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Verizon Announces Shiny New 4G LTE Phone for December 15 and It’s Not the Galaxy Nexus, White DROID RAZR Incoming

Well, we know that at least one phone is guaranteed to launch this Thursday, and it’s the white DROID RAZR. Just announced within the hour, you can pick up this special edition version of the world’s thinnest 4G LTE phone  online or in stores for $299 on contract. It’s exactly the same phone as the original RAZR, but it has a white rim around the outside. Yep, this Thursday – as in tomorrow. The same day the you-know-what is supposed to drop, but has yet to be confirmed by you-know-who.

  • Jason


  • that’s ugly. 

  • 好文章,转啦

  • Tim Buchanan

    Son, I am disappoint.

  • Bryan Williams
  • Bewara2009

    Yo bros which one of guys keeps flagging my comments? 

  • JeremyT727

    Well i find this uncool for the fact that we are all pretty much expecting the Galaxy Nexus to release tomorrow even though there was not an official announcement. Being that i think this isn’t cool is because this is the first device (white Droid Razr) being announced on the day the GalNex is suppose to launch but yet Verizon hasn’t said a word of it. But they sure did with this device. 

    Today after school i went into a Verizon and asked the employee.. “You wouldn’t happen to know when the Galaxy Nexus will release, do you?” and the answer he gave me made me walk out that store and say “I PRAY TO GOD HE IS LYING!!” He claims it will release in “a few weeks”,,,,,, 

    I don’t know..

    • Anonymous

      Do you believe everything people tell you?

  • OK ! Just called Verizon and spoke to  this guy. He said they were told that the planned Pre-Order for the Nexus is the 15th..The biggest set back is they need to make sure all the stores have enough inventory…He is going to call me if  anything changes or if it gets released later today  “softly”…He also said that if I can find a store that has one and is willing to sell..than I can get it and activate it without problems..it’s just up to the store to sell it..but VZW can’t do anything on their end to stop  it from being activated….so here’s a little hope my friends!

  • ruhawaiian

    Just read a post on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” facebook page and someone posted a picture they received from a VZW store buddy that they were getting ready to set up a floor version and that they will be on sale tomorrow.  Link: http://www.facebook.com/SamsungGalaxyNexusPage

  • Tim Swann

    So I have been fuming about this announcement for a solid hour now. And I have some thoughts on this: 

    1. We have seen this phone get released in Europe, Canada, and Australia since it was released by Google and Samsung. This phone is Google’s flagship phone that Samsung just manufacturers for them. So we have a US-based company that can’t even get their phone to US-customers because Verizon is being extremely clandestine about this phone. The customer service reps are clearly very aware of how many people are waiting for this phone. I guarantee you they probably get around 100 phone calls a day with people wanting to know about it’s release. And it’s not the CS reps fault, but top management won’t tell them anything. The CS reps we all talk to know just as little and all of us do, and chances are, the second they know about an official release, we will also know. 

    2. We’ve all called this at some point, but they are clearly more focused on selling the Droid Razr. Granted, it’s a really good phone. But they botched this whole release because ICS came out before they even announced the Razr or Rezound for that matter. Moto and VZ should have just cut their losses on the Bionic and just released the Razr earlier (if they were able to). the G-Nex is the ICS phone that everything will be compared to until the next Android OS comes out. 

    3. I work in market research, so I know exactly how much goes into planning a release of a product. Companies (or in this case carriers) need to due their homework. However, it seems that Verizon has done their homework to make sure the phone will work on the network. This “delay” is likely due to the Google Wallet issue possibly being a violation of the Net Neutrality laws. There was a post yesterday about the ISIS technology and what they are doing to for security measure so when they launch their service they won’t have problems (or at least very few). There could very well be litigation going on to make sure VZ hasn’t violated the law here. Given that Google Wallet isn’t as secure as it should be, this could be good cause to “block” it and something that will get worked out and made available to anyone who wants it once the security holes have been sealed up.

