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Within 2 Hours of Activation, Your Galaxy Nexus Will Receive an Update – Here are the Details

Once you have your Galaxy Nexus up and running for a couple of hours, an update will become available that brings you to Android 4.0.2 and build ICL53F. This is the update we showed you yesterday that doesn’t include anything extremely noticeable up front, but it will improve your 3G/4G and WiFi connections, tweak the lockscreen somehow, and improve visual effects while using the front camera.

Updates, something we will see quite frequently.

More info. The update is 10.7MB.

  • KevinC

    this update prevents you from unlocking the bootloading

  • Safetyguy14

    Ugh, got my nexus but now it won’t activate ><

  • Anonymous

    I did not see the lock icon when I started my nexus after the update. Did Verizon so something to the bootloader.

    • Cbajd5

      No, I unlocked mine after I updated.

  • tjmonkey15

    And that explains the delay.¬† It’s aaaaallll coming together now ūüôā

  • Mine happened within 30 minutes lol

  • Anonymous

    Couple of hours, try 5 minutes… instantly updated. <3 Google.¬†

  • babadush

    Does anyone have bands in their screen? I think i got a bad screen

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Just got mine! Only problem is I have to wait to activate it, I promised my girlfriend I would

    • Jay

      What?! Why is that?

  • Mike1825

    I just upgraded, it looks like the Verizon logo is now gone from the lock screen.

    • Mike1825

      Edit-¬†Never mind, it is back now….

  • C.J. Novotny

    Just picked mine up ūüôā this phone is so amazing! So much better then the razr! Lets see how the battery lasts

  • I just rebooted and did not see a lock icon, could be hidden by default maybe?

  • Bfirebird101

    Just bought it. This phone is much better than my Bionic. Yayyyy!!!

  • Anonymous

    So happy I got mine! Happy camper here =D

  • well, at least we have the phone now.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Verixon Wireless. So many problems. Here is a review http://www.salmansblog.com/1265/kindle-fire/

  • Anonymous

    I’m posting this from my new galaxy nexus!

  • Firelight

    BTW – VZW Double-Data plan promo ends – TONIGHT

    • Anonymous

      Which *phone lovers can’t get! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Good thing I signed up for the email from Samsung and Verizon so I would hear it first…

    • HA!


      • Jboogie1289

        Got an email from “LG Dare” (guess this was when I had one some years ago) telling me that Dec 15th was the date for the Nex release. And this went to an old email account that I don’t even use that much, go figure.Then this morning I got the one from Samsung stating the same thing but nothing from VZW. Oh well……..

  • Anonymous

    Yup… i got it. Took maybe 15 min to pop up.

  • zach taylor

    Somebody should do a video bootloader unlock for mac walkthrough.Dont do it for me do it for all the views youll get

    • Jason

      Kellex had a post for the windows unlock, when I clicked the link for it there was also Mac instructions above it, you just had to scroll up on the page. The Mac instructions were alot shorter than the windows one and that still only took me 30 minutes because it was first time setting it up and I read through the instructions a few times. It’s easy though.

  • QtDL

    Yippee!! Picked it up at 9am today and got the updates w/in 1 hour! I seemed to be the only female purchasing this phone so early in the morning…..I was surrounded by nerds.

    • VerizonHater

      I was the only female where i was picking it up too!

  • Got mine while driving back home from the VZW store.

    Looking at the updates I’m actually happy that they delayed the launch.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    kudos to DL for not sleeping so us east Coasters can stay informed. Thanks guys!

  • guest

    Just in case i break something and have to take it in to a verizon store……is it easy to unroot and re-lock bootloader?

  • Just got this update, 15 minutes after activating the phone.

  • I have already received my update. I did not see the lock icon when booting, i may have missed it so i will reboot soon and see if it is there.

  • Anonymous

    It had the update within five minutes.

  • Anonymous

    can you unlock the bootloader and root it with a mac method? I hate not having a PC just for this reason.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      What!? ¬†This thing can play DivX?!? ¬†You shittin’ me?!? ¬†I just jizzed a little more! ¬†Please let it be true.

      • Anonymous

        which is…?

        • It’s a video codec. A format for compressing video – one of the most popular ones. Why would you remove it just to reinstate it in a later version?

          • Anonymous

            It’s Verizon not Google….

  • EC8CH

    Bet “Visual Improvements to the lock screen”

    was either adding “Verizon Wireless”, or making “Verizon Wireless” larger


    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing… bleh.
      oh. and nice steal for the tablet ūüôā

      • EC8CH

        Thanks, hope you get lucky too with one of the others.

