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Gallery: Verizon’s 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus Unboxes For Your Viewing Pleasure

Rather than dive back into all of the bad news about the Galaxy Nexus that has come out today, we thought we would instead just plop this new set of pictures down in front of you. I know, I know, it’s not the actual device that you should have had in your hands in 2 days, but it’s at least another look at it. We get a crystal clear pic of the box both inside and out (see the raised Galaxy Nexus lettering on the inside?), a reminder that it’s not a unicorn, and a profile shot of its pretty little body.

Poor little G-Nex, he just wants to be out in the public, away from dirty old stock rooms. Set him free Verizon! 

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • if you notice 0 Bars, whoever snapped this pic brought down the entire 4G network….

  • Anonymous

    This post has no redeeming value other than to tease and taunt us. EEEEVIL!

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  • Rad Stevens

    I am the human equivalent to Aaron Rodgers beard hair.

  • anyone have an explanation for the 3 gold connector dots on the side?

    • Steve

      Media dock, maybe a laptop dock

      • we can only hope

        • EC8CH

          there is a landscape dock and car dock that utilize them.  power is passed through them to charge the battery as well as audio.  Both docks have usb and mini plug ports so that the cables can plug into the dock and not the phone making it easier to place and remove the phone into the docks. The N1 had the same pins and docks.

    • Chet Stovepiper

      charging points

  • Weege

    I had to get a Cricket till the G/N comes out cause my OG Droid died. Release it dammit!!

  • wild clr4g0n

    Why aren’t my posts showing up?

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  • JCS

    Hotei-osho would have been a great name for it…It might be here when Santa arrives…

  • Anonymous

    This makes me wanna punch a… stuffed animal…

  • Steve Martin


  • Zephrim

    Possible that the delay could be with the Micro SIMs. Seeing as how the 4G LTE went down today too…

  • Anonymous

    Cock teasers!!!

    I’m a chicken farmer so this comment is 100% legal.  

    • Firesign Fan

      I used to enrage the bantams for Roosterama!

  • Time is 12:09? Coincidence? I think not!

    • Bfirebird101

      Wow, great eyes!

    • Joejoe509

      Haha. Nice!

    • Jared Smith

      Wow congrats.  You’re not the first person to notice this

  • JadesBlood

    Look at you all smug with your fancy little white box sitting there and mocking me!

  • wild clr4g0n

    I just called my third party verizon retailer near my hometown and they said that they are still a go for a Friday launch for the Galaxy Nexus.  She seemed quite sure of it since she hasn’t gotten any emails or phone calls.  Same goes for the one that is actually in my home town.  They are still a go for Friday as well.  I’m so confused.

    • DWM

      That’s because she couldn’t receive them on her Razr because the 4G was down

    • Bbrutcher

      my rep called me and said they got official word tonight that they were not to sell them! 🙁

  • Mctypething

    Hello everyone. I’m sure you all know who I am. But what you all may not know about me is that I have the intelligence of a half eaten apple. My social life consists of me alone in my room occasionally watching porn or trolling this website in a failed attempt to feel bigger then what I really am. I 

    • thefullritz

      Are you trolling bro?

      • Mctypething

        no bro. I’m letting everyone know some extra information about me. bro

        • thefullritz

          You are not telling us anything we didn’t already know…..

          • Mctypething

            Yes bro. which means I’m not trolling. I’m just stupid. with the intelligence of a half eaten apple.

          • thefullritz

            you are pretty funny 🙂

  • Steve

    why wouldn’t they just put an assisted GPS inside the GNex instead of a “barometer to help the GPS”??  Seems silly to me.

    • Anonymous

      Because it wouldn’t be Samsung with a working gps.

    • Anonymous

       They do have assisted GPS in the phone.

  • thefullritz

    Ugh…missed all the chatter today, in a warehouse with no cell reception, and am really bummed right now.  Had my 3 bills ready to burn a hole in my wallet on Friday.   Really frustrated bro….

  • BigCat

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

    • Bfirebird101

      You horny bro?

      • dieringer scott

        I am bro

    • Tim242

      Let me help you with that, bro.

