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Verizon 4G LTE Outage Happening Now? (Updated: Service Restored?)

Last night, we reported that DROID RAZR devices were running into a SIM card issue that was killing their 4G LTE. Original theories suggested that the issue was specific to the micro SIM used in the RAZR, but we are now seeing a variety of devices across the country dropping to 3G or 1X including the Thunderbolt, Rezound and more. My personal RAZR – which was working just fine – has flipped to being stuck on 3G  within the last 30 minutes here in Portland, OR. We could be on the verge of a nationwide 4G LTE outage.

And we should point out that this does not appear to be affecting every single person with a 4G device at this time, but there have been enough reports that we have reached out to Verizon for some help. Once we hear back, we will let you know.

Could be your answer to the Galaxy Nexus delay

Update:  Verizon has responded with this comment regarding the 4G LTE outage:

Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4GLTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices.  3G data and voice devices are unaffected.  All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G.  Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable.  We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Here’s to hoping we see something change for the better very soon. We know that some of our readers have been experiencing an outage since yesterday afternoon.

Update 2:39PM:  After losing all service for 2 hours, I now have 3G back in some capacity. Anyone else?

Update 5:12PM:  Checked my RAZR and 4G LTE service is back up and running. Anyone else?

In the comments, 4G LTE or no 4G LTE?

  • Lisaysearcy


  • Hakr81

    i have LTE service back… but i don’t know if it’s trustworthy or not

    • Anonymous

      Where are you?

  • nothing in Michigan yet, atleast in the small kzoo area.

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Back up in Chino, ca

    • Anonymous

      Really?  I’m in Anaheim Hills and having no luck activating my brother’s phone 🙁

  • Anonymous



    My service is finally back up. And after reading a post about faster speeds, I check. And yes, right now, my speed is waaay faster. 25 down and 12 up. I hope the down time was a tune up

    • Diablo81588

      It’s faster because most people don’t have access to it lol

  • Pfrie4

    Still no 4g in dallas 🙁

  • Diablo81588

    LTE back up in Houston, TX

  • hmm

    No LTE since 5 pm in Baltimore, Bionic.

  • Radgatt

    4G in Greensboro, NC is back up! Now maybe the next will be out by Friday after all.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone in Orange County have service?  My brother finally got his Rezound and I’m trying to activate it without any luck.

    • Anonymous

      O.C CA? if so, yes. Tustin/Irvine with a BIONIC with only 2 bars and in a bad area, 8.21 down and 8.84 up. 

  • Debits and Credits

    My coverage is still intermittent… much better than earlier today though 

  • Kbayard

    My Razr has been in and out of 3g and analog since 2pm EST today… 4g is no where to be found. A little more then, Yes, we know its down, would be nice to hear from Verizon. UNACCEPTABLE This just may be my game changer!

    • Jspumphrey

      Lol switch networks and you will have unacceptable network speed all day every day. Who cares, its a fairly new network and kinks need to be worked out as they continue to light up more 4g networks.

      • Kbayard

        right… wife has sprint with no issues. get off the “my network is perfect” idea.

    • Diablo81588

      Analog? Damn you must have an old phone!

      • Kbayard

        extremely… less than 30 days! 1x = ANALOG. Killing my battery in a matter of minutes.

        • Diablo81588

          1x is a digital service. There hasn’t been an analog phone for 10 years at least..

          • Kbayard

            funny, fully charged phone died in minutes, got extremely hot and was confirmed by verizon tech when on the phone “troubleshooting” the issue

          • Joe Fischer

            uhhhhh i dont think that has anything to do with a 4g outage…..

          • Kbayard


  • djembeman

    I have to switch to CDMA only mode to get data, that’s since 2pm MST. I’ve tried going back to CDMA/LTE mode several times since my data went out.

    Still down in Colorado Springs.

  • Jamaicawind

    so if 4g is back do we finally get that freakin nexus now? god damn..

  • B1gt78

    4g back up in el paso tx

  • Zephyrzypher

    After restart I’m still in cdma 1xrtt. Verizon I miss my 4g!

  • Zephyrzypher

    Still none in SLC… maybe a restart wil help

  • Anonymous


    • Bionic

      fuckk off

  • Bionic

    Back on in South Bend, IN.  13MBPS down and 4 up

  • Kevin Rucker

    where are you at? I’m here in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve never gotten that high…

  • Jspumphrey

    Back up

  • Kruck5566

    My 4g is back, and it’s twice as fast as before! I ran some speed tests just now and I’m getting above 20 consistently whereas before, I’d never get above 11…

    • Jspumphrey

      mine is still at the same speed high 30s lower 40s though

    • Bionic

      i usually get 25 and 10.  Its awesome

  • Ortizchief

    outage in kansas city too for about 1 hour 

  • Yay! Mine is back up in Troy, AL I was starting to go through withdrawals. 😉

  • Wiggyfife

    I’ve got the Droid RAZR in the Phoenix, AZ Metro. I never received the SIM Card error, but all day today, and even now, the most I’ve had is 3g periodically throughout the day, but more commonly not even 1x coveage. This sucks, but I’m kinda glad – not really – that its not only me suffering thru this issue. I’ve had this phone since release day, and has been a solid performer, other than today…

  • Joshieca

    Back with 4G around 4pm local in San Diego

  • Anonymous

    Still no 4g or stable 3g or 1x here in NYC. Lost my signal for two days ):

  • Valieth1337

    Its still out in waco tx on my droid bionic no 4g here either my 3g is out im pissed no eta no compensation nothing

  • 4GLTE *JUST* restored in Metro Detroit 8:55EST

  • My Rezound is still stuck on 3G

  • Anonymous


    • Diablo81588

      Ban this nuisance already…

    • Bionic

      you suck 5 dickss at a time dont you?

  • Anthony Agro

    No 4G LTE New Brunswick, New Jersey

  • Boner N My Pants

    I just want some Ice Cream Sandwich wrapped in a Nexus cone.  Verizon, you dicks, let me have my desert!

  • Anonymous


    • Bionic

      fuckk you and your mom

  • Michael Martinez

    Had no data all of yesterday, only can get 3g on my bionic right now

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    Jumping from 4g to 3g ,,,after 3 hours on 1x…in Oakland.CA.

  • Anonymous

    They must be doing final testing for the nexus. Lte doesn’t know how to handle that beast.

  • Everyone but me seems to have service restored =(

  • Lakerzz

    I was in Burbank Ca. all day working w/o 4g or 3g. Just got home to Lancaster Ca. and I now have 3g. (no 4g coverage here yet, uggg) Bionic :/

  • Anonymous

    4G LTE is back in Tigard Oregon. 

  • Rob

    Still no 4G here in Connecticut and 3G goes in and out as well.

  • Joe Fischer

    so what do you guys think? friday, the 13th, or the 16th? (I heard the 16th from my cousin who is tech support in the Cranberry, PA headquarters)

  • Just checked my thunderbrick… 4g alive and well

    • Bionic

      LOL thunderbrick.  thats funny

  • Anonymous

    still no 4g.

  • Emilio Figueroa

    Service restored! :D… Thank God, I was stuck on that 1X b.s. Not cool, Verizon, don’t ever scare me like that again. :O 

  • Darthseph23

    San Diego – since my last comment on the hard reset of my Razr, I have not had an issue.  In fact, I just finally saw the 4GLTE logo go blue during high data use.  Very nice.

    • Not in PB =( 

      But I think my zone was the last domino to fall, so maybe the last to restore? 

  • 4g back on in cali. 

  • Diablo6962001

    you’re still not getting that nexus!

    • Bionic

      no soup for you!!