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Thursday Poll: Your Current Phone is?

Since another major phone has been released, I’d say it is time to ask the readers of this fabulous community what they are currently rockin’. In the last 2 months, we saw Verizon introduce 3 of the top Android phones ever made in the Rezound, RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. And since this also happened to be the time that millions of original DROID owners were coming due on their contracts, we can imagine that at least a few of these “Big 3” were purchased.

So, which is it?

What is your current phone?

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  • Anonymous

    Today while tinkering around with my Nexus my wife said “I think I want a droid as my next phone because it can do so much more stuff”

    • Whats she got now?

      • Anonymous

        My guess is a blackberry….

      • Anonymous

        She has an i*hone but didnt want to let me jail break it. I think she likes the idea of widgets and different launchers to change the look and feel where as every i*hone has the same set up.

  • Anonymous

    I have the Droid RAZR and my broseph picked up the Galaxy Nexus. Both are excellent phones. You can’t go wrong with either phone. It all boils down to personal preference.

    • Agreed

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wonder if people are voting multiple times to make the GNex so high. Wouldn’t surprise me based on the way people comment on this site.

    • Anonymous

      This is like asking who is your favorite team in Yankee Stadium. 

      • Tim242

        LoL. The Giants, of course!

    • Anonymous

      Surely some people voted for it only to be cool not that they actually have one.

    • Doan

      Take any public internet poll with a grain of salt.

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Currently have the G-Nex. Gotta take it back to Verizon tomorrow though and get a replacement because my 4G radio is totally f**ked!

    • Sorry sir there is no problem- verizon

      • Jeremy Morrison

        That’s pretty much the feed back i’ve gotten.

  • MattCrouse0509

    Is anyone else just bored with everything Gnex lately?  I realize it’s the first phone with ICS and it’s entirely unlocked but is it all THAT great?  

    Personally I have not purchased the phone but played with it at 3 different Verizon stores and done speed test at all three and the Nexus was half of my Bamf Tbolt EVERY time.  

    Personally this phone is not enough to make me dive into another $300 contract and honestly not even sure if it was $100 could I commit to a two year contract to get this phone.  

    As will always be the case there will be better phones on the horizon but right now from my rooted Tbolt……The nexus is a step forward…..not the leap forward I want in a new phone.

    • MattCrouse0509

      Also it feels like droid-life.com has become galaxynexus-life.withasplashofotherandroidnews.com

      • Chill. It’s like this with every major new phone release. September was the month of the Bionic just like this is the month of the Nexus. It’s a big deal because it’s Verizon’s only hacker-friendly device in over 2 years so of course it’s going to get a lot of press on a VZW Android enthusiast blog.

    • Thunderbolt to nexus comparison and you think the thunderbolt is better hmmmm…..

      • MattCrouse0509

        Clearly you’re to ignorant to read my post….at NO point did i say that I thought my Tbolt was better but I simply stated that with it being rooted for me personally the Nexus is not for enough of a step forward for me to dole out $300 or even $650.

        My point is that all has been made of this phone and it suffers from many of the ill’s that other phones have and for me as someone who uses my phone as a hotspot ALL day the fact that consistently in my test the Nexus did not perform well with speed test AT ALL in a great 4g market is a problem.

        I am not saying that the Nexus is not a great phone and if I still had my original Incredible it would certainly be my choice but with my current phone and having spent a limited time with the Nexus…..it is not even remotely enough to make me feel like GOTTA HAVE IT!

        • Anonymous

          Brian is a serial fanboy. Try to humor him.

          • MattCrouse0509

            Absolutely not….I realize there have been issues with the Tbolt but really…..saying the Nexus is SOOO much better is like saying the 99 Mustang is light years ahead of the 98….discount the body and there’s really not enough difference for a 98 owner to go DAMN…..I gotta have the 99

  • Djenks24

    Wow, I didn’t realize how popular the Nexus was! I’m beginning to understand all the Nexus articles. That’s ok, i’m not giving up my razr until Moto makes a Nexus. I’ll have an ICS ROM soon and the Nexus will have nothing on me:)

    • Except speed due to Moto more than likely throwing Blur on top of it and Nexuses already being overclocked.