  • yes, we all want the g-nex including myself!
    but wouldn’t it be something to send a message to Big Red – no one buy the phone on day 1 of release

    you’ve waited this long, thru rumors and VZW bs … so when released wait one more day 😉 

    i’m certainly considering it – what’s one more day?

    • Anonymous

      in other words, you don’t want to wait in line on Day 1…. i see what you did there

      • KevinC

        lol, there’s not going to be any line for this phone on day 1.

        • Adam Metzner

          Maybe not in farm country or the hills of West Virginia. But in the urban areas I bet there will be people at almost every VW store. Not 100s, but some 

    • Professor Poopypants

      one more day means it could be out of stock, Most stores are saying they have about 15-20

      • Anonymous

        Judging the store by my house, that means there will be 13-18 left to buy on Saturday.

    • Bfirebird101

      Idc how pissed I get at VZW for this release, I’m still either getting the phone the minute the first store opens when they sell it by next tuesday. If the release isn’t within six days from now, I will break in and steal all the GNEX’s in the cage and give the rest to all of my Droid-Life users!

    • thefullritz

      I like it….

    • Anonymous

      What exactly is the message you are trying to send? “I am helping to delay a billionth of your profits by one day for failing to launch a device on time even though you never confirmed, hinted, or rumored for that day to be true but I thought it was because a blog made by Kellex, the Droid guru in Portland, and his buds and followers told me it would happen, and even though I signed up for your Verizon Nexus website and you never emailed me the announcement, that means nothing and I still hate pistachios?”

  • kasexy

    I know a friend of a guy of a dude who used to have a Verizon phone, and he told me that its definitely coming out of a unicorns as$ on Feb. 31st.

    For the record, I ache for this phone

    • Steve Martin

      Yea? Well I know a friend of a guy who once knew a girl whose fathers best friends uncle worked at mcdonalds where his bosses best friends nephews friend owned a verizon phone that he sold to his brothers best friends dad whose nephew works at Verizon. and he told me that the Galaxy Nexus will not be shipped to the U.S. until December 9, 2012.

  • STiK

    Ummm…. It’s just a phone people….

    • Bfirebird101

      You can go to hell

    • dieringer scott


  • Anonymous


  • just because you have a picture of something doesn’t mean you should write up a post about it each and every time

    • Don’t follow the blog if you don’t like it. The majority of us appreciate any leaks.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve still got some hope that if the network gets completely restored, Friday may turn into an unofficial soft-launch at the stores’ discretion. Probably just wishful thinking, but it wouldn’t completely surprise me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m fine with another delay. ….    I like my current phone just fin…..   GOD DAMN IT RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!  🙁   

  • How’s the GPS? The GPS sucks on the Droid Charge. It its the same on the G Nexus I will not buy it. All devices should come with assisted GPS

    • Dominick DeVito

      it has an a-GPS along with a barometer, which speeds up GPS accuracy. 

    • Anonymous

      Yea you better wait and see how gps on this phone. My old Samsung fascination, friends captivate and charge all had very very bad gps.

  • A A


  • jnforsyth

    the entire geek-world has collective blue balls. why do bad things happen to good people? WHYY

  • Anonymous

    Stop with the **** teasing lol

  • jtlrip8

    VZW authorized retailer told me they got Gnex stock in today and are a go for 12/9

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      please tell us mor? location?

  • ted

    You may have it sooooner then you think. :$

  • 🙁 They even changed the website from google.com/nexus to vzw.com/galaxynexus. Verizon made this unenjoyable.

    • Steve

      those are two separate websites, put up by VZW and Google separately.

      Samsung has one for the phone too: http://www.samsung.com/us/register/galaxynexus/

      • EC8CH

        That Verizon Galaxy Nexus websites 3
        Actual Verizon Galaxy Nexus phones 0

  • Anonymous

    So close but yet so far!! That’s how I felt this afternoon when walking by a vzw store

  • STiK

    DROID 4!!!!

  • Vaglvr

    yeah it’s the unicorn phone..GUnicorn

  • wild clr4g0n

    I just contacted a third party verizon carrier near my hometown and they said they are still a go for Friday and that they have not heard anything about it being pushed back.  She seemed quite sure.  i’m rather confused.  I contacted the same verizon third party carrier in my home town as well today and they said that the Galaxy Nexus will be released on Friday.  

