. 

  • Runway500

    will it wipe data apps etc?

    • Anonymous


      • Runway500

        booom thank

  • Nhlpreds98

    If your using anything other than Team EOS wingray/stingray ROM, your missing out anyways.  Screw Moto!!!!!

  • To everyone trying to flash this.  The only way I got it to go was with a flash drive and the OTG cable. First I placed it on my SDcard folder and the microSD card and tried but all I got was the yellow exclamation mark.  I put it on a flash drive and tried the same thing and it flashed. It is in the process of rebooting now.

  • E:failed to mount /sdcard (no such file or directory) inside Android system recovery

    thats the error I’m getting

    • you need to use a custom recovery to flash from SDCARD

      As long as you have stock HLK75D BOOT(kernel) and SYSTEM you will be fine

      • How do i do this? Help!!!!!

        • Can’t do it via SD card at the moment. You need the OTG cable and a flash drive (like everyone else has been saying).

          • will the official camera connection kit work? so i can go out and buy it

          • Jeff Pinkston

            Yes, the only issue I ran into was a FAT32 format for the USB did not work (
            E:failed to mount /sdcard ). I tried FAT not expecting it to work, but it did like a charm.

  • Anonymous

    Do we neeed stock recovery or clockwork recovery??? Pls update

    • Stock recovery since you can’t be rooted to use this.

      • It can be flashed from CWM as long you have a WingRay – Recovery has nothing to do with ROOT/SU when you have an unlocked device!

    • Anonymous

      We’re looking into it for you.

    • Anonymous

      Updated with a walkthrough on installing a recovery 🙂

  • Sporttster

    How about cooking up a unlocked bootloader for their smartphone owners,ehh MOTO?!? Join the rest of the manufacturers and do the right thing…

  • Anonymous

    Just realized the Moto Feedback forum changed their website and all my info is gone.  So much for being part of the project.  Can’t wait for the 3g/4g zip =)

  • Update Fails on 4G xooms. Looks for WingRay in build.prop … we 4G user must wait a tid bit longer =(

  • ddevito


  • Anonymous


  • why am I getting the Android with a yellow ! on it? I want me some delicious ice cream sandwich…

    • i get the same thing…

      • it’s installing now, I had to use a flash drive and the OTG cable

  • Sean_king72

    Will the xyboard be coming soon?

  • DWM

    I’m a little ticked. Signed up for Motorola Feedback Network, selected I would like to participate in “special projects” and signed the confidentiality agreement. Did this all weeks ago. Still haven’t seen an email inviting me or anything announcing this “special project”. 🙁

  • DWM

    I’m a little ticked. Signed up for Motorola Feedback Network, selected I would like to participate in “special projects” and signed the confidentiality agreement. Did this all weeks ago. Still haven’t seen an email inviting me or anything announcing this “special project”. 🙁

  • man, i have to get a usb host cable to do the update. sad

  • DodgerDroid

    Downloading as I type. Thanks for the zip

  • So we just download this .ZIP, throw it onto an SDCard and reboot/install from Recovery?  Sounds easy enough…  but, does it require a full WIPE?  

    • Anonymous

      It does not since it is the official OTA.

      • I was hoping that was the answer, just needed to ask the question.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Sigh, thats what I get for buying the 3G version..

  • T Hall

    I will stick with the Tiamat ICS roms; they run great.

  • miscreant

    So, what does it mean when you enter recovery and there’s Andy with a yellow triangle and an exclamation point? (I’m a complete nublet at this, be nice?)

    • Jeff Pinkston

      Press Volume Up and Power to get your menu choices.

  • Darthkarki

    I’ve got a stock unrooted WiFi Xoom, I renamed this file to update.zip and placed it on both the sdcard folder and a MicroSD card, but in recovery I do not have an option to install the update.zip. What exactly needs to be done to install this?

    • Anonymous

      My apologies, you need Clockwork recovery installed to flash .zips. Been so long since I’ve dealt with the stock recovery that I forgot that wasn’t there.

      • Darthkarki

        So then if this requires you to not be rooted, is there any way to install without an OTG cable?

        • That’s what im trying to figure out

        • Anonymous

          We’re working on a way to do it for you guys 🙂

          • Eric – thanks for following up on this!  As you can tell, many folks are very interested in this…   

            Can we get an update to the Article with maybe a link to the forum for instructions…  weeding through 100+ comments isn’t cutting it anymore! 🙂  

  • Anonymous


  • gregmr

    Finally having a stock device pays off!

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      I know. I root every Android device I get, except I’ve never done it to my Xoom. 