      • Unique

        I had the Razr and Nexus (plus the Rezound) side to side and did not see a
        difference in using it only when I did a Speed test that the Razr out did the
        Nexus. I thought the Razr Screen was brighter, the sound was loader and better and build
        was better. I took pictures with both at the same time and the Nexus was
        faster but was blurry. So had a hard choose, do I want ICS, NFC etc… or a phone
        that has a better antenna that was built better and still get ICS at a later
        date. I bought the Razr and I’m very happy with it.

      • Tim242

        Your ignorance shines. Blur is not what it used to be. The Droid Razr is the fastest phone I’ve ever used, including the Nexus I’m about to return.

        • So you’re saying Blur doesn’t use resources? It sounds like that’s what you’re implying. Otherwise you couldn’t possibly believe that a device with an inferior processor, running the same OS with a skin on top of it could possibly be faster. The Droid Razr would only be faster because it’s running Gingerbread, an OS  with way lower resource requirements. What do you think is going to happen when it gets ICS? Remain the same speed?

  • Jcastle482

    I had to vote for the Incredible because my Nexus is back-ordered through LetsTelk. Tear

  • STiK

    This poll skewed much? lol

  • i added a line to get my nexus because i couldn’t wait til february 1 for an upgrade.

  • ^^^ if it didn’t have it ^^^ lol

    • EkcentricHippo

      If it was unlockable, I still would.  It’s a great phone.  Specs are great, it’s quick, snappy, and it’s unlockable.  It wins.

  • people are only buying the gnex for ICS, who would buy it if didn’t have it?

    • Jac_White

      Not the reason I bought it.  I like the form factor of the phone…the screen is gorgeous…..no buttons……unlockable bootloader, NFC, I could go on but I am sure you get the idea.

    • KevinC

      people are buying it for the updates quicker than anyone else direct from google and no bloatware or skins.  and the 4G LTE. 

      • Doan

        Spot on.  Other phones will get ICS, but will be loaded with bloatware and resource-hogging Android skins.  This is stock ICS.

        • Tim242

          Yet it sucks battery more than any Sense phone I’ve ever had.

          • Doan

            If you’re unhappy with it, it’s as simple as returning it.

    • I bought it purely for the fact that it has a contending processor and a factory unlockable bootloader for all my hacking desires. ICS was a plus but I could’ve waited. I’ve been waiting 2 years, when I got my OG Droid, to see VZW release a phone w/ an unlockable bootloader from the factory.

      • Oh, and pure android. That was another must that I’ve been waiting on since my OG Droid.

  • atmis

    How about “what is your current tablet.”

  • are people expecting dslr quality photos from a phone? i don’t have a problem with the pic quality of the razr. it’s not like i’m doing photo shoots with it. lol 

  • Dirk Diggler

    I wonder how many of those Nexus owners are actually gonna keep the phone……

    • Anonymous

      ME!! I love it!

    • Best phone ive had and i have gone through a lot

  • Alexander H

    Thunderbolt – First to LTE, first significant new phone since the likes of the DInc/OG Droid on Verizon. It may not be dual core (Atrix was only phone to do so until September release of the mythical…yet overshadowed Bionic. (excluding 3G DX2). It would seem enough people waited for the Bionic anyways.

  • SteveP

    Stuck with the X for another 3 months.

  • i have the razr and love it. no issues whatsoever.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    2 weeks ago it would have been OG Droid 48% lol

  • Anonymous

    _somebody_ has to say something for the Inc2? It’s a great 3g phone, which is all I need until 4g becomes more efficient and widespread. Slim, long lasting battery, great screen, never lags. I know I’m pretty much alone but I like my Inc2!

    • Anonymous

      I use to have an inc2. Its one of the best out there. If it had 4g and tv out i would have kept it. Best battery out of all those devices.

  • the question should be if the razr, rezound and nexus all came with ICS 4.0 at launch, which phone would you choose?

    • Nkmett15

      Personally, I would have chosen the Razr.

    • lol wut

      another question is: which two of those three devices will never see jelly bean…

      • Anonymous

        They will all see jellybean.

        • lol wut

          you are high

    • nexus

    • Anonymous


    • Nexus – unlocked bootloader and pure google experience will win me over every time

    • Doan

      Nexus.  I want stock ICS that hasn’t been modded by carriers and phone manufacturers.

      • Tim242

        Oh, it has been modded. Notice the Verizon apps? How bout the Verizon Wireless in you notification drop down?

