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Two New Commercials: Verizon Introduces the Galaxy Nexus, Google Shows Off Face Unlock With Cute Kid

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For those that cruised into a Verizon shop this morning to pick up a Galaxy Nexus, did you notice any signage? The downtown store in Portland had absolutely nothing except a massive window poster for the RAZR. Seemed a little odd, but most are expecting the serious marketing push to happen after X-mas. Anyways, to get the phone at least a little buzz in households that don’t read Droid Life religiously, VZW has released their first TV ad for the phone. It talks up Google+ and Circles like none other, which seems sort of odd for a phone that is so much more than just a social tool. Could be the right approach to selling it to the masses though.

Google on the other hand, is all about winning our hearts. In their latest self-made spot, we get to see a cute kid try and trick Facial Unlock. He fails, but his dad is kind enough to walk by and do the trick for him. Awwwww.  

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