      • T Hall

        Uh why?  The Tiamat Roms over at XDA are very stable and awesome.  Bet they will be better than Motorola’s, especially since they are overclockable 🙂

        • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

          Umm… a lot of reasons. Mainly b/c I paid $900 and something for it and am just not going to take a chance with screwing it up. 

          • T Hall

            To each his own.  I respect that and totally understand.  Just giving some insight as I felt this same way until about two weeks ago when I got really tired of my Xoom.  So glad I unlocked and rooted it; I really am as excited about my Xoom now as I was last February.  It feels like a new device with ICS and the custom roms.  

          • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

            No doubt. I understand. I’ve honestly stayed content with it thus far though, thankfully. 

          • In defense for rooting said $900 device; you really can’t screw it up. If for some reason the root process fails….just start over, or go back to stock. You can’t brick a device if it’s fixable. Just my two cents for your courage if you need it.

  • Runway500

    Will it wipe data etc

    • Anonymous


  • YESSSSSSSSSS  I will do so tonight when I get home. 

    To be clear it has to be on a un-rooted, honeycomb, wifi only, US Xoom correct?

  • Gonzi

    Damn I have a stock unrooted 4G xoom.

  • Dave Diamond

    what would be the point of applying this? if it’s for a device you have, they’ll OTA it to you, right? and if it’s not, aren’t you’re running the risk of screwing something up?

    • Anonymous

      Some users like to be on the cutting edge, and why not if they know how to do it?

  • Xpidite

    ICS better come for samsung galaxy tab 10.1 or im moving to apple.

    • Anonymous

      Seeing as how Cyanogen works for Samsung now, I’m sure he’s behind the scenes working on it for you 🙂

  • I can’t figure out how to put this on my Xoom! Only way I see is with a host cable which I don’t have.

    • Nicholas Goss

      Same here, even with ADB you need to be unlocked, so “Stock” doesn’t make much sense. Anyone know how? 

  • Racingmaniac

    Since when did the SD card works in the XOOM?

    • DWM

      Since the first Honeycomb OTA update. Mine has worked from the day I bought it.

    • Anonymous

      Where have you been? It’s worked for months and months.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, I haven’t even bothered sending mine in for the lte upgrade. If I get ICS, I might just go ahead and do it. It’d be nice to see the most obsolete tablet get the love. Couldn’t get any worse. It does make a good alarm clock though.

    • DroidzFX

      Well that is just laziness on your part. Enjoy missing the upgrade and the free dock. 

      unlock and root 

      you could have had ICS a month ago.

      • Anonymous

        Laziness has nothing to do with it. I just don’t care about the Xoom anymore, not since February of last year. Thanks for the input though.

        • get it upgraded, and sell it on ebay then?

        • DroidzFX

          When you put ICS on it you might care. 

          The differences in performance are night and day. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope it comes “officially” to my wifi Xoom soon.  I don’t want to flash anything myself unofficially, because a $300+ brick that is as skinny as a Xoom would be useless to me.  I couldn’t even use it on my house.

    • Anonymous

      I feel you. This is about as official as it gets before Moto does it for everyone.

    • Bob Campbell

      Don’t think brick, thing very unique cheese tray

    • It is really impossible to brick a Xoom, even if you rollay screw up there are easy ways to recover 

      • Not true. It is possible to completely brick a Xoom. On 3.0, formatting an sd card within CWM = instant brick.

        • yes but all you have to do is go into fastboot and reflash everything, that is more of a soft birck, brick means you can never use it again

          • Wrong. It doesn’t turn on at all. The charging light comes on but it will not do anything else.

            In the beginning the internal memory was labeled sd card. So by formatting through CWM you essentially formatted everything on the internal memory.*speaking from experience here 🙁

    • T Hall

      Trust me, almost impossible.  I took the leap to unlock and root, and my expensive Xoom is sooo much better than before.

  • Anonymous

    Transformer owners to XOOM owners: Not as soon Asus. 😛

    • Anonymous

      I see what you did there

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Was about to post the same thing.

    • Only Transformer Prime owners.  Transformer owners are still waiting 🙂

  • Guest

    Sucks.  Been in the program for years.  Bought a VZW Xoom the day of release and didnt get the soak test update :/

    • Doug

      this is for wifi, not vzw

  • going to flash this on my wife’s Xoom tonight.  We were looking at phones and she fell in LOVE with the Galaxy Nexus b/c it was running ICS.  She’ll love this one for sure.  I’ll come back with an update when finished.

    • Anonymous

      Let us know how it goes!

  • Sweet!

  • rick

    yes .. i just supported a xoom user (in a corp environment) who installed it this am. it is going live to the test group as we speak.

  • So has my Xoom. Kejar31 ftw.