        • Doan

          Anyone on Verizon should have the MyVerizon app, anyway.  I don’t know what the other ap is, so I can’t comment on its usefulness.  Carrier listing on the notification menu is hardly going to affect performance or aesthetics.

          • Tim242

            Just sayin…they had their hands in it. Maybe everyone should have VZ Navigator as well…you know, as a backup *rolls eyes*

    • Unique

      I had all three in my hands and I pick the Razr because of the built, better antenna with 4g and Calls and a few others.  ICS will just make it better.

  • Still rocking the OG Droid, hoping for a Droid 4

  • Holy unlocked-bootloaders-FTW, Batman! The Rezound and RAZR, which are pretty damn good phones, trail the Bionic, Thunderbolt, Droid X, and OG Droid? This is one bandwagon I’m happy to be on.

  • Urugaminet

    A week and one day ago I would have happily said OG Droid. Today, I’ll just sad happily say Galaxy Nexus. Still use the Droid, just not for making calls.

    • Jc

      Right there with you – the OG lives on, now mostly as a spare GPS 🙂
      G-Nex is awesome so far (3 days in!)

  • wow — 48% on the gnex!!

  • OG D1 today. Galaxy Nexus tomorrow.

    Can’t wait

  • Roy Harrigan

    Nexus One

  • Nsbjj

    Interesting.  Half the people polled here have the Galaxy Nexus. Yet Tuesday when I went into the local Verizon store in Everett, WA they told me the Nexus wasn’t selling very well.  I think the people on this site are very different than your ordinary Joe.  95% of the people could care less about rooting phones or flashing ROMs.  I think the Nexus phone is geared to a small (but loyal) group of people.  If you did this same poll on CNN, Fox News or USA Today you’d get a very different answer.

    • Anonymous

      Time magazine named it one of its top tech gadgets of 2011.  

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the same time magazine that named the protestor person of the year. great reference. Lots of credibility there.

        • Anonymous

          Nsbjj was talking about how Gnex was a niche product and I was pointing out that Time magazine,a very popular and widely read mainstream magazine has given them a good amount of press.

          Read a little harder next time before you try and act smart.

        • Granted

          Haha! I’m starting to enjoy your comments very much. They seem to be centered in a non-vapid way of thinking.

    • Anonymous

       I was at my vzw store earlier this week and I saw 5 people buying it. seemed rather popular to me

      • Anonymous

         Go Blue!!!

    • Anonymous

      My vz store sold 50 the first day……lined up outside the day of launch, I only know because I was one of them!

    • Anonymous

       Not just techies like us are purchasing the G-Nex. There was a line at the VZ store in the town where I work and the manager said not many people had asked about it. I believe that’s because people already knew about it. Also a girl in front of me bought one after looking at demo phones. The phone is impressive to newbies as well.

    • QtDL

      My local VZW store is in downtown Boston a few doors down from my office. On launch day there were about 10 people in line right at 9 am, myself included. When I left the store at 9:10 am after I got mine, there were about 25 people in the store getting their Nexus as well. I asked the resident Android nerd in the store how many they had in stock that day – about 220 or so (it’s a large store). They sold out by 5 pm. They got another shipment the next day though. 🙂

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Well, to be fair, it is Everett. Everyone was probably at Wal-Mart. (joking 😉 )

      I agree we are different than the average consumer. I don’t think this poll was meant to represent real word averages.

  • Anonymous

    Tbolt for me.  Overall, it’s been a solid phone, but I’m longing for something sleeker and faster.

  • I’ve had the super-sized Galaxy Note for about a month now, and despite some occasional lag, I’m lovin’ it.  I’ve stopped reaching for my 7″ tablet since it’s just easier with the 5.3″ Note.  Phablet FTW!

  • Taylordaniels1

    I’m in a huge tossup here! I don’t know if I should get the Nexus or the Razr. I like the fact that the nexus has ICS but I like the razr because it is so sleek and it has a great camera from what I heard, and I can wait for ICS for a little while. Which one do you guys think I should get?

    • razr with a great camera?  where did you hear THAT from!?