    • Hahaha, nice

    • Congrats on the tablet bro

      • EC8CH

        Thanks! ¬†Good luck to you on the remaining ones ūüôā

    • Bewara2009

      Good think you¬†didn’t¬†post any more pictures up. :d

      • Bewara2009

        “Good Thing”¬†

    • Anonymous


      Did you pick up your Nexus already??¬† West Coast time here its almost 8am thinkinbg of grabbing one off the Lets Talk deal. ūüôā

      • I have mine. :] ¬†It’s amazing.

      • EC8CH

        I requested they order one for me at my job.  We have to pay for our own hardware, but they pay for the service, so they are the account owners not me.

        Hopefully it will get ordered today and with next day shipping I’ll see it tomorrow… otherwise next week ūüôĀ

      • Jboogie1289

        SO AWESOME!!! And update within an hour or two? Try 10 minutes after activation. Now that’s what I’m talking about. And man, the VZW store in Clear Lake (South Houston) was swamped with people getting Nex’d!!! My sales person said they called him in on his off day to help with the rush. Was there for hour and half!! Whew, but now I’m Nex’d!!!!! Sweet.

        • Anonymous

          Crap… I hope they don’t sell out.¬†

          • Bryan

            LOL, The dumb asses here in my podunk town VZ store didn’t even know that VZ had¬†released¬†it for sale last night. When I walked in there this morning to get one I had to show the store manager the VZ website on my OG Droid before he would believe me. Then he brought out a big brown box of them from in the back and cut the tape on the box and sold me one.

        • Anonymous

          Yup, the Verizon Store by the Greenway Plaza had like four people @ 8:30, by the time the doors opened, there were 30+.¬† Yea, I guess lines are one thing apple fanboys can always brag about¬† ūüėČ

    • tytalus

      You called it!

      • EC8CH

        Really? Is that what the “visual improvement” actually was?

        Classic Verizon.

        • Anonymous

          you’re right actually. I looked up ¬†this “improvement”, adding verizon wireless to the bottom of the lock screen is the only change. hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Yes now that 4.0 should be coming to older phones lol

  • Deadly_v2

    if ur rooted update wont take

    • says who? gotta remember this isn’t a normal (what’s become normal) android phone.

    • Bigwavedave25

      I believe that to be false. My rooted DInc still got ota upgrade notifications until I flashed CM7.1 which has a built in ota disabler.

    • scroll down to¬†the¬†bottom of the post, Kellex already covered this a few days ago… read

    • ¬†That is false.

    • Anonymous

      Rooting this will not prevent the OTA upgrade, unless youve flashed a new rom.

  • Anonymous

    Question: How do I disable/delete apps? VZ Backup Assistant for example

    • Anonymous

      settings Рapplications Рmanage Рscroll to find the app (anything VZ) Рclick it Рsomething like DISABLE, FREEZE, etc. 
      hope this helps

    • Anonymous

      Also, anyone’s 4G going in and out? Might be just my area (Albany, NY) because my RAZR was having problems all week as well…

    • Anonymous

      settings>applications>manage applications

    • Deiler

      Oh no! ¬†Is that on there? ¬†And we can’t delete it? ¬†Probably have to root.

  • I hope Verizon ships them for online orders today… nothing in the e-mail saying guaranteed for tomorrow… but I sure hope it does!

    • Mattywalnuts

      same…i ordered mine at 12:59am EST…order status says shipped, but no tracking number yet. ¬†since the phones come from nj or ct, it usually only takes 24 hours to get to nyc…keeping my fingers crossed so i don’t have to wait until monday¬†

  • Lucasrobby

    great:) liked everything very much:) keep it up and dont stop:)  research paper

  • Jrm5021

    Remember the Living Social deal that was $25 for $50? Can you combine that with a loyalty discount?

    • Mr. S

      No. It’s on the fine print on the voucher.

    • Anonymous

      I used that when I upgraded to the RAZR, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to still use it. You need to use it before the end of the year or else you lose that extra $25.

  • Chris G

    I am just wanting to know how to wifi tether without vz pricing kicking in for it.

    and if i did want to go legit like johnny dangerously, how does this work on my unlimited data?  How do they know what was tethering and what was used on the phone?

    • Chris Gaton

      extra $30, unlimited mobile hotspot.

  • I got and installed the update within 30 minutes of activation.

  • what I wouldn’t give to be able to justify buying one of these bad boys…sucks being poor lol

    • Blootzm3

      If you are from San Diego, I would donate 20$ towards your purchase …. Merry Christmas

  • will i lose root>?

    • Bionic

      why would you root this phone?  

      • ?!? why would you not root it!!! it’s an unadulterated nexus! ūüôā

      • boost that processor speed to “screaming”, change the font, let me have root explorer….

        • Bionic

          I guess the only reason I root is to freeze bloat and stuff like that. But ICS has native bloat freezing so I guess if I had one I wouldnt need to root. I like the stock UI for ICS so no need for custom ROMs.

          But everyone is different, have fun with it.