    At the end of the day, Verizon is completely fumbling the release of this phone. Customers are angry. We’re all resorting to blogs, facebook, and twitter. Let’s not rule out tomorrow as a release date though. Don’t forget when they announced the Droid 3, they did so very quietly, and the press release was made on the same day that the phone became available for order online. Let’s just hope that VZ gives us something today via PR about it. 

    • Anonymous

      I stopped reading after,”So I have been…”

      JK, we all feel your pain bro!

    • Kris

      Verizon is not as guilty about this screw up as much as Google is. This is THEIR flagship device. So Google is the one supposed to get their ducks in a row and do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth launch.

      but then Google has become too darn substandard to worry about quality or efficacy. they are only interested in the numbers game.

    • Anonymous

      People that “just want a phone that is going to work to make calls and go online” are not going to purchase a $300 device.  They will buy something like an LG Enlighten or a Samsung Illusion.  People who are willing to pay the $300 premium price are people who are either serious about technology or just want the latest and greatest device to show off.  Who spends $300 on a phone without doing a little research?  And if you go online to read reviews of the RAZR, almost every reviewer suggests waiting for the Galaxy Nexus.

      The only thing hurting RAZR sales is that it sucks.  A non-removable battery on a phone with a 4 hour battery life is a humongous fail.  Throw in Moto-Durrr and a locked down bootloader and no one who does their homework (i.e. reads even one review) is going to want that phone.

      • Tim Swann

        to your comment about people just wanting a phone. You’ve just described in more words, what my point was. The average consumer won’t spend $300 on a phone. And yes, a lot of reviews do suggest waiting for the Nexus, but all those reviews all say the Razr is a solid phone. 

        And to your point about the locked bootloader, the average consumer doesn’t know what a bootloader is or cares that it is locked. Most of us on here though do care about it and know that it’s locked. The non-removable batter seriously hurts it though. 

        • Anonymous

          I think you’re misunderstanding my point. I was just saying that delaying the G-Nex is not going to help the RAZR’s sales. I agree that most people don’t care about G-Nex because most people aren’t going to pay $300 for a phone, which means most people don’t care about the RAZR either. People that DO care are more likely to wait for the G-Nex anyway because they actually did their research. Hell…half the people that bought RAZRs will just be exchanging them when the Nexus comes out.

  • Anonymous

    You people are some of the whiniest jackasses I have ever heard…. “OMG, this posts is not about the Nexus so let me bitch about it…..All phones suck compared to the Nexus……This phone is a fail…..There should be a lawsuit to release the Nexus…” Get over yourselves.  I really can’t wait for the quad cores phones to drop and then everyone can tell the people that waited for the Nexus how stupid they were!  The Razr is the corporate/enterprise level phone and the Nexus is a nerd phone.  There are others who actually care about things outside of the Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      And we care what you have to say why?

    • Jeremycase00

      Careful there if you say anything bad about the Nexus fanboys here you will get death wished on you.  

  • Anonymous

    This couldn’t possibly cause VZW to delay the Nexus again, could it? They’re not releasing a “new” phone per se. They’re just releasing a different colored RAZR. Engadget has a screenshot of a VZW internal computer showing BOTH the white RAZR and Nexus as being released tomorrow. Also, just yesterday I got a call from the corporate sales guy I spoke with last week and he told me to come by at 9am on Thursday to pick up my Nexus. And on Rootzwiki others are saying they’ve received similar calls. Why would employees be doing this if the phone wasn’t coming out tomorrow?

    Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I believe the phone is coming tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a BLACK PHONE in a white casing to me…

  • Anonymous

    @vzwsupport is getting blown up on twitter again.  oh my….