      • Taylordaniels1

        from many reviews I read and i think the video review from phonedog

        • well my friend has one, and its a nice phone but the camera isnt so great. slightly blurry and colors are a bit boring looking if you get whati mean

      • i love how everyone thinks the razr has a great camera LOL

    • razrs camera isnt good, and the nexus is far better . but you could always wait for the razr max which should be more in line with the nexus

      • Taylordaniels1

        nah, there’s no telling when it will come out. I might as well wait for the droid 4

    • Anonymous

      I for one think Ice Cream Sandwich has been a significant upgrade! If I did not have it I would want it today, plus being first in line for future upgrades is more than worth it! We will have two updates within a month already!!,

    • nexus camera > razr camera


    4G, Amazing screen… 🙁

  • Toastedoats

    D2G – waiting on my G-Nex backorder to be fulfilled

  • WalkerNA

    Ouch!  I apparently have the least popular phone…. [Droid Charge]

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I had to get a nexus….hated the charge! Thank goodness for eBay!

  • Brian Walker

    Thunderbolt right now, but I JUST ordered my Nexus today. I will, however, vote accurately. 

  • jbonics

    36 droid 2 votes whooooo. well when it scores 3500 in quadrant you can wait a little longer for a tegra3 phone. if you had anything better than a og droid and you upgraded to the nexus you have some personal issues or your making up for a lack of attention. maby your just sad, or you need a girl…. somethings up……….ying

  • Cxandroid

    Other = Fascinate.
    Whoa is me, I’m trying super hard to win something new and cool, but alas.

  • Tim242

    We’ll see what the numbers look like after all of the Nexus returns.

    • lol wut

      you are such a tool x 2. quit posting loser

      • Tim242

        Abysmal signal (dBm). Abysmal battery life. Flimsy battery cover. It won’t even latch in the bottom right corner, after just a few days. You will see. I’m glad you have until Jan 15 to return.

        • Stewie

          Case-closed. (Damn a double meaning!) Idiot.

          • Tim242

            If you say so. Enjoy your pos.

          • lol wut

            all phones have issues.. if u do have a gnex then you will miss ICS and if you dont have one then you are already jealous. and not to mention you are gonna be jelly of our jelly bean next chrimmus… b*tch bwahahaha, u just need to go buy and used Droid X and play with its bootloader little man. save u a few dollars for those hookers this holiday season.

          • Tim242

            I’m on my second one. ICS is ok, but not great. Gmail is worse. It no longer shows the pic preview in the email. It just shows a tiny thumbnail. The hardware it runs on is junk. I have no.reason to be jealous. I buy phones at retail, whenever I please. I thought I could stomach Samsung for ICS…but have changed my mind. I may get the Razr, which has great hardware, and will get ICS soon.

          • The hardware is junk? It has a better processor, camera, and screen than the RAZR.

          • Tim242

            The Razr performs much faster. I’ve tested them side by side. The camera is awful on the Nexus. Every reviewer agrees. Screen? Hmmm, 1280×720 samoled vs 960×540 samoled plus. I’d call that fairly even.

          • I’ve seen many reviews of the Nexus and not a single one says anything less than a neutral comment. I’d say almost unanimously positive.I agree with you on the screens being on par with each other, though. However, I believe that the Nexus will beat the RAZR when it gets the ICS update in the performance department. The 4460 is better than the 4430 and when you add blur on top of it, it’ll just hurt it that much more…assuming moto sticks with blur in ICS.

          • Jamesw2

            nice try tool but rzar has samoled nor samoled +. the so called “advance” suffix motorola uses doesnt carry any meaning. its 540p samoled in rzar vs 720p samoled in gnex. yes both pentile. nexus has better camera, screen, processor, and gpu. do more research before trolling on a phone.

          • Ybdri

            I don’t like you rich boy.

          • Anonymous

            Ebonics?? That explains your following the pack even though so far the gn is a piece of crap

        • Anonymous

          battery life , cdma only is just horrible, few minutes of wifi gtalk video chat with my wife , she was on her new razr LTE and my GN battery again on wifi dropped over 20% , hers hardly at all .

          There are quite a few shortcomings that maybe i could deal with but battery life , i cannot . The ET4G that we have from a srpint trial has decent battery life , my orig Droid even overclocked never had this type of battery life . Hoping a few charging cycles or updates and it improves . I hate to see battery life when i go into an LTE area for Christmas day .

          I have tried cdma and wifi , both just browsing the web and facebook , twitter, battery sucks up.evrry few minutes, crazy . This cant last or normal folks wont be able to deal with this . Maybe i have a poor battery or bad phone?