    • Eric Payne

      I work for a Premium Retailer and we got an email from our regional account manager this morning telling us that it would not be launching on the 9th, and no future date hinted at.

      • Dave Tam

        I dunno. Maybe that person didn’t get the email or something.  That’s strange though.

  • they packaged it like a sex toy!!!  😉

    • Anonymous

      I would agree but I never used a sex toy. ():()

  • potacho

    A tear is running down my cheek…

  • No

    Thanks for the pics…i have to wipe my screen off again…girlfriend thinks im cheating due to lack of interest… 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Take it Verizon.. I double dare you..

    • EC8CH

      Verizon opts for the Physical Challange

    • forgot tax… THEY NEED TAX!!!!

  • My OG Droid just crapped out on me two days ago…I was hoping I’d only have to be without a phone until Friday :(.

    • thebigmann

      Mine is barely hanging on as the touch screen craps out – some days it works fine, some it touches itself all over (not as sexy as it sounds).

  • Still looks like a unicorn to me 🙁

  • Gonna laugh all the way to VZW if this actually comes out Friday. Thanks for the good news Kellex.

  • Brooklynchildxbc

    i dumped VZW ordered my gsm nexus should have it tomorrow 

    • Christephor

      good for you?

    • Guest

      because you didn’t want to wait 5 more days? or because they put two apps on that you can remove within 30 seconds of turning the device on?  yeah, you showed them all right. have fun without LTE

      • Anonymous

        I have great speeds on tmobile, average 15mbps down/ 4mbps up

      • Anonymous

        because verizon has proven to be an unreliable company. because verizon has botched one of the biggest releases of the year. because verizon is trying to monopolize the nfc payment market on its network. because verizon has forced its applications on a device that is supposed to be purely free of carrier bloatware. 

        because throughout this entire process, we have seen how truly profit-driven verizon is. their lack of care for their customers and the public’s demand of just a DATE is completely unacceptable in a time-period when the public is focusing on what corporations do. 

        if you can honestly still use verizon without questioning whether you should switch to a different network, then good for you. the other networks aren’t any better, but by dropping verizon plans it certainly sends a message to the board of directors about public opinion. 

        i support you brooklynchildxbc. you da man. or woman. whatever.

        • thefullritz

          ????? What’s your problem Bro???

          • Mctypething

            Bro thats my word bro. jk. I have social issues.

        • Flash

          You do realize that Verizon has hundreds of people dropping contracts and new people signing up everyday for various reasons. The fact that you dropped them because you are pissed how they have handled the release of this phone means absolutely nothing to them, they could care less. The people who follow these blogs and actually even know there is a new phone coming out is such a small percentage Verizon doesn’t even worry about it. You just dropped the biggest, fastest, most reliable network in the country over nothing. Give yourself some time to cool off ……. Cause you’ll be back.

          • Anonymous

            Do you have any idea how modern social networking works? The only press on them recently is how bad they’ve handled this. The only people who are tweeting them are people angry over the Gnex. EVEN THE FCC IS TAKING A LOOK AT THIS BULLSHIT. 

            For at least three weeks now, Verizon has received nothing but bad press. Every large paper from the Washington Post to the Wall Street Journal has editorials on how Verizon is pushing to increase the CR4s in almost every communication market. 

            I guarantee you have never worked in marketing, business, or policy. It only takes one mishap to stain the image of a corporation or a person. This may not be big enough to topple the company over, or really affect their net profits. The message of customers dropping service over this debacle is strong enough though. 

          • You mean about that phone they NEVER announced? brool story co.

          • Anonymous

            heard they got #1 on customer satisfaction. lulz.

            “For at least three weeks now, Verizon has received nothing but bad press.”

        • i’ve tried all of the other networks…and kept going back to verizon.

        • RHPS

          What a martyr. You go gurl!

  • Jamaicawind

    Maybe just maybe..it will be released on Friday again after they fix the LTE stuff in time?

    • Anonymous

      I’m betting on a soft-launch. No use having all those phones sitting around with people clamoring for them if the network is up and activations can take place…