  • Guest

    My guess is another delay, why would they release two phones on the same day, looks like ill pick up the Nexus on the 22nd, the next release date.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I dont know what these people are smoking in here but the first nexus got the same amount of updates as the droid did…….google doesnt care as much as you guys do, relax

    • Dominick DeVito

      Right – but the OG was skinless, and the Nexus got it much earlier

      • Anonymous

        lol which one of you is the “real DD”?

        • Anonymous

          reality’s gonna come crashin down on him very soon

  • Anonymous

    Good idea. Couldn’t sell enough of the original razr from your inventory. Order up a new batch in white to sit on the shelf next to them.

  • Ipirate

    How does it work on release day for a phone?

    Do I need to go at 4am and wait outside the store? Can I call ahead and ask them to keep me a few phones(3)?

    • Jeremycase00

      I think you should go camp out in front of your local Verizon store now.  

  • Blueethernov13

    i’m over the Galaxy Nexus…they dropped the ball on this one…

    • Kris

      join the club. My anticipation for the device got metamorphed to utter disdain for Google for not showing any control or interest over the launch of their flagship device. I went to a competitor’s device.. and have never been happier.

      • Anonymous

        Which device?

        • Whett Phartz


  • I really hope no one buys this phone and it’s a complete disaster….also we should get everyone to call verizon  on the same day..today even..and ask about the nexus!

  • o0o0o

  • You-know-who can slobber on my you-know-what if they don’t drop the you-know-what you-know-when. We all know you-know-who could give two you-know-whats about us, and the you-know-what delay is just greedy business so the you-know-what doesn’t hurt the sales of their other you-know-whats. 

    • Sp4rxx

      ya know?

    • Christopher Riner

      it made sense at first.  I stopped knowing what about 6 know what’s thru.

  • Heather W

    Well this is just awesome, I was skepticle about tomorrows release date, now that they are releasing the Razr YET AGAIN I doubt that they will launch it the same day they launch their “golden child” phone. We’ll see Im really hoping they launch it tomorrow!

  • Does it have an HD screen? No? Nothing to see here.

  • I’m really starting to think this will be a soft launch. Meaning they will just make the phone available tomorrow w/ out much fanfare.

    • Anonymous

      ya think? we’ll know in 6 hours.  VZW headquarters is in new jersey.  I would think that any delay would be relayed to the stores before 5pm Eastern (COB)

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Still nothing on VZW site about the white RAZR. I’m guessing we will see that later today though if this is all true.

      • Sill going to call my rep this afternoon like he said, to see if he can set one aside for me.

        • Anonymous

          I just called my local Radio Shack. My name is on the only one he has in stock. All the local radio shacks in the Birmingham,AL area only have 1 in stock. I have mine on lock down!

    • thriceroxu

      This is what I’m hearing from two family members.both are in regional sales for Verizon . Take that for what its worth.

  • Brandon Duckett

    Verizon has done to product launches what M. Night Shyamalan has done to film. Worst surprise ever.

    • Anonymous

      The Nexus can “see dead people” but I bet it can’t find your location with its GPS.

  • Jared Kirk

    I think I can speak for most of us when I say… &@*! the White Razr.  Nexus, please!

  • Anonymous

    Twas the nice before Christmas and all through the house, not a Nexus was stirring, just a Rezound!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The fact Verizon is making a big deal out of the white versions may mean it’s a real release.  Verizon historically hasn’t release two smartphones on the same day.  So not feeling so good about tomorrow now.

  • Yoderz

    Looks the razr got a rim job.

  • This is one of those times I hope that Crapple sues  Motorola for using the color white…and then VZW will be forced to release the Nexus..No one cares about  the Razr..why would we care about a white one?..I don’t know how much more my OG can take ..this delay is killing me. Nothing like being the guy at the bar talking to the cute girl “sorry hold on my phone reset itself again…ok..just give me 2 more minutes..okay ..now it’s lagging ..ok now what is your number i asked for again?” 

    • Anonymous

      I understand everything you’re saying. I’m still using my OG and doing anything with my phone is a chore. Lately the actual phone part likes to force close mid-call.