          The streaks on the display like the white b/g while typing this, are they normal? It is like faint lines , perhaps a light blue . Havent seen such on the gs2 or Droid in the past or now on the same site.

        • I’ve read a lot on the alleged signal issues and when comparing dBm to phones sitting right next to it they had the exact same on 2 different blogs. Battery life isn’t great, but I get well over 30 hours (I’m not in an LTE area, though) with heavy use (playing 3d games, music, youtube, browsing) with an extended battery.

    • WindedBison

      I never like to feed trolls but come on man, let it go. Its just sad how much you care about other people buying a different phone than you.

      • Tim242

        I am not trolling. I’m being honest. The phone has a lot of issues. Too many for a lot of people. There wi be a lot of returns if the issues aren’t fixed by Jan. 15. I’m about to return the second one, from two lines on my acct.

        • Anonymous

          Consistantly bashing a phone with lies and inflated negatives = trolling. If you don’t like the phone , that’s fine. A post or 2 about it is fine. But when you consistantly talk about how horrible the phone is with lies and inflated negatives, that’s trolling.

  • I want to Upgrade But Can NOT Afford it
     The Droid 2 is Great But Has a Bad Battery Life Issue. Ive sent back 6 Phones within 10 months cause  of it

    • jbonics

      thats sad my d2 last at least 30 hours the secret is dont clock higher than 800 mhz and run the 300 mhz at 16 vsl. set profiles when batt. hits 75 have the cpu clock to 700 mhz at 50% go to 600 mhz and so on. the sales people must hate to see you…. thats rough.

  • Uncle Paul

    Wow, looks like all of us old Droid x guys who have been here since before launch day all went to the Nexus.

  • On an Incredible 2… waiting for that “perfect” phone… Galaxy Nexus was SO close!!! So close…

  • ArmyVet

    I too am a proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus. I was showing my phone off to one of those phonecase vendors the other day. I showed him face unlock, the livewallpapers, etc. Then he showed me what SIRI Allows him to do on his phone…Android devs have got to get to work on something to compete with that cuz its pretty cool. But it is the only cool thing about iphone.

    • jbonics

      the iclone is made fore girls, its a girls phone it was cool 6 years ago now its nothing. big ugly cases small little phone iclone users need attention thats why you get one. 

  • Anonymous

    i voted from my Galaxy Nexus.

  • When I bought my Galaxy Nexus there were four other people there, like me, upgrading their recently off-contract OG Droid.

    Perfect timing for the Galaxy Nexus to catch that wave  I expect it will be a common phone for the next two years.

  • Anonymous

    The official name of this site has changed to gnexus-life.com

    • Anonymous

      I’m find with that.

    • angermeans

      When it’s the device of the year and the most hyped Android device ever paired with multiple delays and other drama then its going to get some attention. Its a great device just pick one up and you will see it is by far the best around. Believe me as I am an HTC fan that despises Samsung and Motorola so i was dead set on getting the Rezound up until October 18th when I saw ICS and what it brings to the table. I loved my Nexus One, but passed on the Nexus S as I hated Samsung hardware, but this phone shines. I now feel like I missed out on the Nexus S as I spent the year with the Droid X, Droid 2, 2 Droid Incredibles, and lastly the HTC TBolt and I have to say skinned phones have burned me out and I wont buy one again.

      • Anonymous

        How is it exactly the device of the year?  I’m pretty sure the GS2 holds that title in the Android world

      • IBettyHumpter

        To be “Device of the year” I think you need to be around a little longer than an week.  Over hype and people crying for a release does not constitute credit for “Device of the year”

  • Tom

    The results of this poll show what kind of people visit Droid Life. Though I wonder if the D4 will change this poll when its released.

    I have the Gnex now. Awesome phone. I don’t think I could ever pick up the OG Droid ever again.

  • Nkmett15

    Droid X2 rooted with Eclipse installed.

  • Wschock77


    • Andrew Elliott

      Do you have a Life Alert too? 

  • Hep

    From one front runner (OG Droid) to another (Galaxy Nexus)!

  • Anonymous

    This really is Nexus Life isn’t it. Sh1t Son. Bionic ftw. Remember when it was Bionic Life and Thunderbolt Life.

  • geno villafano

    I like how the OG droid users are almost equivalent in number to the razr users…