  • Thanks. :]

  • Anonymous

    Funny, my Transformer Prime has had ICS for the last 4 days.  Oh yeah, and they didn’t need to send it via a “project”  +1 for Asus!

    • Anonymous

      I love my Prime, but the ICS build we got seems buggy as hell. Screen tearing, apps becoming completely scrambled (even the system ones like Email & Launcher), other apps are weirdly unstable… I’d gladly have waited a few more days for stuff like that to be worked out.

      • Anonymous

        I have been reading that a few people have had some glitches with the ICS update, but the majority have had no issues.  I have been using it for 4 days straight, and have not had reboots, screen tear, app issues, etc.

        • Lmrojas

          Same here. But they are a very vocal minority

          • Anonymous

            Found the Champagne 32gb in stock at B&H. Bought last night and shipped with 3 day this morning! Cancelled the Best Buy pre-order from early December. 

            Hope I get a good one. Crossing my fingers on wifi too!

          • Lmrojas

            It will be fine. There was only a few that were bad. Everyone else loves their tfp

    • Andrew

      More like -1 for Moto. Or is it -100 at this point?

    • Yeah but so far the XOOM hasn’t been randomly locking up and restarting. 😛

      • Lmrojas

        Neither has mine or most primes

    • Pooch

      All you have to say to the Xoom owners is “Congrats, you guys will like it.”  Saying what you just said on a Motorola post just makes you sound like a smug douche.

      And no, I don’t have a Xoom.  I will be waiting for the original Transformer to get ICS.  Hopefully I don’t hear someone like you say something like, “I have had ICS for 2 months, your older generation Transformer is sh$t.”

      • Anonymous

        LOL!  Thanks for the compliment!

        Don’t worry, I’ll be upgrading my wife’s Transformer with ICS when it comes out as well, and you can bet this Smug Douche will be there to gloat about it as well. 😉

        • Nunyo

          Nobody’s worried brah

        • QtDL

          I could have swore I read on an Asus post here that the OG Transformer was going to get the OTA update on 1/14 or 1/15.

          • Rumors.  Asus has said early February for the Transformer.

    • Mike

      U mad bro? How’s your GPS?

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t the primes boot loader locked currently?

    • Booboolala2000

      Hows that GPS working for you? Lol. And no LTE?

  • guest

    does anyone know if this works for the 3g/4g xoom?

    • Anonymous

      3G/4G XOOM is rolling out as well… MFN users first then everyone else. 

      • Ghhowell

        Everyone as in Family Edition as well?

        • At this point it’s just the regular XOOM’s not including FE, or the XYBoards. Those are not GED (google experience devices) so they have different set ups and configs. The FE will be updated but it’s on a separate path.

          • Ghhowell

            Thanks for the reply. Hopefully it won’t be much longer!

          • NP man, it shouldn’t be too much after the full release for the regular XOOM. There isn’t that much difference between them just a little bit of Moto tweaking. They XYBoards will be farther out. 

  • Perfect! I am excited. I don’t see why you’d have to downgrade, you should be able to flash right over.

    • Anonymous

      The package is not a full update. It’s an incremental update, don’t try flashing over something until you find confirmation. You’ve been warned.

  • this zip is for us device only?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. It does not have a few languages and is geared towards the US WiFi XOOM.

  • Anonymous

    So 4.0.3 probably won’t hit phones or at least not bring much if it is just a build geared towards getting tablets on board.  Anyone with .3 rom see any real different over .2 in terms of Android features or bug fixes?

    • Anonymous

      4.0.3 brings in Facebook contact sync which is a big deal to most users. 

      • Anonymous

        That definitely is. Guess it’s time to finally Rom this thing.

        • Anonymous

          Well that’s the thing, this isn’t a “full” ROM. This is an official release that should flash right over your stock XOOM. No need if you’re not ready 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I should have been clearer. I was referring to 4.0.3 on my Nexus.

      • It brings it, but facebook still needs to update its app for it

      • Anonymous

        *most facebook users


    • Anonymous

      For phones it also fixes some NFC issues

    • Anonymous

      My GNex is running 4.0.3 and it brings much smother animation transitions and some other UI cleanups that were needed.

      • Anonymous

        Same. I’m a fan of the new screen-on animation. I find it nicer than using the CRT-on animation.

        • Haugrud

          Tried to find a video of the new animation…but what I found…doesn’t look like an animation at all…just a normal screen on..or like it has always been. Care to explain?

          • Anonymous

            It’s very subtle. Rather than just automatically appearing, it sort of softly fades on. If I had a camera that could record it, I would. Sorry.

    • Anonymous

      4.0.3 is “supposed” to bring a new kernel as well to make the radios work a little better.