      • i swear to god my phone ramdomly called voicemail at 4am…let’s hope to god the guy on the phone who i talked to for 20 mins  is right about it being set for Pre-Order on the 15th…

  • RaptorOO7

    I don’t see Verizon announcing the Galaxy Nexus like they do the Droid phones.  It will just show up in the stores, soft launch, then perhaps in a week or two a formal announcement.  Still hoping for Thursday, my local store opens at 9am.

  • Anonymous

    Are they gonna release a Rainbow RAZR next??

  • Its going to have to be renamed from Droid Razr to Droid RickRoll

  • Scott


  • Aaron G

    My guess is that VZW hasn’t shoved the RAZR down enough throats yet to release the Nexus without killing its sales.

  • Kevinthorn

    My thoughts when i saw “Dec 15th”

    • Anonymous

      LOL +1

  • Anonymous

    Some droid 4 info

    1)The keyboard: How is it physically different? Does it have good ‘feel’ for touch typing? How is the tactile feedback from the keys?Physically the buttons are raised more than the D3, which people argue is the best keyboard they have had. The backlit keyboard is perfect in the dark, and the audio feedback you receive when pressing the button (click sound) is welcomed. Keyboard 10x better than the d3 – and I loved that keyboard.
    2)So i guess the camera is the same as the razr or better? i should have asked that since its supposedly the same phone with a keyboard is it the same as the razr with a keyboard or is there some other advantage?Essentially it’s just like the RAZR, camera just seems quicker. This could just be the type of pictures I’ve taken, as I will take more to get an accurate comparison. The biggest advantage is the keyboard.
    3)Will it blend? Oh wait. I mean, will it have a stock screen shot feature?No, no stock screen cap feature. 
    4)What device is “daily driver” and how do you compare the D4 to it on an overall preference basis?Daily driver has been the Bionic and RAZR over the past months or so. Comparing it directly to each, it destroys the Bionic and really does well against the RAZR. Personally, the batter life seems better than the RAZR, has a keyboard so that wins for me.

    The D4 is quite honestly a great phone, but it may not be for everyone. It’s got weight to it and it large. Dimensions are: 4 5/16 tall; 2 9/16 wide and ½ width (screen to back). It looks like a sister to the RAZR…just a heavier sister. Slider is super smooth, far and away better than any other previous generations. Screen is brilliant, much better than D3, Bionic and matches RAZR (IMO). Yes, the screen is only 4’’, but it actually seems larger than that because of how the entire screen slides to reveal the keyboard. Keyboard = AWESOME. That’s as simple as I can put it. Music quality is perfect, whether that’s having headphones or the external speaker blaring it. Absolutely no ‘whine’ like others has experienced with Bionic. Phone is so smooth, haven’t had any drop 4g issues, which is welcomed. Screens flow easily, no freezes or lock ups. With the limited time that I have had it, I would choose this device over every android product out there right now (with the exception of the Nexus – only because I haven’t played with that one yet).

    • Dominick DeVito

      did anyone ask you to give us a dissertation on the D4? No one here gives a sh1t about it

      • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

        Eat a dick.

        • Dominick DeVito

          honestly…if it was a D4 post then have at it, but seriously no one cares about it here, not today anyway.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Get off the nexus dick please, its only a phone bro

          • Dominick DeVito

            why can’t you Moto crazed freaks understand that Verizon Android people ALSO care about a non-Moto phone? Why is that too difficult to understand?

            This post is about an ANNOUNCED verizon phone for tomorrow – when all we’ve been doing to checking this site to see the supposed GNex date of TOMORROW. Time and place for everything. Keep your D4 drool for a related post – is all I’m sayin

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            troll is posing as me, I guess he’s my biggest fan.

          • Dominick DeVito

            get off MY d1ck and stop trying to be me jerkoff

      • shdowman

        While you may be correct, no reason to be an ass..