      • Is this an honest comment lol, who wouldn’t root this phone?

        • Anonymous

          the phone’s software is fine how it is. who needs anything but stock ICS?

          • Goblueboy

            Root isn’t only for custom roms and themes. Overclocking, No ads, wireless¬†tether, root explorer, application backup, etc.

          • Time for you to do some more research on the benefits of root access outside of custom ROMs and themes.

          • Does wireless tethering even work anymore? I rooted my Droid 3 and never could tether so in affect made root worthless.

          • Calvin Williams

            I just did it on my Droid Razr I had awhile ago and it worked fine. It’s an extra step you have to do I think though. It was on the Razr.

          • Anonymous

            Titanium Backup! ‘Nuff said

      • Anonymous

        Backups being 1 reason.  Restore Apps/App Data from a previous rooted phone.
        So many reasons to root Android in general.  Have to be crazy to not root any android device.

      • Getting seriously tired of seeing this question. If you get a GNEX, by all means LEAVE IT STOCK. But quit asking us why WE want to root it. It’s a DEVELOPER DEVICE.

  • I just experienced the volume bug LOL wtf

  • Tiggleywiggley

    GizmoFusion.com posted a live Q&A yesterday and a hands on review today. Wheres yours?

  • Waiting for an hour at the Harvard Sq. Verizon. Ugh, no preparation here.

  • Anonymous

    I got the OTA 5 minutes after my Nexus connected to the data network. If you still don’t get the OTA notification, reboot the device and wait another 5 minutes.

    After activating my Nexus, it had no data. Rebooted it and I got 3G. 5 minutes later the OTA notification popped up.

    • Anonymous

      Also, Settings -> About Phone – > System Update – > Check for update

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hopefully we’ll see a quick update to add DivX back in. ¬†Otherwise loading movies onto my phone for my kids isn’t going to work well.

    • Or just use handbrake and convert to mp4? ¬†Works great for me…

      • Anonymous

        converting is so time consuming though


      • What settings do you use in Handbrake to optimize for the screen size?

  • its here should i ??¬†

  • kretz7

    Really? This was the hold up?

    • Anonymous

      I have to think it was the 3g/4g thing that was the big killer. Verizon has released phones with far more bugs than this fixes, but they probably wanted to make sure the network was working.

  • Nick

    So I should still unlock bootloader before this update comes?

    • i’d like to have an answer on this too…

    • Anonymous

      You can do before or after. ¬†Just do it before you spend the time customizing your phone as it’ll require a factory reset.

      • Jason

        I was wondering about that as well, you think VZW snuck something into the update that would send a flag to them letting them know? I know it sounds ridiculous but I don’t put much past VZW these days.

        • Dan

          You are allowed to unlock your device. With the Xoom you just had to lock it before you brought it in for maintenance 

    • Anonymous

      Noob question: Why would I unlock it? Benefits?

      • Anonymous

        if you unlock the bootloader, you can root. also, if you unlock the bootloader, you can flash things like roms and files like google wallet and stuff ūüôā

        • Scott

          I would still find it very informative for a post on the differences between “unlocking” and “rooting”.¬†

          • Anonymous

            unlock is the first step to rooting. that’s really it.

          • Anonymous

            Root = admin access to your machine. The OS and installed apps cannot tell you ‘nope, I’m not doing that’
            Unlocking the Bootloader = going into the bios (lets just call it that for now) and flipping a setting that says ‘allow unofficial operating systems to be installed’. ¬†

            3rd party ROMS installed after you unlock the bootloader almost always include superuser which is the agent that handles all your root level requests. It’s very frequently possible to get root without needing an unlocked bootloader though, since it just means you have elevated access rights to a device.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, just about every Android phone that has ever come out has had root access. Someone always finds the exploit.

      • Anonymous

        If you are into the custom ROM game unlocking the bootloader paves the way for ROOT access and the ability to flash custom recoveries and custom ROMS.

        Custom recoveries give you the ability to back up and restore your device as well as flash new kernels for overclocking, new radios for better reception, and install some applications.

        ROMs are typically non-Google versions of Android that include system tweaks, performance enhancements, and graphical changes to the stock Google build. 

        ROOT gives you superuser rights to your device which allows you to modify the system partition on your phone giving you free reign over the entire device and operating system.

        To put it simply, unlocking your phone gives you freedom over your device to do what you want with it.

        • Anonymous

          You can have root, roms, recovery and over clocking with a phone that has a encrypted bootloader too. Flashing a custom kernel and getting into recovery after a bootloop is a bitch with a device with an “encrypted” bootloader (unless there is a safestrap app like there is for Bionic and D3). Locked bootloader was not an issue at all on my Inc2, it had every mod and hack possible. Encrypted and locked are 2 different things.

    • Cbajd5

      You can do it before or after, the update is retained despite the factory reset when unlocking.