        • Dominick DeVito

          then perhaps he shouldn’t be trying to be me so badly – I wouldn’t have said that to anyone else. Just him. He’s a d1ckless coward who needs to get out his Mommy’s basement.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, did you seriously just troll yourself??

      • TC Infantino

        Wow dude…He just gave a very detailed and concise review of a very worthy phone that some people may be interested in, actually myself included.  And your response is to be a total tool, as well as thinking that you have the right to speak for everyone on this site.  True this particular article is not about the Droid 4, but then again it is not about the damned Nexus either, yet you did not blast any of the people who have mentioned the Nexus in their comments.  Maybe you should take a break, work off some of your anger, or whatever you need to do to chill out and realize that some people come to this site to read all the interesting news about all the different phones and devices that VZW is coming out with.

        • Anonymous

          right – yet if someone posts anything about the GNex is a NON-RELATED GNex post they get slammed (and rightfully so).

          No one asked about the D4, and the post had nothing to do with the D4

          not to mention I only did that because he’s been trolling me for weeks, wouldn’t have written that to anyone else.

    • Dieringerscott

      I Dont remember anyone askig

    • Christopher Riner

      sometimes the heavy sister is the good one

      • TC Infantino

        lol  Oh yeah, sometimes the slightly heavier sister is the freakiest.  I know that…ahh memories.

  • George Fayad

    Bwahaha. All the Nexus crazed posts.

    Yes, yes. Feel the hatred flowing through you.

    • Jared Kirk

      Give in to the Dark Side!

  • km

    I think we need an occupy verizon,  We all show up and just stand in the stores until they give us the damn phone.

  • lol

  • Basically manfiest destiny for why they don’t carry vanilla Android.  

  • Kris

    this just in.. Galaxy Nexus launch delayed for another 4 weeks at least.

    Wouldn’t want to dampen the sale of that white Razr now.


  • Eddie

     they are budweisering the nexus, putting more 4g crapware phones on the shelves in an attemp to dilute sales of the nexus. 



  • Suprafreak1000
    • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      Love it!!! That is exactly how I am feeling right now.

  • trumpet444

    I don’t think that Voldemort is in the phone-launch-confirming business

  • I’m honestly beginning to wonder if they are just delaying it until after the holiday season intentionally.  A) No 1/2 price data promotion B) Everyone who has bought phones as gifts won’t be able to buy GNex C) they can chalk up lower sales to point towards the fact that “no one wants unlocked phones”.  It’s also easy to forget that most people don’t care, so it’s likely not going to be as popular as we think.  

    • Anonymous

      I’m thinking you are right on the B part. I have been preaching that all along. Hey, let’s sell as MANY RAZR’s as we can before Christmas and lock those people in. Make it to where they cannot return the phones.

      • EC8CH

        returns are extended until 1/15, but most people probably won’t know or bother

        • Anonymous

          You’re right about that one. I forgot that they extended it to the 15th, but I agree with you that most people will not return it or bother to deal with it.

    • I made the same point with “C”  last month. 

  • Anonymous

    Yep, Verizon voted for Obama. This proves it!! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      And I guess you are waiting for the phone made for the 1%  😉

      • Anonymous

        But of course! 🙂

        Then again, I didn’t vote last election so I guess I don’t have a say so in the matter.. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering if Verizon is doing this on purpose to delay the launch of the Nexus.  Especially if you know that this device will bring in a lot of revenue and is one of the most requested devices out there. 

    You would think that Verizon’s testing processes is fully structured and can have a device out in time before launching a device to not only their channels but the public themselves.

    Product Management at Verizon is not only pretty bad from other examples of delayed device like the Bionic, it’s just bad I mean a OEM makes a device then the carrier receives the device to test on it’ network, software, find the bugs for compatibility, then you go and fix the bugs, test again. 

    Regression testing, This device should’ve been through the testing processes already and done, unless there is something big that is more hardware related.